Surreptitious Love Ch. 106

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Chapter 106 — In Search of lost Pussy

We all had imagined that everything would be absolutely awesome: my long-term affair Nguyet and I had been planning an orgy for almost a year, but when we were ready, Corona had rained on our parade, as the three leading ladies had to stay put at home in quarantine. Nguyet had spent one day at her company headquarters, where, it turned out, there had been seven infections. And Anna’s dad and Thanh’s mother were doctors, who daily had contact with Covid-19 patients now at the hospital, so they were quarantined as well. It was a shame, as the girls had prepared a striptease, while Anna and I had put a tombola with rousing instructions together to get the orgy off to a good start. We had picked music, arranged for decent food for lunch, and all the other accoutrements. Last but to least, the old hotel, which would be renovated at some point this fall, was the ideal place for our debauchery, as there was enough space and we didn’t need to be careful with the furniture.

But now, as I just said, the three ladies who had been keenest about the orgy, couldn’t be there. We still stuck to our plan to have a group sex bash every week, though, as there were also Thuy, Nguyet’s lovely, petite colleague with her awesome large breasts, and Nga, a former coworker of Nguyet and myself. We three guys had banged Nga six times two weeks ago, but the last time, she had been apprehended by the local police on her way to the old hotel, so that it had just been Thuy and us three guys, which had turned out great, however. Now, Nga refused to try to join us again, as she had had to pay a rather hefty fine for driving through town without permission. At the moment, people needed a special pass if they wanted to go somewhere. I told her, however, that I would pay half of said fine and that I would ask the two young guys to chip in.

When Vu and Hoang had left the previous week, Thuy and I had engaged in some slow and tender love-play, but then Vu had come back as he had forgotten his phone. He had watched Thuy and me for a bit, which made him promise to go down on and massage Thuy before banging her the next time. Vu seemed to only be tender with girls to get his young cock stiff, so that he could fuck. Not that I wanted to completely reverse his attitude, but I still thought that a bit more of loving tender care wouldn’t hurt. So, we had agreed that, this Friday, we would take our time, and perhaps even try to get whoever girls would be there to climax without a dick.

Since my young masseuse Hanh was the expert in pussy massages in our town, I tried to get her to join us, so that it wouldn’t just be another day of three guys banging Thuy. Blind as Hanh was, she had a knack for erotic sensuality, but her mother was pretty protective, partially because of Hanh’s handicap. Frankly, I doubted that we could just swing by her house and pick her up, so I enrolled Anna in the quest, as she was friends with Hanh and bored at her house anyway. I didn’t hear from either of the girls for a few days, but then one of the guys, Hoang, said he couldn’t join us this week, since he, as a plumber and electrician, had gotten a lucrative gig at remodeling the local train station.

Bummer. Should we just cancel everything this week? Well, there were still Vu, Thuy, and myself, and I kinda liked the idea of having the leisure to stimulate our petite friend with her large boobs full of milk. Thuy could breastfeed us, and, after a few sensual rounds on her pussy and clit, we could bang her leisurely and eat lunch in between. Perhaps it was even better to teach Pussy-licking 101 in a smaller group with fewer distractions. Vu could fan out his deck of sensual repertoire cards and then become a local hero among the ladies, just like Hanh with her snatch massages.

But just as I had gotten used to the idea of a rather small group this Friday, there was another setback: About eleven months after giving birth, Thuy was suddenly menstruating again. First, I was hugely relieved that she hadn’t become pregnant the previous week when we had banged her six times, but now we couldn’t massage her pussy. I wasn’t averse to period sex per se, as it was smooth and juicy, but demonstrating how to tenderly stimulate a woman’s labia would not work with Thuy’s blood and tissue in the mix. Vu would never consent to that, and neither would she, I was sure. So, now it was down to just Vu and myself.

Since Hanh hadn’t actually declined yet, I asked her if we could have a small bash at her massage parlor, at least, if she couldn’t come to the hotel, to which she agreed surprisingly quickly. I wiped the sweat of my forehead, but Vu and I were up the creek without a pussy. Hanh’s didn’t count, as she needed to demonstrate us her art on a second snatch and not her own. In my desperation to find us a pussy, I even talked to Mira, my young, bisexual colleague from the Philippines, but she seemed turned off and even slightly upset when I presented her the plan. Well, she had a curiously large clit, almost like a ankara sınırsız escortlar small penis, which she probably didn’t want three young Vietnamese strangers to look at.

