Stormy Ch. 02

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I am sorry for the long delay for this follow up piece… Please vote and comment, thanks! I hope you enjoy!


We pushed passed Stormy’s dad even as his skin flushed with rage and the door slammed behind us.

“I hope he doesn’t kill her,” Stormy said gripping my hand tighter still.

“He won’t but I am sure he will put the fear of God into her.” I said pulling her along not knowing where we were going.

I saw my car and we shared a glance and smiled together.

“Road Trip!” we said as I drew my keys from my pocket.

The old Plymouth ate up the miles as afternoon drew on into dusk and still we drove on in a singular straight line. The radio masked the raw silence in the car as both of us for the first time in years had nothing to say. A light pattering of rain fell as the full cover of night enveloped us and still the music and still the silence between us. The light rain became an honest to goodness shower and the dull thump-thump of the windshield wipers joined the melody of our despair. A road sign informed us we were approaching a national park and without a glance sideways I knew she wanted to be there. I knew as I had always known all our lives so many things. I felt when she was happy like the day she got on the honor roll at school for the first but not last time. I felt when she was sad and knew to the minute when her cat shadow had died. I remember waking up crying and went to the window even as she was walking over to tell me she had gotten up to pee and found him. Even now as I made the turn to enter the park drawn like an iron filing to a magnet I felt her hunger and the growing rage of the storm… our storm.

“Mike,” her voice cut through me and drew me up and out of that place I had crawled into. “Remember when shadow died?”

I looked at her and I guess my expression must have spoke volumes.

“You were thinking about that night too?” She asked a mask of profound shock on her lovely features. “What’s wrong with us?”

“Wrong… wrong… there is nothing wrong with us Stormy,” I said feeling the heat rising in me. “We are two people in love and tomorrow when we go back I will apply for admittance to Caltech and we can be together.”

The road leads down to the lake front and our final destination. The asphalt turned to gravel and at last to sand as we parked near the shore. The car rocked as the wind picked up and we could see the trees all about us sway in the ever strengthening gusts as the heart of the storm drew ever nearer.

“You can’t go to Caltech Mike,” Stormy said having to raise her voice a bit now.

“Why the hell not,” I said angry now.

“I was saving it as a surprise but I well… I switched colleges months back.” She said smiling brilliantly.

The anger and pain all of it evaporated in the joy I felt knowing we weren’t going to be separated!

“You little minx,” I said leaning into a soul wrenching kiss.

“I’m your little minx,” she moaned into my mouth as she climbed into my lap and straddled me.

I tugged off my shirt as she mirrored my action and we pressed our naked flesh against each other as we renewed our kiss. Even as we tried to remove our shorts it became obvious there wasn’t enough room in the front seat. I looked at her and then outside and she just nodded and smiled. We both knew it was crazy but right then and there our lust was more powerful than logic. Drenched… soaked to the bone… instantly and it didn’t take us long to rid ourselves of the unwanted clothing. It took me less time to pin Stormy against the nearest tree and drive my cock between her legs impaling her savagely. As I thrust up and into her she raked my back and bit my neck drawing blood in both places. She cried out with unbridled passion but the wind and thunder stole her voice. We were left with a simple and primitive form of communication. I fucked her and she took it. Her hands were in my hair now as she pushed my head down to her tits and I bit, licked and suckled her sensitive nipples. Like I said primitive and as the darkness encroached and stole away the light of day our only illumination the blinding flashes of lightning that dazzled the eyes and left spots in its wake.

At some point Stormy shoved at my chest knocking me to the ground and when I looked up she was on her hands and knees wiggling that wonderful ass of hers at me. Growling I crawled behind her, lined up my cock and slammed it into her.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” she screamed and her voice echoed off the water and the bluffs beyond.

I gripped her hips harshly and began thrusting into her as hard as I could. We were grunting in perfect timing with each other and in one voice we howled as we came together. I fell panting on top of her and she rolled me onto my back and unrelenting moved between my legs and started sucking me off. I looked up and saw the rain soaked hair plastered to her back as her head moved up and down. Stormy’s eyes glittered like polished steel in the lightning and that feral hunger was etched deeply canlı bahis on her lovely features. She wrapped both her hands around me and double fisted me as she begged for my cock.

