Stepdaughters Visit Ch. 01

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Danni, my stepdaughter, was twenty four years old. She had been living with her boyfriend for nearly five years. I didn’t really know the girl that well due to the fact that me and her Mother had only been together for a little over a year before Danni had flown the nest.

We very rarely saw Danni after she moved out. She kept in contact with her Mother, Jane, via phone and social media but her visits were few and far between. Her visit this time was totally out of the blue. It was a Saturday afternoon when she turned up in floods of tears.

Apparently she had had a major bust up with her boyfriend. Knowing that she needed her Mother’s shoulder to cry on I left them to it and retreated to the garden where I had plenty of chores to keep me busy.

I was of course eager to Know what Danni was so upset about. As I pottered around outside, I kept an eye on the two women through the patio windows. For sometime, all I saw was my wife’s arm around her daughter who was sobbing uncontrollably.

When I next looked, I saw Danni leaving the room and quickly took the opportunity to find out what had happened.

“What’s the problem?” I asked, opening the patio door and poking my head in.

“Not exactly sure yet, she’s barely stopped crying to explain. Sorry Tony, our quiet weekend isn’t going to work out,” Jane said.

“Don’t worry, the girl obviously needs her Mum. Let me know if there’s anything I can do,” I said.

“Thanks Love,” Jane said and blew me a kiss.

Luckily it was a warm sunny day so it was no great hardship to keep myself busy in the garden. I took my time and probably spent as much time sitting down enjoying the sun as I did working.

It was nearly half six when Jane came out and found me almost asleep. I had laid back in one of the two reclining garden chairs on the lawn and almost jumped when I heard her speak my name.

“I see you’ve been hard at it,” Jane said laughing as she sat down on the other chair.

“Oh God, I was just drifting off then. Well, how’s Danni now? Did you find out what the problem is?” I asked.

“Yeah pretty much. Apparently Danni thinks Sam is seeing someone else,” Jane said, Sam being her boyfriend.

“Oh, what makes her think that?” I asked.

“She thinks he’s gone off her. Without going in to detail he’s lost interest in the bedroom department,” Jane explained.

“Okay, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s seeing someone else, I mean, perhaps he’s tired. I know he works hard, or it could be a number of other things!” I said.

“Yeah I know, I said much the same thing to her. To be honest I think she’s got it all wrong. Hopefully after a couple of days apart it will work itself out. Mind you from what she’s told me they don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to sex,” Jane said.

“Whoa, okay, hang on. I don’t think I need to know any more. Anyway how is she feeling now? Where is she?” I asked.

“She’s a lot calmer now, after our chat, she’s gone for a soak in the bath. I was thinking, we need some dinner. Do you fancy a Chinese?” Jane asked.

“Yeah sure, good idea,” I agreed…

Around eight I went to pick up our pre-ordered take away. Jane was waiting in the kitchen when I returned.

“Thanks love. Hope you don’t mind if I take mine and Danni’s upstairs, only I thought it would be a good idea if me and her got into a film to take her mind off her troubles,” Jane said.

“Yeah sounds like a good idea,” I replied.

I really didn’t mind. Jane was often in bed by nine so it was no big deal. We actually had separate bedrooms now mainly due to the fact that I often suffered with insomnia so it solved the problem of me disturbing Jane’s sleep, which often happened when we shared a bed.

As far as our sex life was concerned, well it made no difference. Unfortunately, it was now non-existent and hadn’t been for the past two years or so. Jane was going through the menopause and had lost all interest in sex. I lived in hope that one day it would return.

It must have been about ten O’clock when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I had showered before eating and was relaxing in front of the TV wearing only my pyjama trousers as it was a warm evening.

“Mind if I join you” asked Danni.

“No of course not, come and sit down,” I answered, surprised to see her.

“Mum’s asleep already but I don’t think canlı bahis I could sleep yet,” she said sitting down the opposite end of the sofa to me.

“To much on your mind I expect!” I said.

“Yeah its a bit like that,” she agreed.

“Did the chat with your Mum help?” I asked.

“Yeah she made me realise that I am probably over thinking the problem, but she did suggest I get your take on it. You know, like a man’s point of view,” she said.

“Oh! Well, I don’t know!” I spluttered.

“It’s just that from what Mum said oral sex wasn’t an issue with you and her. You both enjoyed it. But Sam, well, he wont do it. At least not to me,” Danni said.

I was totally out of my comfort zone. I didn’t think I should be talking to my stepdaughter about such things and I was surprised Jane had suggested it.

“By the way Mum feels really guilty that she’s lost interest. She said that you’ve been really good about it but she does feel bad. She still loves you you know,” She said.

“You really have had good chat with your Mum haven’t you. Yeah I know she still loves me and I still love her” I said feeling very awkward with the conversation.

“So what do you think? Am I being unreasonable expecting oral from Sam? I mean he’s happy for me to do it to him. More than happy in fact,” Danni said.

