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***This is just a little lone shot thing. Sorry if it pretty much sucks, it’s been a while and for some reason I’ve not been into this side of me since having my kid. But I hope it works. This isn’t some long, drawn out thing, it pretty much goes right into the action.***

She was exhausted after running errands. So the first thing Amy did when got home was throw her keys and purse on the foyer table and make her way to the bedroom. In her room she tugged off her sensible tennis shoes, throwing them by the door, then peeled off her socks and jeans leaving them where she stood. Adding to that the long-sleeved, black top she wore. Now down to her underwear she unhooked the bra and dropped it to the floor. On the bed lay a simple gray tank top that she wore to bed. Aside from her panties it was the only clothing she wore at night, feeling too restricted in anything more.

In her pajamas she pulled the hair tie from her shoulder length, sable colored hair. She ran her fingers through it once as she fell into bed. With a yawn she rolled onto her side and closed her eyes, too tired to even get under the covers. It wasn’t long before she was asleep and breathing softly.

An hour later the front door opened. Jared had finally gotten home from work. The traffic had been horrendous and after the long day at the office moving inch by inch down the highway only caused him more stress. Closing the door with a heavy sigh he saw Amy’s keys and purse on the table.

“Amy, sweetheart, I’m home,” Jared called out as he kicked his shoes off. When there was no answer he went in search of his wife. He found her lying on the bed sound asleep. For a moment he turned to go to the kitchen for a snack but when Amy moaned softly in her sleep, he stopped, turning back to look at his wife.

She’d rolled over onto her back, her head turned ataşehir escort bayan to the side, the skin on her long, slender neck exposed. As he watched her he noticed how her chest slowly rose and fell, her ample chest moving up and down. One of her hands was resting on her stomach which had become visible when she rolled over and her shirt was pulled up a few inches. His eyes already moving downward he continued trailing his gaze over her navel and to the apex of her legs. Red lace panties covered the tops of her shapely thighs and concealing the small mound of dark hair he knew covered Amy’s sex.

While looking over his half-naked wife, Jared’s heart began to pound and his breath quickened. Amy looked so vulnerable laying there on the bed her full, cupid’s bow lips slightly parted, hair mussed into a dark halo around her head. Being careful so as not to make any noise Jared tip-toed over to the bed and eased onto it.

Her neck was too inviting to pass up, besides he didn’t want to go too quickly and wake her. Slowly, he leaned down over Amy and placed a gentle kiss on her neck. When she didn’t stir he continued by tracing his tongue up along the skin. As he deepened his kissing he nipped her a few times, making her suck in a breath but she was still fast asleep.

Then he began to move down, kissing the hollow at the base of her neck and stopping just short of the collar of her tank top. Sitting back up, he gently moved her arms above her head and pulled her shirt up over her breasts. When they broke free of the material, Jared stifled a gasp. It didn’t matter how long they’d been together he still had a high appreciation for her generous breasts.

He leaned back over her and pulled one of the nipples into his mouth and suckled slowly at first. Quiet moans passed through her lips and her back escort kadıköy arched upward of its own accord. Jared took that as a sign to suck harder. With one hand he began rolling the other nipple between his thumb and index finger, tugging it every so often. Amy rolled her head to one side as her breathing picked up. For a moment Jared stopped, not wanting to wake her. When he removed his hand and mouth his wife whimpered but soon settled back onto the bed.

It was times like this that Jared loved the fact that Amy was a heavy sleeper. He went back to tasting her breasts, flicking his tongue over first one nipple then moving to the other, massaging the one he wasn’t sucking. By the time he was done with her breasts Amy’s mouth hung open as her chest heaved. He kissed and licked his way down her stomach. At the top of her panties he pulled them down a few inches to show her hipbones. His lips pressed to each one and he allowed his teeth to gently scrap over them, causing Amy to hiss.

He moved his lips inward and as he did he began moving her panties downward. He stopped kissing and sat up so he could pull the underwear over her knees and off her feet. With her mound exposed he slid one hand up one smooth leg and pulled it to one side. Now he could see her most private area and took one finger and began to slowly make circles around her clit.

The strong sensation he caused by stimulating Amy’s clit caused her eyes to flutter open from time to time but she still slept. He moved between her legs then and moved her other leg over to give himself more room. Positioning his mouth over her sex he began to lap at the juices that had begun flowing when he worked on her breasts. She was incredibly slick for him and her musky scent overpowered his senses as he buried his tongue inside her.

Her hips bucked upward. bostancı escort “Jared,” Amy gasped, making him smiled. It also made him even harder than he’d become, his erection pressing painfully against his pants. He couldn’t stand it anymore then. Sitting back he quickly wiped his wife’s nectar from his lips and undid his pants.

At that moment Amy began to wake. Her eyes slowly opened as Jared grabbed her thighs and positioned himself in front of her. The moment she realized she was completely open and a man was there, about to enter her, she cried out and Jared took that moment to ram into her. She gasped and the walls of her sex grabbed him tightly as the fear she felt while still only half awake and thinking someone was raping her.

Jared quickly began to pump in and out of her, making her moan. She swiped at him once and he grabbed both her wrists, holding them above her head.

“Shh,” he soothed, his lips next to her ear.

“Oh, Jared,” she hissed out in pleasure and realization.

He pumped harder and began nibbling on her ear. Amy practically purred from the warmth of his mouth. She moaned louder as Jared moved faster and faster, her own climax beginning. Within a few more second she let out a loud cry and a moment later Jared groaned as his own orgasm exploded. With a few more thrusts he slowed and then moved off Amy, lying beside her.

Amy’s body continued to jump from orgasm aftershocks for several minutes, but when she finally had control of herself she giggled.

“You scared the mess out of me for a minute there, honey,” Amy chuckled.

“I could tell and it was part of my plan,” Jared responded.

Amy lightly smacked his chest as she rolled over and threw a leg over both of his. “You scared me but that was absolutely amazing.” She hummed her satisfaction then sighed contentedly.

“Well, it was more for my benefit but I was happy to service you for quite a bit beforehand.” He kissed the top of her head.

“So rough day at work then?”


“Is it terrible of me to say I hope you have another bad day tomorrow?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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