Stranger Sex Ch. 01

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I was driving along the road, when I saw a guy hitch-hiking. I figured why not pull over, he doesn’t look dangerous, and I had my cell phone in case he tried anything. When my car stopped, he opened my door.

“Where you headed?” he asked. He had long golden brown hair, bright emerald eyes, and not overly sharp facial features. He had his lip pierced, wearing a hoop in it, and he was about 6’4” tall, judging his height on how far he had to bend over to look in my car.

“A long way yet. Where are you headed?”

“Utah, ultimately, but as far as you can take me is fine.”

“I’m headed to Nevada. So why aren’t you taking a plane?”

“I’m afraid of heights, and planes crash. What about you?”

“The same. Get in, you’re letting all the hot air in!”

“Oooh, AC! I haven’t felt that in a few hours. I’m Deavone.” Deavone got in and sat down, and I turned the AC up for him, and my nipples got hard from the cold air hitting them.”

“I’m Jennifer, everyone calls me Jen.”

“Do you mind if I sleep for a while, Jen? I’m really tired.”

“Not at all, you look exhausted.” I sat and listened to the radio as Deavone napped in the passenger’s seat. I noticed his hand crept up his leg towards his crotch as he slept, and once it got there, he lightly squeezed his cock, causing it to harden. Seeing him squeezing his cock got my pussy wet.

I was getting hungry and figured Deavone was at least thirsty so I woke him up to get something to drink. “Hey, Deavone, wake up, I figured you need something to eat or drink so ataşehir escort bayan I stopped to get us some food.” Deavone blushed and turned his head away, mumbling something. “What’d you say?”

“I don’t have any money.” And Deavone turned even redder.

“That’s ok, I’ll buy you some stuff, but only from the 99 cent menu, I don’t mind being nice, but I won’t have someone takin money from me.”

“No, I can’t…”

“Yes, you can, and you will.”

“Fine!” We ordered our food, and sat in the car eating it as we started talking about our lives. Deavone had left his fiancee earlier that day after he found her in bed with another man when he came home from his business trip that day. He had went back to his office and got a transfer to Utah for later in that week, and because his now ex-fiancee was such a cunt, he had to leave that day, but had the locks on the apartment changed so she couldn’t get back in after he kicked her out, and got the police to watch the apartment to make sure she wouldn’t get in and steal his stuff.

“I hate people that cheat on other people, it’s just so wrong.” I said. “Do you need to use the restroom before we leave?”

“No, I’ll be fine for a while.”

“Good, cuz I can hold it for a loong time.” with that Deavone smiled and we took off.

We drove a few miles when Deavone said, “I guess I should have gone to the bathroom back there, can you stop on a deserted road so I can pee?”

“I asked!”

“I know, but I didn’t realize I drank so much!” since I knew the escort kadıköy way to my Aunt’s house using backroads, I quickly pulled on to a dirt road and stopped so Deavone could pee. I couldn’t help watching in hopes of seeing his penis, and sure enough I did. Deavone only went 10 feet away, turned so I saw a 7/8 profile, whipped out his dick and peed. As he let loose, he stroked his cock as if he were masturbating. He stopped peeing, but kept stroking his cock, and I watched him masturbate, enthralled. A few minutes later, Deavone shot his load and tucked himself back in, and I just about came right then and there.

When Deavone got back, I said, “There’s a camp ground nearby, they let cars park for the night to rest. Wanna go there for the night?”

“I’m game for anything at all right now.” I laughed and headed towards the campground. I went outside and peed before getting back in the car (we had decided it would be best to sleep in the car since it was a station wagon and I had nothing but sleeping implements anyway and there would be mosquitos biting us all night since I “forgot” to bring bug spray {truth was, I had it but wanted to have a reason to sleep next to Deavone}).

Deavone had went to get water to drink since he’d wake up in the middle of the night thirsty and I stripped down to nothing after laying one sleeping bag in the back of the car, and spread the other one out and putting the pillows where they should be. I opened the windows and put a screen thing my Dad had made when we camped like this in bostancı escort the window for fresh air. I was covered from head to toe and when Deavone came back with the water a few minutes later, it was too dark to tell anyway.

Deavone climbed in with me, and brushed his hand “accidentally” against my right tit where he squeezed slightly. Having gotten no negative reaction, Deavone “accidentally” moved his hand against my pussy, letting it linger long enough to slip his finger between my pussy lips. Deavone then pulled his knee up, I think to move into a different position, and I grabbed a hold of it and started rubbing my hot pussy on it, and I started to fuck his knee. That got him harder and he let me fuck his knee as he played with my nipples.

“Oh damn Jen, I can’t take it anymore. I need your pussy around my cock!” Deavone said after I had rubbed my pussy on his knee for a little while. I scooched toward him on my back, and Deavone got in place above me. His cock was rock hard and felt fantastic going in me. It stretched me in all the right places, and long enough to reach almost all the way to my cervix. Deavone moved slowly inside me at first, then faster and faster the longer we fucked. Deavone twisted and wiggled his hips as he moved in and out. It felt so good! Especially when he’d move his hips down, he’d hit my g-spot. “I’m going to cum!” I moaned into Deavone’s ear, and he pushed his hips down so that his cock constantly touched my g-spot. My orgasm exploded suddenly through my body. I was in heaven, I had never had an orgasm like that. Deavone emptied himself inside me, exhausted from the hot sun beating down on him. I kissed him when he laid on top of me. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Just next time, don’t leave me in the sun so long. I swear I got heat stroke.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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