I looked across at Danni and for the first time saw her as a woman rather than a stepdaughter. Of course I knew she was a very attractive girl, with her long blond hair which she had tied up above her head and her big blue eyes staring at me awaiting my answer.

“Well in my opinion I think he’s being very selfish. If he expects oral sex from you but wont do the same for you that just isn’t right. Have you talked to him about it? Have you asked him why he wont?” I asked.

“No I haven’t really. Mum said I need to,” Danni replied.

“You do need to Danni, find out what the problem is,” I said.

I had to cross my legs when I remembered I was only wearing my pyjama trousers which would do little to hide my growing erection. All this talk of oral sex was having an involuntary effect on me. It didn’t help much when I saw Danni lift her legs up from the floor and tuck them under herself.

“Yeah I know you’re right,” she said.

We sat there in silence for a couple of minutes watching the TV. Not that I could tell you what we were watching, my mind was else where as I suspect Danni’s was.

“I haven’t had sex for weeks!” Danni suddenly blurted out.

I was shocked at the sudden admission and looked across at her.

“Well I haven’t,” she said when she saw my expression.

“Mum told me you’ve got a lovely penis. I’d love to see it,” Danni said with a dirty grin on her face.

“DANNI! I don’t think that would be appropriate do you!” I said not quite believing what I was hearing.

“I don’t think Mum would mind you know, she kept hinting, saying you must be so frustrated and what a waste of such a lovely penis. I mean I’m frustrated and it’s only been a few weeks for me. I can only imagine how it is for you! How long has it been? ” she asked.

“Over two years. Anyway I can’t believe your Mum said all of that,” I answered struggling to conceal my growing erection.

“Honestly she left me in no doubt at what she meant. Don’t you think I’d feel guilty otherwise!” she said.

Before she’d stopped talking she had stood up. I suddenly realised she was wearing one of her Mothers dressing gowns, a short red silky one. Danni was a very slim build and only about five foot one tall which was similar to her Mothers height.

“Come on I’m dying to see it, I know you’re getting hard!” she said.

Kneeling down on the floor in front of me she pulled at my legs until she could shuffle up between them. I knew I shouldn’t be allowing it but I was to weak to resist. My erection was now obvious as it made a tent in my pyjamas.

“Wow that looks big,” Danni said gently rubbing her small hands up and down my thighs while eyeing up the bulge in front of her.

Her nervous excitement was like watching a young child about to open their present. Danni reached forward with both hands and unbuttoned my pyjamas and opened them up.

“Oh Wow, Mum wasn’t joking,” she said with her first sight of my erect penis.

I had never considered that my penis was anything special. I knew it was thicker bahis siteleri than many but I believed it was of average length. Danni certainly liked what she saw. She pressed it lightly against her left cheek with her hand and rubbed herself against it.

“Oh God that feels so good,” she said.

My cock was twitching from the contact. It was as though she was rubbing herself against a small puppy or kitten. Brushing her nose against it she moved her head and rubbed my shaft against her right cheek.

“I wish Sam’s cock was this nice. Mmmm so smooth and so hard,” Danni said closing her eyes in obvious delight.

She spent several minutes rubbing her cheeks against me, occasional swapping from one side to the other. Looking down watching the young girl rubbing my rock hard cock against her pretty face was beyond belief.

“Awww look, he’s got a tear in his eye,” Danni said noticing the pre-cum oozing out.

Holding the shaft in her left hand she used her right index finger to wipe the tear away. She studied her fingertip before tasting it on her tongue.

“I can’t believe how thick your cock is. Look, I can’t close my hand around it. God I just love it,” she said and began passionately kissing it all over.

Needless to say I was having trouble controlling myself. After so long without any physical contact I had to concentrate so it didn’t end too soon. It was made all the more difficult when I felt Danni’s hot little tongue exploring my bulging knob. Not that I was complaining.

“Wanna taste my pussy?” Danni suddenly asked.

It wasn’t exactly a question and Danni wasn’t waiting for an answer. Standing up she reached out with her right hand and I quickly understood her intention. Taking hold of her hand in mine Danni steadied herself while she stepped up on to the sofa placing one foot either side of me.

Now standing astride me she braced herself with both hands flat against the wall directly behind the sofa. I looked down to her dainty little feet either side of me and placed a hand on each. Slowly I ran my hands up the outside of her silky smooth legs and up under her gown.

I had lost all my inhibitions at this point. Reaching up I undid the tie of her robe and pulled and held it open. The first thing I noticed was her smooth shaved pussy. The darker skin of her lips which protruded out were twisted together, guarding the delights within.

“You have a gorgeous body Danni, you really do,” I said.

I ran my hands up and down the outside of her legs keeping her gown open to study the rest of her body. Of course I knew she had a small chest but now seeing them naked they seemed to look bigger. Perhaps it was the large areolae around the stiff little nipples.

Being much taller than Danni my eyes were almost level with her navel. Leaning forward I kissed her flat stomach before teasing her belly button with my tongue while my hands kneaded her plump little buttocks.

