Spending Easter with Sister: Day 03

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All characters engaging in sexual acts are over 18.


The shower before bed was shorter than ideal. It was a small hot water system, used to two or three showers a day, but my sister Sarah and I had challenged its capacity getting cleaned up after repeated sex.

Sarah put an extra blanket on the bed. She wanted us to sleep naked and have easy access to each other’s bodies. Sleep? Yeah, it might happen…

A little after nightfall, hugging side by side in bed, I felt emboldened by the darkness. Sarah was gently stroking my chest hairs, her head on my shoulder.

“Sair? I’m curious. You’ve had steady boyfriends, one or two might even have been nearly worthy of my sister! You got anybody in your sights right now?”

“Nah. I like sex but I’m not ready to ‘settle down’ as mum used to call it. And I don’t do one-night-stands, so it’s a steady man or a drought for me. And… oh, forget that.”


“No, nothing.”

I tickled her. “Nothing my bum! Tell or I’ll tickle you to death!”

“OK, OK! Stop!” We rearranged the bedclothes that had been tossed by her wriggling and settled back into each others’ embrace. Sarah got serious.

“Dave, don’t freak, OK?”

“I won’t. Jeez baby girl, is it that bad?”

“Maybe, maybe not. Oh shit. Look, when I got upset because I’d gone potty-mouth on Friday, you must have wondered why I am OK fucking my brother but not with dirty talk?”

“It crossed my mind…”

“Well, two of my boyfriends left me because they told me, and some of my friends, that I was a complete slut. Not because I’d cheated on them – I hadn’t – but because they found some of my, um, tastes a little bizarre.”

I hugged her for encouragement, and said: “Their loss. Fuck ’em.”

“Yeah, but, I think I can trust you. So here goes. I wanted to try anal and watersports. There, I said it.”

“Jesus Sair, I thought you were gonna tell me you got horny looking at horses’ cocks or something. Did you find these guys at the Young Christian’s Anti-Fun League or something?”

She laughed, partly at my joke but mostly in relief. I lifted myself onto my shoulders, with her underneath, and kissed her fully on the mouth. “Thanks for trusting me with that li’l sister.”

“You’re not freaked out?”

“Hell no. I’m your man. I’ve done both and it’s fun!”

In the dim light I could see open-mouthed delight on her face, then she spoke: “Alright! Cool. Not now though. Climb on top and give me a quicky?”

“Not sure if I can manage a quicky, my balls are probably dry…”

“No, give me a quicky. We’ll sort you out later. I’m gonna think of peeing with you and getting your dick up my bum…”

She spread her legs, I got between, and sank into her hot wet tunnel. She cooed, bit her bottom lip, and began pushing her hips up to meet mine. This one was for her, so I arched my back and kiss-nibbled her nipples. Even in the dim light I was again in awe at their shape. Laying there as I gently fucked her, the perfect orbs moved only slightly to the sides, so firm were they.

After a minute or so, Sarah angled her hips and tipped me sideways. I completed the move until she was on top, riding me gently, my hands now massaging her breasts and pulling at her nipples. Looking down I could just make out her bald pussy lips stretching to accommodate my cock, almost closing at the top of her stroke, then parting when she sank back.

Sarah put a hand between us and played with her clit. Before we got too far into the sex, I pulled her back towards the wall, still with my cock in her, put a pillow behind me so I was half-sitting, and gripped her buttocks while I matched her grinding with my hips. I had a reason for that.

Reaching behind her, I put my index finger in my sister’s pussy beside my dick, getting it wet, then teased her asshole open with it. Her breath quickened in anticipation. Thanks to my positional change, it was easy to get one finger all the way in her bum. Sarah moaned as it slipped past the hard ring in there, then again when I pulled it sideways to make room for the middle finger. She wriggled a bit to improve the angle, then I had two fingers in my sister’s ass while she rode my cock, her fingers still diddling her clit while she pulled and twisted her own nipples with the other hand.

I fell into a rhythm which soon had her gasping. When she sank down on my cock, my fingers were half-way in her ass but when she lifted I pushed them up there hard. I could feel my own cockhead through the thin layer of flesh separating those two holes, and I found that by curling them backwards a bit I was rubbing against my cockhead while it was inside my sister’s pussy.

The two fingers on Sarah’s clit began to blur as her movements lost rhythm and became jerky. She was cumming. I used the trick up my sleeve to tip her over. Lifting my hips high, I held my cock deep inside her and pushed my fingers in her ass, holding them there.

