Sweet Sister Ch. 17

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Chapter 17: At The Store

Back at school again the following week we were all still reeling from what we had witnessed at the stables. It made us a little frisky and we had got a little naughty in our double English class with Mr Riggs.

We decided to take the bus into town after school as our allowances had come through and we wanted to do the shops. We laughed and larked on the bus and recounted how we wound up poor Mr Riggs. April, May and I had gone to the girls room before the class and pulled our cotton panties up so that they were so tight the outline of our pussies was clearly visible. Through the class we took every opportunity to flash Mr Riggs even bending down straight legged to pick up dropped pens off the floor directly in front of him. The poor man had to sit behind his desk the whole lesson to hide his tented trousers from the class.

It had back-fired a bit, though. The teasing had got us all horny as hell and we had to retire to the toilets to let off steam. We all crowded into the one cubicle, slipped our hands down our panties and masturbated furiously to orgasm. It was incredibly erotic as we watched each other stroke our pussies under our white panties, trying to keep quiet at the same time.

When we got to town we cruised the shops taking in the latest fashions and eyeing up the local talent. April and May both had to run some errands for their mother and I told them I’d catch up with them later as I wanted to look as some other clothes in the town’s main department store.

My mind was wandering as I browsed through the underwear department I was unaware of the figure behind me watching as I lightly fingered a pair of lacy high cut panties. I nearly leapt our of my skin when a female voice behind me said, “Nice aren’t they, you’d look rather cute in those.”

I turned, half recognising the voice from somewhere, then froze and turned bright red. The lady who had been stalking me was Mrs Dobson. I tried to contain myself as, after all, she had never clapped eyes on me before, but then again it was too much of a co-incidence that I’d meet her here and that she’d talk to me.

“Mrs Dobson,” she said needlessly introducing herself and smiling a knowing smile, revelling in my discomfort. “We haven’t, er, formally met, “she went on “but I think we’ve seen quite a lot of each other.”

She looked stunning in a silky white blouse through which her permanently erect nipples could be seen struggling against the material. Her short black skirt hugged her perfect hips and her sheer black stockings defined her elegant legs. Around her neck was a pure black thick bead necklace that contrasted perfectly with her alabaster skin framed with long dark hair.

“I ..er ..um,” I stumbled.

“It’s alright, Sam isn’t it?” she hurriedly soothed and used her long fingers to lightly brush some errant hair from my face.

“Err yes, it’s Sam. Have we met?” I managed, finding some courage from somewhere.

“Not met exactly. But if I said you have a beautiful face, especially when you cum, does that make it easier for you to remember?” She challenged.

“Oh god, er .. you saw ..” My confidence crumbled in a heap.

“There’s a mirror, in the tack room, on the wall opposite the door. Don’t worry,” she added seeing alarm cross my face, “you made me have a fantastic orgasm on Alf’s fingers just looking at your beautiful face as you came. Was your friend masturbating you or were you doing yourself, I couldn’t quite see.”

“No, er I mean yes. I mean May was fingering me while we watched you.”

“Did you enjoy watching us, Sam?” she continued, stroking my face with her soft fingers. “Did you like watching my two fuck each other?” slightly emphasising the word ‘fuck’. “I bet you loved watching Mary suck her father’s cock? Did you wish that was you or did you like watching me lick my daughter’s little nipples and push my finger into her tight little bottom?”

I was beginning to tremble slightly as her words and the images of that afternoon came flooding back. I was getting more than slightly damp between my legs too as Mrs Dobson’s caresses inched down my face and lightly tugged at my blouse just above my right breast. She twisted her hand so that the back of it brushed over my, now erect, nipple and I gasped. With my mouth slightly open she leant forward and gave me the briefest of kisses her tongue finally running across my upper lip.

I looked a little panicy around me to see if anyone had seen but Mrs Dosbon pulled my face around to hers again then gently pressed her finger to my wet lips retracing her tongue’s movement. She pressed a little more firmly and slipped her finger into my mouth. My lips firmed a perfect ‘O’ around it as I sucked it deeper and ran my tongue around it.

Mrs Dobson gave a little sigh. “My darling little girl, you are so beautiful. I want you. I want to touch you and feel your soft skin. I want you to open your lovely smooth legs for me and let me see your lovely pussy. Would you do that for me? Would ataşehir escort bayan you let me touch you there? I’d love to see your face again as you cum on my tongue as I lick your wet little pussy.”

I was panting now and my knees were going weak and I grabbed hold of the nearest rail. Mrs Dobson’s eyes were pools of lust as she described what she wanted to do to me. I couldn’t move.

