Surprised Kate Ch. 01

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The front door of a beautiful, red brick, upper class, three story home flew open. A handful of underwear and makeup landed on the front stoop. Suddenly, a thick, blonde girl in her twenties stumbled outside while trying to wrestle her ample breasts into a grey tube top. As she scrambled to gather her stuff, a screaming voice yelled, “quit playing hide the tube steak with the neighbor boy and do something with your life!” She quietly mouthed “fuck you” to her father, and then bounced down the stairs like she had a hundred times, only to climb into her jeep and peel out. Her license plate read K8S-TOY.

Kate drove for about an hour. It was starting to get dark, and she was well outside of town. “I remember camping near here last summer with Beth and Jake”, she thought. That was the first time she had slept with Jake- if you can call slow and deep fucking, while Beth pretended to be passed out next to them as “sleep”. Kate giggled aloud at the memory. She started getting a little wet thinking about it, and could tell it was getting cooler outside.

At that moment, she pulled up to the campgrounds. It looked empty, with only a couple of cars and a few tents. It seemed quiet, which atakent escort was fine by her because she needed to relax. Kate parked in a space out of the way, but near the bathrooms- perfect for a late nite pee without having to get dressed. She smiled to herself as she hurriedly set up her tent and sleeping bag. She grabbed an almost full bottle of wine that had been rolling around on the floorboard for weeks, and part of a joint hiding in the ashtray.

“Ahh, time to relax”, Kate thought as she ducked into the tent and kicked off her skirt. She slid into a pair of panties, wrapped the sleeping bag around her, and plopped down at the entrance of the tent. While working on her buzz, she had hoped to notice or hear something interesting happening around the camp ground. As she quietly listened, she heard some giggling coming from the bed of a truck that was parked a few spaces behind her. She concentrated intently, trying to imagine what was going on back there.

It didn’t take long for the giggling to turn into quiet moaning and panting. Kate proceeded to slip her hand down between her legs, and could feel the moist akbatı escort heat through her panties. She rubbed herself lightly through the fabric, imagining she was the girl in the back of that truck- but before she could lose herself in their moment, the panting and the moaning stopped. She could hear the girl beginning to argue about a condom, and basically telling the guy that he was out of luck. “Well thanks chick”, thought Kate. “There goes my night too”, a thought that made Kate laugh out loud.

Not willing to give up that easy, Kate decided to check out the shower in the bathrooms. She figured if there was good enough water pressure, she could just finish what she started. This thought made her smile. Kate decided there was no need to put her skirt back on. It was late and nobody would notice her sneaking off into the bathroom.

As she rounded the corner to the shower room, she was surprised to hear water running. She stopped and listened, hoping it was accidentally left on. “Afterall, who would still be up this late?” Kate wondered. Kate slowly peered around the wall to get a better look into the shower stall. aksaray escort Standing there in front of her was a dark haired, rather fit, man in his early thirties. He stood partially turned away, letting the water run through his hair. It cascaded down his back, and dripped over his toned butt and calves. As he turned and faced the doorway, his full front came into view, directly from where Kate was peaking.

Her eyes were immediately fixed on his rock hard cock. She watched as his hand firmly squeezed the head, then slowly slid down the long thick shaft, all the way to his balls- his scrotum tight and ready to cum. He shook his massive cock back and forth, slapping the underside of it against the shower stall. Kate had never seen anything quite as intense. She wondered what that huge dick would feel like slapping her swollen, wet pussy. Suddenly she plunged her middle finger inside of her cunt and let out a small whimper. Hearing this noise, the man looked up and saw Kate watching. She was too scared to run off and just stood there straddling the corner of the wall.

Not thinking clearly, the man walked out of the shower and up to Kate. He grabbed her carefully, but firmly, by the back of the neck. He then ripped her tube top down, exposing her huge natural tits. He thrust his cock deep inside of her pussy, and Kate pressed against the wall while pumping his dick in and out. As she orgasmed, she tightened around his shaft and he exploded in her cunt- her throbbing pussy milking every drop of cum from his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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