Stranger In The Night

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Katelynn looked around the kitchen and her mind reeled; who could it be she wondered. The room was over half full of laughing and talking people, but she was able to dismiss nearly half of them; after all she didn’t think the average woman had the right equipment to leave the ache she felt in her belly. No, it was a male; that she was sure of; and it teased her mind as to which one.

The Baxter family reunion was in full swing when she had gotten her ‘visitor’ last night. Her family was staying with her father’s parents in their large farmhouse and everyone was bustling around preparing for the potluck at the park today.

She glanced at her grandfather; who even at sixty was still a strong and dominant man. Those calloused and weathered hands, it could have been, she thought. She remembered startling awake in the darkness of her room as a large calloused hand rested over her mouth. The sudden realization her sheet had been pulled back, and her nightgown neatly tucked under her arms.

She never heard a voice, how could she when a hot mouth wrapped around her turgid nipple, pulling it in. She remembered her own moans as her back had arched, forcing more of her soft breast into that wonderful mouth.

Grandpa Mike was certainly capable of that, she thought. She glanced down from his tanned farmer arms, to the bulge that filled his jeans. He had the right equipment, she thought. But did the old man have the vigor to pound her whimpering body into the mattress for well over thirty minutes straight. Katelynn doubted that; no this man had been the strong; demanding, and forceful type. Grandpa Mike reminded her of the quiet imposing man who was capable but unwilling.

Her eyes went to her Uncle Billy standing by the sink. Her stomach did a small somersault as she saw the package between his thighs; yeah that thing was capable of leaving the burning ache she now felt between her thighs.

Could her Uncle be the shadow that had slid onto her bed, his knees forcing her legs apart in the darkness; his hand holding in the mewl of pleasure as he rammed inch after hard inch into her belly.

Katelynn shuddered remember the thickness as it stretched her tight walls. God he had been so hard, like a steel pipe she remembered. Not that her body had argued; because even as he had violated her, she had felt the gush of fluids coat his cock as her body surrendered.

To say Katelynn liked sex was an understatement; at times she thought she had the hormonal drives of a teenage male, not a young liberated female. You name the positon she loved it; missionary, doggy, standing; straight or anal it didn’t matter; she loved fucking.

When that hard cock has driven into her in the dark, her body had lit on fire. This was someone who knew how to fuck. They had set the perfect pace; the perfect depth; hammering into her helpless body as she creamed again and again.

She tried to focus her mind back on the task, even as she felt the growing wetness in her panties sitting there. All right, so that meant Uncle Billy was a candidate; she thought. How about Cousin Rick; she looked over at the twenty year old standing beside his father.

No, she realized as her eyes traveled down his arms. All she saw was thin limbs and soft hands. This wasn’t the power that had pinned her to her bed in the dark; wrapping fingers around her throat to choke off the screams of raw pleasure as he hammered into her.

His post pubescent laughter hit the wrong pitch as she listened to Rick. No, that didn’t match the animal grunts she had heard every time he had shoved his fat dick deep into her gut. His guttural growls as she fucked her like some bitch in heat until he filled her aching belly with scalding hot seed.

No, Ricky was on the list; but his father far outstripped him Katelynn realized. That left only two others. Her eyes drifted across the room to Paul her brother. His arms, already strong from his high school wrestling years; they had only gained in power and strength through the summer of landscaping her did before he headed back to college.

She stared at Paul as juices soaked into the thin cloth of her panties. She remembered watching him masturbate a little over a year ago. God, she remembered those eight inches of thick hard dick as she watched him pound his fist. Yep, he definitely had the equipment she thought.

The fact she had caught Paul twice spying on her in the shower only added fuel to her imagination. It had been one of the best fucking’s she had ever received; lying there helpless on her bed while this towering shadow had ravaged every part of her body; his bare cock stretching her hole even as she silently begged for more. The fact it wasn’t the right time of the month didn’t take away from the fact that whoever it had been; the fact they could have impregnated her; had not been a concern.

So Paul shot to the top of her list as she watched him pull a bowl from the cupboard bahis firmaları and pour his cereal. What if really was him, she thought; could she do it again, knowing it was her brother; knowing it was truly incest? She remembered the mind bending orgasm that had shredded through her as she felt those thick wads of seed dumping into her.

