Surviving the Pandemic Pt. 02

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All Holes

I opened my eyes Tuesday morning feeling excited about the upcoming changes in my life, and to be honest, very horny. Rolling over to one side, I reached for my nightstand drawer and retrieved my favorite vibrator. It began humming when I pressed the switch, and I first moved it to my big DD tits, concentrating on my sensitive nipples and sliding it through the soft flesh of my cleavage.

I could feel the moisture begin to flow in my loins and imagined my humming sex toy was a client’s rock-hard cock fucking my healthy chest. With one hand caressing my tits, I lowered the vibrator through the fluffy triangle of pubic hair just above my clit. Once again, my imaginary lover had moved down and began gently sucking and nibbling on my quivering clit. The tip of my toy was the tip of his tongue as he pressed his fingers to the hood of flesh surrounding my erect nub, and it popped out so he could circle it with the end of his tongue.

I moved the vibrator in tune with his tongue, and sure enough, I quickly climaxed, my hips heaving up against the end of my sex toy. Awake for less than ten minutes, I was already panting and moaning with sexual pleasure. My loins had flooded with juices, and as I plunged the vibrating dildo deep inside, I clamped my thighs together to hold it firmly embedded in my throbbing cunt. This freed both hands to move up and pleasure my clit even more.

Another orgasm, even stronger than the first, crashed into me; as it built, I moaned over and over again. I moved one hand down, spread my thighs a little, and began pounding that humming cock repeatedly into the deepest parts of my sexual core. I came again, and the sounds of wet sex resounded throughout my bedroom. I could have laid there for hours pleasuring myself, but today I was a woman on a mission, and that mission was to begin the transformation into a sophisticated, classy whore.

I was sopping wet, sweaty and for the moment sexually satisfied, so I tossed the toy aside and slipped out of bed.

The first order of business was to trim my fluffy patch of pubic hair. Using a trimmer, I removed the thick patch of hair, leaving a wispy coating, and then lathered my loins with shaving cream and removed all but a half-inch strip extending up from my clit. It felt refreshing having my smooth flesh exposed above my clit and, as I examined my loins in the vanity mirror, admitted that this look was incredibly sexy.

I took a quick shower, patted myself dry and slipped on my favorite robe then headed to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Since I was alone, I didn’t bother to tie my robe closed, and as I moved about the kitchen, the garment would open, exposing my big tits and freshly shaved pubic mound. As I sipped my tea, I looked at the pile of bills at the center of my kitchen table. I hoped that I’d begin paying off my debts within a few months, earning the cash to do so as a classy prostitute.

It had been several months since I last visited my stylist and had my hair trimmed, but I hoped Julie could fit me in today. Calling her cell number, she answered on the second ring.

“Julie speaking,” she said.

“It’s Penny; can you fit me in today?” I asked.

“Hey Penny, I haven’t heard from you for a long time.”

“I need a dye job and a perm, Julie. I’m starting a new job soon and want to change my looks some.” I mentioned.

“Penny, I had to close the salon, fucking lockdown; I guess hair styling isn’t an essential business.”

“Oh shit,” I said and then added, “are there any open salons?”

“I’m afraid not, hun, but I can sneak you in at my place this afternoon.”

“You’re a lifesaver, Julie,” I replied.

“See you around one,” Julie suggested.

“I’ll be there,” I answered before disconnecting our call.

Since I had a few hours to kill, I decided to look through my lingerie to see if any might fit the bill Katie wanted for her girls. The bra I’d worn to my interview was, in my mind, very sexy. The almost transparent fabric highlighted my DD’s and allowed my dark areolas to show perfectly. The bra supported my chest enough that a sexy amount of cleavage showed above the flimsy garment. I tossed that bra on one side of my bed. Digging deeper into my drawer, I threw several options on a second pile that wouldn’t do much to enhance my appearance to potential tricks. They included several sports bras, don’t ask me why I own this kind of bra because I’m not into jogging or any other sports, except for an occasional round of mattress tag.

