Such A Tease

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He was sitting down for dinner, when she came up from behind, and hugged him.

“Hi Hun.”

“Hi sweetie.” She ran her hands gently down his strong arms, pulling them back slightly… With a sudden click, he realized he was handcuffed to the chair.

“What are you doing?” he asked devilishly.

“Nothing. Nothing at all….” She seemed just a bit more devilish. Then again, she wasn’t the one handcuffed to a chair. She stood in front of him, letting him really look at her for the first time since he got home. He was pleasantly surprised.

A full length black dress, with a deep V neckline, showing her fantastic cleavage, and a slit running up each leg, to a high point near her hip, showing just enough skin of her fantastic legs to make you keep looking. The skin tight material silhouetted her figure, and accentuated her breasts and hips. All he could think of to say was ‘Wow’.

“You like?” she asked, as she ran her hands over the curves of her hips, up her belly, and under her breasts, lifting up toward him slightly. But she already knew the answer from the flabbergasted look on his face. “Oh my… Looks like you could use a hand with dinner, since you seem to be all tied up….” She sat on his lap, making sure to grind into his pelvis. She fed him small bites of his dinner, and gave him sips of a strong red wine. He kept glancing down over the top of her dress, and into her deep cleavage. She kept wiggling in his lap, just slightly, as she fed him. It didn’t take long for her to feel a growing bulge beneath her. He leaned in and began kissing her neck. She cooed slightly, leaning her head to the side for a moment, letting him excite her. Kissing, nibbling and sucking on her soft skin made him hard, and gave her goosebumps.

Suddenly she got up, and playfully scolded him. “You are so fresh! Kissing me like that. I don’t know what you think you’re doing….” He instinctively tried to stand up to follow her, but the metallic “clink” of his handcuffs firmly kept him in the chair. She turned, looking down at her chest. “Look at what you’ve done you naughty boy.” Her nipples strained against the tight fabric. “What am I going to do about this now? ” She started whispering as she moved closer to him. She tugged down on the neck line of her dress, and it slid down exposing her breasts. Her pink nipples became the center of his attention. She was still wearing her bra, but the cups were cut so they were under her nipples, accentuating her breasts, not covering them.

She mounted his lap like a pony, spreading her legs wide around his girth. Her smooth thighs came up through the slits in the dress, giving him even more skin to look at, but the front of her dress stubbornly remained between him, and the object of his appetite. She started rubbing her chest up and down against his.

“You like that? You want to kiss one of them? I think they want to be kissed….” She lifted her breasts to his mouth, and he eagerly sucked a pert nipple into his mouth. But just as quickly, she pulled it away. “That’s enough.” She declared as she slid back, making sure to grind into him, and down, off of his lap. He was going mad with frustration. He kept pulling on his restraints, as if magically the steel would give way, and let him unleash his sexual frustration on his little lover…

She stood up before him. “I saw you looking at my legs when I sat down. Is that what you would preffer? Would you like me to show them to you?” She put a foot on his thigh, and with her knee close to the same hight as his chest, she offered him a wonderful view.

“I’d love to do more than just look at them…” He commented. Her answer was a sharp smack across his face. He was surprised she would do something like that, but in a strange way, it turned him on.

“Such a naughty boy. I’m in charge here. You’ll only be allowed to do what I say. Now, you *can* look gebze escort at my leg….” She ran a hand from her ankle, slowly up to her knee. “What to you think?” His inability to pull his eyes from her leg was all the answer she needed. “I just shaved them. They are so smooth.” She caressed her thigh, dragging her fingertips on her soft skin. “Wouldn’t you like to know just how far up I shaved?” That question broke his stare on her leg. He looked up at her with a stunned, grateful, and hopeful look. As her hand came up to her hip, she slid it inward, through the slit in the dress, and behind the fabric. He couldn’t see her finger nail slipping behind the elastic of her black silk panties. He couldn’t see the fingertip part her lips, and slide up to her swollen clit. He couldn’t see how she rolled it around on her fingertip. All he could see was the twitch of the fabric, and the heavenly look on her face.

Jealousy tore at him. Not only was she getting off… But he couldn’t even watch! He wanted to touch her. He wanted her to touch him as well. His throbbing rod ached to be inside of her. But the handcuffs were still keeping him from her.

