Stepdad Carl Pt. 04

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I have to say it was a bit awkward after Dad and I came, but I knew how I felt about the man, and he was my Stepdad, not my real father. Dad and I snuggled in together, he held me close to him all night, that would be the last time we slept in separate beds, he and I in the same room in the same bed. I wanted him close to me I needed him.

I wanted him to take my virginity, I needed to feel his huge cock deep inside of me, it was a few days of us giving each other blowjobs that I told him I wanted him to take me, I wanted his huge penis deep inside of me.

“Tommy are you sure? You’re very tight and my penis is not your average sized one.” Dad told me.

“Dad I have to know, I have to feel you deep inside of me, and if there is someone who I want as a first it’s you.” I told him.

Dad stood there looking at me, I knew he wanted to do more with me, he wanted to be my first, but he also was worried he may hurt me. That night I got myself prepared, he and I would try at the very least, I was ready, I wanted this more than anything in the entire world right now.

I could see Dad was nervous and more than shy to try any of this with me, but I knew he was the man who should take me, be my first, I knew he would not hurt me in any way. I also knew the man was not average by any means so there would be pain involved.

I was getting out of the shower when he came in to pee, he stood at the toilet while I dried myself off, I looked at him standing there his huge cock a steady stream of urine flowing from his beautiful cock. I would soon have that beautiful cock deep inside of me, I would have his seed deep inside of my body.

I stood there drying my hair as his stream slowed then dribbled, as he shook his cock dry, I walked up to him and pulled him in for a kiss. Here we were me naked him standing at the toilet his cock hanging out of his boxers. I slowly slid his tee shirt off of his body, my hands all over his upper body, I loved how his muscles flexed as my hand ran over him. Dad pulled me in to him, my arms around his neck his around my back holding me close.

I pulled away and took his hand in mine, I walked him to his bed, our bed, not a word spoken by either of us, I slid my index fingers into the waistband of his boxers, sliding them down. His cock popped into the hole and out flopping as it slowly got harder and harder.

“Son are you sure about this? We don’t have to do canlı bahis this tonight, we can wait till your ready.” Dad said to me.

“Dad please I’m ready, I need this, I need you to do this for me please, I need you to be my first.” I told him looking in his brown eyes.

I took his hand and laid him on the bed, I got over top of him planting kisses all over his body, from his forehead to his cheeks, to his lips to his neck. I kissed the man all over from his chest to his cock, to his balls to his thighs. Down his legs to his feet, then back up the inside of his thighs, the man seemed to be very sensitive on his inner thighs.

I gently took the man’s huge cock in my right hand, his cock filling my hand, it felt so right in my hand me holding it just looking at it as it slowly dribbled clear liquid from the tip. I crouched down in between his legs, my mouth inches from his penis, his beautiful uncut penis. I gently peeled back his foreskin, my tongue lapped at the precum he had acumulated under his foreskin.

I took his cock into my mouth all I could swallow, at this point I could take about three quarters, he was not only long but very thick, nice and thick, the skin so soft, you looked at his cock and you had to have it, you had to taste it. I sucked him till he was close, I did not want him to cum yet, I wanted him to be close, ready to shoot.

I grabbed the lube, I slicked up his huge cock, I could not wait anymore, I had to know if I could realistically take this in me. I slicked up my hole sliding a finger in, rolling it, trying to loosen myself up. I got two then three, but my fingers were nothing compared to this man’s cock. I got my hole slicked up real good, trying to get some inside to help it slide in.

I got overtop him, his cock lined up with my hole, I placed his cock on my pucker, I slowly dropped down, pushing his cock to my hole. I seemed to tighten up each time his cock pressed my hole.

“Son you need to press out your hole if there is ever any chance of my cock ever getting inside of you.” Dad said to me.

I tried yet again, this time pressing out as his cock poked my hole, his cock slowly slid in, the pain was incredible, I tried to mask how much pain it really was but Dad could tell by the expression on my face. I was determined to have him inside of me, but the pain was more than I could bear. I would stop and wait for my ass to get used to the intrusion, I bahis siteleri was determined to have him in me to the base.

As his cock was slowly swallowed up by my hole, I could see Dad’s cock was being squished by how tight my hole really was.

