Stranded Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age.


Rich was excited when his parents told him that they were all going on a Caribbean Cruise, but was disappointed to find out that the only other people that would be on the cruise were his Uncle Jack, Aunt Jane, and his cousin Jessica Lyn.

He didn’t expect it to be much fun, and wasn’t too happy waking up at six in the morning the day of the trip to get to the ship. Shortly after arriving they boarded the ship and each got situated in their own rooms. Rich unpacked ready for his two week trip to Hell.

He came on deck as the ship set sail and noticed Jessica Lyn lying out in her bikini. He had never realized how nice of a body she had until now; they had never gotten along all that well, so they hadn’t seen in each other in almost two years…

The day went by without much event and Rich was soon left in his room to fall to sleep. It was then that the image of Jess returned to his mind. He couldn’t believe the thoughts he was thinking about her, she was after all his cousin. He tried to keep the thoughts from his mind, but he couldn’t help picturing her small but well sized breasts, and perfectly rounded ass in her bikini.

He knew it was wrong, but he also knew if he didn’t take care of it he would not be getting much sleep. He pulled a sock out his suitcase and wrapped it around his dick with thoughts of Jess filling his mind. He stroked himself slowing picking up speed as his orgasm built, faster and faster…

He was frozen by a knock at his door. He couldn’t think, speak, or move before the door opened and his sister Brook entered the room. She didn’t notice what was going on at first, but soon she realized and she just stared at Rich in shock.

Rich didn’t know what to say as Brook just stood there staring at him. Finally he managed to say, “Close the door.”

Brook closed the door, but never took her eyes off of the sock that covered him, she had never seen a penis before, not even covered by a sock. She knew her brother masturbated, she had heard him occasionally but never had she walked in on him.

“Stop staring at me,” Rich said.

“I can’t,” was Brook’s response, “Can I…can I, see it?”

Rich was now shocked, “No, just get out of my room, and don’t mention this to anyone.”

Brook felt embarrassed for even asking and quickly turned away, opened the door and left the room. Rich was now set, no longer horny, and slightly embarrassed, he quickly dozed off to sleep.

Brook returned to him with thought of what she had just seen running through her mind. It had been a long time since she had felt this type of sensation between her legs. In her eighteen years she had only felt the need to masturbate twice. She didn’t want to use her fingers, so she leaned up against the side of her bed and started to hump and grind against it.

It felt good, she had been long over due for an orgasm, the thought of Rich stroking himself made her hot, and she was rushing towards canlı bahis her climax. She leaned back off of the bed and thrust her fingers into her shorts, madly fingering her clit. She starting moaning, loud enough that she must have been heard, but at this point she didn’t care. Finally she felt her orgasm rush through her and she came hard against her fingers. Savoring every second of the amazing feeling.

Three Days Later…

Nothing exciting had happened, Rich had spent most of his time in his room. He only ventured out for the chance of seeing Jess in her bikini again, but so far he had been out of luck.

Today was the day they would go in three separate small boats and travel off on their own. Jack and Jane wanted to go alone together and Rich’s parents went with Brook, leaving Jess and Rich to venture off together. This was the best news of the trip so far for rich.

When they set off the sky was clear and it was forecasted to be a beautiful day. Jess wore a tank top of her bikini top, and nothing of the bottoms. Rich wore a t-shirt and his swimming trunks. Jess just lay out in the small boat for the start of the trip enjoying the sun, but soon felt her legs start to burn.

“Rich can you put some lotion on my legs?” Jess asked.

“Yeah sure,” Rich replied without hesitation.

“Thanks, can you do my back too?” Jess asked as she removed her tank top.

Rich was in heaven, he got rub lotion of Jess’s perfectly toned legs, and up her back.

Rich poured the lotion on his hands and slowly started to rub it up Jess’s left leg. Moving slowly in a circular motion up her leg, turning it almost into a massage. Jess noticed the extra attention and really enjoyed it. She asked Rich to focus more on her upper thigh as that seemed to burn the most.

Rich moved up her thigh, rubbing the lotion up and down, grazing her ass slightly each time. Soon he moved onto her right leg, and when he reached her thigh, he again would gently graze her ass each time. Her bikini bottom was moving up slightly each time he did this. He couldn’t help but notice as more of her ass became exposed to him. He felt himself start to harden and tried to shift so Jess wouldn’t see the bulge in his pants.

He quickly did her back so he could adjust himself sooner, but as he finished Jess turned back to thank him, and noticed his shorts.

“What’s got you so excited?”

“Huh? What? Nothing.”

“I felt you feeling my ass, did that turn you on Richie? Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.”

“No, it just happens sometimes.”

“Ok, whatever you…”

Jess was cut off as their small boat crashed into some jagged rocks, they had been too distracted by the lotion to pay attention to where they were going. The boat crashed over more rocks and was quickly taking on water.

Fortunately it stopped hitting the rocks as it slid up onto the shore of a small island that appeared deserted. They were no separated from everyone with no boat and no phones.

They knew they bahis siteleri were stranded, arguments went on about who was to blame for it, but they all led no where.

