Strictly Business Ch. 05

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I didn’t sleep much, although Jack’s body pressed tightly against me, did comfort me. I must have finally dosed off early in the morning. When I woke, Jack was in the bathroom, shaving. I managed to sit up on the bed and light a cigarette. I was really getting the smoking habit even though I knew it wasn’t healthy for me.

The phone rang on the nightstand across the other side of the bed. I started to answer it but caught myself remembering this wasn’t my room, it was Jack’s.

“Would you answer that Sarah?” Jack asked.

“It might be your wife Jack,” I answered.

Jack had forgotten the fact that the call had to be for him, it was placed to his room. There’s no way I should answer. Jack hurried to the phone and answered. It was the front desk with a message for him. Jack listened intently and repeated the message back to the desk clerk. He was to meet with Taylor McClane in his suite on the top floor at 9:30 this morning. He seemed a little shocked but he smiled. He repeated the message to me. He then told me the clerk said they were trying to reach me too with the same message but I wasn’t answering my phone. We were both dumbfounded.

My mind spinning trying to think of what was going to happen, what had gone wrong with our presentation? The only thing I could come up with that made real sense was that Jack and I had been discovered, our sexual relationship uncovered. Jack smirked dismissing the idea.

“No way, no way anyone’s found out,” He stated.

I hurried across the hallway to my room. Jumped in the shower, did my make-up and fixed my hair. I put on a beige business suit, the skirt a little shorter than normal, with a powder blue blouse underneath. I checked myself in the mirror, seeing if I’d missed any details. I looked ready for the meeting, hoping the news wasn’t going to be bad. Jack knocked on the door to my room. I opened the door so he could enter. He was nervous, his face pale. We both stood there for a minute not saying anything. I took a deep breath and said we should go on up and see what the CEO wanted to talk to us about. We headed down the hallway towards the elevators. Jack and I both had trouble walking, feeling like we had lead in our shoes.

We rode the elevator up to the top floor of the hotel and proceeded down the hallway to the CEO’s suite. We arrived about ten minutes early. Jack knocked on the door. I took a step back so Jack would be the first one to enter the room; after all he was my boss. We had to make it look appropriate. Mrs. McClane opened the door and greeted us, motioning for us to come in. Jack entered first, me right behind him. Taylor McClane was standing in the center of the large livingroom area. He smiled as he extended his hand to shake Jack’s then mine. I knew both Jack’s and my hands were perspiring. McClane noticed it too. He didn’t really react; figured most of the people he’s shaken hands with had sweaty palms.

Mr. McClane introduced us to his wife, his secretary and to two other gentlemen. The men’s names I recognized associated with the Director of Corporate Personnel and an assistant vice president. The news we were going to be given wasn’t going to be good. I just had a bad feeling. There was a small conference table at one end of the room and McClane pointed us towards it. Jack and I sat next to each other. Mrs. McClane didn’t join us, heading towards the kitchenette instead.

“Will you two relax for Christ’s sake!” McClane stated smiling at us.

Jack took a deep breath; I think I was still holding mine. Taylor pushed two huge folders at us. The two of us sat there looking at the folders but not opening them. Taylor leaned back in his chair and told us what the folders contained. Documents, records, data and other informational material on the Phoenix operation. It was not performing up to corporate standards let alone McClane’s standards. He always demanded the best performance possible accepting no excuses. I was beginning to breathe a little easier, we hadn’t been fired. Jack and I hadn’t been found out. Mrs. McClane came over to the table with fresh coffee. My throat was dry and the coffee was just what I needed. Well, that and a cigarette but I didn’t dare light up a cigarette. I sipped my coffee being careful not to gulp in down. Jack gulped, almost choking.

“I was so damned impressed with your business plan at yesterday’s presentation, I almost applauded when you finished”. McClane stated. “You did a hell of a job.”

I pursed my lips to keep from breaking into too big a smile. Knowing Jack was at a loss for words, I figured I’d better say something

“Thank you sir. Mr. Robbins and I did our best in the time we had to prep. It still needs a lot of polishing” I said.

“Well, we know who actually made the presentation happen. Jack, I don’t want you to take this personally but I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Sarah was the one behind your presentation and the excellent work that you’ve been doing back in K.C.” McClane boldly stated.