“Oooh Dave! Oooh. Oooh. Stay there. Don’t move. Awww. Oooohhh!” buca escort bayan

In the moments before crescendo, Sarah put a hand on my chest as her thighs bucked back and forth. I watched in lust as her tits jiggled just in front of my face. Craning forwards I was just able to suck a nipple into my mouth, and that sent her into a long, slow orgasm that she ground out on my cock, moaning all the while, before collapsing forward onto me, arms around my head and cradling me to her breasts.

I still had my fingers in her ass, and I finger-fucked her gently. She responded with the gentlest of hip movement back against them. I kept it up for some minutes, in silence so I didn’t spoil the afterglow for her.

I hadn’t ejaculated so of course I was still rock hard in her pussy. But I almost came when my fabulous sister whispered in my ear: “OK Dave. Let’s do it. Fuck my ass.”

She was smiling wickedly and I was not going to need a written invitation. I scooted behind her, she on all fours gripping the bedhead on the top. I could see her dripping pussy and open asshole. I put my cock in her pussy for lube, held it in my hand against her pucker, and pushed gently.

My cockhead went in easily, Sarah gasped and cooed: “Oooh yesss. I knew I’d like this. But gently, li’l bro…”

I leaned forwards, and found resistance there. But it was slowly opening, so I just stayed put.

“Oh Dave. That’s great. It’s gonna open up for you. Just…Ohhh..Wait a sec…”

Then it slipped past slowly:

“Ahh fuck. Hold it for a minute…”

I stayed still, but my cock was engorged and throbbing. Her pussy was hot, wet and tight. Her ass was hot and tighter. It was like a heated fleshy glove gripping all the way around, and I swear I could feel vibrations there when she moaned and spoke.

Then Sarah began a slow backward thrusting. I pushed against it, gradually lengthening my strokes, until after a little while I was properly fucking my sister in her ass. My mind ran through a dialogue that speeded my cum on its way: Jesus. You’re fucking your sister in the ass. Look at it going in and out. Like it did in her pussy, just before when she rode you, and earlier on the breakfast table. Her cunt is amazing, and her ass is too. She’s amazing. And…oh fuck I’m gonna cum soon.. And she wants to piss on you, and you on her…think of that, look at your cock in her ass. Your sister’s ass, Oh here it comes…

Slipping back and forth easily now, the tight friction on my cock was heavenly and before I could make sure it was OK with her, I jetted gobs of cum up her ass jsst, jsst, jsst…

She squealed at the last thrust, hard up, perhaps a little painful for her, so I eased off mid-orgasm while I finished half-buried in her. If anything it intensified my pleasure. Now my cock bent and straightened in time with my pulsing jizz, fairly throbbing it into her.

She let me finish, then said: “Take it out slowly Dave, it hurts a bit.”

Allowing her to guide the pace, my cock edged outwards until it had passed the tight nut of her sphincter then slipped out altogether, bringing a gob of my cum with it. I watched it slither out of her asshole and down beside her puffed pussy lip, then slowly down her thigh. Always ready with the phrase to lighten the moment, Sarah piped up:

“You really are a perve. You fuck your sister’s bum then watch the goo seep out!”

I grinned in the dim light. “Mmm. Looks hot.”

“You wanna perve some more?”


“I need to pee.”

“Oh, all right! Cool. Um, what exactly do you have in mind?”

“Oh, I’ll let you watch me, touch me if you want. But mostly I er, I wanna piss on you? On your chest? Maybe on your dick?”

“Yeah that’s cool. I don’t want it in my mouth though…”


In my mind I joked with myself about this conversation. I was discussing the ground rules of watersports with my sister as if we were discussing what to have for lunch.

She led me by the hand to the bathroom and ran warm water in the shower for a little while to wash my jizz away. Then I climbed into the shower and knelt between her thighs.

“Lick me a bit first?”

I did. She was salty-sweet from the sex, and now in the full light of the bathroom I once again marvelled at the perfection of her pussy. Even after swelling from riding my cock, her labia were hardly pronounced. She had the slightest ‘mound’, split by those gorgeous wrinkles of flesh that enclosed her vaginal tunnel. I licked at them lovingly. She bent her knees to get better contact, hands on my ears.

“Mmm, if you ever say you won’t lick my pussy again I’ll be forced to kill you.”

