Sun Screen Pt. 01

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If you want 10″ cocks, women who orgasm in 10 seconds flat, simultaneous orgasms or gallons of cum then I’m sorry, but this is not the right story for you. I like to write about ordinary people with ordinary sexual appetites in slightly out of the ordinary situations. I try to keep the plot lines as near to reality as I can.

I try to keep the sex as true to my own experience as possible. I love to write about kissing, stoking, how sex feels and sex as an encounter which involves all the senses. I do like to ‘get dirty’ but only in the height of my (and my character’s) arousal. All my stories have my own experience in them, but they are not autobiographical.

No one in this story is under the age of 18.

Constructive feedback welcome. I am from UK, so UK spelling applies. Thank you for reading my story

[Authors note: I wrote this story for a good friend of mine. Only the names have been changed. I hope you like it, ‘Penny’.]

Act 1 — Thailand.

I had been looking forward to the holiday for months. I was going, with my husband, sister (Penny) and her husband (Mark) to Thailand for 10 days. Penny and I had always been close, she is nine years older than me and virtually brought me up; the four of us went away together quite often. Penny and Mark are a great couple, easy to be with and always lots of fun.

My parents are Greek and in common to lots of Mediterranean culture’s the matriarch of the family ruled during the day but she did what she was told at night in bed. My parents’ generation rarely discussed sex, although I understood the mechanics (from biology lessons) mama [Greek for mum] had not been given me any guidance as to what to expect other than she wanted me to be a virgin on my wedding night. Like a good Greek girl, I complied. As I look back over the last few years, I can see that this upbringing had left me repressed and naïve. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about sex.

The other consequence of my culture was that you got what you were given as far as sex with your husband was concerned. Penny was lucky as Mark encouraged her to explore all aspects of her sexuality. To be comfortable in herself and her responses to arousal. I, on the other hand, had married a man who always did it missionary, rolled off when finished and has never given me an orgasm. I doubt it ever crossed his mind.

He isn’t a bad man; he works hard and has provided for me and our five children. To be fair to him, up to recently, I really didn’t know any different. I always had a sneaky feeling that sex could be more exciting but that’s all it was really, just a feeling, the unsatisfying way we had sex was normal as far as I was concerned.

Things had changed a little for me recently as, during a ‘heart to heart’ with Penny, she had introduced me to the world of self-pleasure. She even bought me a rabbit which I kept hidden from my husband. In my typical Greek repression, I didn’t want him to think he was inadequate in any way.

This story begins when my husband came home from work and delivered some bad news. “I’m sorry Marina I can’t go to Thailand. We have a massive order at work, some of the guys are off with COVID and the boss has cancelled all leave.”

“Really? I have been looking forward to this for months. You really need a break. Can’t you persuade your boss? Come on let’s go.” I was completely crest fallen and my face showed it.

“I have tried, but he won’t budge. He is going to pay me double time though. Why don’t you go without me?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I can’t go without you.” I snorted at him, doing an impression of mama telling off baba [Greek for dad].

“Why not, Penny and Mark are a lot of fun, you will have a great time. We won’t get our money back and if you stayed here, you won’t see me much as I will be at the warehouse most of the time. Go, please.”

“Great, play gooseberry to those two, you know what they are like; they can’t keep their hands out of each other’s pants.” A picture flashed thought my brain, I didn’t want to see it.

“They will be different if you are there on your own. Penny thinks the world of you she would not make you feel uncomfortable.

I went.

Act 2 — the resort.

Thailand was beautiful and so was the resort. We were shown to our suite. We had planned two connecting rooms with their own ensuite and private plunge pool. We were shown a family suite. Two bedrooms, yes but only one bathroom and only one (slightly bigger) plunge pool.

Mark marched back to the front desk, and I followed in his wake, horrified that I might have to share a bathroom with my brother-in-law.

“No this is not what we booked,” Mark was in full flow.

“You have to find us something else, I can’t share a bathroom with my brother-in-law.” I chipped in.

We shouted, demanded, pleaded, and even attempted a bribe. All to no avail, it was high season, and the resort was fully booked for the next 2 months. To make matters worse we were informed that the power lines had come down. The hotel had a backup generator but air conditioning and all but essential lights would be turned off at 11pm every night kaçak iddaa to conserve diesel and power.

Mark and I were absolutely fuming as we walked back. I was ready to turn around and go home. Playing gooseberry was bad enough but sharing a bathroom was too much. When we got back to the room, Penny had unpacked her cases and had poured us all a glass of complimentary ‘welcome’ champagne.