Jack looked right aydınlı escort at the CEO and nodded in agreement with his statement.

“Yes, I don’t know what I would do without her” He chided. He put his hand on my lower arm and shook it. McClane noticed his actions.

“Well, Sarah. I’m not going to let your past work for us go unrewarded. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about you. We feel you’re definitely ready and certainly capable of holding a much higher position than Jack’s secretary”. He stated. “I want you to take over the Phoenix operation if you’re willing to accept the job. Of course, you’ll have to relocate. It’s a big decision, I know. I’d really like to have your decision right now”.

“I’d be more than happy to accept your offer”. I managed to say, not sure if I’d said it loud enough for him to hear me.

“Good, that’s what we all wanted to hear. The director of personnel shoved another large folder across to me. I placed it on top of the other folder.

“Sarah, that folder contains some confidential document for your eyes only. I trust you can handle it.” McClane stated. “By the way, there’s a bonus check in there for you. Something you deserve. Naturally, your salary and other compensations will be adjusted in line with other executives of your stature.”

I felt light headed; all I could do was manage to nod my head up and down.

“And now for Jack”. McClane began his dissertation. He offered Jack a transfer to the Phoenix office, but now he’d be working directly for me instead of me working for him. He mentioned a slight increase in salary but didn’t an exact amount. I didn’t look at Jack; I couldn’t move anything let alone my head. I couldn’t tell if Jack was upset, dejected, mad or happy.

Mrs. McClane poured everyone more coffee. I could barely pick mine up, my hand trembling. McClane’s wife came over to see if I was alright. I managed to get the coffee to my lips and sip it. I was calming down, the shock of the promotion subsiding.

“Well, it’s almost time for this last meeting.” McClane’s voice breaking the silence. “You two don’t need to attend. What I’ve got to say to the rest of this bunch isn’t going to be very pleasant. By the way, don’t speak about this organizational change till Monday. There’ll be an official posting corporate wide early Monday morning. I haven’t flown down to Phoenix yet to do some much overdue “housecleaning”. Our group is flying down right after I conclude this meeting. There’ll be a lot of empty offices there when you take over”.

Housecleaning was another term for firing people. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for those people who were going to lose their jobs. McClane looked at me and asked if I had any questions. I told him I’m sure I did but I’d wait till another time to go over everything at once. It was my way of saying, “my brain just farted and I can’t think straight.” The CEO nodded, accepting my answer.

“Well, that’s all I’ve got” McClane stated. “I need to get this meeting over with so we can fly down to Phoenix. I’d like to be back in Frisco by late evening”.

Taylor McClane and his entourage proceed towards the door of the suite. Jack and I got up from our chairs. Jack helped me carrying the folders. McClane’s secretary came over to me, offering her congratulations. Mrs. McClane put her arm around my shoulder, giving me a squeeze.

“You go girl”. She said laughingly. “You’ll do fine, I know you will. Taylor’s got a lot of confidence in you”.

I laughed at her Oprah impression and thanked her for everything especially her expression of confidence. Jack stood by the door leading to the hallway. He was smiling, happy for me and himself. We walked down the long hallway towards the elevator. My legs were stiff making it a little difficult to keep up with Jack’s stride.

On the elevator ride down to our rooms, Jack mentioned celebrating. I knew where that could lead. I suggested we pack our luggage, check out of the hotel and go on out to the airport. We could get a drink at one of the airport bars. He reluctantly agreed. I managed to stuff all the folders into my luggage.

The bar at the airport was crowded and well lit but not too nosy where you couldn’t converse. Jack got us both Scotch. I was beginning to like the taste. Another bad habit I was picking up, I know. I sipped the Scotch and puffed on the cigarette. My mind was finally accepting all the great news we’d just gotten. I mentioned to Jack that I hated to see a lot of people in Phoenix lose their jobs. He frowned, agreeing with me.

I had to ask him one more question. How did he feel about working for me instead of me working for him? He smiled, admitting he’d always felt he had been working for me all along. It was a big relief to know he didn’t begrudge me for getting promoted over him.

“Besides, now we can be together a lot more often.” He whispered.

“Jack, no, we can’t be together anymore!” We’d eventually slip up and bağdat caddesi escort get caught. It would be bad enough for your wife to find out. What if McClane got word of it? He’d fire us both in one breath.” I retorted.