“Then I wouldn’t be able to…”

“Fair point. I’ll kill your mates instead, one by one, until you lick me again. Ooh. Here it comes. Look out…”

Leaning back I saw those delicate petals forced open by a hissing stream of pee which hit me on the chest then stopped. A dribble down her thighs, then another. escort buca

Sarah was watching me and her own pussy, then grunting she pushed hard and erupted in a strong stream that lasted three or four seconds – just long enough for her to adjust her hips and get some directly on my cock, part-erect, which twitched into life and rose to full mast again.

“Ooh Davey! I think he likes his sister peeing on him!”

“He does. And so do I.”

“Here’s some more then.”

She managed to relax her insides fully and empty her bladder on me. I’m not sure what was hottest: Was it my sister letting me watch her pissing? Or just me watching my sister piss, maybe feeling the hot stinging on my body, or perhaps hearing the long pfpssssstttttt as it came out strongly.

Whatever it was, my cock strained and throbbed. When she’d finished, I took a chance and licked the last drops of piss off her. Not great, not terrible. As I licked, the taste went back to ‘normal’ – just good old pussy.

Still licking away, I asked my sister: “All good?”

“All good. Sore bum, though.”

“Something you ate?”

“No. Something I’m gonna eat later. If you get my drift…”


“You need to pee Dave? Wanna try it?”

“Maybe later. Let’s dry off and go back to bed. I’m getting cold and my knees are sore.”

And that’s what we did. In bed, Sarah wanted details: “When did you do watersports? Who with?”

“I don’t know if I should say…”

“Just tell me the details then. Stroke my pussy while you do, I may require sex as well.”

There she went with the ‘require’ joke again.

“And I may require you to be spanked. So pull your head in.”

She laughed, I nonetheless reached between her parted thighs and began slowly pressing around her clit and slipping a finger along her slit.

“Well, it was at Norman’s Lake, you know the little gravel beach part where we used to go canoeing.”

“Mm Hmm.”

It was in a canoe actually. Lizzie… Oh shit. Yes, it was Lizzie Armitage.”

“Ah, Lizzie finds her way into our story again! This was before the party, right?”

My first sexual contact with my sister was after my birthday party. Lizzie had been teasing me mercilessly for days before and more so on the night, then left the party leaving me with the worst blue balls imaginable. Sarah, a bit drunk, cured them for me by jerking me off. I came on her chest, splashing the famous black floral dress in the process.

“Yeah, the day before. Jeez, if it had been two days before that I would have been seventeen still! OK. So, Lizzie says she needs to pee. I decide to tease her. She’s in a bikini, I’m in shorts. I tell her we’re a long way from shore, can she hold? She says not for long, and starts paddling. Well, long story short. I make sure to oppose her paddling all the time, we’re getting nowhere. She’s giggling at first, then she gets serious and says she really needs to pee and if we don’t get to some bushes soon she’s going to do it here, in the canoe. I dare her. Jeez Sair you should have seen her face!”

“I bet. Go on.”

I felt Sarah’s pussy getting wetter.

“Well, at first it was like ‘you can’t be serious’ then ‘oh no you are serious’ then more like ‘fuck it, all right I will.’ I swear she actually shrugged and just said “You’re a pervert Dave” then pulled her bikini bottoms aside.”

“What’s her pussy like?”

“Not tight like this little one I’m stroking… She’s got sort of wispy light brown pubes, puffy lips… Then she spread her legs and let rip. Pissed all over the deck of the boat. You’ll love this bit. Then she stopped mid-flow, scooted forwards, and pissed again. This time she got it on my shorts, giggling like a maniac.”

“Did you get hard?”

“Shit yeah. Pulled it out and jerked a bit while she finished!”

“Ooh, pervy! What next?’

“Some dickhead in a little motorboat came close and she covered up. When we got near the shore, I deliberately capsized the canoe to tip her out. Remember, she’d pissed in my crotch and I needed an excuse for wet shorts. And that’s when my blue balls started. She swims up next to me, puts her hand in my shorts, rubs my dick against her snatch. Then she pulls the bikini aside, rubs my cock in there. Sair, we gotta do it in the water one day. Hot cunt, cold water – it’s really nice… Anyway, she swims away and that was that.”

“Nice Dave. Horny. Um, I’m turned on but sleepy…”

“Roll over.”

I spooned her from behind. She was very wet, and I slipped into her easily. I didn’t fuck her, didn’t need to. After the last hours and days, I was so constantly aroused that I was often close to ejaculating.

Sarah whispered to me: “Ooh, lovely. I want to wake up with you inside me.”

She pushed back gently, rocking against my member, for five minutes or so then I boiled up and came in her. I stayed there while my cock went soft and flopped out wetly. Still spooning her, I kissed her neck. She sighed buca escort contentedly, and before long her steady breathing told me she was asleep.

