Submissive Adam’s Wedding

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All characters are over the age of 21 and consenting adults. This story involves an alternative matriarchal culture in which submissive males are raised by dominant mothers and go on to marry dominant wives. If you do not enjoy stories about fetish or alternative femdom culture, please find another story!

On the day of his wedding to Stacy, Adam was in his room getting ready when his sister knocked on his door.

“Open up. Present from your future wife!” she announced.

Adam opened the door to find his sister holding some type of plastic ring, as well as a note. She proceeded to read the note to him, “Dear Adam, wear this on your little penis to help you stay fully erect during our wedding. Keep it in your pocket and put it on in the bathroom just before the wedding. Put it on your soft penis first, then pull your balls through it, one at a time. Then masturbate only until you are erect. You must stay erect during the wedding to symbolize your vulnerability, your longing to be submissive to me and your respect for your wedding vows. You may feel a little pressure, but it shouldn’t hurt. See you soon. Love, Stacy.”

Adam excused himself from his sister. He was embarrassed that she knew he would be wearing the ring on his penis, but he was used to being humiliated in front of his sister. His mother and sister had spanked him often as they trained him to be submissive to his future wife, so they already knew that he became very aroused in the presence of dominant women, especially when being punished or humiliated by one. His mother and sister had created opportunities daily to increase his capacity to tolerate humiliation, on the basis of preparing him for his marriage day. His whole life had been leading up to this day, as he served and pampered his mother and sister.

His father was submissive to his mother, of course, but they had kept their sex lives private. Nevertheless, his mother had displayed his father’s obedience in front of his sister and himself many times, so he knew his parent’s relationship was a traditional one. Whereas Adam had only been punished in private, he had witnessed his mother punishing his father in public. Each time he had felt so embarrassed for him and he had felt angry about it, although he knew there was nothing he could do to assist his poor father.

Most of Adam’s spankings had been administered over his mother’s lap, with his father and sister watching, although his sister had taken every chance to spank him as well. All of these punishments had made his penis hard. His mother had started spanking him regularly around age 14, to prepare him for marriage. He had been allowed to keep his white briefs on during his spankings, but they were tight enough that his whole family knew about his little boner. His mother had him stand in the corner after his spankings until his erection went down so that he would not be tempted to masturbate.

Adam’s mother praised him for keeping his erection as long as she told him to, which is to say during the entire ordeal of his punishments. By age 16 he was able to keep his penis hard for several hours at her request. However, she taught him that masturbation was wrong unless he had permission. She didn’t give him permission often, but she did have him try it a few times, to make sure his equipment worked, and to get sperm samples. It was expected in arranged marriages that the submissive male’s family would provide several samples in storage. His future wife would need to know that he was fertile in case she wanted children. Thus, Adam had masturbated into a specimen cup on several occasions after his spanking. His mother had supervised him of course.

On the most recent time, Adam’s mother had spanked him privately in her bedroom, instead of in the living room where he was usually punished. She had him bend over her bed and then she had him lower his briefs down to his knees. She used a belt, which hurt more than usual. As she spanked him, she explained that although she hated to hurt her baby boy, she wanted him to be prepared for this type of spanking during his marriage. Adam had cried but his penis responded, as usual, soon becoming rock hard.

When his mother finished spanking him, she had him stand up, revealing his erection. “Good boy,” she told him, as she took out a measuring tape to measure his penis. “Only four inches, fully erect!” she said. “That’s a fine size for a submissive husband,” she explained, although he felt embarrassed. Then she had watched him masturbate into the specimen cup. It felt wonderful!

Other than those times, Adam had not engaged in masturbation. He had always tried to be a good boy, as his mother had trained him.

Stacy was the most dominant woman Adam had met and he was thrilled when she pursued him and started having regular conversations with his mother to inquire about him. He had been alone with her after their engagement and had learned to serve her dinner and to keep her house clean. As a single woman, she had a messy house escort izmir which needed a man’s touch. He looked forward to serving her dutifully as her submissive husband. He was happy to wear the penis ring to please her. He looked forward to a lifetime of pleasing her.

