Stretching Out

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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Mom and I were sitting in the park by the lake watching the pigeons and ducks all over the place. I knew mom loved relaxing here after our lunches. I liked it too. It gave me a chance to reflect a little. We finished up our hour and a half and mom went off home and I went back to work. I really liked where I worked. We made books and magazines and like that. Everybody cross trained. The three main parts were typing from the manuscript and proofreading and the last was the computer work putting everything in place, the text and the artwork, for printing.

It was also easy to work there. Everybody mostly left everybody else alone. We worked closely together but there didn’t seem to be any social pressure. I’ve heard so many stories about that from other people, men and women. I haven’t run into it all. I thought it was me for a long time but it isn’t. I do get attention outside of work. I just ignore it. I thought I should dress differently but I like the way I dress and everybody there seems to like it too. Sometimes I get a compliment.

I wear a nice blouse. I like those thin ones because I move my arms a lot at work and they stretch and don’t pull out of my skirt. I wear short sleeve and long sleeve, depends. I wear skirts. I like all kinds of skirts but I do use ones that stop above the knee because I sit down and get up a lot and they don’t pull over my knees all day long. They felt strange and I was self-conscious about it but most of the other girls wore skirts and dresses above the knee and nobody seemed to give me any notice about that. I have my undie things on. They’re very thin for comfort. I keep them very hidden, even from other girls.

Dad’s a computer nut. He spends a lot of time in the basement with his computer stuff, not excessively so it’s not a problem for me or mom. He’s always attentive to us. Mom and I are watching the news like normal.

Mom said, “Robin, would you like to come and stretch out with us? I was going to ask a while back but decided to wait a little.”

“I think you mentioned something like that when I got out of school,” I said. “I didn’t know what it meant then either.”

“Oh,” she said. “I remember. I did, didn’t I? I thought you might like to stretch out with me in bed. It gives you a little bit of private personal experience. Being closer to someone in a private setting. It does help.”

“What about dad,” I said. “Would he be there?”

“I suppose,” she said. “You would be between us but I’m sure he would be casual about it, us getting comfortable together. Later on you could see if you’d like him to get closer with us, see if it’s comfortable, if you’re compatible. I’d be right there. The first time would be strange. After a few times it would be routine and you would find things you like to do or like me to do.”

“Like what kind of things?” I said.

“Like being private and being personal usually,” she said. “I’ve always thought it was more like what comes along for us. I think it usually turns out to be fun.”

“I could do that I guess,” I said. “When do you want me to come over?”

“Oh, tomorrow night or the next night,” she said. “There’s no real hurry. Just wear your normal pjs. We can change as we go along if it feels right.”

Mom and dad have a queen sized mattress so there’s room for all three of us but not that much room. Our shoulders would probably touch. I wasn’t that sure what dad wore to bed and I wondered if the light would be on. I should have asked. If dad was on his side away from us our shoulders wouldn’t touch. I wondered if I should put on a regular bra. I could keep the covers up. He wouldn’t see them anyway and I wouldn’t swing my chest around so it probably didn’t matter. I guess it would be ok. Everything is personal in bed.

The lights were out. I mean I could see to get around and I could see them on both sides of the bed but I really couldn’t even tell what color the sheets are. Mom said ‘Hi’ and she pulled the sheet down in the center of the bed and I climbed on and under and stretched out. Dad was right there and our hips touched when I got in bed.

He said, “Hi Robin. Let me know if the pillow is too hard or too soft. I have other ones. We’ll get used to bumping into each other. I’ll try to bump softly. It’s more fun that way. If I snore poke my shoulder.”

I said, “Ok. Thanks dad.”

I thought that went well. When I climbed in bed I noticed air blowing on me. I could reach a hand just above my head and feel it, not strong. With my eyes getting better in the dark I could see a small pedestal fan rotating across the bed. The air was not noticeably moving around my head but probably was. There was a nice motor noise. I turned towards mom when I got under the sheets and she was almost right up against me, just a little room. She was certainly stretched out so canlı bahis I kept my knees straight with my feet backwards a few inches.

