Swap Time Day 02: Poppy Brown

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He went to the wardrobe and got out a fairy costume, no knickers of course and he dressed me and took me down stairs and into the kitchen.

“Do as your told girl or you will feel my strap all over your arse.”

Wow, “Yes Ma-am I will do everything you say.”

She shouted at another young girl, “What did I just tell you to do, get the cream out of the fridge and not stand gawping, get over here and get that dress off?”

She reached under the counter and pulled out a large, well-used brown belt I stood well back as Jones held the girl double and the cook leathered the girl, maybe 20 lashes in 10 seconds “You`ll be serving naked tonight girl?”

“Yes Miss,” she went back to her job in sobs of tears

I was mesmerised by her body, about my frame and tit size, and now a bottom the colour of a tomato.

I buckled down and did as I was told until i was then taken to a cloakroom by Jones and sat on the loo for a pee I stood, and he wiped me dry.

“Tonight is a private card game for city gents and you will be the under-table entertainment.

You need to get around 6 chairs sucking their cocks to a cum, and if you dwell you will be taken out, by me, stripped naked and strapped over the snooker table by whoever you dwelt on.

So you will need to bring them to ejaculation in less than 5 minutes, or its the strap.

It is not easy Miss Poppy, the last girl at another evening was over 3 times, she ended up having her front belted in the end she was so sore on her back.

Finally some of the men will do their best to get you strapped.”

“I will do my best Jones, and thank you for the heads up, and the spanking earlier.” I kissed his cheeks.

He hugged me, “A tip Miss, as you are sucking one start wanking the next.” He hugged me.

The game started and I was taken in to Sir.

“Gentlemen, this is Poppy, she will see to our under-table needs.”

He lifted my skimpy fairy skirt to show my shaved pussy and spanked red bottom, then lowered my top to show my tits.

I looked round the table at all the smiling, drooling faces, all except one, Mr. Pilkington, my Mr. Pilkington my boss at the bank was looking more sympathetic, or so I thought.

I took my place and went around being filled with strangers cum, by taking the advice of Jones I sucked and wanked then my oh my what a size Mr. Pilkington was.

I took extra time and before I knew what was happening, I was removed by Jones from under the table, undressed and I was placed naked over the snooker table.

Mr. Pilkington unbuckled his belt and began strapping me and was not holding back.

I was then put back under the table to finish him, he cum and i finished off with Sir, ataşehir escort just as the refreshments came.

Jones removed me as the naked girl who was strapped in the kitchen replaced me.

I was taken to another bedroom and again bathed by Jones then put into the large bed and told to wait for a guest to arrive.

I did not have to wait long; my eyes were closed and I heard the door open and close and footsteps coming towards me.

The covers were gently pulled back and as I lay there naked my arms went onto my head to make myself fully available, as taught by Daddy.

A warm hand ran up my leg and around my pussy to my tummy.

It traced a line up my breastbone, around each tit and back to where it started.

My visitor undressed, and I lay my head to face him and felt his cock pressing against my mouth, I opened began to suck him in.

He started his tracing of my body again, but this time split my pussy lips with one finger, my bottom raised off the sheet as I wriggled to the direction of his movement.

His other hand tormented my nipples just brushing them till they peaked, and he could get them between 2 fingers.

He nipped hard and my eyes opened and saw, Mr. Pilkington, naked.

He was soon stiff enough to mount me and gave me the most sensual fucking I have ever had in my life, no idea why I think that, I just do.

When he was done he lay beside me and I knelt and bent over to clean him up.

Then lay in his arms as he stroked me all over.

I brought him to a stiffy again and mounted him and fucked him with all my might and we both soon cum.

He led me to the bathroom and we showered each other, I sucked him again but only semi stiff, I think I had drained him.

I dried him and helped him dress, he kissed my forehead and left. not a word was spoken at all between us.

Did I feel like a prostitute, just waiting for the next client?

No, I felt I was doing as every good Baptist girl should do, as I was told.

I nodded off for maybe an hour and was woken by Jones and taken to Sirs bedroom where I was fucked mouth and pussy most of the night.

At daylight Jones came for me and once again bathed me, but this time as he washed my tits I held his hand there, so he would squeeze me, he did and I was soon out of the bath getting him ready to fuck me.

I was bent over the bath and taken from behind, his long cock found my G spot and I exploded, again and again.

He pulled out and I knelt and finished him off, then back in the bath.

I had breakfast with Sir, still naked as his house rules.

“Have you enjoyed your time here with me and my friends Poppy?”

“I have learnt kadıköy escort so much Sir, things I knew in theory, from my Daddy, but had never experienced.”

“Have you any questions you would like to ask?”

“Sir, I have always thought questions usually end up making me cry, so no thank you.”