That night I slept like a baby, completely satisfied and comfortable with my lover, my sister, naked beside me.

Just after dawn, Sarah lay on her back. I watched her breasts rise and fall under the bedclothes, then eased them down to look at her naked tits in the early light. Last night she said she wanted to wake up with me inside her, and I was going to try to do that for her.

Without waking her, I managed to help her onto her side again. She curled into the foetal position, and I began stroking her pussy from behind. She was moist and warm, and after a couple of minutes her juices began to flow. She stirred, but did not wake fully, however I discerned an increase in the depth of her breathing. I fingered her some more, and decided now was the time. I was mostly hard, and it took some manoeuvring to get in position, but I managed to get three-quarters inside her then lay still.

It was almost imperceptible at first. Sarah gripped and released with her pussy, gentle little squeezes. I hoped she was having a sexy dream about me. This went on for three or four minutes, and by now I was fully hard and twitching back at her.

Then she froze for two or three seconds, woke suddenly and looked over her shoulder at my grinning face, then realising it was me she smiled back and lay back down.

“Morning little… er, big? Bro?”

“Morning little sister. Happy Easter!”

“You remembered my wish. Thankyou. So sweet.”

“Er, Sair? Believe it or not I’ve been inside you for a little while…”


“So now I need to piss.”

Sarah pushed back so I was completely inside her, buried to the nuts.

“Oh fuck Sair. Not fair.”

“Can you cum and pee at the same time?”

“Don’t know. Don’t think so. Never tried.”

“Try now.”

“Oh wait. The bedsheets? Nice idea, but messy, don’t you think?”

“Maybe. The mattress is protected and the sheets can be washed. Seriously Dave, I’m horny at the thought of it. Want me to tell you about it?”

I sensed another dirty-talk session coming.

“Mm, OK.”

“Just let go. You’ve been holding it all night. Piss. Gush piss in me.”

“In who?”

“Oh right. In your sister. Piss up your little sister’s pussy, fill her..me.. with your pee.”

She was rocking backwards onto me now. My cock was inflamed, but the pressure of her bum against my bladder was always going to win.

“Last chance Sair…”

“Do it!”

Three seconds later I managed to relax and gushed piss inside her. The first flows must have filled her empty womb, distending her inside until the pressure of my piss overcame the tight seal of her pussy around my cock and it splashed out and over our thighs.

“Oooh I like that Dave. It’s like having a hose up there – don’t ask how I know – except this has a cock on it. Stop now? Please?”

I did. “What’s up Sair?”

“Bathroom. Now.”

I smiled. She had that wicked grin. Again I followed her to the shower stall, she stood there holding my erection and pointed it upwards.

“Any left?”


With her hand on my cock and the immediate pressure released, it was a full minute before I managed a dribble over her hand. Then another stronger one, then a full stream. Sarah played it over her tits, giggling, before pointing it at her clit. With my pissing cock in contact with her tiny bud, I pushed hard and emptied there.

Sarah liked that. Still standing there with my piss dripping off her tits and stomach, down her thighs, and into a puddle at our feet she said: “You are the sexiest man alive, little brother.”

“And you’re the hottest female on the planet. Sair?”


“Want some chocolate?”

I saw the quizzical look on her face. After a romantic buildup, and with pee still dribbling off us both, she must have been wondering what the fuck I was talking about.


“It’s Easter. I bought you chocolates.”

“Oh, right. Thanks. Maybe a shower first. In case you hadn’t noticed I’m covered in piss…”

“Mmm, OK. Hurry up though. I may require to use your pussy for to alleviate my morning wood and take my selfish pleasure soon.”

She slapped my arm and turned the water on, knowing I’d get the cold rush before it warmed up. I grabbed her and tickled, she wriggled in my arms. Lifting her chin with my hand, I kissed her hard, lovingly, lingeringly. She stopped struggling and kissed me back. In that moment, brother and sister became lifelong lovers.

Part way into the shower, Sarah giggled at me. “Ooh wait. I.. Stand still!”

I stopped rinsing my face and looked at her. She had arched her back, bent forwards, and parted her pussy lips. A thin, strong stream of pee hit my upper thigh before failing to the floor between my feet.

“Better than Lizzie Armitage?”

“Better. More beautiful. Sexier. Everything.”

She smiled proudly, then we dried off, put on identical white towelling dressing gowns and went to the kitchen. I produced a large box of expensive chocolates and she opened them with glee, selecting a couple, then offering them to me. I took one.

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