Jack didn’t reply to my statement, knowing he wasn’t in agreement. I thought to myself, “Why did I ever let him seduce me the other evening? I think I wanted him to seduce me, to sexually ravage me!”

We sat together on the flight back to K.C. Jack took my hand in his, I tried to free myself but he gripped it firmly. I finally entwined my fingers in his and pulled his hand down into the seat beside my leg. We held hands the entire flight. Jack’s eyes were closed, probably daydreaming about having sex with me. Nothing wrong with daydreaming, I thought.

Arriving in K.C. we gathered our luggage and proceeded to the parking lot. Jack suggested I wait in the loading zone while he retrieved his car. I agreed, our luggage and the laptops were quite a bit to carry. Jack roared the red Corvette up to the curb. I loved that car; it looked and sounded like sex in high gear. It actually made me breathe hard. Jack jumped out and we loaded just about everything in the back. I had to put the laptops on the floor between my legs.

Jack drove to my apartment, speeding along the main streets. The constant roar of the car’s motor reminded of having sex with Jack. We arrived at my apartment and Jack helped me carry in my luggage. He closed the door behind him, put his arms at my waist pulling me in for a hard, passionate kiss. He hands slowly lowered to my butt. I broke the kiss and stepped back from his grasp.

“You better be going, your wife will be expecting you”. I stated.

“You sure, you don’t want me to stay for awhile?” He asked.

I told him that I needed some time to myself; I was worn out from the trip. I’d see him Monday morning, reminding him not to say anything at work until an official statement about our promotions was posted. Jack wasn’t happy about me not accepting his offer. He agreed not to say anything about the promotions.

I felt relieved when Jack left, didn’t feel so threatened that someone would find out about our past sexual experiences. I unpacked my clothes, throwing the folders on my desk. I looked at the clock and wondered if Taylor McClane was in Phoenix right now, chopping off heads. I felt a little down at the thought. I took off my clothing and jumped into the shower. The warm spray felt great. I soaped myself all over, my pussy still tender from Jack’s reaming with his huge cock. I put my hands on the shower wall, closed my eyes and let the water run down my back and legs.

I took a short nap, stretching out across the bed. I woke up about 9:00pm and fixed myself a frozen TV dinner. I’m not much of a cook. If I didn’t have a microwave, I’d starve to death.

I was getting the urge for a cigarette and something to drink. I got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and drove my little hatchback to the liquor store a few blocks up the street. I walked around looking at all the wines, finally finding the one Jack and I had drank at the hotel bar. I picked up a couple of bottles. Scotch, so many different brand names and some fairly expensive too. I picked up a bottle of scotch, mid-priced. Besides dressing conservative, I’m conservative with my finances. I headed for the cashier to pay for the alcohol. I walked past the cigarette display. I put the bottles on the counter and went over to get a carton of cigarettes, maybe two. The cashier asked if I needed anything else. I spotted a lighter display and picked out two of them. I paid for the items and headed back to my apartment. Back in my little apartment, I turned on the TV to catch the news. I put the wine in the refrigerator to chill, opening up the Scotch for right now. I opened a pack of cigarettes, lighting one. The two together really relaxed me. I grabbed the “confidential material” folder and sat in the recliner to go through it. I was astounded at the information I was allowed to review, personnel files, accounting records, reports and investigative information. I read through most of it, trying to absorb it all in. I decided to put it aside for the evening, maybe look it over more sometime during the weekend.

I got on the Internet, one of my favorite pastimes to check out any emails I might have gotten while I was away. My parents and sister had sent me several. I replied to them before they mistook my not answering them as an omen something had happened to me. Mom always asked if I’d found a man yet. She was worried because I’d never married. My sister mostly complained about her lazy ass husband. And they wonder why I never got married!

I checked quite a few of the automobile related sites, especially the manufacturer’s websites to get an idea on car pricing. I had to check out the new Corvettes, getting quickly discouraged when I saw the MSRP figures. Maybe a Mercedes instead bostancı escort of a Corvette. Well even more discouragement there. I paid less than $10,000 for my little hatchback used, a few years back. Prices were a lot higher now.

