Squirt and Her Cousins

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It had been a hot day, the temperature had reached 45 degrees and at seven this evening it was still 42. I was exhausted and in need of a refreshing shower. Walking into the family home I mounted the stairs, going down the corridor to the bathroom. Coming up to my sister’s room I noticed her door was half open. This surprised me because her door is always shut. Pausing, I witnessed my younger sister Storm, reflected in her mirror masturbating. I was spellbound, watching my little sister’s hand on her pussy rubbing furiously. As I watched, my hand slipped down my shorts and commenced pumping my already hard cock. Storm was approaching orgasm, moaning and pushing her hips into her teasing fingers. When the eruption came she stiffened crying out George I love you. This surprised me even more because I thought her boyfriend was Angus; I was confused because my name was also George. I stumbled down the corridor to the bath room where I stood in the shower and jacked myself off. Returning to my room I sat in shock and amazement at what I had just witnessed.

Let me introduce Storm to you. She is my younger sister by one year. Storm, better known as Squirt is eighteen, whilst I am nineteen; about to turn twenty in January. The members of my family are all pushing six foot and yet Squirt is a mere five foot two. Squirt is a honey blond, her hair styled more like a boys, whilst the other family members are dark haired. My mother and older sister are large breasted whilst Squirt’s breasts are small. Squirt is incredibly beautiful whilst my mother and older sister are lovely but you could not call them beautiful. Squirt has boys swarming around her like bees around a honey pot. She has always pushed the boundaries whilst the rest of the family have been less radical. As a child she was often spanked by our mother when disobedient. Once she became a teenager our parent’s despaired of her behavior and quite often she would find herself grounded.

That evening after dinner Squirt was assisting me with the washing up. We had almost finished when she rubbed a hand over my butt asking how I enjoyed her show earlier in the afternoon. I was stunned, speechless, how did she know that I was watching? I hurried to finish the washing up and departed for my bedroom and the solitude that the internet afforded. It was around ten when I heard my bedroom door open admitting Squirt. I noticed that she had changed and was scantily clad in an all revealing tee-shirt and the briefest pair of white shorts I had ever seen. She sidled up to me and hugged me from behind asking if she could talk. I acquiesced and moved over to my bed. Squirt grabbed my desk chair, sitting down opposite me. We sat looking at each other until Squirt spoke, repeating her earlier question, “Well how, did you rate the show?”

I couldn’t answer; my mind was thrashing out questions, when she repeated the question I naively asked, “How did you know I was watching?”

Squirt laughed, saying that she knew that if she left the door ajar I would look in and she had seen me looking at her. She then repeated her question.

“I thought it was very wrong but very sexy, how could you even do such a thing, what would Angus think of it?” Angus was her current boyfriend; they had been seeing each other for the past six months.

Squirt sighed, “God you are simple, Angus and I split up four weeks ago and I don’t have a boyfriend. If you want to know I am in love with you. I have been in love since I was fourteen. I am a virgin and I want you to break my cherry. I have been reserving this for you since I was fourteen.”

“But Squirt we can’t do this, it is illegal, it has a name, they call it incest. For fuck’s sake Squirt I am your brother. Get real”

“I am real and have been since fourteen. It was then that my best friend Casey lost her virginity and every weekend after that she was sleeping around. She received the name of the school bike, because of the number of boys she slept with. During this time I had a dropping out with her. After all she was never around on weekends or after school. Other than to recount her sexual adventures during lunch breaks she ignored me. Casey kept putting a lot of pressure on me to lose my cherry as well but I told her that that was reserved for you. She was horrified at this but after a while came to accept it; although she found it weird. When she was sixteen, you will remember that she became pregnant and her family told her to leave, that’s when she came to stay with us. Her parents finally forgave her and six months later took her back into the fold. This only reinforced my resolve to have you take my virginity. So please big brother, give up and accept the inevitable.”

“Fuck Squirt you are incorrigible, you have always got to be different. Look, I have always loved you, but as a brother not a lover. I find you the sexiest girl I know and if I were your boyfriend I would love to take your virginity. I am not your lover; I am your brother, so wake up and try to be reasonable.”