Sir laughed and took me into his study.

“What happens on a Sunday morning Poppy?”

I looked down, “A girl gets her weekly maintenance Sir.”

“This morning is no exception; your Daddy has asked I pay particular interest to your caning to give you maximum thoughts whilst sat on your journey home”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir, should I go over your knee Sir?”

“In a moment, I will continue the practice I have with my sub, who is at your Daddies now, Kneel and latch onto my cock.”

I knelt and took out his cock again paying particular notice to my lessons from Daddy.

Once stiff he rose me up by my nipples, quite roughly, but still sensual.

He took me over to the wall by the closed study door.

I saw a loop on hook high on the wall and he guided my hands through it, not tied, I just held in it.

I was spun round to face him, he checked I was wet with his fingers then inserted his cock in my waiting pussy, my hormones betrayed me yet again as I cum at once the first of many.

At nearly 20 growing up in a loving Baptist home I thought I`d been fucked in every way possible, but against a wall, ohhhhhhhh here I cum again.

Sir put his cock away, helped my hands out of the loop and passed me a tissue and led me to the chair, he sat down, and I went over.

The spanking brought me off again and I enjoyed it as I knew it would not last cum through my maintenance.

Duly spanked I was stood up and he removed his belt.

I was bent double in the middle of his study and had to really concentrate as the force of his lashing almost knocked me over, I was in floods of tears.

I heard the door open, “Nearly done Jones, just the cane.”

First time I had an audience for a maintenance, and what a view he had.

The belting stopped, Jones stood me up and took me to Sirs desk.

I was bent over and Jones held my hands tight so`s not to gain me more strokes for touching.

Sir let me compose a little and Jones kept hold of my hands, stroking the inside with his fingers.

“How many stripes do you usually get Poppy?”

“5 or 10 Sir from Daddy, sometimes more off my dad.”

“Lets start with 20 then, you will count them, if I strike before you have counted we will start again, let me warn you, they will be rapid.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,”

Whoosh Crack, 1 Sir, Whoosh Crack 2 Sir…Whoosh Crack 11 bostancı escort bayan Sir Whoosh… Crack 17 Sir… Whoosh Crack 20 Sir Owwwwwwww Sir, no more please Sir, Whoosh Crack Owwwww 21 Sir Whoosh Crack 25 Sir. Owwwwww

The pain was pretty unbearable but I knew I should not have spoken and deserved the extras

Sir stopped and rubbed my bottom. “Well done Poppy, Take care of her Jones.” Sir left the room and Jones went to the other side of the desk and rubbed my stripes.

He kicked my legs a little wider and fingered my pussy, I thought oh my Lord how would I want fucking after all that.

But a fucking I was about to receive.

I felt my clit breaking through my hood and this feeling in my head of emptiness as he took me from behind.

I felt a cum then nothing, I was space walking, on a different planet.

I was brought back to earth as Jones grunted, walked back to my head and I sucked him dry.

Not sure what happened but I know my Daddy will know.

Back in and out of the bath and dried by Jones, he took particular notice of my pussy and tits and soon had me week kneed.

I went over his knee for some cream and another fingering.

“You are allowed to dress, and I got your knickers from the car, they have been washed and are ready to wear.”

He went to the dresser draw an took them out and held them out as I stepped into them, he pulled them up gently and popped a tissue in the crotch.

He held out my skirt and zipped me up and helped me over my head with my jumper.

Sir was waiting in the hallway as we went down, Jones put my case in the car.

“Thank you Jones, it has been a real pleasure meeting you, and thank you for all your help, guidance and compassion,” I kissed both his cheeks.

“You have been a pleasure to assist Miss Poppy” He walked up the stairs back to the house as we drove own the long drive.

Sir put his cd player on, it was The Carpenters, music I had grown up with and sung many of the songs at Church gatherings, I began to sing, and Sir turned it down to hear just me singing.

“That was beautiful Poppy, you really do have the voice of an Angel.”

I was fidgeting, “Aww thank you kind Sir.”

“I take it the stripes are bruising?”

“Yes Sir, they hurt so much and thank you for dealing with my Maintenance.”

As I said thank you, we pulled into the same parking area as yesterday and Sir moved his seat back and popped my seat belt buckle.

I lowered my knickers and put them in his glove box, inched up my skirt to my waist, removed my jumper and leant towards his zipper.

“Deja Vous Poppy Brown.”

I chuckled as Mr. Pilkington`s face came into my mind, I fumbled his cock out and…

Daddy was at the station, I ran towards him and he picked me up and swung me round.

“Now sweet Poppy, tell me all about your adventure…”

Just thought, I wonder what was in my suitcase, I never did have chance to open it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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