I threw my torch onto her bed. “And they had the cheek to give us fucking torches. A Five-star resort and we have to have fucking torches.” I was doing a great impression of an inconsolable Greek Princess. It was no impression, it was real.

Penny stood open mouthed at my tantrum, I don’t know why, as my older sister, she had seen them all before. Mark in his calm way explained to Penny what had happened.

He had a broad grin on his face as he said. “Penn, the only choice we have is take it or leave it. I vote that as we are here in paradise, we try to make the best of it. I will do my best not to stink the bathroom out in the morning or leave skid marks on the toilet pan, Marina and I will have to work out a bathroom rota, it’s going to be warm at night, but we will get used to it.”

I was trying hard not to smile, I wanted to be angry, but my anger was fading fast. I had taken a few sips of champagne and was feeling a tiny bit buzzed. Penny tried to console me, “let’s stay Marina, its beautiful here. We can work it out and if Mark turns out to be a pig, I will kick him out.” She smiled at me, and I had to smile back and then we laughed. The Ice queen (me) melted. Of course, I wanted to stay. I wasn’t worried about Mark’s toilet habits as I had a pig of my own back at home. I was a bit self-conscious of being naked in a bathroom next to their bedroom and having to walk through their bedroom to get there. All a bit too intimate for me.

Act 3 — relaxation

We decided the first day should be taken up by sunbathing on our private deck. Penny and Mark were first out, and Mark was applying sunscreen to Penny. She was wearing a bikini which showed off her magnificent DD’s perfectly. They are beautiful. I sat down and started on my arms and legs. I was daydreaming about nothing in particular, but noticed Mark’s strong hands caress Penny’s bare skin. As he finished, I asked Penny to do my back. She said “I’m all covered in sunscreen now. Mark will do it, won’t you Mark?”

“Of course,” he smiled. He has nice hands, and it was more like a back massage. I was a bit hesitant but soon relaxed as I love back massages. It all seemed perfectly innocent to me even when he dipped slightly below my bikini line.

After an hour or so Penny said, “let’s have the free champagne from your room, Marina.” We did it and finished the bottle quite quickly between the three of us; it was cold and refreshing. It left us all feeling a little buzzed. We settled down for more sunbathing and it was time to reapply sunscreen. We were following the same order as last time. Mark did all of Penny and then my back. He then went over to Penny with the bottle. She looked up, “I’m all comfortable now, can’t you ask Marina to do it.”

Despite the champagne, I wasn’t all that keen to lay my hands on her husband and I was also relaxed on my lounger. “Sorry Mark, but I’m comfortable here. Penny, he is your husband you sort him out.”

Penny retorted with a smile. “He has done your back twice and if you want him to do it again I suggest you be nice to him.”

“OK, that’s fair,” I said. Mark came over to my lounger to make it easy. I was relieved as at least there would be no question of doing his whole body, I could just do his back.” So, I did his whole back as he had been kind enough to do mine, in the same style as him, sort of like a massage. I was enjoying touching him slightly intimately. He has a strong broad back. I took longer than I needed to and then said, “all done.”

Penny said, “are you only going to do his back?”

I replied, “yes I’m only going to do your husband’s back.” I laughed it off. It was a joke of course it was. Looking back, was it?

The rest of the day drifted by, and we were all getting used to our semi nakedness. Of course, I had seen it all before as we had been on holiday many times together and Penny has a pool at home, but this felt a little different without my own husband here. I felt single and I felt like I was playing gooseberry.

The day was over, and we were all getting ready for dinner. I showered first and walked through their bedroom wrapped in towels. The towels were a little smaller than I was used to, and I wondered why they were both were looking at me as I walked into my own room. I glanced in my mirror, ‘shit’, maybe they caught a caught a glimpse of my black pubic hair. There was no sense worrying I thought, Mark may not have seen anything and if he did there was nothing I could do now. I was slightly thrilled by the thought though.

I knocked, opened the adjoining door. “Penny, can you do me up.”

She shouted out from the bathroom. “Sorry I can’t at the moment, can you do it Mark?”

He called out, “yes of course, no problem,” and walked into kaçak bahis my bedroom. I was holding everything in at the front and turned my back to him. It suddenly occurred to me that he could see my bra and then I thought, ‘don’t be a fool Marina, he has seen you in your bikini, who cares.’ Then I thought pulling the zip up in such intimate surrounds is nearly like pulling it down. ‘You are the only one who thinks like this Marina,’ I said to myself. ‘Mark is not remotely interested in that sort of thing.’