“To hell with convention, canlı bahis I don’t care about dumb social laws, I love you and I want to fuck you, and that’s the reality of our discussion.”

“Squirt, as usual you are a very naughty girl and someone should punish you.”

Squirt’s eyes bulged. She screamed. “Will you punish me big brother, oh please punish me, I deserve to be spanked. I bought a riding crop for Angus so that he could whip my ass regularly. I cum so hard when I am whipped, please, oh please whip my naughty butt.”

My sister never ceases to amaze me and I must admit that I was quite aroused at the thought of whipping her naked butt. “Oh Squirt here you go again, you always know how to break down a person’s resolve, but I must be firm; I cannot whip you, you will have to find someone else to perform the honour.”

As I was speaking Squirt removed her tee-shirt, exposing her tiny velvety breasts to me. God they were beautiful and I had an instant erection. I knew that she never wore a bra because it was not necessary, yet to witness these small orbs of woman hood really began to arouse me. I knew that my convictions were being broken down; I knew already that I one day soon I would take her virginity; that I would become her lover. A sweat broke out on my brow and I could feel myself begin to shake. I knew that I had a massive erection tenting my shorts and that there was nothing I could do to prevent it. As I looked on, Squirt slid off her chair, crawling towards me.

“Stand up.” She ordered this with a voice I had never heard before, it was authoritative, and it was telling, not asking. I stood and removed my shorts and boxers releasing my colossal thick circumcised erection to the air. Squirt gasped, saying that she had never seen a phallus as big as this before. She took me in her mouth sucking as much as she could down her throat. Not able to get all of it in she tried to wrap her hand around it and star pumping it. Her tongue was licking the wet helmet, whilst her mouth sucked the rigid veined shaft deep into her orifice whilst her hand was pumping; it did not take long for me to announce my impending orgasm. I told her again that I was about to cum but she just sucked harder until I came violently into her mouth; Squirt drinking it down until there was nothing left. Cleaning off the residue she congratulated me, saying that we will fuck before the week was out.

As she went to the door she dropped her shorts, wiggling her spectacular butt at me. “Don’t forget this deserves a whipping.”

Early next morning, I was taking breakfast before leaving for work when Squirt entered the kitchen. “God I love you, you and I were meant for each other.”

“Thank you Squirt for taking care of me last night, but it can’t continue. You must realise that what we are doing is illegal. Now I don’t have time to argue, I have to get to work.”

“Brother my love, you will take my virginity this weekend when the folks are away at their clubs Christmas Weekend. I will say more this evening. Love you. We will speak, later.”

Work was hell. The shop was busy with last minute Christmas shoppers and I couldn’t get Squirt off my mind. Over lunch I sat at a cafe eating a sandwich, drinking coffee. I knew that I was in love with my sister and had always been; yet I was debating with myself, trying to convince myself that we could not do this. Another little voice kept telling me that she was the most desirable girl I knew and that convention should be discarded in her favor. Regardless she was a naughty girl and I should punish her; God to whip that spectacular arse. Yet I knew that I needed to fuck her. As I was engrossed in this soliloquy a friend called to me, yet I didn’t hear her until she was at my table. Her name was Polly and she had been pursuing me for some weeks. Although she was a nice girl of twenty she was slightly overweight and had the biggest breasts I had ever seen. Now I don’t like big tits, I prefer small breasts like Squirt’s. Polly sat down and commenced applying the pressure, begging me to take her to a Christmas party at the lake this Saturday evening. Shaking her tits she said that I could do anything I liked with them. I shuddered, telling her that I had a girlfriend and that we would be otherwise engaged this weekend. Polly was devastated and became quiet nasty; telling me that I was a fucking cunt, that I had lead her on all these weeks making her believe that we were going steady.

“Oh for fucks sake Polly, I have never led you on and we can’t be going steady because we have never gone out together so grow up and get out of my life.” With that Polly left crying and I quickly paid the bill returning to the shop. I knew then that I would be fucking my sister.

Before going home that evening I visited a sex shop and bought a riding crop for Squirt. It was in a box so I took it to a gift wrapping booth. When I arrived home Squirt dragged me into her room, asking me how my day was and telling me that she would pay me a visit this evening bahis siteleri after the parents had looked in on her. She then hugged me, kissing me on the mouth; I didn’t respond, leaving it until tonight.