“No Fair, that’s my job! Let me out of these!” She snapped out of her euphoria, and said,

“No. This isn’t really working. Excuse me.” With that, she turned and walked into the bedroom. Abandoned and alone, he wasn’t sure what she was doing. Did he say something wrong? Was she upset? However, when she came back out, all of his questions were answered.

Now, all she was wearing was her bra, tiny black thong panties, and a sheer robe, untied, framing her physique like curtians on a stage. She swaggered into the room. Her hips rocked hypnotically, dancing under the robe as she walked toward him. Her full breasts bounced slightly, teasing him with those pink nipples again. She sat down on his lap again, but more firmly, grinding into him strenuously.

“There. That’s much better. Do you like my outfit?” Before he could answer, her reached down and grabbed the hot, hard cock she had been sitting on and said “I guess so” This was the first time she had really touched him. It was wondrous, but through the thick denim of his jeans, it couldn’t be enough. “Let me see what we can do about this.” she said.

She slid down between his knees, and opened his pants. His penis popped out like it was escaping from a prison. She smiled, licked the length of it, and sucked it into her mouth. Fiercely, she drove it down her silky throat. He let out a deep guttural moan as he was finally receiving the attention he so desperately craved. While her mouth worked on his shaft and head, she reached a hand under him, and held his heavy testicles in her hand. This was not a soft caress, Instead it was a rough groping. The added stimulation made him light headed. If he weren’t still handcuffed, he may have fallen over.

His chest heaved as she slammed his cock into her again and again. His breath became ragged, punctuated my moans and grunts. She knew he was almost ready to flood her mouth with his seed. That’s when she stopped.

“Do I have your attention?” She asked with a grin.

“What? No! Don’t stop… PLEASE… DON’T STOP NOW!!!”

“But I’m not ready to be done with you just yet…” She sat back on his lap, with her back to him now. She slowly and teasingly, she dragged her butt across the head of his tool. The soft smooth skin of her bottom, and thin silky fabric of her panties drove him wild. She threw her robe on the floor, and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor as well. She was beautiful, and he loved to look at her.

She stood up, turned around, showing her nearly bare body to him. So close, yet so far. Only her tiny panties remained. He wanted her now more than he ever thought possible. Any part of her… He needed to feel, göztepe escort and taste her. He needed all of her. She stood facing him for a moment. She was as excited as he was, and it made her wet. A damp patch on her panties was becoming visible. She leaned in to kiss him, deeply. Her lips were soft and inviting. Her tongue was warm, and delicious. He was unable to think of anything while she kissed him. He was completely lost in the kiss.

When she stood back up, he noticed her thong was gone. She now stood undressed, and shaved bare before him. He stared at her nude form. Her breasts, and soft belly, her legs and shapely hips. As she turned, he stared at her round bottom, that begged for a spanking.

Instead of a spanking, she knelled on the floor, and reached for a large pink toy, that he hadn’t noticed she brought from the bedroom. Her knees slowly separated as she lowered hrtself to the floor. She held the toy, and started licking the head of it. Bouncing up and down on her knees slightly, she started sucking on her toy. Never before had he wanted to be a piece of plastic so much.

Slick with her spit, she placed it under her, and against her eager hole. As she pressed down on it, she felt her flesh give way, and it began penetrating her. He watched as she impaled her self on the large plastic phallus. He could only watch as it slid into her, where he wanted to be. She started to slowly bounce again. Jiggling it deep within her. While one hand held the toy, the other hand began playing with her breasts. Pinching her nipples, and squeezing the soft flesh… then, reaching across her belly and down to the freshly shaved skin between her thighs, and finally to her clit. She grunted and moaned and she pinched and rubbed her self. She was getting close to a massive orgasm, but wanted to save it.. Save it for him.

He watched as she crawled onto all fours, showing off to him. She slid the pink plastic cock in and out, over and over. Such a simple motion, yet completely captivating. With her butt to him, and on all fours, he could see all of her most intimate areas. He pulled on the chain to his cuffs, desperate to get to her.

The toy was fun, but she started to want more. She wanted something to move against her… something that could kiss back. She wanted him. No little toy could compare to what he could do with his fingers, and his mouth, and his throbbing, swollen, aching cock. She was almost ready to undo his cuffs. Almost.