She said, “I guess the best way is to hug lightly and let it build on its own.”

I felt her hand finding its way under my waist and her other one over the top so I got around her neck, not all that much. She kissed me. Right on the lips, not long. She had her head on the edge of her pillow like I did on mine and we held each other. I could feel her breath on my neck. All in all everything was pleasant. We lay there for a minute or two and she wiggled and was closer to me. Our chests touched and our lower thighs and knees. It isn’t easy to keep straight stretched out in bed. Another couple of minutes and she wiggled again and our hips touched, up and down. I did space out a little but was more or less enjoying myself.

Mom said, “Isn’t this nice? I thought it would be. You certainly are comfortable to stretch out with. You don’t have to wait for me to do something. Whatever you feel like doing.”

I said ‘ok’ but I didn’t know anything to do. Mom kissed me again, a little longer. One of her hands was down on the top of my butt. I noticed when she got there but didn’t think anything about it. She pushed my butt a little and I felt her mons right against mine. Not hard, just touching. She kissed me again and I was kissing her back so we kissed longer. One of us tilted their head, I think it was me. She slid down in the back of my pjs. I don’t mean just the pjs but down in my pants too and pushed a little again. Our thighs were pressing together. I could feel her mons on mine more.

Mom said, “You’re quiet. Does that feel good? I’m feeling a little excited. A little thrilling like the first time with your dad. When he did that in my pants. It reminded me. Of course he was a little different in front as you can imagine.”

I moved my head and kissed mom again. It seemed better. She had her hand up under the back of my pj top. She ran her fingers under my bra. I didn’t wear my bra tight to bed so there was room.

“Oh, I forgot about your bra,” she said. “Can I unhook it? I think you’ll be more comfortable. Your dad won’t know.”

“Sure, if you want to,” I said.

She unhooked my bra and my breasts pushed out some. It was more comfortable this way. Mom didn’t have on a bra. She rubbed across my back and then back down in my pants.

She said, “That’s better for you for the moment. I thought we might rotate with each other but I wanted to ask if you’re comfortable with being more private with me and your dad. He’s letting us see how we like it, I think. It seems to be working. I don’t want to stop if you don’t.”

“It’s different,” I said. “It is private but I’m ok with that. Whatever you’d like to do.”

“For me its letting you get more familiar with your feelings in a nice way, and more privately,” she said. “Let’s rotate. I’ll start and you can join in when you feel like it. It’s one of those times when you can let yourself go where it takes you.”

Mom moved her hand and fingers down my butt more with her fingers right in the center and pushed again. I thought her fingers were going to go right down in. She starting rotating her hips against mine and her mons started rotating around the top of mine, pulling and pushing everything. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth at how good it was. I slowly pulled my hips back and pushed out for her. I guess she was the same way. She started rotating her hand on my butt and I started rotating my mons around hers. With me squeezing and rotating and mom rotating my butt her fingers went right down in my butt crack.

She kept rotating her fingers down in and her palm on my cheek. Her finger was rotating right on my butt button in my pants. We were kissing and our lips were open. It seemed forever later I felt her tongue on mine. We didn’t stop, shock or not. I don’t know if we meant that to happen. Then I felt some fingers moving down my back. It had to be dad and my bra was undone. He was on the outside of my pj top. Nothing to do, I couldn’t stop. He got down to mom’s wrist and I felt him touch my bare skin then he went back up like he was before. He did it a number of times and he knew mom had her hand in my pants.

I hope he didn’t know what we were doing. Dad finally turned back over and mom and I kept going. I felt dad’s toes against mine. I moved them to let him know I felt him and we touched toes for a little while. I was trying not to have an orgasm, it would be so embarrassing. Mom and I had been at this for some time and it was getting later and I think mom was thinking that so we slowly calmed down and she hooked my bra back and we kissed and I went off to bed.

The next day everybody was normal. I was expecting adult or men comments or something but nothing. I was so grateful. When mom said private she meant private. I was relieved we didn’t talk about it out loud with dad. I did things and felt things I’ve never done or felt before, bahis siteleri and with a man there. It was my dad and I loved my dad and we were great together and did a lot of stuff together but he just wasn’t mom.