After dinner I went down to my room and worked on the internet and played computer games. It wasn’t until eleven that Squirt walked in. She came up, hugging me, asking what I had been doing. I showed her what I had been reading on the internet about incest. I explained to her that it was referred to as genetic sexual attraction and that in Australia it was not only illegal but immoral. I also told her that she would be amazed at how many couples lived an incestuous relationship, even getting married.

“So there you go; we can have sex together as long as we don’t tell anyone. Anyway I don’t want children, at least not in the foreseeable future. So George my darling brother, are you ready to become my lover?”

“Look Squirt I had a hell of a day today I couldn’t get what happened last night out of my head. I couldn’t get you out of my head. At lunch I sat at a cafe chewing the cud when my old acquaintance Polly came along. She has been trying to get into my pants for a long time and invited me to a party at the lake this Saturday evening with all the sexual favours I wished. I told her that I had a prior engagement and she did the cruet. In answer to your question, I wish to give you an early Christmas present.” With that, I presented her with the present I had bought on the way home from work. Squirt tentatively opened it squealing when she saw what it was.

“Oh my darling, my lover to me, this is the best present you could have given me. Please whip me tonight, I have been very naughty and I intend to continue to be naughty so whip me.”

With that she removed her shorts and thong and bent over the end of my bed pushing her buttocks up to an obscene angle. Looking back she begged me to give her twenty hard lashes. I was transfixed by her buttocks, standing back I could see her pussy; the whole view was incredibly sexy. Taking the whip I approached her and brought it down on her butt. She looked back telling me to hit harder, to use all my strength. The second stroke was applied with all the strength I had. The skin on her buttocks seemed to erupt; it shook before a vivid red mark appeared. Squirt moaned; a sound that surprised me because I expected her to scream. I continued raining blows across her butt, eventually having her scream, but after the fifteenth; she went quiet beginning to moan making noises that were more like a person about to experience an orgasm. With the twentieth stroke she came, the orgasm erupting through her. She pushed her bruised butt back towards me as the shock waves resonated through her. When she had recovered, she stood up, tears in her eyes and kissed me passionately on the lips, her serpentine tongue thrusting into my mouth and tangling with mine. Standing back she looked at me; seeing my erection she laughed saying she had better take care of it before retiring for the night. So saying she went down and began to massage my erection. Using her hands and tongue it didn’t take long to bring me to a climax because I had found the whipping session just as erotic as Squirt. Wiping her lips clean of all residues she presented me with her thong as a gift, kissed me before trotting upstairs to bed.

It was Wednesday morning and as I went to work I couldn’t believe that three days had passed since Squirt put on her little show. I thought back to last night and the whipping I had administered to her backside; rather than hurting, it turned her on. Squirt is amazing, what will she do next? I don’t know. All day long I was haunted by Squirt. By lunchtime I realised that I loved her, not as a sister but as a sex object. Squirt turned me on.

That evening Squirt was late coming down to my room and I had already gone to sleep. It was about midnight when I woke to lips paying homage to my phallus. Starting awake, Squirt smiled saying that the folks were late looking in on her. She then placed two fingers to her lips and continued working on my very erect penis. She licked the glands; as she pumped the shaft, and tickling my balls. Licking and kissing, bringing me to arousal, taking my balls in her mouth, sucking before feeling my orgasm roar up its canal and into her mouth. She continued to suck until the last drop had been taken.

Squirt told me to get out of bed then lying down she spread her legs telling me that she needed to feel my tongue. Going down between her legs I addressed her shaved pussy, taking the outer lips of her labia into my teeth. Caressing them, and arousing my lover. Pushing two fingers into her I licked and teased her engorged clitoris, driving Squirt into a delirium. Licking and biting using the fingers of my other hand to play with the swollen nipples, squeezing her breasts, licking her cunt working fingers inside brought Squirt to a screaming climax, her fingers pulling the hair from my head. When she had recovered she stood bahis şirketleri up taking my face in her hands, making love to my mouth tasting her residue on my tongue. As she stood back I realised that she was wearing a see through baby doll outfit with no knickers. It was enough to stir my penis again as I felt a ferocious movement down there. It was two thirty when we kissed goodnight.

