Stepbrother Needs Some Inspiration

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WARNING: This story contains mild elements of BDSM including Domination and Submission. Please do not continue if you find these topics objectionable.


Danny sighed and pushed his keyboard away in disgust, looking at yet another half page of words, the beginnings of an erotic story. He’d started at least a dozen stories in the past couple of weeks, and had never gotten more than a couple of paragraphs. “What is wrong with me?” he wondered silently to himself as he highlighted the text and erased it.

He couldn’t understand it; he’d never had trouble writing before. An idea would come to him, inspiration of some kind and he’d be off, typing furiously at his keyboard trying to keep up with his imagination. Hours later when he finally finished he’d be breathing hard and his cock would be aching in need from all the times it had swollen painfully in his jeans as he wrote. Then he’d post it on his blog and hope for a good response from some of his followers, which he usually got.

But lately the inspiration just wasn’t coming. He tried to force the stories out but just felt blocked. None of his fantasies were inspiring him anymore and even suggestions from some of his fans didn’t seem to strike a chord in him. He growled out loud in frustration and looked around his room.

It was a typical 19 year old kid’s room with posters of girls, cars, sports, and bands covering the walls. The bookcase was full of novels by his favorite authors, except the bottom row which held his favorite movies. Turning away from the computer he pressed play on his stereo and collapsed onto his back on the bed. A mix of oldies, rock, country, and R&B filled the room as he lay there and tried to make his mind as empty as the now bare document still on his computer screen.


Karen heard her step-brother’s growl of frustration, followed minutes later by his music coming through the wall that separated their bedrooms. “Not again!” she thought to herself as she reached for her phone. She knew what that growl meant, Danny still couldn’t write. Opening up his blog on her phone she confirmed her suspicions, no new story waited for her, waiting to flame the embers smoldering inside her, the lust and desire that had been building for years.

She wished she could go in and help him; encourage him or inspire him to get back to writing. But that would mean admitting that she knew what he did in his spare time; Admitting that she had found his blog and had become obsessed with his erotic literature months ago. And it would mean that she had continued to read his stories after realizing that her favorite sex author did his writing just down the hall from where she read them.

“He’d know.” she told herself again. He’d know of her feelings for him, how she longed for him to take her like he took those girls in his stories; ached to be tied up and claimed by the man that she spent every night lusting after. She still didn’t know when she had begun to feel this way for him he’d always just been her big brother Danny, even if he was only her step-brother.

A few hours later Danny poked his head in to tell her that he was going out and asked if she needed anything. “Nope,” she said and gave him a smile before he left. She could tell that he was still feeling frustrated and hoped that he’d snap out of it soon. It had been almost two weeks since she had been able to cum and she was starting to get desperate. Hours of rubbing her tight little eighteen year old pussy just wasn’t enough, she needed Danny’s words, his stories, his fantasies of Domination and submission, lingerie and bondage, spanking and biting.

Karen bit back a scream of frustration as she felt her pussy pulsing. She had been so sure he’d get a new story posted tonight and was looking forward to a good hard cum. “Fuck I need it.” she told herself as her hand wandered down over her cotton sweat pants. After a soft rub on her sensitive clit she forced her hand away and climbed out of bed. She knew that teasing herself wouldn’t do any good tonight.

“Maybe a warm bath will help me relax,” she thought and headed for the bathroom. Just as she was about to pass Danny’s room she saw that his normally locked door was open a crack, and she could see the glow from his computer monitor. “Maybe he has a half finished story on his computer,” she thought as her hand reached to push the door open further. Biting her lip she took a step inside. She didn’t want to betray Danny’s trust, but just the thought of reading a new story made her pussy drip even more.