Buried near the bottom, I found a bra I recall wearing for Hugh several times when we were lovers. I hadn’t worn it for twenty years, but I remember how much it turned him on. It is a white lacy number that clasps between the cups, which were trimmed with a narrow sliver of sexy white satin. I decided to try it on and slipped out of my robe. Stretching the fabric around my body, I struggled a little to get the clasp closed. It was then that I remembered why Hugh loved this bra so much. It was probably one cup size Sarıyer escort too small, and once I’d stuffed my big 36 DD tits into the cups, an ample amount of flesh oozed out above the satin trim. The shoulder straps dug into my flesh, and the deep vee between the cups revealed nearly all of my soft, smooth cleavage. I’d have to find something alluring to wear below, but I was confident this bra would be an attention grabber as I lounged in the family room waiting for a client to select me. I removed the bra and tossed it on the acceptable pile.

I didn’t waste any time going through my panties since I’d worn what I considered my sexiest pair to the interview, and Katie immediately nixed those full-fashion panties. I’ve seen some cute cheeky styles on websites that seemed to accentuate the butt of a more robust woman, so I made a mental note that when Gwen and I went shopping Wednesday, I’d consider those styles.

I’ve never worn a thong because I always felt that having that thin sliver of material pressing against my sphincter would be uncomfortable. Still, in my new line of work, comfort isn’t the most crucial feature of any garment. I can understand that when a man views the behind of a woman wearing a thong, the fact that her entire butt seems naked would be a turn-on. I decided I would forgo comfort for the alluring image of my healthy ass wearing a thong.

It was probably a good thing that Katie had given me such a sizable advance because what I found in my lingerie draw didn’t seem to fit my new position. There was an assortment of styles, from black satin chemise, which I especially like wearing, a couple of baby dolls, and a few mesh bodysuits. The problem with most was that they looked like they’d been worn thousands of times. Hemlines were frayed, shoulder straps torn, and some had stains that didn’t come clean after I last wore them. I dropped some in the trash can and a couple of others in my laundry basket to see if they would freshen up with a good washing. Before leaving to meet Julie, I tossed those items I’d try to bring back to life in the washing machine.

“Julie, how have you been,” I said as she opened the door of her home and I removed my mask.

“I’m trying to get by, but this God damn pandemic is killing my business. I had to lay off my staff at the salon, and other than an occasional appointment I sneak in here, I’m pretty strapped for money,” she admitted.

“I know what you mean, I’ve been off work for several months, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be going back even after the lockdown is lifted,” I replied.

“Follow me, let’s see what we can do with your hair,” she said as she led me to a small room that had everything she’d need.

As Julie surveyed my hair, she said, “You’ve been neglecting your hair, Penny.”

“Didn’t see much reason to spend a lot of time on it since I stay at home all the time,” I admitted.

Julie started playing with my hair as she said, “So, Penny, tell me what you’ve envisioned?”

“First, I’d like to change my color to red, not a brash fire engine red, but something sensual and alluring. I’m tired of the tight curls and would like to see something wavy,” I explained.

“You’re on the right path; fiery red hair looks exceptional when styled with waves. The natural part for the side-swept fringe will give you a look on the wild side that can be tamed depending on your outfit and make-up,” she explained.

“I put myself in your capable hands,” I said.

“Okay, let’s begin by trimming up this bird’s nest, then we’ll dive into an alluring shade of red and finish up with a perm that’ll give you those sexy waves,” Julie explained.

As she began cutting my hair, she asked, “So what kind of job did you land under these trying times?”

I know that many women think they can share their most intimate of secrets with their hairstylist, but somehow, I didn’t think it best to tell Julie that I would be selling my body to anonymous men, so I simply offered, “It’s a sales job.”

She didn’t ask what I’d be selling.

The whole process took about ninety minutes, and as Julie brushed my hair out said, “I think you’re going to be very happy.”

Usually, I’d have watched each step in the large mirror at her salon, but in this make-do setting, I had to wait for her to hold up a mirror to see the results.

Happy was putting it mildly. The color she’d mixed was perfect, a deep rich shade of red that gave me a sensuous look. She’d parted it perfectly off-center, and the waves cascaded around my face. “I love it!” I exclaimed.

Julie toyed with my waves as she explained, “If you like, you can draw some down across your forehead like this, or for a more casual look, part it in the middle and have the waves evenly spaced on either side.”

“If I had drawn a picture of what I wanted, this would be exactly how I’d like it to look,” I remarked.

She smiled and then said, “You’re going to need to let me touch up the color every few months, Escort Silivri don’t want to spoil the effect with dark roots showing.”

“I promise I won’t let it go too long,” I replied.