Just before the wedding, Adam went into the bathroom to place the ring on his penis. It seemed a little too big at first, but it was tight after he followed her instructions to pull both of his balls through the ring, along with his penis. Adam was excited to masturbate with Stacy’s permission. He found that he didn’t have to touch himself for long, since the ring itself seemed to be working its magic to keep him hard. He did not masturbate longer than needed, although it felt good. He was grateful to have been trained to enjoy being hard without masturbating.

He left his room and was joined by his mother, who was to walk him down the aisle to give him away. He saw that his family’s large living room had been transformed with beautiful decorations and flowers for the joyous occasion. About 50 guests had somehow fit into the living room. Adam was nervous when he looked down to see his little boner, straining against his tightly fitting satin wedding trousers. He was surprised that his erection was obvious, although small.

“I see it, too!” whispered his mother, taking his hand. “I’m proud that you are showing this public respect to your future wife. Everyone will see that you belong to her. You are such a good boy, Adam. I’m sure you will serve Stacy well.”

“Yes, thank you, mother. I will serve her as you have trained me,” replied Adam.

“And you will serve her in new ways for which you have not been trained, sexual ways,” she whispered in his ear, suddenly worried for him.

“Yes, mother, I imagined as much. Don’t worry, I’m a good boy, remember? I’ll learn what she expects of me, just as dad had to learn what you expected of him,” said Adam.

She smiled. “Yes, that’s true. You are a good boy, Adam,” she said reassuringly.

“Thank you mother,” said Adam, squeezing her hand as the music started and they made their way past the guests to the front of the room, where the minister waited at the altar with Stacy.

The happy couple then took their vows, with Adam vowing to love, worship, and obey his wife, and Stacy vowing to financially provide for Adam and to keep him in line as her humble servant. The bride was then encouraged to take the groom to his bedroom for some private time to establish her dominance over him.

Adam was captivated by Stacy’s beauty and her confidence. He eagerly lead his new wife to his room. “Lock the door, husband,” she directed him. “Then come and stand here before me.”

He eagerly rushed to be near her. Stacy reached down to feel the little bulge in his satin pants. “You’ve done well, husband,” she praised him. “You follow orders well. That’s good because now that you’re mine, you’ll be following a lot of them, as you know.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied.

“You will address me as ‘Ma’am’ in public and ‘Mistress’ in private,” she corrected him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he quickly replied. Although Adam had no reference for what a Mistress did, he was soon to find out.

“Good boy,” she said. “Let’s have those trousers off now, for a full inspection.”

Adam slipped his shoes off and then unzipped his pants, removing them, folding them, and placing them on the bed.

“Those, too,” Stacy said, pointing to his briefs. “In fact, you won’t be needing those anymore.”

Adam was surprised, but quickly removed his briefs and tucked them under his pants.

“Let me see this adorable little pecker in its extra small cock ring. I’m not sure we can call this a cock, though. That is about as small as they get!” she exclaimed. “Naturally, I will have to regularly spank you for having such a tiny micro-penis.”

“Yes, Mistress!” he responded, eager to feel her spanking, eager to have her take control of him. He wanted to belong to this beautiful, powerful woman in every way. Starting right now, he hoped.

His wish was granted. Stacy pulled a wide leather strap from her bag. She sat in the room’s straight-backed chair and ordered Adam over her lap. The scratchy material of her lace wedding gown scratched his stiff little penis.

“Don’t you ever dare to ejaculate without my permission,” she demanded. “Especially not on my wedding gown!”

“Yes, Mistress,” he agreed. But he didn’t realize it would be so difficult. He was alone with his Mistress-wife for the first time, over her lap, and his penis and balls were held tightly by a cock ring, making them incredibly hard and aroused.

Stacy began swatting her submissive husband’s ass with wild abandon. She felt pure joy to exercise such control over him. To feel him writhe under her belt, whimpering softly as he gave himself to her entirely. It was even more satisfying than she had imagined it would be! Cultural norms dictated that the wife gave her new husband escort izmir his first spanking as soon as possible after he was legally hers. Stacy had been looking forward to it since she was a teenager.

“Hold still!” she chastised him. “And keep quiet or I’ll have to go harder on your sweet little ass!”

“Yes, Mistress! I’m sorry, Mistress!” he answered.