How about Mrs. Yen, my mature massage friend, Hanh’s god aunt and the mother of Linh, the slightly handicapped med student I had fucked once, before she, her mother, and I had gotten into a sequence of rousing massage trysts?! But would she let Vu look in or touch her lap for an hour?! Well, Vu was astoundingly handsome, and the whole introductory course was for a great purpose, which transcended the narrow boundaries of our provincial town: to bring the art of sensual love to the young women in our province. In my desperation, I called out to Mrs. Yen, only to learn that she had decided to abstain from sex altogether. I knew she was a Buddhist; perhaps it had to do with that. In a last gasp, I even inquired with Yen about her daughter but was told that Linh was at her university in Hanoi.

Where was the girl, the chick, the lady, the mademoiselle, whose pussy we could massage and lick?! Who would be willing to expose herself to Vu and me in Hanh’s presence? Vu had a younger sister, who must have been around 18, but I didn’t want to ask him. I mean, it would have been okay for me but probably not for him. In my desperation I eventually included even my extended Vietnamese family, and Ha! Yes, there she was: Our way out of the conundrum: Giang, my niece! She was about 19, and we had spent three afternoons together last year, as she had been caught heavily masturbating by her mother. Her mom, who was my wife’s cousin, had asked us if I couldn’t spend time with her once in a while. Giang had a thick mane and honey-yellow dark, healthy skin, which–together with her hot long legs–made her incredibly attractive. Her face wasn’t that great, but her sense of humor made up for that. Of course, the first afternoon we spent together I deflowered her and, another afternoon, we even had sex with an apprentice from Laos, a ladyboy, at her mother’s hair salon.

Since Giang didn’t speak English, I wrote to her using Google Translate at first but then also tried to make myself clear with my modest Vietnamese. As her family was poor, she liked the idea of getting a massage immediately, as that was something she would never be able to afford. I imagined she wouldn’t mind getting naked in front of Vu, as he was handsome and about her age. Giang, with her modest background, wasn’t as skittish and prissy as many middle-class girls, anyway. She had grown up in the countryside, where she probably had swum naked after dark once in a while. To be fair, I pointed out again that, in some ways, her pussy would be the main attraction of the afternoon, but she just wrote back ‘Great!’ with a smiley. As far as I knew, Giang had had a boyfriend in the meantime, and so, yes, she was probably hankering for a good fuck herself.

I offered to pick her up, but she asked if we couldn’t find an alibi, first. We thought about it together but agreed in the end that we would just tell her mother the half-truth that she would be with me. Giang had always been in very good spirits after spending two hours with me, so that I was in her mom’s good book. Since I loved Giang’s outgoing, care-free personality, I immediately thought of inviting her to our orgies as well, but decided to wait until the massage was over. Actually, it was probably better if Vu asked her, since my Vietnamese was fairly poor, and Giang didn’t speak English at all. But, yeah, if she liked the massage today and Vu, she sure would agree to an even more ribald bash, why wouldn’t she?! I imagined her dancing to Matteo’s Panama, as she had done once impromptu at the mall, and my heart began to warm.

Well, yes, the constellation this week was as far away from our original plans as possible. Almost. Only Vu and I would be there from the initial crew, and the other three–Vu, Giang, and Hanh–had never met. The fact that Hanh was blind inspired me to take a funny blindfold that one Secret Santa had given me for Christmas at work last year, so that we all could learn how to ‘see’ with our fingers. And, perhaps, if Giang turned out too sheepish to expose herself to Vu, she would perhaps agree to it if he put the blindfold on. I told Vu to clip his fingernails, and then we were all set.

On Friday morning, Vu and I both drove over to Giang’s house to pick her up. He didn’t seem upset that the orgy wasn’t taking place where and with whom we had planned it. He just reminded me of his philosophy that ‘pussy was like noodle soup’: even if it isn’t great, it’s still good. Vu and Giang nodded at one another as she was walking across the sidewalk, but, of course, it was too early to tell if they liked each other. Both were wearing a helmet and a face mask. As we were driving, I thought about why I sometimes found those masks hot, but couldn’t reach a conclusion. Giang was leaning against my shoulder, and we exchanged some pleasantries while driving. We were both happy to finally see each other again, as–because ankara suriyeli escortlar of Corona–we couldn’t have those frequent, traditional prayer lunches where we would usually see each other. When we stopped at a traffic light, I asked Vu if he was looking forward to burying his face in Hanh’s or Giang’s lap, but he only made a face. It looked like he was just mocking me, though.