I turned to face Mark. “Thank you, Mark.” His eyes drifted down to my breasts. We have known each other for a long time so I made a joke. “Mark, talk to my face not my chest.”

“It’s not easy with tits like those, Marina, but I will try.” We both laughed, he turned and I wacked his bum as he walked out.

I was not looking forward to dinner. I was worried that I would feel like an outsider in their company. So far, they had gone out of their way to include me, but I feared that dinner would be different. Candle lights, Penny’s beautiful dress and alcohol would make a difference. It didn’t, I had a wonderful time. Lots of laughter, no knowing glances between them, no ‘in-jokes’. If anyone had seen us, they would not have been able to tell who was a married couple who was sister-in-law.

We got back to our rooms. I kissed Penny and Mark’s cheeks and wished them goodnight. I asked for one of them to pull my zip down. Mark obliged and both of them went into their bedroom. They had made me so happy, I loved them both for not making me feel like a gooseberry. I knew I wasn’t ready for sleep, so I sat on our deck taking in the sounds of the tropical night. After half an hour I was getting a bit drowsy and was thinking going to bed. I heard Penny giggle. It made me smile as her giggle is so infectious. Then it happened again. I almost whispered for her to be quiet, then I heard her say “ooooo, that’s nice do that again.”

Mark said “what? This?”

“Yes that. Arrrr, ooo, just there.” Oh, shit they are making love. I smiled again, why wouldn’t they be. Here they are in paradise slightly intoxicated with some nice wine and a few cocktails. They love each other and normally can’t keep their hands off each other. I went into my room and almost passed the set of drawers near the door. I stopped opened the top draw and took out my purple rabbit. I wasn’t sure I was going to use it, but took it to my bed, ‘just in case’.

It was a hot night; I took off all my clothes and lay on the bed. I intended to sleep under a single sheet. I lay there for a while and listened to the tree frogs and other sounds of the night. There was a rhythmical noise I couldn’t quite place. Then it dawned on me…… Bed springs! As soon as I recognised it, I could not get the vision of Mark making love to Penny out of my head. After a few minutes I felt my pussy tingle and I realised why, on auto pilot my hand made its way to my pussy and was gently stroking the hood of my clit. I smiled at the thought of two of my favourite people in the whole world giving each other pleasure. I reached for my friend and turned him on.

I eased my rabbit up and down my labia pausing at the top to explore the hood of my clit. My pussy was starting to show signs of wetness as the lovers next door started to pick up pace. I closed my eye and imagined my husband teasing me. Every time, I stopped concentrating on him he disappeared to be replaced by Mark. I tried harder. My pussy was starting to bloom as my labia became slightly engorged. The tingling was getting better as my clitoris was starting to come out to play. Mark came back into my head, and I strained to picture my husband. I was now slightly dipping my rabbit into my love canal as well as drifting over labia and clit. I know you are not supposed to use the rabbit this way. I know I am supposed to put it all in me, so it whirls away inside and use the ‘ears’ to stimulate the clit, but I don’t. I was feeling warm and relaxed, I tried again to get my husband into my head, but he drifted away.

I reached the plateau and I stopped trying to control my thoughts. Next door Penny was encouraging Mark. I think she was trying to keep a bit quiet as it wasn’t really loud, but I know her voice, I know what she was doing, and my libido was straining to hear every word. “Fuck me stud” she said, and I ‘saw’ Mark fucking me. My eyes opened; I shouldn’t be thinking that. Penny interrupted me, “Just there, oh yes just there.” Mark reappeared in my head, and I didn’t have the mental strength to argue anymore. I let him stay in my head and fuck me.

My hips were making little jerking movement as I focused on my clit. Next door my sister whispered loudly, “cum in me, I want your cum.” ‘Yes, cum in me Mark,’ my head screamed. Penny continued, “yes yes, oh fuck I can feel it in me.” I moved my rabbit back to my entrance and pushed the head in. The head disappeared into my labia as it squirmed around. “oh yes Mark make me cum,” my sister cried. ‘oh yes Mark make me cum,’ my head echoed. I held my breath, my hips pushed up and I came. I moaned and softly jerked my hips to the rhythm of my orgasm. illegal bahis My rabbit worked its magic on my now sopping wet pussy. I continued to softly gyrate against my wonderful friend, I could no longer hear my sister I was oblivious to everything except the vision of Mark pushing his hard cock into my pussy.