“Is everything alright? Can I help you?” The voice cut through my haze and jerked me back to the here and now. A young shop assistant had appeared from nowhere. She was short and extremely petite, her hair tied in a long pony tail rested across her shoulder and cascaded over her large breasts that were out of proportion to the rest of her body. Her black tunic was unbuttoned sufficiently to display a deep cleavage for anyone caring to look: Most men and some ladies, including us.

“Yes,” Stated Mrs Dobson only seconds before had been a smouldering vixen and was now Mrs Average buying a dress for her daughter. “We’d like to try this dress on please. Can you show us to the dressing room?”

The young assistant, Cassie by her name tag, pointed to the entrance just behind us. “Just there madam. Let me see if there’s a free cubicle.” She led the way and showed us to an empty stall and closed the curtain behind us. The room was fairly large for its purpose with a chair in the middle and a long mirror on the opposite wall.

No sooner had the curtain closed the dress fell to the floor and Mrs Dobson slipped her arms around me and drew me in close. Her lips found mine and we started to kiss a feverish, passionate kiss. Her tongue met mine and they danced first in my mouth then in hers. Her hands were all over my back and very soon clasped around my firm buttocks, parting them slightly and pulling my panty covered pussy against her stockinged thigh.

I groaned into her mouth as she rhythmically slid my pussy against her leg letting my wetness seep into my panties. Her fingers found the hem of my short skirt and lifted it giving her hands access to my panty covered bottom so that she could ease my cheeks further apart and squeeze them.

“Mrs Dobson,” I gasped breaking our kiss, “you’re aah …aaah … going to make me cum in my panties.” I groaned in a horse whisper fully aware that the shop assistant was probably not far beyond the cubicle curtain.

“Oh Sam, don’t hold back my darling. I can feel your pussy getting hotter and wetter against my leg. Rub yourself against me Sam and cum for me, Sam, cum all over my stockings.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. The situation, Mrs Dobson’s dirty talk and her highly charged sexual aura brought me to a screaming orgasm in moments. “Nrrrrgh …” I groaned through gritted teeth, “Nrrrrrrrrgggh .. .aaaaaaah … cuuummming .. cummmmming .. yesssss.” As quietly as I possibly could.

Mrs Dobson held her head back from me revelling in the look on my face as my hips pushed forward pressing my cunt up and down her stockinged thigh. I fell forward against her heaving breasts as my orgasm abated nuzzling my lips against her prominent braless nipples through her silky blouse.

“Oooh baby girl, that was lovely. I can feel your juices on my leg and it’s making me so hot. I want to see your pussy. I want to look at your lovely naked pussy all wet and open.” She pleaded moving her body so that her long rubbery nipple pressed between my lips.

I suckled hard on her nipple through the material making her moan then she eased me away. “Not yet, darling. Let me see you. I want to make you cum again and look at your lovely face.” She looked up at the mirror and smiled. “I have an idea. Knee on the chair, Sam.”

I did as I was asked and looked at myself in the mirror in front of me and at Mrs Dobson looking at me in the reflection. Somewhere along the line my school tie had come adrift and my blouse was a little open and I could see my bra covered breasts poking out over the chair back. Then I felt Mrs Dobson unclip my bra through my blouse then reaching forward she eased my two little buds free of their prison and gently squeezed them rubbing my nipples between her finger and thumbs.

I moaned quietly as she played with my titties and rubbed herself against my backside. Then she eased back letting her hands drift down my sides until they had reached the hem of my short pleated school skirt.

“Oooh Sam, this is what I’ve been looking forward to. I’m going to slip your panties down and look at your lovely pussy, my girl.” She crooned and ran her tongue around her lips.

Lifting my skirt up over my back I felt her fingers slip inside the waistband of my panties and slowly, every so slowly eased them down to my knees. I heard her take a sharp intake of breath then I felt it expelled coolly over my bum cheeks and hot, melting pussy.

“Mmmmmm yesss.” She hissed placing the palms of her hands on my two bum cheeks and spreading them apart. “Your pussy is soooo lovely, Sam. Oooh, your lips are apart and it’s escort kadıköy ever so wet. Mmm and your beautiful tight little rosebud, ooh I just have to …”

Her words tailed off as she descended on my bottom. I felt her tongue make contact just above my anus then firmly press down worming it into my arsehole.

“Nnnnnnnnngh … Mrs Dobson .. yes, push your tongue into my arsehole, fuck it with your tongue.” I breathed.

I looked up into the mirror, my mouth open in silent moan, and Mrs Dobson’s eyes were staring right back at me. They were on fire as she avidly tongued my anus and watched my reactions in the mirror.