Almost a week went by. The next time mom and I were at the park she said, “What do you think, want to stretch out together some more? We could make it a normal habit. That would be nice.”

“I certainly enjoyed myself,” I said. “I would like to do more. Did you know dad ran his fingers up and down my back? While my bra was undone.”

“That was the best time,” she said. “I hope you liked it, I’m sure he did.”

“Why was that the best time? I said.

“You were distracted with what we were doing and didn’t mind that much,” she said. “After a few times you’ll get used to him and won’t mind at all. Maybe he’ll slip his fingers down in your pants like I did.” Mom was smiling at me. I’m not sure she meant that.

“Mom!” I said. “He wouldn’t.”

I wasn’t all that shocked that he might. The thought made me want to get up and walk around.


Mom didn’t wait all that long after the park. The next day she smiled and nodded her head and I did too. When I went into their bedroom things were just like they were the first time. I got on and under the sheets and mom and I got fairly close right off, and kissing. While we were kissing she starting unbuttoning my top then she unbuttoned hers. She didn’t have a bra on. She reached over and unhooked mine and pulled it out from my breasts. She reached in my sleeves and pulled the straps out and over my hands and back and took it off.

She kissed me again and while we were kissing she pulled my top open, and hers, and got our breasts touched. Since we were already close we got together all the way down to our pj bottoms. She took my arms from around her neck and put them around her waist and she got around my neck.

She said, “Why don’t you do what I was doing last time. It’s nice to be able to do that to a man too. All kinds of things happen.”

With mom’s top unbuttoned and open I got on bare skin right away on her lower back. Her breasts and nipples were right on mine. It took my breath when she did that. Our mons were together and we were rotating but not that hard. I slipped my fingers down in her pjs and she didn’t have any panties on. Totally bare underneath. I was right where she was and I got my fingers aligned down the middle like she did and started swiveling her buns around the way she was rotating. It didn’t take long for my fingers to go right in down to the bottom. I could feel her butt button with my fingers, with me pushing it around and around.

She moaned. I was sure it was my fingers and not our mons. We kissed and got right to lips opened and tongues again. I felt like I was standing right in the very tip of the Titanic with my head bare to the wind. It was so exciting what we were doing. Two times in bed together and we were going like this. I was almost astonished at myself. We weren’t going that fast or that hard so we shouldn’t orgasm, thankfully, but we could go a long time. It wasn’t tiring. About that time mom lifted her leg up over my thigh and there was a lot more room in her butt.

She did it slowly so it wasn’t a surprise. Moving around in her butt my lower fingers touched her. She didn’t say anything. I let it happen a few more times like that, very lightly. She was moist so I knew she was enjoying herself a lot. Both of us were breathing more like the last time. I stopped rotating with my hand and let a finger play with her butt button. She moaned and pushed back at my finger a little so I know she liked that too. I started rotating her whole butt again and felt dad’s hand or fingers on my back.

He went up under my top. He must know it’s unbuttoned since it’s so loose. He went all the way up to my neck with his fingers and all the way down to the top of my pj bottoms then back up. His fingers and whole hand spread out just under my neck and he rubbed me all the way across and down again and kept doing that. I felt his fingers on my butt at the very top on top of my pjs then he went back up then back down on the top of my butt again. He stayed there a couple of moments and came up on my side.

If he kept coming up he would run into my arm and if he went under that he would be on the edge of my breast. It made me breathe hard. He slid over on my back. It seemed like at the last moment. I took a deep breath. I think he felt it but I couldn’t help doing that. While we were lover kissing mom took her arms from around my neck and her leg from over me and pushed her pjs down to her thighs. Then she got back around my neck.

She said, “The next time I’m going to wear just a thin short sleeveless night gown and I’ll wear pants if you want to do something like that. Your dad won’t see all that much with the lights out. He’ll may get closer. If he does I’ll do something nice to distract you so you can get used to him.”

