Stress Relief Pt. 02

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She kisses him passionately.

She couldn’t help herself, she kissed him passionately. Part of her was disgusted by the thought of tasting her own vagina, but another part of her was so turned on by the thought of tasting her cunt juice on his mouth.

She put her arms around him tight and moved her head towards his. She decided that she wasn’t going to piss about with just kissing his lips. Fuck that, she put her tongue straight into his mouth.

How she loved French kissing. She found the touch of tongues exhilarating. So soft, and smooth, and wet. She explored his mouth with speed and firmness. She wanted to eat his face off, oh! And those fucking eyes.

Her pussy was dripping, she could feel it running down her leg.

She wanted this kiss to last forever, and damn did he know how to use his tongue.

It was sometime before they come up for air. When they did she looked in his eyes with a desperate urgency and said “let’s fuck.”

His response was not what she expected.

“Rose, have you ever made love?”

She wasn’t sure what he meant. She knew he wasn’t asking or implying that she was a virgin. She knew it meant something else, but she didn’t know what.

She looked at him and saw he was sincere, she looked down coyly and responded softly, “I don’t know”

She felt vulnerable, exposing her lack of knowledge, what could he mean?

She looked up at him hopeful and expectant that she would understand by looking into his eyes.

He smiled kindly and gently.

She felt safe with him.

He gently and deliberately removed the rest of her clothing. She just stood there not knowing what to expect.

Once she was disrobed he finished undressing himself. He reached out and grabbed her hand lightly. She knew they would go to the bedroom now. She led the way.

When they reached the bed he moved his hand up beside her face and moved aside the hair which had fallen over her eye. His touch was gentle, and… and…caring?

She was not familiar with this. She was used to getting down to business and fucking hard. After all that is how she liked it. But he wasn’t doing that. She felt confused, but wanted to discover more.

He held her and laid her down on the bed so gently, lying beside her as he did so. He didn’t pull her close or touch her where she would have expected and so wanted him too. Damn she needed a pounding.

Instead he reached up and stroked her hair. Then those damned eyes of his stared right into her soul. “Rose how has your day been?”

Of all the things he could have said in that moment, this was probably the least likely of what she could have ever imagined.

Not really sure how she should respond she said “Oh the usual.”

She saw concern cross his face. “Rose that ataşehir escort bayan is very sad.”

Normally such a comment would push her buttons and she would have screamed “Fuck you!” and thrown him out of her home. But she knew he meant no harm by his words. Meekly she uttered “why?”

“When I arrived here today you looked very stressed. If that is the usual for you then I feel very saddened by that.”

She hated having to reveal her private self to anyone else, and was annoyed that he had seen through her attempt at professionalism, which she was usually so good at. But for some reason all of her bottled up feelings started to pour out. She had held them in for so, so very long.

“I work so hard John, for my slave driving boss. I’m on salary and he thinks that means that I am at his beck and call seven days a week. But today he really pissed me off. He let me know at the last minute that I had to meet a client. The fucker arranged it at my home without even asking me.”

By now she was no longer talking directly to John, she was expressing her feelings to the ether.

“I know the money is good, but he takes advantage of me, he expects too much. I just don’t get any time to myself. Today I didn’t even have time to shower, change clothes or even fix anything to eat.”

A tear ran down her cheek. John rubbed it gently away with a soft motion of his thumb.

She couldn’t remember the last time anyone ever cared about how her day went, and as she thought that she just started sobbing.

John put one arm around her waist with his hand in the middle of her back. The other continued to stroke her hair. He hugged her.

She put her arms around him and snuggled into his neck. She felt so safe and loved.

He then started rocking her gently back and forth comforting her. “It’s ok Rose, everything will be alright.”

She doubted that to be true, but right now she wanted to believe that so much, she just melted into him. Her tears rolling onto his neck.

This hug meant so much to her, she needed this far more than she ever realised possible.

She loved sex, but this felt even more satisfying. For once someone gave a shit about how she felt, and it felt good.

She became aware that John’s penis was gently entering her. It felt warm and comforting.

John kept gently rocking her back and forth, which made his penis slowly move inside her. It didn’t feel so much like the sex that she was used to, but more like a much more intense version of a hug.

She held him even tighter as if she was trying to draw him completely into her body.

He started to move his hips slowly now, or was that her hips?

She no longer knew, it felt as if they had become one.