She sat down at the computer and released the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. A blank document filled the screen and she frowned in disappointment. “Maybe he saved something,” she said to herself and reached for his mouse. Finding a folder marked Stories she opened it, but all she found were the stories he’d already posted. She was just about to give up when she found another folder marked SBSS. Curious canlı bahis she opened the folder and found inside about 25 document files. Her eyes grew wide as she read the titles, every single one included the words step-sister as part of the title and the last one read Claiming my sexy slutty step-sister

Realizing again that she wasn’t breathing she opened this last one and began to read. Within minutes her hand was buried in her sweats rubbing her dripping slit and her breathing had returned, rough and ragged as she read as fast as she could. She read of a step brother lusting after his slutty little step sister, jacking off to thoughts of her every night and finally losing control and capturing her in the shower, taking her like the naughty little slut she was and claiming her forever. She read on and on, realizing that he was writing about her, wanting her, lusting after her! Sloshing sounds filled the room as she furiously pounded her poor little pussy with her fingers, trying to get deeper, more, harder. The pressure was building; her vision was going blurry making it hard to read about his thick cock pulling out of her pussy, throbbing and pulsing before exploding with ropes of cum shooting over her dripping body…

“FUUUUCKKK,” she wailed as her back arched in Danny’s chair and her orgasm washed over her with the force of a tidal wave. Her breath was lost for the third time, stolen from her by the waves of pleasure that wracked her curvy body. It seemed like hours of bliss went by before she recovered and straightened in the chair.

Grinning in relief and excitement she reached for the keyboard, knowing that despite his hidden Dom side, Danny would never take her the way she craved without a little prompting.


It was late by the time Danny got home that night, late enough that all the lights were out and he assumed that everyone was asleep. As he parked his car he looked at the clock and gratefully reminded himself that he didn’t have to work in the morning. “Dad and Renee will be gone, and maybe Karen will be out and I can have the house to myself for a change,” he thought as he walked up the drive. “Maybe I’ll finally write something besides dirty stories about Karen.”

Danny had been blocked for weeks, unable to write his stories, unable to find any inspiration that didn’t involve his sexy stepsister. He’d been able to write stories about her, but couldn’t share those online like he did his other smut. He was too embarrassed by his attraction to her. He was supposed to protect her, not spend all day undressing her in his mind.

Danny paused as he passed her closed door, thinking of the gorgeous girl on the other side, probably wearing a tank and panties to bed like usual, her soft pale skin exposed… “STOP IT!” he shouted to himself and forced himself to walk towards his room.

Seeing the open door he paused, wondering how he had forgotten to close it. The glow from his monitor still filtered through the doorway which puzzled him as well. It should have gone to sleep by now. Danny walked into his room and flipped on the light. Instantly he knew that someone had been in his room. Some of his things had been moved around and there was an unusual smell that he couldn’t quite place. Looking around he focused on his desk, and that’s when he realized that someone had not only been in his room, but one his computer! The keyboard was tilted at an angle and his chair had been pushed back.

“Oh fuck,” he breathed, realizing that he hadn’t bothered to lock the computer or hide the stories about Karen. He didn’t care if anyone saw the other stories, but if Dad or Renee found one of his incestuous fantasies… He didn’t want to think about it. Pulling his char back up to the desk he sat down.

Reaching out he moved the mouse and the screen saver disappeared. Sure enough, the first thing he saw was the open folder with all of his step-brother, step-sister fantasy stories. Shame and anger filled him, anger at being stupid enough to get caught, and shame that he had acted on his incest driven desires.

Danny moved the cursor up to close the window, as if doing so could hide the damning evidence that had already been seen. “Seen by who though?” he wondered. Suddenly his eye froze, caught by the title of his latest story. He remembered naming it, remembered thinking that the title was silly and not exactly professional, but it didn’t matter because no one would see it. He definitely did not remember adding Karen’s name to it though. He’d never put her name in his stories, pretending that he was just writing about some random step siblings. But there it was. Karen: my sexy, slutty, step-sister.

Sitting back in the chair he stared at the title, wondering what it meant and who had changed it. Suddenly he felt something cold on his ass.

Reaching down he realized that the fabric of his desk chair was extremely damp. It had been seeping through his jeans the whole time he’d been sitting there. Finally bahis siteleri it clicked what he had smelled when he had walked in; his chair was covered in cum!