“Give it to me,” she growled. “I need you inside of me again lover. MMMMMMMMM that’s it you’re getting hard again just for me! The storm has moved on follow me.”

She let go of me and rose to her feet and walked to the lake. I rolled onto my knees and followed her until we were standing ankle deep in the frigid water. She bent over and grabbed her knees offering her pussy to me and I accepted. I moved behind her and eased my cock into her warm wet depths again.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN feels so good lover,” she purred. “Fuck me but nice and slow.”

I moved my hips just like she wanted leisurely relishing every inch of her tightness. We made love now and the hunger had turned from a white hot flame to slow burning embers. I did all the work while she savored and enjoyed each forward thrust. I could see Stormy bite her lip and nod as our bodies met over and over again. Her eyes were half lidded and I could hear her panting now that the winds had died down to nothing. I realized that each breath she took so was I and I knew that for each beat of her heart mine was there too. We were in absolute sync one with the other. I felt her hunger rise and the pace increased as she began to thrust backwards now. Her panting got louder and I felt the first stirrings of our climax.

“Yes lover,” she moaned.

Slap… slap… slap… went our bodies as we came together faster and harder now. Stormy was being impaled each and every time now and our moans were echoing off the still water. Harder now I rammed my hips into her and she was pushing back with as much force as she could muster. These too drifted across the water to the bluffs and beyond and as my cock swelled in her she looked over her shoulder and tears of joy ran down her face as she nodded. She was close to coming right along with me. I tightened my grip on her hips and was thrusting as fast and as hard as I could now and we were seconds away… mere moments now… just one more thrust and… there came a brightness behind my eyes as I came and the sensation of floating and then well then nothing.

Someone was shaking me and I opened my eyes and Stormy was standing over me. At first I couldn’t hear what she was saying I mean her lips were moving but for the life of me I couldn’t hear a damn thing. Click!

“Mike, are you alright,” she was shouting at me.

“SHHHHHHHHHHH,” I said wincing from the suddenness of the volume.

“Sorry,” she said moving to sit next to me. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah what happened?” I asked looking around.

We were still at the lake but we were no longer in the water but a good thirty feet back from the shoreline.

“I think we got hit by lightning,” she said giggling.

“You think that’s funny,” I said and damn her but her laugh was infectious.

“Yes… no… oh hell I don’t know.” She said grinning like an idiot.

“Did I lose anything important,” I asked looking down and sighing seeing my dick still attached. “Oh thank god.”

Somehow we managed to survive a bolt out of the blue while we were fucking in the lake.

“I’m guessing it hit the lake and we were lucky enough to be launched instead of killed,” she said begin all analytical.

“Like I said before thank god,” I told her as I tried to sit up but a rush of dizziness prevented me.

“I think you hit your head when you broke my fall,” Stormy said with a kiss on my cheek. “My hero.”

“All in a day’s job ma’am,” I said then I realized the car’s engine was running.

I looked over and saw our clothes lying on the hood and figured she was drying them with the heat from the engine.

“Brilliant,” I told her.

We didn’t wait until they were completely dry but were more dry than soaked. Stormy drove us home and it was full dark and after midnight before we even left the park. I didn’t realize any of this until we reached home at nearly two in the morning. The lights were on in both houses and we debated which one to go into. Stormy parked the car and we needn’t have worried as the sound of the car doors closing was enough to warrant both houses emptied of their solitary occupant. Mom raced up and pulled me into her arms and Stormy suffered the same fate from her father. The four of us went into our home since it was the closest and we fully expected the dreaded ‘talk’. But we were given towels and ordered into dry clothing before anything else happened. We raced upstairs and I stripped down and dried off as Stormy used the tree and did as she was told. Ten minutes later we were all sitting down around the kitchen table I was sporting a faux hawk thanks to mom and Story had a towel wrapped around her still drying hair.

“We want you to know that nothing is going to change,” mom started off.

“Yeah as far as we are concerned things are copasetic and you two should lead your lives as you see fit,” Stormy’s bahis siteleri dad said with a warm grin.

“I don’t get it,” I said. “We thought that either you’d strangle the nurse or forbid us to see each other.”

