Strangers in the Night

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This is a story straight from my imagination. Any correlation between the players in this story and actual people is purely coincidence. This story may not be duplicated or re-posted on another website or in any medium without the written consent of the author

Enjoy 🙂

Picture this; you’re walking through the woods one night. The full moon high and very bright, not a single cloud on this warm August night.

A gentle breeze softly caresses your skin.

Your walking along an overgrown path, you can tell it has not been used in some time, perhaps years even.

You come across a small lake, the moonlight dancing upon the water like the diamonds dancing in the night sky. Millions of stars show high above the trees that cast dark, yet welcoming shadows along where you walk.

Around the bend in the path ahead of you, you hear a splash in the water and see the wake created on the crest of the lake.

You suddenly know now that you are not alone.

A single swimmer comes into view. Unaware that you are there, he swims across the water with the skill and grace of a swan.

You duck behind a tree to watch this man enjoy what he thinks to be a private swim.

His long smooth strokes carry him from one end of the lake and back again. As he turns again, he stops mid stroke out and stands in the water. You can only see him from the waist up. Strong muscles ripple down his back as he stretches. You can see the strength in his arms as he flexes his biceps. His wet hair hangs in long waves just past his

shoulders. The color of his hair is light and reflects the light of the moon.

He turns, feeling he is being watched; you duck down hoping not to be seen. You watch him a moment longer and when he dips down under the water, you walk along the path to the other side of the lake, hoping to watch this Adonis from a better vantage point and not be seen.

As you reach a point on the path giving you a better view, you can see this man has set up a campsite only a few hundred yards from your cabin in this haven of nature.

The man you have been watching seems to have disappeared. The water is still and you don’t see any sight of him in his camp. Just as you are about to turn to leave, is when he suddenly bursts through the water at the edge of the lake, like a demon from the anadolu yakası escort depths of hell. He stands, unaware that he is being watched, and walks from the water. His naked body glistens from the water. You think to yourself that this must be some kind of sweet, almost erotic dream. No mortal man is made

like this.

He is tall you can see that clearly now. His long powerful strides carry him to a tree near the edge of the water, where he retrieves his towel. Just before he wraps himself in it, he turns and looks straight at you.

Though he is unsure of the feelings, he presumes it is only the animals watching him.

Your feeling somewhat bold, and risk a closer look at this god.

You slowly and very quietly walk till you’re within only a few feet of his camp, hidden behind the trees. There is no sign of him anywhere around.

He must have gone for a walk before retiring for the night.

You want to know more of this god that has entered your night. You step carefully into his campsite, careful not to disturb anything lest he know of your presence in his camp.

You hear a sound directly behind. You turn so fast you loose your footing and nearly fall into the fire behind you. Grabbed just in time you look directly into the bluest eyes you have ever seen. A deep, piercing blue. They seem to look straight through you. Straight into your soul. “Can I help you?” he says. His voice soft and low. His lips just

inches from your own. You can’t resist, just one kiss, and then you will apologize and leave.

You close your eyes and lean in, his lips are so soft and the kiss lingers longer than you had planned it to.

Still captured in his embrace you look up and he graces you with a heart-melting smile “feel better?” he asks you.

To embarrassed over your forwardness you try to break free of him and run from camp. He holds you fast and says, “You’re not getting away that easily sweetie. You come into my camp, kiss me then expect to get away, with out so much as a ‘hello’ I think not” The smile never leaving his


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you. Just I saw you swimming, and well…Your very handsome”

“Thank you my dear, would you care to stay a while and have some atalar escort coffee with me? It’s fresh, just made it before my swim.”

“Thanks, I’d like that,” you say and he releases you only after gaining your promise not to bolt as soon as he lets you go. You smile and he offers you a folding chair from his tent.

He is fully dressed this time. Wearing a white chambray shirt, open at the neck, jeans and kneel high leather moccasin boots.

Introductions are made, “My name is Erik, what’s yours?” “Arianna” You tell him.

“That’s a very lovely name, a name as lovely as you are” you smile and blush.

Four cups of coffee, and lots of conversation later, you look at your watch and realize the hour has grown very late. You start to rise to leave and he asks you to stay just a while longer, that he is enjoying the sound of your sweet voice. He says it is like music to his ears and when you laugh it is as if angels are singing for him.

“How about a walk instead? My legs grow stiff from sitting here so very long.” you ask rather shyly.

“Fine” he says, and graces you with that incredible smile of his.

You walk and talk for a while and when you return to his camp, you sit yourself down on the ground near the fire, the night air gone slightly cool, and needing to take some of the chill off.

He sits down next to you and softly puts his arm around your shoulders. You snuggle in close and think to yourself, “this is what heaven must be like”.

You turn to look up at Erik and he places his hand at your cheek and kisses you. A deep, breath-takingly passionate kiss.

He gingerly lays you back on the blanket you’re seated on, never breaking the kiss. Your fingers seem to have a mind of their own, winding themselves in his silky soft blond curls. His tongue lightly touches your bottom lip, tracing it, tasting its softness. You open you lips and let your own tongue meet his in an erotic dance.

Stroking his passions while fuelling your own, he grows bold. Letting his hand caress a blazing trail across your shoulders, down your sides.

Through you blouse he cups your breast, his thumb drawing small circles around the nipple. Coaxing it to a hard little bud under his expert touch. You arch you back and moan softly ataşehir escort into his mouth.

Your own desires fanning the flames inside you and you let your hands undo the buttons on his shirt and help him strip it off. Your fingers splay themselves across the smoothness of his chest. Only a small patch of crisp, blonde hair in the center. In turn he removes your blouse. Gently massaging you breasts, lifting them as if testing them for size and weight. He bends his head in and kisses each sweet mound in his hands.

He reaches behind you with one hand and undoes your bra. Removes it then returns to kissing and sucking on your swollen points.

You can feel his arousal as he grinds himself into your thigh. His lips burning a trail across your chest, up to your neck and over to your earlobe. The sensations he brings forth in you drive you to the brink of distraction. All you can think of this man and what he is doing to your body, and not wanting him to stop.

Your hands move to his belt, he sucks in a breath as you release the buckle and undo the button. You unzip his jeans, and slide them over his lean hips. He proceeds to do the same to you.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” he says and you blush deeply as he lowers his head and places a kiss at the juncture of your thighs. Letting his tongue part the folds of the sweet petals there. Pushing your legs apart, he finds the bud of your desire and sucks on it, nibbling just a bit.

Your fingers digging into his shoulders. He kisses a hot wet trail back up to your mouth.

His shaft lays heavy on your thigh. You grind against him. Driving him wild with desire. All you can do is moan his name softly as he enters you, filling you with his manhood. Slowly at first, you both begin to rock your hips in gentle unison. That ancient rhythm of lovers, instinctively growing faster. Bring each other to the brink of ecstasy.

A million burst of light explode in your head and you scream his name as you reach that glorious height, and spiral into the sublime climax.

Moments after he takes his own release. Driving himself deep into you fast and hard before he releases he seed deep with in you.

Spent and weakened he collapses on top of you. Keeping most of his weight propped on his elbows. Panting and out of breath, he rolls to your side and holds you in his warm embrace.

You drift off to sleep. Your nights dreams filled with this god among men, loving you in a way only he can, and your last thought before sleep captures you, “We’ve only just met, I don’t know his name and….what will tomorrow be like?” You smile and drift to sweet slumber.

*Hugs & kisses, Licks & Tickles* 🙂


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