“Karen,” he whispered, realizing who had been in his room. Karen had sat at his desk and found his stories, and apparently she had made herself cum while reading them. He couldn’t believe it. He was mortified that Karen now knew that he lusted after her, but why did she cum? Why wasn’t she disgusted? Why did she change the title? He couldn’t understand it. Movement out of the corner of his eye drew his attention away from the computer. His step-sister stood in his doorway watching him.

“Fuck, Karen, It’s not what you think,” he began hurriedly, trying to explain, somehow make her believe that he wasn’t writing about her, it was just some random fantasy, anything.

“It’s ok Danny,” she said softly, her voice instantly causing Danny to fall silent. “I know you were writing about me, and I loved reading those stories.”

“What?” Danny asked incredulously, “but they’re so….” He couldn’t believe that sweet little Karen would have enjoyed reading his kind of smut.

“Sexy?” she asked with a small smile, “Yes they are. Your stories are the hottest I’ve ever read big brother. I’ve been wondering when you’d get around to writing another one. I’ve missed them.”

Surprised, Danny looked up at her in the doorway. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“I’ve been reading your blog for months Danny,” Karen replied. “I didn’t know it was you at first, but I figured it out.” She began walking towards him, still speaking softly. “Your words are so perfect Danny. Your fantasies are incredible. I’ve been dying for you to claim me like you claim your sluts and whores in your stories. I’ve been waiting for you to write me a new story Sir, please let me help you find inspiration?

Danny couldn’t believe his ears. What had she called him? His cute, naïve little step sister wanted him to do what? He stared at her in shock, trying to find something to say. He’d never even considered that she might be into D/s, that hidden under her cute smile and charm she was just as kinky as he was.

“Karen,” he said, knowing that he needed to be the stronger person here. “These are just fantasies. We can’t act on them, its incest! I shouldn’t have even written those ones about us, I just needed to write something and you were all I could think about. But we can’t!”

“I knew you’d say that,” Karen said while looking at the ground. She looked so disappointed that Danny felt like his heart was going to break; he always hated to see her upset. Suddenly she looked back up at him, a forced smile on her face.

“But if you change your mind, just know that I am yours, sir.” She said, emphasizing the last word. “Whenever, however you want me, if you will claim me, I am yours.”

And with that she walked away and out of his room.

It was three AM before Danny moved from his cum stained chair. He had sat there for hours with Karen’s words echoing around his head. She wanted him. But not only that, she wanted to submit to him. She wanted to be his. She wanted him to claim her, to do anything he wanted to her, anything that brought him pleasure.

He thought about the stories he’d written, fantasies of tying her up, using her, showing her off in public, walking her around on a leash. But most of all, he had written fantasies of her submitting to him, telling him that she was his, only his.

His fantasies had just come true and he was frozen. He knew he shouldn’t, he knew it was wrong. But every fiber of his being screamed at him that she was his and that she had given herself to him and rest of the world could just fuck off.

He felt like he was going in slow motion as he walked down the hallway. Even if he could get past the part that she was his little sister, even if they were only step siblings, he still wasn’t sure she what she wanted. What if she got scared when she saw his deepest, darkest desires and fantasies?

Slowly he opened her door. Light streamed through the window and onto her bed. Karen lay on her stomach covered by only a sheet. She looked so peaceful, so beautiful sleeping there. He felt the same old feelings he had always felt around her. He loved her, he wanted to protect her, and never let anyone hurt his little sister.

Until now those feelings had always conflicted with his lustful desires. He had been ashamed of wanting to treat someone so dear to him the way he treated the submissive girls in his stories. But now something was different, as he looked at her sleeping form stretched out on the bed. The conflict was gone, the shame was gone. No longer was he forcing her face, her body onto his fantasies, casting her in the role of someone he thought she’d never be. Now she was simply his; his in every way. Her words came back to him yet again, soft yet sure, offering to be his, if only he would claim her.

Danny walked towards the bed, his heart pounding bahis şirketleri in his chest. She was his. Nothing had ever felt so right, so perfect. He reached down and pulled the sheet off of her shoulders and back. She was still wearing her white, thin tank top. He could see the swell of her breasts being pressed outward as she slept.

