Strangers on a Plane Ch. 02

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Laying in my bed in my loft near Place Pigalle, I listened to the sharps and flats of the car horns echoing from the street below. I stared at the ceiling unable to sleep, my nerves frazzled and my body wired from the events of past eight hours. I had taken the red eye from New York to Paris. It was past midnight but I was still wound like a clock. Partly it was the jet lag, and partly it was what happened on the flight.

On the plane, I had found myself sitting, quite by chance, next to one of the most attractive and charming men I have ever met. Derek, a photographer and writer, had managed to not only get into my head, he got under my skin. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. And fantasizing about him.

It wasn’t just his physical beauty, and he was tres beau. He had a way of talking to me, of being with me, that made me open up to him. I told him things I had never told anyone. Private things. About my past. Things I’ve done that I never speak of. And that I’ll never forget.

There was something about his big, brown eyes, the way they looked at me, so deeply, without judgment. He was inquisitive, but not prying. Caring but not cloying. Strong and sensitive at the same time. We lay side by side, face to face, as if we were sharing my bed. Just talking, telling our stories. Our secrets.

I found myself telling him all about growing up in Paris with my family. How my mother and brother and I would spend our summers at our beach house. I don’t know why, but I found myself telling him about how we’d go naked all the time. It was de rigueur, customary, to be without clothes in that place. My mother was a great beauty, she was a fashion model after all, and so she was not shy in the slightest. She liked being admired. My brother was, is, tres beau and to see him, his body, in that beautiful place had a great impact on me. I can say it changed my life.

I was a girl, a young woman really, whose body had just, how do you say it, blossomed. My shape had become womanly. My breasts were full and ripe, sitting high with little pink nipples that pointed upward. My mother had told me that men would love my body and that my ass was “parfait”. She taught me how to walk so my ass would move sensuously, to show it off. I would take long walks on the beach, une plage naturiste, a nudist beach I think you call it, and the men would all stare at me. I would arch my back, with my breasts in the air and moving my ass just so. I would watch them, one by one, get hard for me.

But it was my brother that I wanted to notice me. He was so handsome, with beautiful brown eyes and dark curly hair. He had the hottest body too, with broad shoulders and a perfect ass. But it was his cock that I was obsessed with. I used to stare at it from behind my sunglasses so he wouldn’t catch me. He would lay in the sand and I would imagine being with him. Touching him. Loving him.

I don’t know why I told Derek all of this. I’ve never breathed a word of it to anyone. Perhaps because Derek looked a lot like my brother, with his swept back curly hair and his bedroom eyes. Maybe it was because I could see the effect my story had on him. How his breath became more rapid his cock growing hard in his pants. Maybe that’s why I kept telling him my secret.

Now, as I lay in my bed, unable to sleep, I found myself thinking back on those days as a girl. With my brother. I thought about how the two of us would spy on our mother, peeking through her bedroom window, watching her put on a strip tease for some man. I remember one such man, a young man my brother’s age. He was laying naked on the bed, watching her. She was dancing for him, seducing him. I remember staring at his cock, growing long and hard. Just like the men watching me on the beach. It was so exciting to watch. My pussy was dripping.

Reliving these moments in my mind, while I touched myself, was spellbinding. I felt like I was in a dream, a swirling, erotic fever dream. I was in a perpetual state of arousal.

I looked over at my phone. It was 2am. I thought about calling Derek. But at this hour that was folly. I decided to text him.

“r u awake” is all I could muster. I went back to touching myself.

A few moments later, the phone dinged. It was a reply from Derek.

“Yeah. Can’t sleep. You?”

“Je suis enervé,” I texted. “Totally wired”

“Me too,” he answered.

There was a delay. I bit my lip. Waiting.

“Call me?” he texted.

“Oui,” I texted, and then tapped his number.

A moment later, I heard his voice, his dark brown voice, on the phone.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Wound up,” I answered.

“Me too,” he murmured. “I think it was our…conversation on the plane. I keep thinking about it.”,

I gave a quick intake of breath.

“Oui, d’accord.”

“That was an incredible story you told me,” he went on. “About you and your brother.”

“I’ve been thinking about it too,” I said. “I’ve never told anyone…”

“I know,” he replied. “I’m canlı bahis grateful you trusted me enough to tell me.”

There was silence.

“Do you want to talk it?” he went on. “Would that help?”