As she opened my door she wiggled her bum. “It’s only two days to Saturday.”

The next evening was Thursday and she entered at eleven thirty. As the previous evening, she was wearing a see through baby doll outfit without panties. As she walked, it rode up exposing her shaved pussy. Lying on my bed she asked me to go down on her. After the final eruptions of her orgasm had passed she motioned for me to join her. We cuddled up, naked, brother and sister, the aroma of sex in the air. Squirt looked lovingly at me, “Fuck George I love you. You don’t know how content I am lying in your love. You see I have been masturbating since I was fourteen. Unless I had gone out with a boy who made me cum I masturbated every night. I can’t get enough, I love my orgasm. My best orgasms are after I have been spanked, well that is to date because I have yet to do it proper. This weekend you are going to whip me first and then fuck me. This is going to be a weekend of multiple orgasms. It will be the best weekend of my life.”

“That’s all very well Squirt but what shall we do when we go down to Shelly Beach?” Each year the extended family would holiday for five weeks at this secluded beach just north of C…. My parents owned a holiday home that was designed to house two families with total privacy. My father’s sister Aunty Joan and her twin daughters Sam and Zoe would live next door. Across the bay there was another house, belonging to my mother’s brother and his wife, Uncle John and Aunty Sybille and their twenty one year old daughter Angie.

“Don’t worry we always have the boat shed during the day and you know the adults, they spend many days and evenings playing golf and drinking at the club. We will have plenty of privacy.”

“What about our cousins?”

“You never know what they may get up to. They may be even interested in what we are doing, just leave it to me, I love corrupting people. Anyway, I am sure you would like a piece of Zoe and Sam, although Angie may be a problem she’s such a prude, you never know what she’s into. Oh, by the way we had better take the whip; I really want to see Zoe and Sam’s asses whipped.”

“Fuck you really are the little dominatrix are you not?” Squirt laughed a dirty laugh, saying “I don’t know what turns me on yet; all I know is that I like my ass whipped at least weekly.”

That night we talked until two in the morning and then we lay back in each others arms and slept until six: when we arose and Squirt ran naked back to her bedroom, leaving me to take a shower before breakfast and work. Thursday evening went without Squirt appearing; she had gone out to a night club to celebrate with Casey and other old school friends. She arrived home after three in the morning and went straight to bed suffering from an overdose of marijuana and alcohol. I did not get to see her before Friday evening.

She arrived at ten thirty saying that the folks were leaving at seven thirty in the morning. Once again she had a pair of crotch less knickers on a fact that gave me an instant hard on. I stared at her saying that she was the hottest little piece in the world.

She commenced to tell me about last night. “Casey was there, she had found a babysitter for Michelle, I was surprised when Zoe and Sam turned up and there were four other friends from school who you don’t know. Zoe brought some great dope so we set about getting smashed and pissed. The band was great and we all danced together, when some guys tried to pick us up we told them to piss off because it was a private party, they persevered so Zoe told them that we were lesbians at a Christmas party so just fuck off because we are not into men. You should have seen the looks on their faces; it was an expression of total shock. One guy did suggest that it was a terrible waste of female flesh but we just laughed. After the others had left it was just Sam, Zoe and me so I quizzed them about sex. I know that they are virgins and yet they want to lose it. I told them about my fetish for whipping. They were horrified but slowly started to become inquisitive. I took them to a booth in the ladies and showed them my stripes. Zoe was fascinated even touching them, asking if it hurt terribly. I told them that initially it did but the massive orgasms help me to get over it and that on the first day my butt was very hot sometimes felling as though I had pissed my pants but by the second day there was no heat or pain just stripes and these would fade in a week. They asked how they could be whipped and I told them that I might be able to organise it during our holiday’s, but if they were to receive a whipping they would have to buy a one piece costume so that the stripes are hidden from the old folks at home. So, it looks as though we are going to have some fun in January. One other thing Sam suggested was that Angie is a lesbian and I said that could be fun too.”

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