Summer Vacation

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Let me tell you the story of how the Happiest Place on Earth became the Sexiest Place on Earth.

I received a phone call from Nick telling me to drop everything I had planned for the week and to pack a bag because he and Aaron were taking me on vacation.

“To where?” I asked curiously.

“You’ll see” was Nick’s mysterious and sheepish answer.

“I’ve booked you a flight to meet us here in Florida and made sure to have a few clues around as well.” Was his final statement before hanging up.

I didn’t care where I was going, I was just happy to be getting away for a while. I went into my room to begin packing and it wasn’t long after that I heard my doorbell. When I opened my door, a FedEx guy handed me a small box. It was from Nick and it had been postmarked from the previous day. I opened it and pulled out the note inside. It read:

Take this and multiply its size by, oh, say a thousand times and what you’ll have looks something like your first clue.

“Okay, what the HELL does a giant golf ball have to do with this?” I mused.

I went back into my room to finish packing and then called a cab to drive me to the airport. I checked in and made it to my gate without being pulled aside for one of those random security checks. I HATE those things! Have you ANY idea how embarrassing it is to have someone rifling through your bag when you know you’ve packed a box of condoms?! I silently thanked God that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones pulled aside and fell into a chair. I had an hour to kill before my flight so I thought I’d take a short nap. But no sooner had I closed my eyes when someone was tapping me on the shoulder.

“Excuse me Miss, but someone just asked me to give this to you.”

It was an envelope. I opened it and inside was another not and a picture. This note read:

This is clue

, you’ll receive your final clue once you get to Florida. See ya soon!

I pulled out the picture. It was a lion. I laughed out loud. A giant golf ball and a lion, talk about some fucked up clues.

My flight was finally called and as I settled in I realized that I may have forgotten to put some gum in my purse. Great! I thought. I always have to chew gum when I fly, if I don’t my ears hurt so bad it feels like kozyatağı escort my whole head is about to explode. But then I thought that only happens when the pilot descends too quick so I crossed my fingers that if I didn’t have any gum that the pilot would set us down nice and easy. I picked up my purse and rifled through it. YES!! one stick left! I popped it in my mouth and kicked back in my seat.

It wasn’t long after the pilot announced that we were beginning our descent into Florida. THANK GOD!! I was getting a bit cramped. WE got settled by the terminal and I was anxious to see Nick and Aaron. I walked through the airport in search of the baggage claim, my jaw nearly locking from chewing my gum like a mad woman the entire flight. As I got closer I noticed Nick and Aaron waiting for me. I smiled and waved and when I did they both reached up and put Mickey Mouse ears on their heads. I doubled over in a fit of giggles. This must be clue number three. I gave them each a hug and kiss.

“Okay, THIS clue I get, but what the hell was up with the giant golf ball and the lion?”

“The lion is for the Animal Kingdom and the giant golf ball is for Epcot cause I swear that thing looks like one.” Aaron laughed.

“You two are something else.” I laughed.


We all stayed in one room at the Wilderness Lodge Villas, and the first thing I did was eye up the shower in the master bedroom. Not only was it big enough for two, but instead of having the usual frosted doors, the glass was crystal clear! I looked at Nick and Aaron and laughed wickedly.

“Okay, here’s the deal, you get Aaron at the Magic Kingdom, me at the Animal Kingdom, both of us at MGM, and then both again for dinner at Epcot.” Nick said.

I grabbed Aaron’s wrist. “C’mon baby boy, time’s a wastin and I’ve got plans for you.”

Aaron had a nearly frightened look on his face as I yanked him out the door.

After about an hour of looking around in the gift shops I jokingly gasped and said, “Gosh Aaron, do you realize that today is our UnBirthday?”

“Oh GOD” Aaron whined, knowing exactly where I was taking him.

I grinned evilly and grabbed his wrist again.


After küçükyalı escort about five times of spinning ourselves into oblivion on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, we both staggered off to a bench and collapsed in a heap. Aaron tried to read his watch and laughed.