Yeah, I would fuck him in a heartbeat; she thought with a half-smile. The fact it was her brother meant little to her as her body still tingled from the over half an hour of constant pounding. Yeah, Paul had the stamina; there was no question.

Then Katelynn’s world turned inside out; as her parents walked into the kitchen. Her mother was hugging Grandma, as she watched HIM stride purposefully across the kitchen. At six foot two her father towered over most of the people in the room; strong tanned arms from construction work reached for a bowl. Her eyes went to that tight firm ass encased in blue jeans.

Could it be the same ass that she had willing wrapped her legs around as he hammered into her? Those calloused hands that held the cereal box could one of them be the one that had muffled her screams as her pussy was taken, stroke after stroke.

Her mind reeled at the thought; it couldn’t be her father. She was his princess; he would never do anything to hurt her. Yet, the fucking she had received last night hadn’t hurt; God it had only driven her lust to have it again. Could it have been…her mind balked at the thought of her father, taking her the way she had been taken last night?

To force himself, on his daughter, until she was a sweat and cum covered puddle lying gasping her bed; and then to simply vanish in the dark; the whole thing drove her mad with confusion.

The sick part was Katelynn knew her father had the right equipment for the job. A little less than a year ago she had watched through the cracked bedroom door one night; as her father had pounded her mother to the bed. What had to be at least nine inches of steel hard cock swam in her memory of that night. What also rose in her mind, was how pissed her mother had been at her dad; over how aggressive he had been. It was evident she hadn’t liked it; but God did Katelynn enjoying being owned last night.

It had been the perfect session to her. Raw, powerful sex; for the sake of sex alone had been divine. Sweating grunting bodies slapping together as she had driven her hips up to meet that powerful dick; the smell of sweat and sex that had filled her room even after they had finished.

All she knew was she wanted it again; and if that meant her father; Katelynn shrugged. She glanced over at her mother; if you don’t want it I’ll take it, she thought.

All right, Katelynn thought; rising from the table. That left three candidates. Her Uncle Billy; her brother Paul; and like it or not, her dad. All through the car ride to the family reunion, her mind flooded with ways to divine which of the three it had been.

Katelynn realized it was out of her control for it to happen again; all she could do was wait and hope. If it did happen again; she intended to leave some kind of mark she could identify later. A bite or a scratch; in a location only she knew of.

Throughout the day half of Katelynn’s mind was on the reunion, and half was on plotting her next move. Later that evening, as the get together began to wind down; and the women started to clear the mountain of food still left; she wandered across the park to the low cement building that housed the bathroom.

Katelynn pulled her light summer dress to her waist, and tugged her panties to her knees. As she eased onto the stool, she thought how ironic it was there wasn’t a door on the ancient stalls. She had just finished wiping; when everything went dark.

It had always been her thought it would happen in her room, in the night; and she had let her guard down. Now, isolated in what amounted to a small concrete bunker; her world plunged into near total darkness.

He wouldn’t; not here, not with all these people around. She heard the heavy footsteps as they crossed the room. She sat frozen, trembling as the shadow filled the open door.

Suddenly powerful arms reached under her armpits, and in one fluid motion she was lifted to her feet and spun around. The cool metal wall of the stall pressed against her body as he pinned her; everything was happening so fast her dress was still bunched at her waist, and her panties dangled around her knees.

She desperately tried to pierce the darkness, but the dim light from the vent across the room just wasn’t enough. She heard a button open and a zipper lower; and then the rustle of clothing behind her.

“Oh God” Katelynn moaned as she felt it for the second time in her life.

That swollen cock head pressed between her thighs from behind, sliding though the grove between her slender legs, until it lodged against her now moist lips.

Her hands slapped against the metal wall as she braced herself; the thought of screaming came kaçak iddaa to mind; but vanished when that engorged head slid into her with an obscene pop.

“Yesssssss” Katelynn moaned as the head stretched her entry. Fuck, he was bigger than she remembered last night.

“Slut” a voice rumbled in the dark behind her.