“Yeah being what we are and all,” Stormy added.

“Guys,” mom continued. “The two of us haven’t been blind to what went on between you two. You are in love and who are we to say no to that? Besides we have some news of our own.”

Was mom crying? Then I looked at my biological dad and he was grinning like the cat that ate the canary. But before I could say it Stormy beat me to it.

“You’re getting married?”

Mom stuck her hand out and the rock on her finger was fucking huge.

“Way to go dad but how could you afford a stone like that?” I asked.

“I’ve been saving up for it for years now. Since both you and Stormy got scholarships I could finally break down and buy it.” He explained.

“How long has this little tryst been going on?” Stormy asked with a smile that made her eyes crinkle up.

“Long enough young lady,” mom said with a smile of her own.

“Did Stormy tell you the good news Mike,” dad asked.

“Yes she did,” I said. “Months ago she changed schools we are both going to Miskatonic now.”

Mom stood up clapping and it wasn’t long before a family hug ensued. Of course three seconds into it I saw the floor jump up at me and then nothing… again.

The next time I woke up it was in the hospital and I was wired up and there was an I.V. in my arm and oxygen up my nose.

“What the hell,” I moaned.

“You are stable now Mike,” it was my mom’s voice. “You two will be just fine.”

“TWO… where the hell is Stormy?” I asked and with some difficulty turned my head and saw that she was in the bed next to me sleeping. “What happened?”

“Neither of you mentioned the little lightning strike,” she said softly which I knew intimately well as her worried voice.

“We kind of got caught up in the good news thing, sorry mom.” I said.

The door opened and a young doctor walked in carrying a tablet computer.

“You both are extremely lucky to be alive, your heart stopped twice on the way over in the ambulance and hers only once thank goodness. Would you care to explain how you both got struck at the same time?” the doctor asked.

“No not really,” I said embarrassed but knew better seeing the look in my mom’s eyes. “Okay after the little altercation at the house we road tripped down to the national park. The storm had blown over so we kind of went skinny dipping.”

“That’s all,” mom asked with a knowing look.

“Errr… maybe we were having sex in the shallows when we were struck.”

The doctor’s eyes widened in shock but mom never missed a beat and slapped my leg.

“That’s my boy, death defying sex at your tender age. Scratch that one off your bucket list.”

I felt the heat in my cheeks as I blushed and the cardiologist just shook his head.

“Anyway, we will need to run some more tests. A neurologist is going to come in both of you are exhibiting some erratic readings. Nothing serious just something that needs to be monitored for a few days.”

“Sure it’s not hormones doc?” mom asked trying to lighten the mood.

“Well if it is I’m not sure we should keep them in the same room.” He replied. “Anyway get some rest and we’ll take great care of both of you.”

A Dream Shared:

I was dreaming. I knew I was dreaming because it was the same dream… again. I have been having it since I was a kid. I was inside of a museum with all the stuffed animals, massive stone dinosaurs and sarcophagi. I am drawn unerringly, like always, into the basement and to the room and in the room the crate. Written on the sides of the crate in thick black block letters was, Antarctica 1930: Dyer Expedition. This time the dream was different there was Stormy but she hadn’t opened the crate yet.



I offered her my hand.

“Come on Stormy we have to go.”

“But Mike… the crate is singing to me I have to see…”

“NO,” I tell her as I close the distance. “I don’t know why but there is something bad inside.”

“Come on Stormy,” said the feline voice from the crate. “This is history this has already happened. Open the crate!”

“No please don’t,” I begged.

“I have to Mike,” she said. “I can’t stop this.”

Already her hands were moving, downward, grabbing, lifting the lid and that light that terrible light erupting from beneath.

“You will be my eyes girl,” the voice whispered.

“Mike,” her voice was so weak just like it always is.

“I am here Stormy I am always with you,” I tell her.

“I am NOT alone,” she screams.

That is how the dream always ends. I open my eyes and see the nurse standing between our beds and she is looking from me to Stormy and back again.

“What is it,” I ask.

“Your monitors,” she gasps. “Both of your monitors they are in perfect sync with each other. bahis şirketleri I have never seen anything like it.”

“Mike,” Stormy moans. “I had that dream again.”