When we were going through the center of town, I saw that Vu had a flat tire. He probably had already noticed and, sure enough, he stopped another 200 yards later. Before he said anything, I pointed ahead at the post office, where nearby a young guy fixed tires quickly and reliably. Vu nodded and decided against pushing his bike, but it wasn’t far. I was happy when we got there that the shop was actually open, as the whole town was pretty much deserted these days. The young guy’s wife asked us to sit down and offered coffee. Vu and Giang took off their helmets, but I went to a bakery nearby to get some goodies, first. When I got back, Giang got up from one of the two large armchairs that we had to take a small plastic stool, instead.

It seemed like they got along fine, the way they were chatting. I offered them the bag with pastry, and they both took one, of course. I didn’t think it was necessary to plan ahead, and so I didn’t interrupt but, like Vu, just lit a cigarette. Giang was sitting near me and hadn’t changed much: She was wearing a white, light sweater under a brown short dress and some beige, not so stylish shoes. But she came from a poor family, and perhaps she liked the color. She had the body of a long-distance runner, active as she had always been in her life. She was trim without being thin, and I loved her slightly darker complexion. Yes, that her mouth was always open was a little ungainly, but she had a winning warm laughter, and the way that Vu was looking at her, he seemed to like my niece.

When the dude told us that the tire was fixed, we paid about three bucks for the tire and the coffee and left. Hanh’s house wasn’t far, and when we got there, her mother greeted us. She sent us past the reception to go straight upstairs. I didn’t know what Hanh had told her: perhaps that Giang and Vu were a couple? When Hanh had heard us arrive, she came out of her bower, which was adjacent to her massage room. Vu looked at the petite young woman with such approving eyes and smile, that I immediately got jealous. Hanh asked us to step closer, before she requested the two say something, so that she could get used to their voices. I also noticed how she was deliberately breathing in through her nostrils, like she also wanted a good whiff of Giang’s and Vus’ body odor. Hanh looked a little tired, but still asked us if we wanted to get started right away. As I couldn’t think of an alternative, I agreed, after Giang and Vu had nodded.

Hanh was wearing thick, white jogging pants and a tight, black, sleeveless top, under which her décolleté looked lovely. She didn’t seem to have a bra on and suggested we take a shower first. She pointed at the penis or pussy massage chair with the kidney-shaped seat, saying that we could put our clothes there.

“Towels are on the board along the wall, Ben,” Hanh added.

Vu looked a little helpless, as the shower would be too small for the three of us. To end the stalemate, I took my clothes of quickly and then extended my hand to Giang, who had already taken off her dress. Now she took off her sweater and bra, and I saw the mauve-colored, lacy panties that we had bought together about a year earlier. It was a nice touch that she remembered that detail. After she joined me in the shower, she squeezed my dick, like she was greeting it, and giggled. I knew already that this could only end well. Vu would have to wait, but he had the whole lunch hour to touch and be tender with my niece. When Hanh said something in Vietnamese, he went over to help her set up the massage table.

Looking back at us, Vu judged my niece from the distance and gave me a thumbs-up, as she did have the perfect body. He probably couldn’t wait to touch both girls, and neither could I. Giang reached for my cock again and then washed it, while I was making some foam in my hands, which I then rubbed tenderly into her pubic fur and groins. Since my hand hadn’t between her legs for almost a year, I caressed her labia and perineum quite a bit, before she reminded me that we shouldn’t let Hanh wait. We kissed, and I asked her if she needed to pee, so that we wouldn’t have to interrupt the massage later. She grinned and simply let go, and I felt her warm urine run down my thighs. While we rinsed our bodies once more, I squeezed her cone-shaped little boobs and her generous areolas with relish, before we turned off the water and asked Vu to get us a towel.