“Well, Penny, I hope this new look helps with your sales,” she commented.

I knew that Katie would be pleased, and I was sure my new sexy alluring look would cause her clients to select me.

“What do I owe you, Julie,” I asked.

“A hundred should cover it,” she replied.

I smiled and handed her eight crisp twenty-dollar bills, “There’s something extra for taking care of me on such short notice,” I said.

I gave Julie a warm hug and kissed her cheek before donning my mask and heading for my car.

I was feeling sexier than I could recall, and since it was only a little after three, I decided to stop at a drug store to pick up some new lipstick colors and investigate what kinds of condoms were available. I pulled into my local Guardian Pharmacy, grabbed a shopping basket just inside the door, and headed for the make-up aisle. After viewing hundreds of shades, I settled on a pale pink, a darker, almost umber color, and even though I was concerned about it clashing with my hair, a vibrant red color. I dropped the tubes in my basket and went off searching for adult items.

I was amazed that their offering of condoms was nearly as vast as their lipstick colors. Every box I picked up extolled why their product was best. Some claimed to be ultra-smooth, while others offered ultra-thin. There were flavored brands, colored brands, and one that featured a ribbed design. I passed on the ultra-thin figuring a torn condom wouldn’t offer much protection, and since I wasn’t planning on using condoms while pleasuring a man with my mouth, the flavored type held no interest to me. I settled on two, the ultra-smooth and the ribbed, and tossed three boxes of each in my basket. Since I was already there, I purchased a small tube of warming anal lube too.

“Somebody is gonna have a good time tonight,” the elderly cashier joked as I placed my purchases on the counter.

I just smiled at her and dropped five twenty-dollar bills beside my items. She gave me a dollar forty-nine in change.

It had been a rather productive Tuesday, I got my new hairstyle and purchased items I’d use while I was with clients; except for updating my wardrobe, I was ready to jump in with both feet.

I took a selfie of my new look and texted it to Gwen with a message that said, “I’m looking the part,”

She replied, “You sure as hell are; I’m loving the new you, Penny.”

I ended my day the way it started, a humming vibrator buried in my wet cunt and fingers teasing my clit through multiple orgasms.

Wednesday turned out to be a damp, dreary day. A light rain was falling when I first woke, so I pulled my comforter up and got a couple of extra hours of sleep. Around eleven, I crawled out of bed went to the bathroom to splash some water on my face and brush my teeth. I’d have to make another stop at Guardian to buy an extra toothbrush and paste to keep in my dresser at work, and figured a bottle of mouth wash might also be a good thing, so I’d taste good if I had more than one trick at some time.

I again looked over my new style and noticed my hair no longer matched the wispy landing strip above my clit, but dyeing my pubic hair seemed like a real pain in the butt. Besides, my brown eyebrows were a dead give-a-way that my fiery red locks are not natural.

As I had a bite to eat, I thought about Gwen and me going shopping tonight. If it turned into a successful trip, I’d have everything I needed to get started in my new profession. The problem was that I wouldn’t be able to start for another four days, and I knew that waiting until Sunday would drive me insane.

Maybe Katie could move that day up a few, I thought. I decided to send that sexy selfie to her and suggested I could work Friday evening. My text message read, “Hiya Katie, just wanted to give you and Peter a preview of my new look.”

She replied a few minutes later, “Oh my gosh, what a difference, you’re going to be very popular here.”

“Thanks so much; I really like the new me.” I replied, she didn’t answer, so after a couple of minutes, I sent her another text, “Should have my wardrobe updated later tonight, so if you want, I could start Friday evening instead of Sunday.”

Apparently, Katie isn’t into texting because after a minute, or so she called my cell. “Hey Penelope,” she said after I answered her call.

“I’m anxious about getting started. If you need me, I could work Friday night,” I explained.

She answered, “I already have a full slate of girls scheduled for Friday, but if you want to come in and see how things work around here, feel free. I just can’t guarantee you’ll be getting a chance to make some cash.”

“That sounds like a good idea. I’m looking forward to meeting the other girls,” I answered.

“Okay, we’ll see you around seven,” Topkapı escort bayan Katie suggested and then disconnected our call.

Gwen called me about three, “I’m getting off at three-thirty. Are you ready to find some sexy things to wear,” she said.

“I can hardly wait,” I replied.