“Dad are you okay? It’s not to painful for your cock is it?” I asked worried about him.

“Son I am more worried about your hole than my cock, my cock is being held in a nice tight warm wet cavern, my cock is in heaven right now son.” Dad said to me.

I continued to swallow up up his huge cock, my hole was sore but I have to admit I was enjoying it at the same time. I got a little over three quarters in and I had to stop, Dad’s cock had reached my second sphincter, I could not get his cock past the second one, the pain was to intense. I sat there my hole slowly getting accustomed to Dad’s huge pole.

After about two or three minutes I slowly slid off and then back down, his cock started to feel so good inside of me. I knew it belonged there now, I slowly gained speed as I rode the man’s huge cock. My own cock was pouring out precum, Dad scooped it up and sucked off of his fingers.

“Are you okay Son?” Dad asked me.

“Never felt better in my entire life Dad, best Birthday present I could have ever wished for.” I responded to him.

I rode Dad’s cock till his balls were ready to explode, his cock tightened, his toes curled, his balls pulled in tight ready to unload his load deep inside of me. Dad grabbed my hips, his own body pushing his cock into me with every stroke I rode him.

“Oh Fuck Son here it comes, Tommy yes ride Daddy’s big cock, Tommy Fuck Tommy!” Dad screamed as his cock filled me with his seed.

I felt his load push deep inside of me as his cock exploded, his cock twitched as he unloaded, my own cock shot him with my cum hands free, I hit him in the face first, then his chest the rest dribbled out. I laid on top of him, I was spent, his cock stayed inside of me, his cock slowly softened slipping out of my hole, I was gaped wide open, my hole would never be the same.

Dad pulled me in tight to him, I slowly straightened my legs, I laid there on top of him, I was done, he and I dozed off covered in cum and lube. I woke about an hour later Dad was out I had worn him out, I got up and got a wet cloth to wipe him up, his cock was covered in cum and lube. Once I had him cleaned up, his cock quickly hardened ready bahis şirketleri for more.

I stood on the side of the bed, looking at him, my Stepdad, naked and vulnerable, all I knew was I had to have him inside me again. I grabbed the lube slicked up his cock, wet my hole, it still was dripping cum and lube. I straddled the man, his cock rock hard and ready for round two, I placed his cock at my hole, I would have an easier time this time.

His cock still was a lot to take in, he stretched me to the max, I got him inside me just at the entrance to my second spincter, I still could not let his cock go past it, the pain travelled through me like a hot knife tearing me wide open if I tried. Dad woke up while I slowly took him back inside of me, he laced his hands behind his head, letting me use his cock and body for my own personal pleasure, his own as well of course.

This time I rode him for a few moments, then we repositioned doggy style, Dad could really give it to me now. My own cock rock hard flopping back and forth as he pounded my hole. Dad and I repostioned me on my back ass over the edge of the bed, Dad on his feet, I could now see the man as he fucked me hard.

Dad grabbed my cock and gently stroked it, four maybe five strokes and I was blowing cum all over myself, I felt my hole grip his cock tight as my own cock blew its load, Dad’s strokes became harder, longer, his cock was pushing in deeper. Dad grabbed my hips his cock pounding me now, Dad was so close his balls ready to explode inside of me.

Dad flooded my hole with more of his wonderful cream, the man screamed as his second orgasm took it out of him. He laid on top of me, his head on my chest, we got ourselves back in bed laying there spent and our balls sore and drained, Dad pulled me in close as we both fell asleep.

I woke up sticky, wet, my hole drippingI laid there my head on his chest, I looked up at him he smiled at me.

“Morning Son are you okay?” Dad asked me.

“Dad I am more than okay, I have never felt so good in my enire life, I do really need a shower however, I am sticky in all the wrong places.” I said laughing.

I jumped in the shower while Dad got coffee on, while in the shower my Aunt called to see how we both were, Dad told her I was in the shower but would have me call her once I was out, she wanted us to come and visit them at the farm for a week or so. Dad and I talked before I called her we were both on the fence about going to see her and my Uncle.

Dad and I decided we were up for the trip, it would be nice to get away for a week. I called her and confirmed that we would be there on Sunday.

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