“Je pense que oui,” I heard myself replying. “Perhaps it would.”

“Why don’t you start at the beginning?” he suggested.

And so I told him about living in Paris with my mother and brother, how it was often a clothing optional house. My mother was such an exhibitionist, she would often surprise my brother and I by flouncing into the room au naturel. After a while, it became normal for us too. I remember times when the three of us would be naked, lounging in the living room. I would sit on the couch reading a book, while my brother played video games next to me. I would pretend to be engrossed in my book but in fact I was stealing glances at his body. At his cock. His beautiful cock. If he only knew how my heart was thumping in my chest!

“Was this before the time at the beach?” Derek asked. “When he was watching you in the dunes?”

“Oh yes,” I replied. “I didn’t have the nerve to act on my feelings. It was taboo.”

“So he initiated it?” Derek asked.

“There was just so much sex in the air,” I replied. “My mother and her friends. The parties. I was filled with such feelings. Like tonight.”

“You were ‘hot and bothered’, Derek said with a chuckle.

“Quite,” I replied. “As was he. It was a lot of stimulus for a young person.”

I told him about my mother’s friends. Her crowd was very bohemian, full of models and actors and artists. During parties, she would hold court and after enough vin rouge, the music and dancing would start.

I told him how my mother would zero in on one man, usually a much younger man, and how she would undulate her body in front of him. She would dance closer and closer until she was brushing her breasts against him, slipping her hand behind him to feel his ass, straddling his leg and rubbing herself against his thigh. It was like watching a spider and her prey.

I told him how my brother Pierre would sneak into my bedroom. He’d quietly lead me out onto the balcony and over to our mother’s bedroom window. We’d peek through the curtain and watch our mother seduce and have her way with her nightly conquest. It was quite an education, let me tell you.

“What did you see? Exactly?” Derek asked huskily.

One time, my brother and I saw our mother stripping for this guy. He was an athlete. A basketball player in the Euro league. He was the tallest man I’d ever seen. He was laying on the bed watching her. Totally naked. She was dancing, peeling off her clothing, moving her body so seductively. His cock was growing before my eyes. It got bigger and bigger. Huge. Just watching her.”

Derek was rapt. “Go on.”

“She got on the bed and moved over him. She began to lick his big cock and take it into her mouth. I was young and had only heard of things I was seeing now. Deep throat, ass play, soixante neuf. I was spellbound. My brother was as well. We watched our mother mount him and fuck him, her body writhing in pleasure. We watched our mother moaning and grinding her pussy against his hard cock. And we watched our sweet, darling mother, with her hands pressed against the headboard, have a screaming orgasm while he pounded her, again and again, from behind.”

I don’t know why I told Derek all this. It was the first time I had seen a sexual act in my life. And it was my mother. And I was with my brother. It made me so hot. I felt like I might have an orgasm just watching them. And my brother, I could see that under his night clothes, he too was as hard as a rock.

As I told Derek the story on the phone, I began to feel the same feelings again. That tingling, that hunger. The wetness, the heat. The supreme desire to fuck. And be fucked.

And I could tell by Derek’s breathing that he felt it too. I wondered if his cock was hard.

“That is so hot,” he said, finally. “What happened next?”

“We stole back to my room, speechless. My heart was pounding in my chest. My brother lit a candle in the room.

“We should go to bed, no?” I said, not knowing quite what to say or do.

“Yes, I think we must,” he replied.

He thought I meant ‘go to bed together’ which I didn’t, or perhaps I did. I wasn’t thinking straight. He went to the bed and pulled back the sheet, inviting me to lay in the bed. So I did.

I watched him peel off his pajama top. His chest and shoulders looked so beautiful in the candlelight. Then, he lowered his pants. I saw his cock spring up. He was hard. Long and so beautifully hard.

He slipped into the sheets, next to me. I could hardly breathe. I felt his breath on my shoulder. Then his hand on my hip. He slowly pulled my nightgown up and over my head. I thought my heart would explode in my chest.

Then, I felt his warm, strong hand on my back. Sliding slowly down over my ass.

“Ta derriere, c’est si bonne,” he whispered. “Tu bahis siteleri as la plus belle derriere a Paris,” he whispered.

I felt like I would melt. I knew I had a nice ass because men would often make comments in the street, but to hear him tell me, like that, in bed, my own brother, well it took my breath away.