After another minute I was back on the plateau, maybe I could have another orgasm. I decided one was enough, I was tired, and I was being to feel awkward about seeing Mark fuck me.

Act 4 — rising tensions

I awoke the next morning having had a great night’s sleep. I met Penny and Mark at breakfast. They had left me a note having gone for some private time, a stroll on the beach. As I walked to breakfast, I had time to process my visions from the night before. As I saw Mark, I flashed back to the vision of him making love to me. I smiled weakly at him. I felt embarrassed to see him as if I really had sex last night. I felt like I had cheated on my husband. Looking back, I should not have been so immature. I must have looked like a completely different person to the relaxed and happy woman of the previous night. I tried to snap out of it but failed, I was troubled.

I was relieved that Penny and I were going to be alone for most that day as Mark went off to play golf.

I was on the deck and Penny shouted out “Have you got a nail file I can borrow, Marina?”

“Yes, top drawer nearest the door.”

When she came out, I offered to rub sunscreen into her back. As I was spreading the cream, she turned her head to me. “I see you have brought your friend with you.”

“My friend,” I said, puzzled.

“Yes, bunny.”

“Yes, and I needed it last night to drown out your noise.”

Penny sniggere, “and I thought we were being quiet. What sort of noises?”

“You know what sort of noises. Anyway, it wasn’t so much the noises that I needed to drown out so much as the ‘Mark’ stuff.”

A smile spread across Penny’s face. “oh, did my little sister have an orgasm with Mark’s face in her head?”

“No, of course not.”

“So how come all you can remember is ‘Mark stuff’.”

“Penny, don’t be daft it wasn’t Mark.”

“So how come you have gone a shade of crimson?”

“OK, so it was Mark, but you can’t blame me.”

All this time I had been rubbing sunscreen into the same spot. Penny said, “I’m not blaming you; it doesn’t bother me at all in fact I think Mark will be tickled.”

I stopped rubbing. “Don’t tell Mark, please.”


“It was dirty, and I shouldn’t have been thinking of him. I should have been thinking of my husband.”

“But you weren’t, you were thinking of Mark. Stop being the prude Greek princess. It was only a bit of harmless sexy fun.”

“It’s not sexy, it’s weird. For a start Mark won’t want me thinking of him.”

“Oh yes he will.”

“Penny, stop making fun of me. He won’t.” Penny was gently nodding her head and smiling. I continued, “OK clever clogs, how do you know?”

“Because he told me. He has always fancied you.”

I was outraged. “So, you talk to your husband about how he has sexual feelings for me, your sister? That’s just wrong.”

Penny was calm. “It’s not wrong, its harmless sexy fun.”

“So tonight, he should come into my room and have sex with me?”

Penny was still calm. “That isn’t what I meant Marina but now you come to mention it. If he wants to and if you want to, yes.”

Marina slightly shook her head. “You are just saying that to tease me. You wouldn’t let your man screw another woman, I wouldn’t, and my husband wouldn’t let me. It’s not normal.”

She stopped the rest of my prudish speech by saying “Marina, its time I did your back.” I walked over to my lounger followed by Penny. She started talking “Right….now…., I don’t own mark I love him. I love Mark and I love you. What do I want for people I love? I want them to be happy. What is the ultimate expression of that? Seeing them make each other happy.”

Her hands were under my bikin bottom virtually on my bum, under my bikini top strap and massaging my shoulders. What she was telling me shocked me, but her hands were making me feel very relaxed. I thought and then said “Hmm.. OK I understand that sounds nice in an ideal world without jealousy but…..”

She interrupted me. “You got it in one sister.”

“What do you mean?”

“In an ideal world it would be normal. It’s nice but jealousy gets in the way. I’m not jealous. I love Mark too much for that. I love you too much for that.” It was all too much for me to process, my mind gone to mush, conflicted by my past and my culture, whilst still having visions of kissing mark.

“Let’s talk about something else,” I said.

“Of course.”

We talked about stuff sisters talk about for the rest of the day. We helped each other with sunscreen. I really liked it when Penny suggested we do the whole of each other’s body. It was a lovely thing to do. Stroke the person you love nearly everywhere. She has beautiful breasts and I so wanted to stroke them, but it wasn’t appropriate. When it was my turn to receive the sunscreen, I felt so warm and loved. I started to feel very sexy and mused that if Penny had felt like this when I had stroked her, I wished I had massaged her breasts for her. In our quieter moments I thought about what she had said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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