“I’ll pick you up at four,” she said.

“Great, I’ll be waiting,” I answered.

I dressed rather casually, opting for a near floor-length cream-colored tiered skirt and a baggy pullover sweater. I didn’t see a need to wear a bra since I’d most likely try several different kinds. I thought about heels but decided on flat sandals.

Gwen tooted her horn when she arrived, and I immediately scampered out and jumped in her car.

“Hey, girl,” I said as I buckled my seat belt.

“I love the new hair color and style; very sexy, Penny,” Gwen said.

“Me too.” I replied and then asked, “So where are we going?”

Gwen smiled at me and answered, “My favorite lingerie shop, IM Lingerie on Botany Rd.”

As she weaved in and out of traffic, Gwen asked, “So, have you thought about colors?”

“I have; I’m thinking of white, black, and emerald green. Do you think green will accent my hair?” I asked.

“Absolutely, but almost any color will enhance those gorgeous locks,” she replied.

Gwen found a parking space a half block from the shop, and as we walked toward the entrance, I said, “This is so exciting.”

We were greeted at the door by a young salesgirl, but Gwen quickly dispatched her saying, “We’d like to look around; if there are any questions, I’ll wave for you.”

“Let’s start with the basics, stockings, panties, and most importantly, thongs,” Gwen suggested.

We began looking at stockings, “I think dark colors are best,” I mentioned.

“Yes, except for white lingerie, you’ll need white hose for those outfits,” Gwen remarked.

“I like seams,” I offered.

“Then you’ll want silk instead of nylon,” she replied and then added, “if you go with silk, you’ll want garter belts to match.”

All the stockings were in heavy paper envelopes with a window that allowed you to see the top hem. So in relatively short order, we’d added two pairs of white silk stockings, five pairs of dark silk, and two pairs of dark nylon stay-up stockings for those times I wouldn’t need a garter belt to my shopping cart.

“That’ll get you started, but you will quickly discover that replenishing your stockings will happen fairly often,” Gwen remarked.

“Okay, what’s next?” I asked.

“Think about the order you’ll slip into these items; first on is last off,” she said.

“So, garter belts are next,” I offered.

“Yep,” she answered.

We moved to the rack holding IM Lingerie’s offerings. Most were very frilly and almost exclusively had four straps to hold your stockings in place. I seem to recall that at one time, these garters could be clasped together in the back, but the new style is to stretch them up over your hips. I first looked at the white ones and found one with a very lacy panel in front with a smoother satin back panel.

“I like this one,” I said, holding it up for Gwen to see.

She smiled and, as she took it from me, said, “This calls for a lacy thong,” I was amazed that the lace on the front panel matched perfectly to the lace top hem of one pair of silk stockings I’d already placed in our cart and expected we’d find a matching thong.

I found a fully satin garter that I instantly fell in love with, and without even asking Gwen, tossed it in the cart.

As we thumbed through the black garters, I noticed a section of lingerie sets in the next aisle. What caught my eye was the section of green.

“I wanna go there next,” I said, pointing to the lovely green lingerie sets.

I found the same satin garter as the white one in black, and since they had two dropped them both in the cart.

“Four garter belts should be enough,” I said.

“For now,” Gwen replied.

I scooted past her and headed for the green sets in the next aisle. It wasn’t a huge selection, but I instantly fell in love with a teal-colored baby doll set that had a halter style top and featured a keyhole opening in front. To my delight, the set included a pair of sheer cheeky bikini panties. “I love this,” I remarked to Gwen holding it up for her to see.

At the end of the section, I found an emerald green lounging set that featured a belt to close the jacket. I imagined this would be perfect to wear on those days that I worked in the afternoon and would be spending more time in the family room waiting for clients to arrive. I’d need a matching thong or panties to go with the set.

I returned to where Gwen was going through IM Lingerie’s selection of panties and thongs.

“I found these sexy white cheeky panties to go with the white garter,” Gwen said.

“This one nearly matches the lacy garter you selected earlier,” she said, holding up a very sexy black lacy thong.

It was lovely, but I replied, “I’m not fond of the feeling that these skinny straps give me when they are pulled tightly between my cheeks.”

“Maybe not, but I guarantee you’ll love the reaction a man has seeing you’re sexy ass nearly naked,” Gwen remarked and then added, “In time, you’ll get used to the feeling.”

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