He had spoken, even if a single word. But her mind was too hazed to place the voice; every part of her being focused on that fat cock. Her nails scratched against the cold metal as she waited for that plunge.

“Fuck your slut” she hissed back.

He did just that, as Katelynn felt his hips shift; and inch after inch of hard dick filled her.

“Ahhhh shimmpppfffffffffffff” she started to scream, until a calloused hand slapped over her mouth.

“Quiet bitch” hissed in her ear again.

Once again she tried to place the voice; but that thought vanished when he pulled his hips back, and slammed his entire length into her. His slut; his bitch; Katelynn couldn’t agree more as hot juices erupted from between her thighs to splatter to the concrete floor. Pinned to the cool metal, all she could do was stand there and take every inch.

The sheer perversion of what was happening; that some family member would be fucking her in a public bathroom, while other family members chatted on the other side of the walls. The obscenity shocked her that here; in the darkness; she was once again being taken in pure incest by her family; set off a bomb in her gut.

“Nnnnggggggg” Katelynn moaned against the palm, as her body shook violently.

But, he didn’t stop; his hips slapping her shaking ass cheeks as he continued to hammer into her. The hand slid from her face and gripped her shoulder, pulling her body back into him with every thrust; shoving that magnificent dick deeper and deeper.

Katelynn knew how this was going to end, the same way it had last night. Her cheek pressed against the cool metal, she whispered into the darkness.

“Cum in me…oh God please” she mewled.

As if in answer to her begging, the shadow rammed hard into her, her breasts now mashing against the metal wall of the stall. His cock sank deep, and then held; she felt him swell thicker and thicker. God, I’ve never been so full, she dimly thought.

She felt him straighten his legs, her body sliding up the wall; hanging there, suspended on his massive cock. He’s taller than me, she thought. Just as her gut knotted again, she reached up and dug the nails of her hand into his powerful forearm. As she dragged her nails downward, leaving a red streak; a hot blast suddenly filled her belly.

“Fuck” she heard that animal grunt behind her.

Katelynn’s eyes rolled back as the most powerful orgasm of her life tore through her. Never had she felt so powerless, so owned; the idea of this much raw forbidden pleasure was too much.

“Cummminnggg” she gurgled, even as she felt a second thick wad fill her unprotected pussy.

By the time he had finished unloading into her, Katelynn was a limp rag doll gasping for breath. She felt her body slowly eased down until she knelt beside the toilet in the darkness. She could feel a glob of warm semen ooze from between her still gaping lips as she listened to a zipper being pulled up and clothes straightened.

She thought of trying to see him again, but was too weak to even rise to her feet. As she listened to his purposeful steps heading for the door, she just hoped the mark she had left would be visible. After she was alone, she finally pulled herself up, pulling her panties into place over her still dripping sex.

Back at the gathering she helped her mother begin to load everything back into their SUV. As her brother tossed one of the coolers into the back, Katelynn glanced at his bare bulging arms. The deep sun tan along his forearms was unblemished.

So, Katelynn thought; it isn’t Paul. She almost felt regret as she watched his powerful body walk away. She could just imagine herself pinned under him as she stared into his eyes; while he drove his fat cock into her. She sighed and turned back to loading the car.

As the family prepared to head back to her Grandparent’s house, she slid into the back seat as her parents climbed into the front.

“Everyone hooked in” her mother asked the same old question.

“Yeah” Katelynn replied automatically.

She glanced up and froze as her father reached back to grab his seat belt. There, running down his powerful forearm, was a red line. At the same time her stomach did a flip, her panties were filled with a sudden gush of hot fluids.

Dad, oh God it WAS her father. It had to be, that was the mark she had scratched as he fucked the shit out of her in the bathroom. During the drive home, Katelynn’s image of her father evolved. From the loving and doting man she had known; into a dark shadow with a huge cock hanging to his knees leering over her.

After they had reached the house, Katelynn tried to find a way to isolate her father, kaçak bahis to confront this man who had in a way taken away her innocent view of him, and yet shown him the kind of lover her mother would never understand. Yet, it was her mother who continuously thwarted every moment she almost had him alone. It was as if she knew what her daughter was trying to do.