Sliding forward in my seat to lower my head I kissed the top of her inner thigh, first one side then the other. She smelt fresh and soapy. I licked the crease where her leg joined her body. Turning my face to lick the other side I gently blew across her pussy lips and clitoris.

Danni’s whole body seemed to shiver slightly and a soft moan escaped her lips. Looking up I saw she had her eyes closed and I once again enjoyed the sight of her little breasts.

Returning my attention to between her legs I lightly kissed either side of her pussy lips. I heard Danni take a sharp intake of breath when, with the tip of my tongue, I gently licked at her soft moist folds.

“Oh God, Oh Yes, That’s so good,” Danni said in a breathless whisper.

Very slowly I wriggled my tongue between her lips and opened her up. I was quickly rewarded by the taste of her juices that came flooding out. I lapped up the sweet nectar before delving deeper.

“OH Fuck Yes,” Danni said in another breathless tone.

Replacing my tongue with a finger I very slowly pushed it in to her tight hole. It slipped in easily. She was so wet. When I kissed her sensitive clit her body shivered once again.

Wanting to prolong Danni’s enjoyment a little longer I removed my finger and repeated the whole procedure all over again starting by kissing her thighs. By the time I had returned my tongue to her pussy, every small touch was causing her body to tremble.

Inserting bahis şirketleri my finger again and sucking on her clit Danni started to pant. I managed to get a second finger inside her. She was very tight but she was also very wet. I began finger fucking her faster and faster.

“Oh God Yes, Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck MEEEE,” Danni cried out.

Her body went ridged and she held her breath while an orgasm consumed her…

It seemed like an age before she took another breath and when she did her body went limp and I had to quickly remove my fingers from her dripping pussy to catch her as her legs buckled. I managed to sit her down beside me.

“That was incredible, thank you,” Danni said kissing my arm before laying her head against it.

“You don’t have to thank me Danni, most men would be more than happy to do the same thing,” I said.

“Most men perhaps, so why wont Sam?” she said.

“Wish I had the answer to that. Makes no sense to me,” I said.

“Please be honest. Did you really enjoy it? I mean I don’t smell do I? Or do I taste bad or something?” she asked.

“Good God No. Quite the opposite in fact. You taste amazing and smell even better. Honestly Danni you’re a very sexy girl,” I said reassuringly.

“Awww thank you,” she said and kissed my arm again.

After a couple of minutes of silence I felt Danni’s fingers touch my now flaccid penis. It was soon twitching back to life as she stroked it up and down. When it started to rise Danni wrapped her hand around the shaft and gave it a little squeeze.

“You do have a really lovely cock. And look at all this, I’ve never seen so much pre-cum!” Danni said lifting her hand up and studying the gooey mess stringing between her flexing fingers.

“Well rest assured, that’s what the taste of your pussy did for me,” I said.

“Oh Wow,” she said smiling.

She continued playing with my growing erection. Stroking, wanking and running her fingers over the knob. Then suddenly she stopped.

“Yeah, I know what you’d like!” she said as though remembering something.

Watching her stand I again admired her sexy young naked body. Moving to stand in front of me she held out her right hand and she motioned for me to hold it. She then placed her right foot flat against my shaft.

“Mum told me about your foot fetish,” she said with a dirty smile.

The sight and touch of her perfect little foot against me had me rock hard in seconds. Still holding her hand to steady her Danni pushed my shaft against my body and began rubbing her foot up and down its length.

“Does that feel good?” she asked, knowing what the answer would be.

“That’s so good,” I said.

Curling her toes over the knob she pulled my cock away from my body and pushing against its natural inclination laid her foot flat against the other side so her heal was close to my glans.

After a couple of minutes of rubbing her foot and toes all over my twitching shaft Danni could see I was getting very close. Letting go of my hand she knelt down between my legs.

As she had done earlier she rubbed her cheek against me. First one side then the other she had soon covered her cheeks with my pre-cum. Danni must of felt my cock throb. Wrapping her left hand around the shaft she began wanking.

“I want your cum in my mouth, cum for me.” she said and started flicking her tongue over my bulging purple knob.

As the first stream of cum spurted out Danni quickly closed her lips over my knob. Although she struggled to open her small mouth wide enough she was determined to catch every last drop.

I didn’t think it would ever stop. I couldn’t remember ever coming for so long. Danni gagged a couple of times but kept me firmly inside her mouth until she was sure I had finished.

Finally she let my spent cock slide from her lips. Just a small trickle of spunk escaped and dripped down her chin.

“That was one huge load, I didn’t think it was ever going to stop. Very tasty though,” Danni said licking her lips.

“It’s been so long Danni. That was so good,” I said.

She sat back beside me and rested her head back against my arm.

“Why do they call it a blow job? I mean it isn’t is it! If anything it should be a suck job!” Danni said.

“Yeah, I know I used to wonder the exact same thing. I believe it comes from Victorian London and prostitutes offering their services. They used to offer a ‘below’ job and I guess it evolved from there,” I explained.

“Oh yeah, that makes sense. Below, b’low, blow… You’re not just a pretty cock are you,” Danny joked…

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