He curled up behind me and I could suddenly feel his soft skin against mine, his fingers gently touching my breasts, his hard cock sliding between the cheeks of my ass – mmmmm, it felt incroyable. Incredible.

I arched my back and rubbed my soft ass against his hardness, slowly stroking him up and down.

“Let’s try to do what they did,” he said as he stroked his hard cock between my cheeks. We need to learn, why not teach each other?

“But that’s incest,” I objected. “That’s a sin, isn’t it?”

“It’s only incest if I were to cum inside your pussy,” he explained. “Because of the fear of deformed babies. But if I don’t cum inside you, then it’s okay.”

“But I want you to cum,” I said. “I mean, won’t it be terribly frustrating if you don’t?”

“Yes,” he admitted, “but perhaps we can think of another way. Perhaps if you took me in your mouth, the way they did, and I came that way. Would you be willing to do that?”

“Oh yes,” I replied, “and maybe you could use your tongue on me, the way he did. If that’s okay with you then I think I’d like that very much. Let’s try.”

So, for the first time in my life, I tried soixante-neuf. I took my brother’s long, hard cock into my mouth, kissing and licking it, sucking and caressing it. Worshipping it in fact. I brought him to the brink of orgasm and then paused, several times, just as our mother had. Then, when he was ready to explode, I took him deep in my throat. And he filled my throat with cum. So much cum. And I swallowed every last drop.

“And did he make you cum,” Derek asked breathily.

“Oh, mon Dieu, yes,” I replied. “My dear brother licked my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I came and came and came. In fact, there WAS a tomorrow. And a next day. And a next. You see, he snuck in my room each night for the rest of his time living at home. We’d watch my mother’s sexual escapades and then tried them ourselves. And it got pretty wild let me tell you. We had sex in every imaginable way you can without actually fucking. He sometimes had to hold his hand over my mouth because I came so hard.”

“Because you would scream?” Derek asked.

“Yes. You see, I became tres orgasmique. How do you say? Hyper-orgasmic. Watching my mother lose herself in sexual pleasure, the noise she would make, the way her body would lose control. It taught me how to lose all inhibition in bed. And my brother was so genereux. He helped to me to learn how to take sex to another level.”

“That’s amazing,” Derek gulped. “What you guys gave to each other.”

“Yes, you see, night after night we would creep out on our balcony to watch the show. Our mother was so animalistic, she would lose herself in her pleasure. We would both get so incredibly turned on. Afterwards, we would lay in my bed, totally naked, and talk about what we had seen and what had excited us most. We would push the sheets back and explore each other’s bodies. Every night, I would take him in my mouth and suck him, caressing him with my tongue. And take his cock deep into my throat. He said my face was so beautiful he just had to fuck it every night. And, if he came in my mouth or on my face and breasts, it wasn’t incest and wasn’t a sin because he wasn’t coming in my pussy. So we did that all the time. And I got really, really good at sucking a man, and making him go crazy with my mouth. My brother said I had the most talented tongue in Paris and that made me very glad.”

“Oh,” Derek moaned. “I can’t wait for you to suck my cock.”

“And I can’t wait to do it, ma chere,” I replied. “I will give you a blow job for the ages.”

“But what about you,” Derek asked. “Did your brother reciprocate?”

“Oh yes,” he would give me orgasms that were life-changing. Once he had to cover my face with a pillow because I was moaning so loud with pleasure and he thought our mother might hear. In fact, the sex became so hot that we had to find new places to do it. We would sometimes go to the Bois de Boulogne, you know it? It’s the woods in the 16th arrondissement. My brother and I would find a secluded area and we would really go at it. I remember we would cum so hard we would literally scream with pleasure. Just because we could.”

“That’s incredible,” Derek said. “Tell me about it.”

“Well, it was something, I can tell you,” I replied. “One time, it was a summer day. A warm, velvety day in August, you know how it is? Well we found a small patch of grass in the sun. Surrounded by trees. We were in such a sexy mood that we just got naked right away, our hands on each other’s body. You know, hungry. We kissed and he sucked my breasts hard and I really like that. So much. It makes me, how did you call it, hot bahis şirketleri and bothered? Anyway, I took him in my mouth and sucked him like a mad woman. He got really big. Really hard.”

“Oh, I can imagine,” said Derek. I could tell by his breath that he was stroking himself. I, too, was fingering my pussy.

