Spanish Hairlem Ch. 7

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Both Isabella and me were exhausted but Mom made us cuddle with her. I licked at the enormous hair in her underarms. It really looked like hedges, which made it difficult to see what was on the other side. I licked at the masses of hair in her underarm as she settled down to continue her story. She said, “ Javier’s hands cupped my buttocks. He lifted me and entered me in one swift thrust, fucking me in a frenzy of knee-trembling, lustful ecstasy. I came as soon as he penetrated me; his long, throbbing meat grazing so pleasurably against my engorged clitoris. As he staggered back he made me lift my arms and kissed the long bushy untrimmed hair in my unshaven pits. “Aaaahhhhhhh I love your extremely bushy underarms” he said but I was past listening. Luis quickly approached me. He already had his cock slicking out of his crotch and again started by tongue-kissing me hard. I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing me downwards and soon realized that he was not about to follow his friend’s route into my body. On my knees in front of him his tool looked very large – certainly as large as the enormous fuckmeat of Javier. I licked my lips like a true hooker and anticipated tasting his lovely, thick cum. I grasped his shaft firmly in my hand and guided the head to my mouth. Even in the gloomy half-light I could see a large blob of pre-cum that had oozed from the tip. Greedily I licked it off and plunged the whole head into my mouth.

Javier was limp but still impressive as he lazily licked my armpit hair” As she said so both Isabella and I started licking the slick and sweaty underarms of Mom’s. I licked at her right underarm while Isabella attacked her other underarm. We both munched on the long bushy hair in her underarm hair as she said “In those days I was not as adept at deep-throat techniques as I am now, but I think I made a good job of trying. At first the involuntary gag reflex prohibited Luis’s izmir escort bayan large cock from entering my throat, but after several demanding thrusts from him and a concerted effort from me to relax my muscles, I was finally able to feel the wonderful sensation of his cock head sliding gracefully into the back of my throat. I relaxed my muscles again, concentrating on breathing through my nose as Luis slowly but surely began to ravage my throat just as Javier ravaged my unshaven underarms. He had my arms pinned behind my head as he rolled his tongue from the bottom near my nipples up through the soft furry hair in my unshaven armpits. He licked upwards almost half up towards my elbow licking and twirling the long silky hair in my underarms.

Luis was still fucking my mouth. After a few seconds I was able to use the muscles to relax and contract around him, squeezing and releasing his weapon and – by the sounds of his lustful groans – providing him with a wonderful deep-throat blowjob. Reluctantly I allowed his tool to slip from between my lips and with a quick tug on his swollen ball sack I was treated to several blasts of hot semen that coated my face.

Javier was now hard as he removed his tongue from my bushy armpits. It was apparent that he wanted to fuck me anally. I smiled back and shivered slightly. My nipples, pussy and now my ass felt like they were on fire with anticipation. I felt that with just a little more stimulation, I could cum again. Damn right I wanted him in my ass! I spread my legs and Javier was quickly up behind me with his tool in his hand. I felt so slutty and nasty as I felt the head of his cock touch the hairy skin that divided my snatch and asshole. I felt an initial stab of pain as his cock penetrated my tightest of hairy holes. He jerked his hips sending at least four inches of meat straight up my back passage. Then, as he inched forward, the slow, escort izmir pleasurable heating feeling began to creep over me. Starting at the extremities of my body the wonderful sensation closed in on me until it centered on my pussy and asshole. It was enough to put me over the edge again and I bit my lower lips as the delicious, warm orgasm washed over me wave by wave.

Now with a little more lubricant to play with, he started to bang me up the ass properly. I felt so full as he sawed his stiff penis in and out of my swollen rectum time after time. My anal muscles relaxed and contracted repeatedly as we both moaned together, feeling the tightness of my hole wrapped around his big, juicy prick. I knew he was about to cum and reached back through my spread legs to gently caress his hanging balls. With a loud cry of pleasure he let himself go and erupted inside me pumping and thrusting his squelching manhood in and out of my butt until I was filled to overflowing. I heard the squishing sound as he slowly withdrew and then felt rivulets of hot cum leaking from my widened hole to trace wet patterns down the back of my legs. It was the most glorious feeling and one that I had longed to feel for ages. I felt like a complete woman again!

Both Isabella and I were really turned on by Mom’s confessions. We really never knew that women in those days were so lusty and horny. Imagine being fucked in the ass and in the mouth at the same time. We were all wet and had our fingers in each other’s pussy. Both Isabella and I were perched in the nest under our mother’s armpits as we slowly reached a climax as we fingered our pussies.

“What about Dad” I asked Mom “Didn’t he know how horny you were and how much you liked being fucked”. “Of course I loved to fuck and suck cock just like my baby Isabella but your dad was quite a stud” Conchita continued “He was the handsomest man in the town and when we izmir escort came back from Majorca I needed cock Carmen had spoilt me and I saw your Dad at the Annual Fete surrounded by women”

She said “I told Carmen that I will fuck this man before the week is out and so I followed him all over and managed to get between his legs. I did not know then that he had a real fetish for underarm hair. He was a great cocksman and had several affairs before our marriage”

Isabella was now keen to know about papa. “C’mon Mom tell us about Dad” she said and I too was keen to know of dad’s exploits. She said why don’t you go and ask him yourself. So Isabella and me quietly dressed and went to his bedroom with our naked hirsute Mom. We entered the room and he was reading. He looked up at us al little embarrassed. Isabella caught him and asked him “Dad tell us about your girlfriends and your sexual exploits”

Dad looked at me and I also looked imploringly as him. I could see he was aroused as an impressive tent had grown under the blanket “C’mon Dad you are dying to tell us I can see your cock bulging under the covers” I reached out and pulled of the covers and there he was naked his pole jutting straight upwards.

He covered himself how can I tell you about my fucking adventures. Its just not right he said. “What about when I sucked your cock you never made any attempt from stopping me taking your enormous pole in my mouth earlier in the evening that too in front of Mom and Miguel why are you feeling shy now after having cum in my mouth’ Isabella said.

Dad knew that he was beaten especially hearing Isabella graphically talking about sucking his dick off and he knew that unless he told us of his fucking adventures we would not go away. Isabella sat beside him and took his erect dick into her hands and slowly started wanking it. She then bent down and took his semi hard dick into her mouth licking his cockhead “aaaahhhhhh Isabella don’t do that” Emilio said but his cock was getting harder in Isabella’s wet and willing mouth.

‘I was 18 and just back from the army and had come home for my holidays…’ Emilio started

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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