Adam found that he had to really focus on his self-restraint as his little member rubbed against his wife’s scratchy gown. It was the first time he thought he might ejaculate without permission. The first time he had wanted to. Needed to.

“Mistress?” he asked.

“Yes, Adam?” she answered. “This better be important because I’m really enjoying myself right now.”

“Yes, Mistress, but I’m afraid I might ejaculate. I’m so sorry Mistress,” he said.

“Very well,” she said, sounding perturbed. “You’ll make it up to me later. Your little buns are nicely reddened anyway. Is this the hardest spanking you’ve received?” she demanded to know. She certainly hoped it was; she had done her best to ensure it was. She knew how important it was to make a strong first impression on her submissive husband.

“Oh, yes, Mistress!” responded Adam.

“You may carefully remove yourself from my lap and kneel at my feet with your knees spread and your hands behind your back,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress,” he responded, slowly lowering himself to the floor at her feet and assuming the requested position.

“I see your micro-penis is still standing at attention,” she remarked. “Are you attracted to me, husband?’ she asked.

“Oh, yes, Mistress. I’m so attracted to you that I’m sure it will remain ‘at attention’ for a long time,” Adam confessed.

“That’s a good boy,” she praised him. She removed her stocking clad feet from her shoes and used them to roughly rub his hard little penis, still bound in its ring. “Still think you’re going to come without permission? Or was that because I was spanking you?” she teased him.

“Yes, Mistress. This feels good, but the feeling was more intense when you were spanking me with the strap. I’ve never felt that way during a spanking. I think it was because I respect you so much and because I’m so attracted to you.” Adam admitted.

“I’m glad to hear that Adam. I look forward to making you mine in every possible way,” Stacy said. “Normally, after I spank you, I’ll have you stand in the corner for me, but our time is limited now. Our guests will expect us at the reception. What I will make time for is your first attempt to please your Mistress,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress! Anything to please you, Mistress!” said Adam, growing excited to have his first sexual experience with her.

Stacy pulled up her wedding gown and spread her legs, grabbing her new husband’s head and pulling him in close. “Submissive, meet your most important duty. You will spend a lot of time here, worshipping my pussy. I like it after work, in the morning, lots of times, but especially after I get turned on by spanking you,” she explained.

“Yes, Mistress! I am excited to worship your pussy!” he exclaimed.

“Start by licking it,” she demanded, pulling his mouth to her.

He had no idea what to do, but was very motivated, on his knees before this dominant woman, about to have sex for the first time. He had been trained to please women his whole life, but this was his first time pleasing one sexually.

Adam began licking Stacy’s pussy. It was wonderfully wet and he liked the way her pussy juices tasted. He licked her pussy from top to bottom, over and over, even licking her asshole to show his dedication. As she moaned, he felt pride that his efforts were paying off. Then she grabbed the back of his head and held him to one particular spot.

“This is my clit,” she explained. After you lick my whole pussy and asshole, you will focus on licking my clit, when I tell you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Adam pulled away to answer properly.

“Back to work,” she insisted. “When you’re between your Mistress’ legs, you don’t need to answer me with words. You can just give me a sound so that I know you have listened and have understood what is expected of you.”

Stacy waited for his muffled response, before continuing, “That’s a good little pussy licker. Lick it a bit harder now. Make your tongue flat and wide and use it to please my clit. Yes, that’s right. Good boy.”

As his Mistress-Wife called him a ‘Good Boy,’ Adam’s heart melted. He felt complete, happy, and recognized by his Mistress. He felt a strong sense of meaning in his life. He felt fulfilled. Especially now, as he worshipped her pussy. He hoped she let him do it every day.

Adam started to feel something else. He felt an urgency in his penis that he had not felt before. He had been trained to keep his obedient little penis hard for hours, but not this hard. He thought it must be the ring she had given him to wear. What was it doing to him?

Adam thought about how hard his penis had been after his mother spanked him, especially when she spanked him in front of his father and sister. How it would stay hard as he stood in the corner with all of them watching. But it would eventually get less and less hard on its own. He thought about when his sister spanked him. His tiny penis stood at attention for several hours, as she mocked its small size.