Now her tongue was tracing downwards flicking and flitting. As she reached my cunt she stopped, making me moan with false anticipation.

“Let me hear you say it, Sam. Let me hear how much you want my tongue in your perfect pussy.”

“Oooh Mrs Dobson pleeeese. Please put your tongue against my cunt and lick me. I want to feel your tongue wash around my dripping pussy lapping up my love juices. I need your tongue so deep in my cunt. I want you to suck my clit into your mouth and play with it with your tongue. I need you to finger me, I want them as deep as they’ll go in my hot, tight cunt, Mrs Dobson. I want your to feel my cunt muscles squeeze your fingers as you push them in and out of me. Pleeeese fuck me with your tongue and fingers and make me cummm.”

“Sam, you’re such a lovely, dirty little girl.” She groaned, “I need to taste you, taste your cum in my mouth. Sam, reach back and hold yourself open for me.”

Resting my tummy almost painfully on the back of the chair I reached behind me and clasped my bum cheeks and pulled them apart.

“Ohh baby that’s soo beautiful. Here it is, my love, here’s what you want. Let me make you cum.”

Her movement was so quick I nearly fell off the chair. Her tongue buried itself to its furthest deep into my pussy and her mouth closed around my hole as she sucked my juices down her throat. Her chin grazed my stiff, swollen clit and I went into orbit.

“Nrrrrrrgrgrggghhh …..aaaaaaaaahhh, Mrs ….uuuh … uuuh …. Dobson ..aaaah drink ..aaaa … my … nnnnnnnrrrrg …. Cummmmmmmmmmmmmm.” I growled.

I could feel my cunt muscles clutching at her tongue that was rapidly turning and rolling in my spasming pussy. For the briefest of seconds I had to look in the mirror, her eyes, god, her eyes, so full of lust, so full of pure pleasure as she swallowed down my cum.

She pulled away from me letting her hands smooth over mine then down between the cleft of my bottom before her fingers swirled around my soaking honey pot. I panted heavily as I slowly came down from my orgasm.

“Haaah, Mrs Dobson. You made me cum. You made me cum in your mouth and over your face. Did you like that? Did it make you wet knowing your tongue was deep in my pussy making me cum in your mouth?” I drooled.

“My darling little girl, you’ve no idea how wet you made me. Here, taste yourself.” She whispered pressing her lips to mine so that I could taste my own juices from her tongue. “Sam, do something for me.”

“Yes, anything.”

“It would be so sexy and make me so wet, Sam. Masturbate for me. I want to watch while you touch yourself and make yourself cum. I want to see you make your fingers all wet and sticky so that I can lick them clean for you.”

I smiled a wicked little smile for her and turned over on the seat. She helped taking my panties completely off then picked them up and held them to her face as I spread my legs wide apart. Her eyes fixed on my soaking wet pussy as she breathed deeply the aroma from the cotton gusset.

Closing one hand around my left breast I slowly pinched and tugged at my sensitive nipple as the while keeping eye contact with her. Gradually I eased my right hand down to my pussy and I watched her shift her gaze to follow its path. As it reached its target I used two fingers to spread open my puffy lips letting her see the glistening pink interior and sucking hole.

“Is this what you want me to do?” I taunted sliding my middle finger through the slippery juices.

“Yess.” It was a barely audible whisper through my panties.

“Oooh Mrs Dosbon, I’m sooo wet. My finger might accidentally … oooh … slip into my pussy hole.” I teased driving my middle finger deep into my cunt. “Aaaah it feels good. Shall I take it our again, Mrs Dobson so you can see how wet I am inside my tight little pussy hole?”

She gasped again, transfixed. The question was rhetorical anyway and I raised my dripping finger and studied the way my juice ran down towards the palm of my hand before I tipped my head back and dribbled my finger into my mouth.

Back down it went again this time running around the edge of my hole three times before burying it deep once more. “Aaah,” I cried as I stabbed the finger deeply several times in quick succession. “Aaaaah .. Mrs Dobson .. I don’t want to take my finger out of my pussy, it feel so good in there.”

“Use bostancı escort two fingers, Sam.” Mrs Dobson moaned as her hand unconsciously started to rub at her breasts.

“Oooh Mrs Dobson, I’ll try but my pussy’s so tight.” Putting on my best little girl voice and pretending to wince as I squeezed a second finger into my cunt hole. “Oooh it just fits, there.”

“Oh .. ooh Sam. God that’s so hot darling. Pump your fingers for me. Pleeease .. fuck your fingers into your ever so tight little pussy. Masturbate, darling, make your pussy cum for Mummy.” She oozed.