“I told him to get down on the ground,” I continued. “That I wanted to sit on his face and suck him at the same time. You know, soixante-neuf. I love it so much. It’s so purely sexual. No pretense. Just pure nastiness. Oh, I wanted it so bad.”

“I want that too,” Derek moaned.

“I remember I was taking his hard cock between my lips, tonguing the head the way my brother likes it, when I looked up and noticed there was someone watching us. A man, middle age, was spying on us from the woods, while I sucked my brother’s cock. I watched him move closer to us, to get a better view I suppose, and I didn’t say anything to my brother. You see, it was a turn on for me. Instead, I lifted myself up, facing my brother’s feet, and started stroking his cock while staring at the stranger.”

“Do you like it when I stroke your cock?” I said in a loud voice. “Your big, beautiful hard cock?”

The man was staring right at me rubbing his bulge through his trousers.

“You know I do, little sister,” my brother moaned. “You do it so good.”

“Well, I love looking at your cock. How big it gets when you’re hot.”

The man was unfastening his belt now, and undoing his pants.

“Does your cock get big for me? Huh? Does it?”

“Oh yeah, sister,” he moaned. “Bigger for you than for anyone.”

The man dropped his trousers and revealed his hard on. He began to stroke it.

“Oh, such a beautiful cock. And so big. Just for me.”

I slowly pressed my luscious lips over the head of his cock, like a wet pussy, and released it with a pop.

The man was stroking faster now.

“You know what I want,” I panted. “I want to put that big cock right in my ass.”

“Allons-y ma soeur” my brother intoned.

I reached back and took his hand in mine and inserted his finger into my rosebud. He slowly slid it in and it felt heavenly.

“Ohhhh, mon Dieu, c’est si bon!” I was panting now, stroking his cock. “Plus, mon frere.”

He put in a second finger and I let out a moan. The man was staring at me, stroking himself with abandon.

Finally, I lifted myself up and placed the tip of his now rock hard cock against my hole. My eyes never left the stranger’s.

I lowered myself until the head popped inside my hole. I let out a squeal.

“Oh, that feels good!” I shouted.

I started to undulate on his cock.

The man was pumping cock faster now, his mouth open.

I arched my back and lifted my arms up, my hands in my hair, and I ass fucked my dear brother like it was our last day on earth. I rocked my hips, rubbing my clit with one hand, and crying out in pleasure. I was so loud, so uninhibited, that my brother got really hot and started to lift his hips in the air to fuck me even deeper. That only made me hotter. And louder.

“Oh Derek,” I said, “I’m so hot right now remembering it. I’m rubbing myself. Are you touching yourself too?”

“God yeah,” he moaned. “If you could see how hard I am. I’m so close to coming. Keep telling me. Don’t stop.”

“I was so hot, being fucked in the ass by my brother and being watched like that. Feeling his cock spreading me and feeling the stranger’s eyes feasting on me. My brother was thrusting his deeper into me, my breasts were bouncing and I was crying out with every thrust.

“Aaaaiiiiiieee! “Aaaaiiiiiieee! “Aaaaiiiiiieee!”

I felt like he was going to split me in two. My nipples were big and hard. I looked at the stranger with half-lidded eyes, my mouth open, and tweaked my nipples.

“Come with me,” I shouted. My brother grabbed me by the hips and buried himself into me. “I’m gonna cum. Cum with me,” I shouted, as much to the stranger as to my brother. He was jerking off violently now, our eyes locked. My body started shaking with pleasure. I let out a scream. I could feel my brother shooting his load deep into my abdomen. I looked at the stranger and huge streams of white cum were shooting from his cock. I tipped my head back and cried out as my own orgasm swept over me.

It was a moment I’ll never forget.

When my brother and I returned to my our apartment, I felt that something had changed. Our mother was out, we didn’t know where, so we threw off our clothes and jumped in bed without speaking. We were both turned on beyond measure. We were face to face in an instant, my breasts pressed against his chest and my hands in his thick, curly hair. His cock was rock hard already, pressed between our hot bodies. I knew in my heart that giving him a blow job or letting him cum on my face or breasts was not going to be enough, not now, not the way I felt. I needed to fuck him. I needed my big brother’s beautiful cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy.

It was a sin, but I didn’t care.

“Tell me. Tell me everything.” Derek’s voice was ragged, desperate.

“I will. Tomorrow. You will come to my bed tomorrow. And I will tell you. Everything.”

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