As he licked his Mistress’ pussy, his poor penis stood at attention in a new way. Adam’s penis truly stood with respect and longing for his Mistress. His penis urgently wanted release, ejaculation. But he didn’t want to tell her. He knew it wasn’t his place as a submissive husband.

“Suck it now!” she commanded. “Suck my clit you filthy little pussy licker. Do your duty. Suck it good to please me!”

She was pleased with both his muffled affirmative response and his excellent sucking. She was building up to the best orgasm of her life. Having her pussy licked by her submissive husband felt amazing. She had only had pleasure like this with prostitutes and, of course, while masturbating. Her parents had been right. Marriage was the best.

Suddenly, Stacy grabbed fistfuls of Adam’s hair and held him in place as her pussy convulsed as it never had before. She made sure that all her juices found their way into his open mouth and she instructed him to swallow them.

“Good boy,” she praised him, releasing her grip on his hair. “Now clean me with your tongue. Everywhere, including my asshole,” she insisted.

Fueled by the pleasant feelings brought on when she called him a good boy, Adam eagerly licked Stacy’s pussy and thighs, paying close attention to her asshole. Finished, he looked up at her with admiration, proud to have played a part in her satisfaction.

“Mistress?” he asked.

“Yes, Adam?” she answered. “Did you enjoy worshiping my pussy? It will be your most important job, apart from cooking and keeping the house clean to my standards.”

“Mistress, I love worshipping your womanhood. I hope I made you proud. And I look forward to keeping your house. My penis…” he said.

“Yes, what about your micro-penis? Call it your tiny penis, or your micro-penis,” she insisted, still recovering from her powerful orgasm.

“Mistress, my micro-penis feels very hard, like too hard. As if it could explode,” he explained.

“Oh, yes, it’s the ring. I’ll allow you to ejaculate before we can take it off,” she explained.

“Thank you, Mistress!” he said, feeling himself getting more sexually excited than he had ever felt.

“This is a rare treat, Adam. Now I don’t want you to make a huge mess on our wedding day. Stroke that tiny penis for me. You will catch all of that mess in your hand, or you will be disciplined.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Adam, as he stroked his astonishingly hard little penis. It felt exquisite and he liked having her watch him. He believed he could catch all of his ejaculate in his hand, but his mother had given him a cup, so he wasn’t sure. He feared messing up and disappointing her, not to mention his bottom was already stinging from her belt. He feared what would happen if he made a mess.

“When’s the last time you stroked yourself?” she asked.

“Months ago, when my mother gave me permission. She needed to take a sperm sample from me to check fertility and she also measured my penis,” said Adam.

“Yes, I heard that your fertility is very good. Just how small is the micropenis?” she said, teasing him.

“It’s 4 inches long, Mistress, fully erect,” he answered.

“Wow, that has got to be some kind of record,” she said, laughing. “Just perfect for a submissive husband.”

“I was hoping you would say that, Mistress,” said Adam. And I was hoping you would punish me for it, Mistress,” said Adam, confessing to his submissive fantasy.

“Why? Does it turn you on?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress,” he replied, continuing to stroke his tiny penis.

“What about it turns you on?” his wife inquired.

“Being belittled by you turns me on, Mistress. Ever since we were dating, you would make comments about my small penis, mocking me, and it made my tiny penis stay hard for you,” he explained.

“I see. Does being punished by me turn you on?” she asked.

“Yes mistress, very much so. Being punished has made my micro-penis hard ever since I was old enough to have it get hard. But being punished by you affected me beyond my wildest hopes and dreams, Mistress. Being punished by you felt so right. Nothing has ever felt more right in my entire life. All of me craves your punishment, Mistress, your dominance,” he explained.

“My good boy,” she mused, patting his head. “Well, focus on the job at hand. We haven’t got all night. The guests will be expecting us. You have one more minute to finish, or you will be wearing that ring on your micro-penis for the rest of the night.” Stacy looked at her watch.

“Yes, Mistress,” he said. Adam closed his eyes and remembered how he felt when his Mistress had spanked him with her leather strap. How he had almost ejaculated on her dress. Thinking these thoughts was all it took, and he gasped as he ejaculated into his hand. It felt heavenly.

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