The tips of the fingers on her other hand, moved down her body, to her exposed rump. They playfully circled her anus. The urge to get a little kinky was hard to deny. She was becoming almost as frustrated as he was. “You want me baby? You want to fuck me? Huh?” You want to slide that cock of yours into me? I know you do. You want to take me on my hands and knees, and drive it all the way into me!” She crawled, on all fours, over to his chair. She rocked her hips, and made sure he saw her chest jiggling. She pushed his legs apart, and climbed up his body, pulling on his clothes like she wanted to rip them off. Nuzzling her face into his member. Sliding it down her neck and shoulders, as she moved further up… squeezing it between her breasts, sliding down her belly, and then the moist area between her thighs.

Straddling him again, she slowly and carefully rubbed the lips of her opening across the head of his member. She let a slight whimper escape her sweet lips. She was very sensitive, and it made her tingle. He grumbled as the sensation flooded his mind. All he could think of now was her, and being with her… She slid back and forth, scratching at his chest, biting his shoulder. She slid across the length of his cock as her breasts squashed between them. She her bare flesh against him… So close, but he still can’t have her.

CLICK! haramidere escort She jumped and ran down the hall…..

… Bewildered for a moment, he almost didn’t notice one of his handcuffs fall off. She had finally released him.

He raced down the hall after his torturer, tearing off his clothes as he ran. She stood in the bedroom, half hiding in the corner. He grabbed her and threw her through the air, onto the bed. She scrambled to crawl away, but wound up with his strong hands on her hips. On all fours again, but not in control this time. He pressed his cock into her slick wet flesh. She helped guide him in, and braced her self for what he was going to do. With all the force he could bring to bear, he buried himself in her. Finally he felt the sublime sensation of hot, hot flesh, totally engulfing his manhood. The forced he used to drive into her would have knocked her off the bed, if not for the firm grip he had on her waist. His remaining handcuff rattled, as her chest shook from the force. Powerless to resist, she surrendered to him.

Over and over again, punishing her soft flesh, he penetrated her. The only time he would release her hips, was to spank her between thrusts. He’d mumble something about revenge, or who she belonged to. He watched as her bare ass shook from thrusting into her, and from the slaps he delivered. How he loved the look of her ass….

She dropped her arms, burying her face in the pillow. With her hands free, she reached down, and started playing with her self, and with her breasts again. Her whimpers of extacy were muffled by the thick feather pillow around her face. Over and over, his manhood drilled deep into her, stroking her deepest, darkest places. She was now his, completely. She would deny him nothing.

As he looked down, over the shapely back, and round bottom of his lover, he saw a chance to further get some measure of revenge for the game she played. He withdrew his tool, slick with her moisture. With one hand he held her, and with the other be positioned his shaft. She now felt his hot skin against her anus, and knew what he wanted. She pushed back against him, showing her willingness to play along. He had to work at it, but finally slid his head into her. With one more strong thrust, he slid his entire length into her ass. She gasped, and coarsely rubbed her clit. She was closer to orgasm than she realized. She wanted to cum with him deep inside of her, and in such a dirty way.

“Oh… . Yeah… Fuck my ass… Give it to me… Fuck me….Fuck me….Fuck me….” A stream of obscenities flowed from her pretty lips. All of her grace and poise fell away as this turned into a dirty fuck.

She felt an orgasm growing from deep within her. With each thrust up her ass, and flick of her clit, it grew just a bit more. She scratched at her sopping wet pussy, and ground her fingers against her clit. Filling herself with fingers, as his cock filled her ass. She was high from the feeling. Just as she thought she couldn’t take it any more, her body stiffened, and spasmed. She felt a tremendous orgasm tear across her body. Like a small boat in rough seas, all she could do was hang on, and enjoy the ride…..

Seeing her twitch and writhe under him, he knew she was cumming. Watching her cum… Watching what he had done to her… It was making him cum. He felt it in at the base of his tool. He was about to release all of his energy in one massive event. With a final thrust, he felt the tingle move from th base, out to the head, and then , the first shot. With his cock as far into her as it had ever been, he released his seed. The force of his final thrust knocked her off her knees, and onto her belly. Still cumming, he pulled out of her, and proceeded to shower her ass with cum. It splattered from the back of her thighs to the middle of her back, and everything in between.

Once he finished, he collapsed beside her. Both of them drenched with sweat, and panting, exhausted from the romp. As they lie there, dripping with each other’s fluids, he kissed her cheek gently, and she held his hand, with the remaining cuff. He reached, twisted, and clicked the handcuff, and tethered their wrists together. She just smiled, too exhausted to resist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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