She was definitely gone now, calling herself Mummy for me. It was incredibly erotic and I could feel my stomach muscles tighten when she said it. My fingers started jerking and my hips moved up to meet my pumping fingers in reaction.

“Oooh Mummy, watch me finger myself. Can you see how wet I’m getting, pushing my fingers deep inside my pussy. Oh Mummy, aaah … aaah .. I’m going to cum for you Mummy.” I joined in the game for her.

“Oooh ..oooh …aaaah .. yes Sam, fuck your fingers deep in your darling tight little cunt honey.” She panted.

For the first time I saw her start to break. She had hitched up her skirt and was sliding her hand up her sheer stockings that ended tight to her crotch. As her hand reached the top her fingers clasped her pussy through her silky thong letting her cunt lips spread out around the material.

Watching her play with herself had me near boiling point in seconds. I slipped my other hand down to my pussy and fingered my swollen and sensitive clit while I pumped two fingers deep inside myself.

“Mummy …aaaah .. aaaah .. Mummy pull your panties aside oooh … uuh .. uuh … I want to see your pussy, Mummy. Mummy .. uuuh … uuuuh finger yourself while I uuuh … aaah .. aaaaah .. cum for you.” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“Yeesss Sam, oh yess. Mummy will aaah … aaah finger fuck her cunt for you uuuh … uug .. while you cum on your fingers.” She gasped.

That was it. My fingers slapped into my cunt as I rapidly frigged my clit with the other hand. Watching Mrs Dobson as she pulled three fingers into her sopping hole sent me reeling and I came hard triggering her reaction seconds later.

“Mummmmmmeeeeee ….” I hissed still trying to stay quiet, “I’m cumming on my fingers for you, fuck fuck .. I’m nnnnnnnnnnnrrrrrrrrggggh.”

Mrs Dobson’s fingers slowed to a slow rub as her chest heaved. My fingers slipped out of my pussy and I spread my juices over my bare lips and down to my arsehole revelling in the afterglow feeling.

Our breathing eventually slowed and I fed her my sticky fingers for her to suck clean before indulging in a loving, tongue filled kiss. A small cry outside the dressing room broke into the moment and I looked, startled at Mrs Dobson.

She was back in control again in seconds. Her hand shot between the cubicle curtain and grabbed, hauling a panting and shocked Cassie into the room by her pony tail.

“Listening were you?” Mrs Dobson’s voice was ice cold. “Standing outside and listening to my daughter and me, were you?”

“No, ow ouch, no. I swear.” The frightened girl shot back.

“You were. I bet you were rubbing your hot little pussy listening to us, weren’t you? Let me see those fingers.” Mrs Dobson commanded grabbing Cassie’s hand and lifting it up to her nose, sniffing. “Pussy: And still wet. Sam taste her fingers and tell me.”

Mrs Dobson held out Cassie’s hand and I sucked her fingers into my mouth, licking and tasting each one. “Mmm, yes Mummy, I can taste her pussy on her fingers, definitely.” I confirmed.

“Hmmm, let’s be sure.” Said Mrs Dobson. She ripped open the poppers on Cassie’s tunic exposing her bra, reaching inside she hefted out Cassie’s large breasts. “Your nipples are very stiff and extended, Cassie.” Then in one movement she reached under Cassie’s tunic bottom and pushed two fingers up the poor girl’s wet slit.

“Ow oooh ..” gasped Cassie opening her mouth in shock.

“See,” gloated Mrs Dobson, “your pussy is soaking wet. You’ve been masturbating.”

“I couldn’t help it.” Wailed the girl. “It was sooo hot listening to you fuck your daughter, I just had to …. had to … dooo myself.”

“So you like pussy do you?” went on Mrs Dobson, “well how do you like this pussy.” She said forcing Cassie to her knees in front of me. “I bet you’d like to stick your tongue right in the middle of that lovely wet pussy and drink my daughter’s juices, wouldn’t you? Eh?”

“But .. but .. I’ve never licked a pussy before.” Quivered Cassie.

“I’ll teach you. Now stick out your tongue, start just there and scoop up until it’s just inside Sam’s pussy hole. ” Mrs Dobson leered enjoying every moment.

I gasped as Cassie’s tongue pressed lightly just below my cunt hole and ran up collecting my drizzling juices on her tongue. I was so sensitive my legs trembled as her tongue started to wind me up again. Mrs Dobson yanked back Cassie’s head by her pony tail making her mouth drop open then she leant forward and placed her mouth over Cassie’s lips and used her tongue to sup up my collected sauce.

“There, your first taste of pussy. Tell me what you want to do now.” Mrs Dobson’s voice was full of power and lust.

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