The hug became more and escort kadıköy more intense, their bodies moving as one. Their rhythm increasing in what felt like an everlasting embrace. She did not want this moment to ever stop, she had never felt so close to another human being. Her emotions were overwhelming her.

She came, her body shuddered. He slowed down to a gradual stop and they hugged even tighter. She felt so satisfied emotionally. She now understood what making love was. It was far more than getting your rocks off, it was about feeling emotionally complete.

They lay there in their embrace for some time, she wallowed in the afterglow and wanted to hold onto to this hug as long as she could, and he seemed happy to do so. His penis was still inside her, and was still hard. It felt very comforting.

She then realised that he had not cum yet. She decided that she would give him a special treat. He deserved it.

She had experienced some great sexual experiences, but this was something else. It soothed her soul, and this feeling she knew would change her life forever. It was something that she would never forget.

She rolled over on top of him and smiled, he smiled so kindly back, and those eyes, those fucking eyes, they sparkled.

She rolled off of him and grabbed his hand. She gently pulled it until he was standing beside the bed. She knelt down.

She was not overly fussed about how penises looked, to be honest she thought they were ugly, even though she loved what they did. She usually liked to make a guy cum away from her face as she didn’t really like the taste much. But John was special and she would give him a treat. She decided that she was going to let him cum in her mouth. Not something she did very often, but she really wanted to please him.

Her hand reached up and gently took hold of his cock. It twitched. She smiled and looked up at him. Their eyes met. Her heart melted again.

She started stroking him and approached the head of his penis. She licked the tip as she looked up smiling at him. She wanted to give him the best blow job he had ever had.

She kissed the tip, then gently suckled the end on it. She kept looking into his eyes, and she could tell he was enjoying this. She swallowed the head. He let out a tiny gasp. Her heart leapt and her eyes sparkled. She was going to make him so happy.

Her lips reached just beyond the head. She knew that just beneath the head there was something like 40,000 nerves, and she was determined to try and reach every one of them. She moved her head so that it went just down onto the shaft and then pulled back to just past the ridge of the head. She made sure that she kept a constant pressure.

All the while she kept eye contact. She wanted him to bostancı escort see how willing she was to pleasure him. After all he had given her so much already.

Her hand moved to cup his balls which she gently massaged.

Her head moved further down his shaft with each movement as she built her rhythm.

His balls were tight and full, and she knew he had been holding back so far, as he had obviously wanted to please her. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to cum.

She sucked firmer and sped up. She felt his cock throbbing in her mouth, she knew he would cum very soon.

“Rose I am going to cum” He moved to pull away so that he would not cum in her mouth. But she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him closer as she pumped him with her mouth.

He was getting desperate now “Please Rose, if you don’t let me out I am going to cum in your mouth.”

Her eyes smiled and she nodded that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He relaxed and she felt his hot cum spurt into her mouth. He moaned out loudly.

She sucked hard with each spurt of cum, so as to draw it out faster and increase his pleasure. He looked delirious. She knew she had achieved what she wanted to. She felt so happy. But she had one more trick up her sleeve to ensure that he would never forget this night.

She pulled away from his cock and looked up at him smiling and started playing with his cum with her tongue and lips. She was going to put on a real show for him.

She could tell he was enjoying it. It was then that he knelt down with her and looked into her eyes. Those gorgeous fucking eyes.

She forgot about her show as she got lost in those eyes. She just wanted to kiss him and hold him again. She pulled him close and kissed him again.

She felt their tongues touch once more and she tingled so much from the sensation. It then dawned on her that she still had his cum in her mouth and that they were now sharing it. The sensation of the different texture just heightened the sensitivity of their tongues.

She thought how much of a gentleman he was for not pulling away and making her feel bad about thoughtlessly kissing him with his cum in her mouth, but she had been so lost in the moment.

She then felt his thumb on her clit and his finger on her G-spot once more.

He massaged her spot and she knew she was close to cumming again.

Her back arched and their mouths parted. She caught sight of his cum dribbling from his mouth. It was just too much, she exploded.

She had never squirted so hard in her life, they were both covered in her cum, it was so hot that it felt like it burned.

She felt herself become slightly faint and she collapsed. He took hold of her and gently laid her down in a gentle embrace.

As they lay there in each other’s arms, she couldn’t think of a time when she was more happy and content.

She opened her eyes and John was looking at her. He said “how do you feel Rose?”

“I don’t know how to describe it, but I know that I don’t feel stressed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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