As I was drying her, I realized that her breasts were bigger than I remembered them. Well, she was still growing at her 19 years of age. As Vu was waiting for his turn to shower, we hurried and then went over to the massage table. Hanh would sincan türbanlı escortlar perhaps massage Giang’s complete body, first, before taking care of her wild country-bumpkin snatch. I realized that I had forgotten the blindfold under my motorcycle seat downstairs, but we didn’t seem to need it anyway. Hanh was now touching Giang here and there; it looked like she needed a minute to acquaint herself with a new, unfamiliar body. She asked Giang to adjust herself a bit, and Vu was done with the shower. He came over and stood across from me, on the other side of the table, near Giang’s midsection, and we both admired her sinewy, lithe body. The way she was looking at Vu she already appeared to be saying ‘You may touch me if you want.’

I liked our quiet little chamber play already, including that everyone acted slightly reserved. If Giang had touched Vu’s dick now, we would all be heaving and panting two minutes later, ready to enter whatever orifice was available, and the massage would never happen. Hanh asked me something that I didn’t understand, and so Vu translated:

“Should Hanh massage her whole body, first, or just her pussy?”

“Giang?” I asked, as it was her body we were talking about.

She replied, which Vu translated again:

“Well, she would like a whole body massage if we have time for that…”

“Sure, I think that’s more exciting. And she’s probably never had one…” I added and nudged Hanh, who, in turn, asked me to get her the small pink bucket with the massage slime.

“Hey, Vu, ask the ladies about their menstrual cycle, please, before we get in heat and lose our minds…” I whispered.

The answer seemed to take a while, so I just watched Hanh’s nimble movements, asking myself if she couldn’t undress, too. Since her specialty, apart from pussies, was podology, she started with Giang’s relatively large feet, which allowed Vu and me to admire the rest of her supple, elegant body again. Eventually, we two guys went down to Hanh and watched more closely what she was doing. Hanh and Vu were talking quietly in Vietnamese, so I understood only about half. Which didn’t matter, as the details of Giang’s body were pretty rousing: I liked how her hip bones were protruding and fell in love her cone-shaped breasts. I noticed again how her pubic hair was dark brown, not quite black, and promised myself to suck and bite her muscular long thighs at some point, as they looked utterly tempting. Vu seemed to be fond of at least one of the girls, as I could see on his pumping, stiffening dick and the glistening veneer on his glans. The blood vessels along his cock looked awesome, too.

“Giang had her period last weekend, and Hanh is going to have hers in two or three days,” he told me eventually. “But Hanh isn’t feeling well…”

“Oh, what’s the matter?” I inquired.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged shoulders.

I didn’t know what to reply, and so we just watched quietly what Hanh was doing to our other lady friend here in the room. Giang had closed her eyes and was relishing the treatment, which was completely new for her.

“Hey, Vu, do you think we can endure this for an hour or so?” I asked him, partially serious and partly kidding, after we were watching Hanh massage Giang’s beguiling lower legs.

“I don’t know…” he laughed.

He said something to Hanh, who then giggled and blushed. Then she replied, nodding.

“Hanh just said that we could, at some point… you know… a bit…”

Of course, I knew what she meant, and my face probably lit up immediately. But I also liked the idea of sparing Hanh, as she didn’t feel too well, and bang Giang four times together, instead. Hanh was probably still embarrassed to have to tell Vu, who she didn’t know, that she wanted to fuck a bit. On the other hand, we all knew what we were here for, in the end. And she was used to doing outrageous things to and with naked strangers.

I didn’t know if this was coincidence but now that Hanh had heard Vu speak, she knew better where exactly he was standing. She felt his legs, ‘looking’ for his dick, it seemed. And, sure enough, she started to stroke his cock now. After a while, she ‘looked’ up towards his face, perhaps to ask if he liked it. To distract the two of them, I asked him to find out if she actually had been born blind. Not to get too jealous, I admired Giang’s slender body again, until my eyes were glued to her ribcage.

“No, she was able to see when she was a child, but when she turned twelve or so, her eyes deteriorated. She has a rare condition, with a long name, which I can’t remember… I can’t translate it, either, obviously… just look it up on the internet later…” he added.

I had no idea what that could be; perhaps it was the same illness that that one cute American-Vietnamese chef suffered from, the one who won one season of MasterChef. What was her name? Christine? Anyway, I promised myself to research it and realized that my cock was pretty much ready already. I really felt like pulling down Hanh’s thick sweatpants, as they must have been too warm anyway. So, I stepped behind her, and when I pushed my thumbs inside the waistband, she put her cheek on her shoulder and nodded, like she agreed with the plan. Giang had heard us talking and opened her eyes. She seemed surprised to see two stiff cocks, which were pointing at her like cannons.

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