After an hour of arguing and yelling on the beach they moved into the shade of the trees. Jess was far from calming down as she jumped at Rich. For a small girl she packed some force, and she knocked Rich to the ground and fell on top of him. On the way down Rich’s trunks caught on a tree and started to rip.

Rich rolled to his side in an attempt to get Jess off of him without hurting her, but she continued the roll and ended up back on top of him. The full roll took Rich’s trunks right off of him leaving him completely exposed.

“Why didn’t you pay attention, instead of trying to feel my…”

Jess stopped as she felt something poke her ass. She looked down to see Rich’s cock fully exposed and fully erect. It wasn’t exactly huge, but at 8 inches it was the biggest she had ever seen. Rich realized what had happened and tried to cover himself, but Jess stopped him.

Jess pushed her ass down onto Rich, forcing his dick to slide between her ass cheeks. Rich didn’t know what she was doing, but liked it. Jess was fully instinctive, she just sat there relishing the sudden control she had over Rich.

“So Richie, do I turn you on?”

“Yes,” there was nothing else he could say.

“Do you want to have sex with me right here on this deserted island?”

“More than anything.”

Jess slowly started to move her hips up and down causing Rich’s cock to grind into her ass.

“Does that feel good? Do you want more?”

“Yes, yes, please yes.”

With that she abruptly un mounted him. Rich had the look of desperation in his eyes.

“That’s just to bad, take care of it yourself.”

Rich was shocked by her sudden change in tone, but didn’t care she was standing right in front of him and, in his mind, had given him permission to jack off in front of her. His hand went straight to his shaft as he stroked himself with vigor. It took mere seconds for his balls to churn and the first hot blast of come shot from him, hitting Jess in the leg.

He kept going, feeling like he had never come this much before. Jess was no aroused and her nipples stuck through her bikini.

“Here let me help you finish that,” Jess said as she lowered her head to the tip of his cock wanting desperately to taste his hot come. Rich groaned his appreciation as he felt her lips on his dick. She toyed with his dick with her tongue, cleaning him off, and managing to suck the whole thing in her mouth as it started to deflate when his orgasm past.

“God I’m so horny now,” Jess said.

“Take care of it yourself,” was Rich’s reply as he got up and started to walk away.

Jess was surprised by his reaction, and she had no interest in doing it herself. She wanted him to drive himself into her and to feel his cock impale her. The thoughts made her even wetter, and the wetness was easily visible through the thin bahis şirketleri material of her bikini. Rich didn’t look back as he walked off into the distance.

Jess knew she would have to wait, but eventually he would do what she wanted him to. She decided to sit down under the shade of a tree and idly fondle her pussy through her bottoms. Twenty minutes passed and Rich had not returned.

Jess got a new idea, she got up and stripped off her bikini, and headed in the direction Rich had left in. She walked only for five minutes before minding what looked like a small cave. Going against her fear, she decided to enter. She slowly stepped in. Not more than three steps in she felt a hand on her ass.

“You really want it?”

“Yes, more than anything.”

“Then get on your hands and knees.”

Jess just obliged without saying a word. Rich felt the extreme desire to nail her, but still wanted to get her back for earlier, so he said, “I hope you like anal.” Must to his surprise Jess responded, “Just work it in there nice and slow.”

Rich moved the head of his penis to her ass, and slowly started to slide it toward her hole. He tried to enter but struggled to get into her tight asshole. “Let me help with that,” Jess said turning around and sucking lightly on Rich’s cock, making sure to get all of it in her mouth.

After doing that she silently returned to her position as Rich positioned himself to enter her. Slowly he penetrated her. Finally inside he began to gently thrust in and out. He enjoyed the tightness of her ass. This was his first experience with anal and he liked it as much as, if not more, than normal sex because of the tightness.

He felt himself building back towards a second orgasm, and slowed down to enjoy the feeling a little longer. Jess was moaning but she knew it wasn’t as good as it would be if he would penetrate her pussy. She looked back at him, meeting his eyes. Rich knew what she wanted, and this time was ready to give it to her.

He carefully pulled himself out and stood up, motioning for Jess to do the same. When Jess got to her feet Rich picked her up, and she locked her feet around his waist as he finally penetrated her the way she wanted. He moved so her back was up against the wall of the cave. With the cave helping to hold Jess up, Rich was able to drive himself harder and harder into her, slowing down when he felt his orgasm approaching. He kept doing until he felt Jess’s body spasm as her orgasm swept over her. The feeling of her pussy spasming with his cock inside her sent him over the edge, and he shot his load deep inside her.

As their ecstasy slowing subsided, Rich fell to the ground and Jess pulled herself off of him. The sat there amazed at how good it felt, but as their post orgasmic bliss wore off they again realized the direness of their situation. They were still stranded on an island with no food or water.

“So, you wanna see where this thin goes?” asked Rich.

“There isn’t much else we can do,” said Jess.

So with that they headed deeper into the cave, hoping that the light would continue to peak through the small cracks in the ceiling of the cave. They ventured off desperate to find anything that could help them…

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