As he pulled the sheet off of her body he felt his breath catch. “Mine.” He thought again staring at her, her sexy ass not quite hidden by the sexy panties she wore. He felt his cock rising in his jeans as he looked at her, for the first time openly looking at his sexy step sister’s womanly charms. Silently he pulled off his clothes, leaving them in a pile by her bed and softly climbed onto the bed next to her. When she didn’t stir he swung a leg over hers and lowered his weight onto her back, his hardening member pressing against her ass.

She woke as he pressed his lips to the side of her neck, breathing in her ear, his hands sliding down her arms, pulling them to her sides. He felt her tense for a moment, then relax as she realized who he was. “Danny,” she said softly, reverently, and closed her eyes experiencing his touch for the first time.

Her skin felt heavenly under his hands as he caressed her arms. Hearing his name on her lips sent a thrill through him, sending his heart pounding again, and causing his already thick cock to harden completely against her. After her arms were extended by her sides he lifted one hand and pulled the hair away from her face.

“Whose are you?” he breathed in her ear, grinding down against her.

With a soft moan she arched her hips, pressing back against him, grinding her supple ass against the hard rod she felt there. “Yours sir,” she whispered, suddenly unable to breathe. ” I belong only to you.”

With a soft growl of approval he bit her ear and whispered. “Not yet little one, but you will be soon.” He watched as shiver ran down her body then followed with his hands until they reached her panties. Firmly he pulled them down and off, throwing them aside before resuming his position on top of her, his cock now nestled in between her warm cheeks.

She could feel his heartbeat pounding through the organ. It felt so hard and thick and powerful, ready to take her, claim her. Without even seeing it she knew that she was lost to it, to him, to Danny. “Please sir,” she whispered, a soft whimper pushing through her words. “Please…”

Silently Danny shifted his hips, pulling his throbbing erection back before felling his way down her slit. He felt her juices already flowing, combining with his precum and coating the head of his cock. When he felt the heat of her on his shaft and she released a moan into her pillow he pushed forward, sealing her submission as his thick tool spread her lips and forced its way inside.

Danny barely contained his groan of pleasure as her pussy welcomed his hard cock. He had never felt such a tight, hot, perfect sheath for his tool. He could not resist pushing deeper and deeper until his entire length was buried inside her. “Oh yes Karen,” he groaned softly. “My Karen, my sexy little step sister.”

Karen moaned in response, pressing herself again up against him, fuller than she’d ever been yet craving more. “Take me Danny.” She whimpered. “Make me your good little girl.”

Slowly at first, but soon faster and harder, Danny began to move inside her. He pulled nearly all the way out before pushing back in. Growls forced through his clenched teeth as he thrust harder, her ass welcoming and cushioning his thrusts as his shaft spread her open over and over.

Whimpers and moans were soon escaping from Karen who was unable to hold them back any longer. She was lost to the world, conscious only of the massive rod that was pushing her higher and higher.

Realizing how much noise they were making Danny covered her mouth and thrust even harder, muffling her moans and biting back his own. Looking down he no longer saw the little girl that had grown up in his protective shadow. He saw his sexy little girl, all grown up and perfect. He thrust harder, now hammering into her, his balls slapping against her clit with ever thrust.

Moving his mouth to her ear he growled softly. “Cum for me little one. Let me feel your cum on my cock!”

Instantly her body responded, seizing up and then releasing. Danny kept her mouth covered as she screamed through the waves of her orgasm, writhing under his thrusting body.

Danny couldn’t hold back any longer. Plans of marking her with his cum, spraying it over her body to claim her were lost as he felt the iron hard clenching grasp of her sheath. As she came she pulled him over the edge and he followed, his teeth sinking into her shoulder as he attempted to muffle his roar of blissful agony.

His swelling cock exploded again and again, his cum spraying deep into her waiting womb with every pulse. For what seemed like hours they lay there, gasping, groaning, and cumming together, their bodies locked together. Neither remembered coming back down from that explosion of pleasure. They remained in some unknown paradise together until both collapsed into sleep in the wake of their consuming orgasms.

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