“I’m so damn dizzy the numbers on this thing won’t stop moving!”

When he was finally able to focus he realized he’d better get me to the Animal Kingdom to meet up with Nick or I’d be late. Nick took one look at us and laughed.

“Can’t stay away from them damn tea cups can you?”

Aaron sat down and said, “This woman can’t just ride once, NO, she’s gotta keep my ass on them damn things FIVE TIMES!! thank God I can sit here for a while and figure out how to keep the ground from moving.”

Nick and I left him sitting and took off on our own. We shopped, we watched the parade, and before long he was saying that we had to meet Aaron at MGM.


We found him waiting near the entrance to the Rock-N-Roller Coaster. He high-fived Nick and said, “Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime baby?”

I raised an eyebrow, “I don’t like that look in your eye Aaron.”

I wanted to sit by Nick but Aaron insisted I sit with him.

The damn thing took off like a bat straight out of hell, and before I could catch my breath, Aaron had deftly unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and was slipping two fingers inside of me. I looked at him wide-eyed which only made him torment me more. Behind me, despite the sound of Aerosmith blaring in my ears, I could hear Nick howling his approval, obviously knowing what was happening. I gripped the shoulder harness, this was INSANE!! The combination of the speed of the roller coaster and my approaching orgasm had me so light headed I thought for sure I was about to have a heart attack. Suddenly without warning my release hit me like a bolt of lightning and I screamed at the top of my lungs.

At the end of the ride Aaron turned to me and said, “I told you it’d be the ride of a lifetime.”

I slid off the ride and found that my legs wouldn’t move. They felt like jello. Once again Aaron and Nick high fived each other.

“And who’s idea was this?”

“That mutlukent escort was all me.” Aaron said with a lascivious wink.

“MY idea comes later.” Nick chimed in.

“I believe its dinner time” Aaron said looking at his watch.

“Great, I’m starving, just one small problem, I can’t get my legs to work” I pointed out.

“Aww” Nick said while hoisting me on his back.


We sat in the Coral Reef Restaurant looking at the fish swimming in the Living Seas just next door.

“Having fun?” Nick asked.

I was, but I was actually getting somewhat tired.

I yawned. “Yes—I am”

“Uh-uh, none of that, we’re not done with you yet, you DID pack a bathing suit right?”


The clock read 2am as we walked down to the pool. I slid out of my shorts and apprehensively stepped into the water. To my surprise it was warm. I groaned, sliding further down under the water. God it felt so good! My relaxation didn’t last long though. Nick picked me up and threw me backward into the water and then Aaron did the same. We ended up in a splash war and then Nick was pulling me toward the edge of the pool. Once there, Aaron moved in behind me, pushing my body into Nick’s. Aaron’s hands quickly undid my bathing suit top and Nick’s hands quickly removed the bottoms. After being satisfied that I was completely naked, they slipped out of their trunks, and as Aaron’s hands cupped my breasts, Nick slipped a finger inside of me. My head fell back against Aaron’s chest as Nick finger fucked me. Just as I was nearly over the edge, Aaron kissed me hungrily and Nick slid inside of me. I gasped and kissed Aaron harder as Nick thrust his hips upward, pushing him even deeper inside of me. I began to grind against him, matching his thrusts and once again I screamed my release. I wrapped my legs tightly around Nick’s waist and fell against his chest, wrapping my arms around him.

“We’re not done yet baby” he winked.

He traded places with Aaron and everything started all over again. After all was said and done, it was Aaron who had to carry me back to the room. I was wrapped in a towel and sleeping peacefully with my head on his shoulder.


Now I have ZERO idea where that week went but before I knew it, we had to leave. Nick and Aaron told me that they had another surprise for me–they were flying back home with me.


After the pilot had turned off the seatbelt sign, Aaron got up and headed toward the bathroom. A few seconds later, Nick stood up and took my hand.

“You’re about to join the Mile High Club baby.” he said, leading me to the bathroom.

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