We bahis şirketleri slowed down and I buttoned my top and hid my bra underneath and went to bed. I usually didn’t play with myself all that much but I’ve started again. I had to get some relief, both times I’ve been over. I couldn’t lay there in agony like that. It was just necessary. Mom would understand but I didn’t tell her. We skipped the next night and mom smiled and nodded at me the next day towards supper. I hadn’t even had time to think about changing pjs. I was going to match what mom was doing. We needed to be a match so she was confortable.

I put on a short white almost sheer sleeveless nightgown I wear in the summertime and a pair of pants that were lower down on my hips for mom’s hands if she went in this time. I didn’t wear a bra so mom wouldn’t have to take it off in the same bed with dad. He might see her doing that. I was totally blank about what dad might do or him getting closer or what mom might do to distract me. I would surely need distracting. I went in their bedroom and tried to climb up the center of the bed with my back to dad but couldn’t. He was on his back and looking, I saw his eyes.

I don’t think he saw anything. My gown billowed down enough to hide my breasts and they didn’t hang down but a little. He couldn’t see through the gown anyway. When I got down under the sheet my gown stayed up around my waist. I was rocking back and forth a little trying to hide what I was doing and couldn’t get it pulled down right so I left it there. It was just bare skin and dad had his hands all over me back there already, except in my pants. Mom and I got together and took a few minutes kissing and rubbing our breasts and mons together to get started.

With only our pants separating us it was miles better. I was very surprised how fast it got me started. It almost felt like having an orgasm. Mom reached down and got the back of my knee and pulled it over her hip. I don’t mean just over it but up high over the top edge of her hip. Then she pushed my other leg underneath and up above her hip and she pushed herself right into me and started thrusting. She didn’t do that very long. She stopped and slipped her hand down to my vagina. She ran a finger up and down slowly pushing my pants in as she went.

Wow did that feel good. Then she stopped and started thrusting again. She got a hand over on my butt and pushed and let off and got me going with her and we kept going like that and kissing and holding each other. Sometimes she pushed her mons into me up at my clit and sometimes down at my vagina. Both were fine with me. I really didn’t want to stop. About ten or fifteen minutes later I felt dad touching me lightly. I quickly got my legs from around mom’s hips and down straight with my thighs closed. I think mom and him were holding hands behind me.

Dad got closer and I got almost sandwiched. I could feel dad all the way up and down me, almost. Mom slipped her hand down my front in my pants. She went down to my vagina and slipped a finger in and started going in and out. I started my hips moving like before, I didn’t want to stop doing that. She felt bigger so I knew she was using two fingers. My butt was slowly starting to push backwards into dad’s hips. I started to feel him and mom kissed me right at that time very passionately and dad got his hand under my gown on my back.

I could feel him pressing more against my butt. Every time I went back when mom pulled her fingers back he pressed in, more and more. I was thinking sometimes I planted my feet with my knees out and used two fingers like mom was doing. When I pushed my hips forward and she pushed her fingers in it was exactly where I wanted to be and doing. I felt dad push himself up my butt and it just made everything better.

Mom said, “Ok if we keep going? We can rest later.”

I nodded my head against hers and said, “As much as you want.”

“Can you stand it being more erotic?” She said. “We can do that next time or later if you want.”

I had no idea what she was talking about doing. I said, “You or dad?”

“Well,” she said. “Both, I think. I can slip your pants down to your thighs so he can tease your butt with himself while we do this and kiss. It’ll be quite erotic but I think you’ll like how much fun it turns out to be.”

I really did space out a little again. This was more than I had expected. It seemed like she was jumping way ahead but dad hadn’t done all that much and mom and I had. I guess she was feeling guilty about it. I had my thighs hard together and I liked him around my butt. It was already quite erotic. Not really far to go there. I had gained in the personal experience she mentioned, for sure. I was worried about mom and dad at the same time. I was just getting used to this with mom.

“Could we wait until next time,” I said. “It would make me have an orgasm and it would be embarrassing.”

“Sure,” she said. “If you like what he’s doing now you can push your butt up at him a little. He’ll enjoy being against you more that way. However much you want. You’ll know when it feels right. We can keep doing this. If you need to distract yourself you can slip your fingers down my front.”

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