The rest of the weekend passed by uneventful. I drank one of the bottles of wine and smoked a couple packs of cigarettes. I was enjoying the bad habits I’d picked up during my business trip.

Monday morning arrived and I got dressed in my usual conservative business suit. Arriving at our office building I noticed nothing had changed the three days I was gone. Jack wasn’t in yet, he ran late once in awhile, probably having a “morning quickie” with his wife, I assumed. I got myself a cup of coffee from the vending machine and sat at my desk, going through the mail. Jack strode in at the last minute. He had a really big smile on his face. I smiled back at him. He unlocked his office, turned on the lights and went to his desk. I finished reading my mail then went to the ladies restroom. Some of the other secretaries were in there, primping their hair and fixing their make-up. I had to laugh internally at their vanities.

Ron, our regional manager came down the hallway and asked Jack and I if we’d come to his office. It was 9:00am. We walked down and entered his office. Most of the people in the office were watching us, probably figuring we were in for an ass chewing. Ron shook my hand and gave me a hug. He shook Jack’s hand offering his congratulations to both of us.

“Sit down for awhile. My secretary’s out posting the CEO’s official announcement about your promotions. I didn’t want you to get swamped by everyone right off.” He said. “Let the news sink in a little bit.”

Ron chatted about the great work we’d done. He made it a point to let Jack know that he knew who actually did the work between us, pointing directly at me. Jack agreed, paying me a like compliment. Ron asked if either of us played golf. Jack does, I never tried it. He went on to talk about all the great golf courses there are around Phoenix, the desert and of course the tremendous heat during the summer. We sat in his office for almost an hour.

Jack and I left Ron’s office and headed back to our area. Some people looked away, some smiled; a few gave us the thumbs up. Some of the guys grabbed Jack practically shaking his arm off. Jack was grinning and thanking everyone. I walked back and sat at my desk.

The secretary who works across the way from me came over. She’s a snooty type, thinks she’s smarter and better looking than any of the other women in our office. She never speaks to me unless she absolutely has to.

“Sarah, congratulations on the big promotion.” She chided.

She leaned in close to me and whispered. “You didn’t make it on your back, you made it on your merit. I’m a little jealous, but I’m very proud of you. Give ‘em hell in Phoenix.

Her sentiment almost brought tears to my eyes. I thanked her, meaning it sincerely. I had to look away so she wouldn’t see my eyes starting to water. Jack managed to finally make it back to his office. I walked in behind him and closed the door. Jack asked if I wanted to sit at his desk, he was serious! I suggested we sit at the table and start putting our business plans together. I reviewed with him what I’d read in the business folder on the Phoenix operation. The “confidential material” folder would never be discussed. It was for “my eyes only”. We spent the rest of the day tossing ideas back and forth.

By Wednesday, Jack and I both had gotten some pretty good ideas on what caused the Phoenix operation start to collapse. We worked on business strategies and operational changes. We had a lot of work to accomplish. I would have to make the personnel changes myself so I never brought that subject up.

Friday around noon, Jack’s wife, Jennifer came to the office. She was friendly as usual, offering me her congratulations. She was excited about living in Phoenix but not too excited about all the moving they’d have to do. We chatted briefly about moving. Jennifer asked me to come over Saturday afternoon for a cookout with her and Jack. Jack thought it was a great idea. Although I wanted to decline, I accepted the offer and asked if I could bring something along for the meal. Jennifer held my hand and said just to bring myself. I smiled at her gesture. I was glad that I had accepted their invitation after all. Later that afternoon, Jack gave me directions to their house. I restated my intention to be there but not to go to a lot of trouble for me.

Saturday morning was sunny and warmer than usual. I didn’t know exactly what to wear so I picked out a pair of dress slacks and a nice blouse. I felt a little overdressed but thought jeans and t-shirt might be too casual. I stopped by the liquor store on the way and purchased a bottle of red wine, a little pricey but the clerk said I’d like it.

I drove out to Jack and Jennifer’s house. It was in one of those gaited communities. I had to stop at the gate and give the attendant my name and who I was there to see. My name was on the visitor’s list and she quickly motioned me through. Arriving at their home, I parked behind Jack’s Corvette. I glanced back as I walked towards the front door. It looked like “Rich Man, Poor Man”. I’d soon be upgrading to something better once I got settled in Phoenix.

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