“The crate and the light and the voice…” I tell her. “So did I.”

The nurse rushes out of the room and all pandemonium erupts as the doctor arrives and sees the machines beeping as one and then he calls in the specialists and they stare dumbfounded at the anomaly. They shut them off and restart them but it changes nothing. They even replace the machines and still we share the same heartbeat and the same breath oh hell the same everything.

“Are they alright,” my mom asks as they try to remove her from the room, bad idea. “I asked a fucking question are they alright?”

“They are perfectly healthy please leave the room now,” the specialist says and then the wrath of my mother manifested in full form.

She snatched the doctor by his splendid white coat and pulled him within biting distance and locked eyes with him.

“My son and that girl are leaving this hospital now. If anyone has the balls enough to try and stop us I pity them,” she whispered.

“Mike… Stormy… we are leaving… now,” so it was said and so it happened.

“But we need to study them,” one doctor mistakenly said loud enough for my mother to hear.

While the two of us dressed mom turned on the man who had spoken those words and without another word from her the room emptied. As if magically summoned Stormy’s dad oh hell our dad appeared and looked around at the mayhem outside our room.

“What the hell is going on here,” he asked.

“We are leaving and I will explain everything on the way home,” mom said.

“Okay, fine by me,” he said knowing better than to argue with mom.

The four of us walked out and I helped Stormy she was still a little light headed. We decided on the stairs it was harder on Stormy but safer for all of us.

“I just wish none of this had ever happened,” she whispered to me.

“I know,” I told her.

Five flights of stairs later and we made our way to the SUV and dad drove us home. Even as we left the hospital parking lot three black vehicles drove in passing us. I looked back and noticed the license plate of one it was Government Issue.

“That’s not good,” I mutter.

“What’s wrong Mike,” dad asked.

“Three government vehicles,” I said and we all held a collective breath.

We headed home but not without a lot of looking back and expecting the worst. We anticipated that at any moment the shadowy black vehicles would show up and take us away. But they never did. We got home and we waited but nothing ever happened. Hours turned into days and then into weeks and still nothing ever came of the strange incident at the hospital. The most unusual thing and the very last mention of it was the lack of a hospital bill that never arrived.

Old M.U.:

It was true that Stormy and I had gotten into college on a sports scholarship and we were both nervous whether or not we could hack the academic side of things. But we surprised ourselves at how well we settled into the university life. Though we lived on campus, renting a one bedroom apartment, we decided to pledge to the top sorority and fraternity Old M.U. had. It had been partly our parent’s idea, they said it would be good to belong, and we agreed. I pledged to Delta Epsilon Pi and Stormy to Omega Nu. Much to both our surprises we were accepted and a month of pure hell followed. Well maybe not all that bad there were some humorous moments during our time as pledges. Having to arrive naked for my algebra class was an eye opener for the instructor, Professor Jane Dyer, but I earned bonus points for sitting through the entire class in such a defenseless state. My pledge brother shared the story with the entire fraternity. I had begun to earn a reputation for taking on any challenge that wouldn’t get me expelled. Sadly Stormy had also taken on some herculean tasks of her own. The worse was the no sex for an entire month. To say that put us both on edge would be a huge understatement. However the visit to the mall and lingerie she had purchased for night thirty one was promise of very pleasant things to come. I even found her diary she kept for the Sorority.

Virgin’s Log Day 27:

I awoke in the middle of the night with his body next to mine. I was soaked and hungry for my lover but I remembered my promise. I rolled onto my side and rubbed my aching pussy through my panties. I had to be careful and not to wake him for if I did I know my promise would mean little for I can barely keep my hands to myself. I tug my panties to the side and begin teasing my clitty with one finger oh so slowly imagining it’s his tongue on me. My grunt escapes my lips and look over to make sure he is still asleep. He rolls onto his back and I see the tent his cock is making in the sheet. Oh god help me I start fingering my pussy now to divert my desire to gobble him up with my eager mouth and…

“Ahem,” Stormy said with arms crossed under her tits. “Like what you’re reading lover?”

“UMMMMM… busted huh?” I said and she nodded with a wicked smile. “I think you need a cold shower not sure my sorority sister is going to approve.”

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