Later that evening, in total frustration, Katelynn retreated to the bathroom for a long soaking bath. Her mother had successfully kept her from being alone with her father; even to the point the two of them had gone into town for drinks.

On one hand she was pissed because she wanted another round tonight; but she also knew once they reached home tomorrow she would get more than ample chances to pull that fat cock out and show her father how much she appreciated him.

Katelynn was deep in thought about how to confront her father when she walked from the bathroom down to the guest room she was sleeping in. Stepping through the dark doorway, she had totally opened herself; completely dropping her guard since she thought she had all the answers.

That all vanished in a heartbeat, when a powerful arm wrapped around her from behind and a calloused hand clapped over her mouth. She felt the towel she had wrapped around her slender form jerked away and tossed to the floor.

Standing there in the dark, totally nude; her mind went blank. How…who? Her father was in town and he was the one; this isn’t happening.

“Oh fuck” Katelynn grunted against that hand, when a second hand slid down her belly and two fat fingers suddenly plunged into her hole.

Within seconds her body responded to the sudden violation. Juices dripped down her thighs, and her nipples turned diamond hard. The hand at her mouth slid lower until the arm wrapped around her slim waist.

“Who…” Katelynn gasped as she felt herself lifted from her feet. “Oh God” she moaned as she felt the fingers slide deeper.

Holding her around the waist, and impaled on his fingers; the strong shadow brought her the remaining feet to her bed. Like a feather, she was released, turned; and deposited to find herself sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Who Mmmppffff” she started to ask, her words cut off not by a hand this time; but by the engorged head of a cock as it slid between her lips.

Two powerful hands wrapped in her hair, and tugged her head forward. Her throat filled with musky thick cock as she started to gag the deeper he went. She wasn’t sucking him, he was fucking her mouth; using her as she sat there helpless.

The taste and smell overwhelmed her brain as she reached up and gripped his hips. Her moment of confusion gave way to rising lust; she had always loved sucking cock; here was her chance.

“Gluukkk” she gave a squeak as the man shoved his fat cock deeper into her throat.

Katelynn didn’t know how long the shadow ravaged her throat and mouth; time didn’t seem to matter in the darkness. It was long enough that by the time he pulled her head away her jaw ached, and spit ran down her chin.

Gasping to catch her breath he shoved against her shoulders, causing her body to sprawl out onto her back on the bed. Her legs dangled over the edge as she heard a soft thump. She wondered what he was doing and then she felt two calloused hands grip her knees, and jerk her legs apart.

“Yessss” Katelynn couldn’t help but moan.

She had wanted to be fucked again, needed to be fucked again; but then her parents had gone and she had thought her chances disappeared with her father. Now, somehow, he was back; and she WANTED it.

“Fuck me” Katelynn growled into the darkness.

She felt the engorged head of his cock press against her soaked and swollen lips. She reached down and gripped fistfuls of the bedsheets, trying to brace herself. It did little good as his steel cock slammed deep into her in one stroke.

Thank God he had already dumped one load today, she thought dimly; it seemed to have reduced his size just a bit, making his assault a little easier to handle.

“Oh shit…oh fuck…” Katelynn grunted as he began to hammer into her.

She felt one calloused hand rest on her flexing belly, feeling his hard cock deep inside as he pressed down lightly. Then, his thumb curled downward; and hit her clit.

“Oh Goddddddd” Katelynn moaned as her body lit on fire.

“Fuck me…don’t stop…going to cum…going to cum…” Katelynn babbled into the darkness.

As the freight train of her orgasm barreled down on her, the unthinkable happened. Suddenly the lights to the room flipped on. It took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the sudden glare; all the while the roaring in her ears grew and bolts of raw pleasure shot between her clit and nipples then back to her womb.

Raising her head slightly from the bed, Katelynn stared into the face of her grandfather, kneeling between her lewdly spread thighs. Wet sucking noises filled the room when he didn’t even hesitate; continuing to pound her stretched pussy.

Her eyes grew wide when just over his shoulder, standing in the doorway to her room; was her parents.

“FFFUUUCCCKKKKKKKK” Katelynn screamed as her orgasm slammed home.

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