Swimming Naked with Mom

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It was 1951 on a small ranch in central Oklahoma. In those days, proper sex education was scarce and times were changing fast.

As a preacher’s daughter, Leah savored the intimacy of giving her adult offspring a private baptism. An unofficial one. She saw it as a way of keeping them pure before they headed off towards the big cities. Her eldest son had moved away many years ago and soon had a family of his own. Her daughter moved away to college just two years after.

Her sights turned to her youngest son, 18-year-old Thomas, who will soon head off to college when the summer is over.

In the morning hours, after the sun had risen and her husband was tending to work on the field, she brought Thomas to the lake near their property. They were both dressed in light clothes and it was a warm day. She brought towels to dry themselves when the baptism was over.

After putting their things down on the log and taking off their shoes, they made their way into the water. No one was around and they had complete privacy as they ventured deeper into the lake, until the water was up to their waists.

Leah knew the words and ritual by heart. She had seen this all her life. It was a blessed experience to do this with her youngest son, to make him a man, ready for a world filled with sin.

She dipped Thomas into the water, and when he emerged from the water, she loved him even more than she thought possible. Her heart swelled from the holy act. This was truly God’s gift.

They laughed and splashed each other with water like they always did whenever they were in the lake together. Thomas was always the playful one in the family.

Suddenly, Thomas became serious and stopped splashing, and Leah wanted to know why. She looked down and saw that the thin white fabric of her top had become see-through. She was braless and her large brown nipples were poking through her top. The cold water had given her body its natural reaction.

“See anything you like?” she asked with a wry smile.

Rather than cover up, which is what she normally would have done, she decided to keep a brave face and her hands down. How could she be modest with her body after the soul cleansing they had done?

A body is the purest and most natural thing in the world, she rationalized. Thomas was also a man now and Leah couldn’t shield him forever. She wanted to ensure that her son had some level of experience with women. How else was he to start his own family?

“Sorry,” he said with a blushing smile, turning his head away. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

She laughed and splashed him. “It’s okay to look. Have you ever seen it before?”

“No, never.”

Thomas returned to his jovial mood and tried to relax when they faced each other again.

“I’ve just cleansed you,” she said. “Don’t lie. You can be honest with me about this. I know how young men are… and what they like.”

Thomas gulped. “I’ve seen glimpses of… that.”

“And? What do you think?”

“They’re pretty.”

Leah’s curiosity was piqued, and surprisingly, she was relaxed with her hardened nipples poking through her top while her son looked on.

“Whose have you seen?” she inquired. “Were you a dirty peep? Did someone show them to you? Or was it an accident?”

“It was an accident. I’m not as lucky as James is.”

Leah’s oldest son was the charmer of all the siblings. Thomas, although smart and handsome, was shy around women. She felt a touch of sympathy from the hurt in her son’s voice. Lack of self-confidence was never a good thing.

“Well, whose nipples have you seen?” she asked lovingly. “Were you caught?”

He pursed his lips. “No, I wasn’t caught.”

“Are you going to tell me who they belonged to? You’ve made me curious.”

“If you really want to know, someone older,” he teased. “That’s all I’ll say. I think you’d be furious if you knew.”

Leah’s mind wandered. Was her son cunning enough to peep on the teachers at school? That must have been it, surely. Or worse? Had Thomas peeped on one of his aunts when they visited? Leah tried to shake those thoughts, which were simply too impure, so she just smiled.

“You’re much like your father,” she said. “Full of curiosity about women, and presumably a dirty mind. That’s how it was when we got married.”

Thomas laughed. “I told you it was an accident. Now, are we going to swim around the lake or get ourselves dry and prepare lunch?”

“Which do you prefer?”

“We’ve still got time. Why don’t we swim around together? I could use a few laps.”

Leah’s heart warmed. “I’m not dressed for it, but okay. If you’re anything like your older siblings, you’ll leave this town and I’ll rarely see you anymore. Let’s enjoy this.”

They swam around the small lake for nearly twenty minutes, submerging in and out of the water with their strokes. Leah’s initial thought was correct; she was unprepared for a swim and wore the worst possible outfit. Her top struggled to remain in the right position while she swam.

When the final lap finished, Leah was certain canlı bahis that her top would cling to the skin of her breasts, and that the color and shape of her nipples would be fully visible. She hoped Thomas would get out of the lake first and she’d be able to have a little privacy before getting a towel.

They remained treading water a little bit, breathing slightly heavy. She was glad to tread for a moment, because at least her breasts wouldn’t be showing.

“That was a lot of fun,” he said energetically. “Trust me, I’ll be back as often as I can. You know how much I love this lake.”

“I know you do. I love it also. It’s almost magical. You and your siblings were all baptized here, so it holds a special place in my heart.”

He smiled. “We can always add you to the list of people in our family who’ve been baptized here.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Why not?” he asked. “I’ve learned at school that plenty of people have a second baptism as adults. It’ll be fun. Tomorrow, we’ll do it right here in this same spot.”

She laughed with the most loving expression. “Oh really? How would that work?”

“Same thing you did to me. It’s easy. I’ll say a prayer and dip you in the lake.”

“Is this really about your generosity? Or have you finally found an excuse to dunk me in water?”

“Everyone’s a sinner,” he shrugged with charm. “Isn’t that what you’ve always said?”

“Using my words against me? Fine, you win.”

“Great, then I’ll be dunking you in tomorrow.”

She laughed some more. “You are truly a blessing. God’s gift from heaven.”

Her heart was still warm and full of love. She’d miss these times. She loved her son dearly. She loved playing with him, teaching him, enjoying his sense of humor.

To reward him, Leah took steps out of the water. Slowly, her chest came into view. The thin white fabric clung to her skin, tightly hugging her round breasts. She looked down at her chest. The brown color of her big nipples were visible and they were both protruding proudly.

She looked at the expression of her son. Awestruck.

“Well, are you going to be here all morning?” she asked, teasing him with her protruding nipples.

“This is embarrassing.”

“I’m the one that’s dressed indecent.”

“So am I,” he replied, blushing. “In my trousers. Can I leave after you?”

Leah’s heart skipped a bit. Had she given her son an erection? With her body? Her own breasts? Surely this was a sin written somewhere in the Book. Her heart felt like it was rushing.

“We’ll step out of the water together,” she said, holding out her hand. “There’s nothing to be bashful about. What we did was an amazing ceremony before God. How can we suddenly be ashamed of our bodies?”

Eventually, he nodded. “You’re right.”

As they approached each other to hold hands, Leah noticed her son’s eyes take quick glances at her chest. These were the same breasts that used to nurse him and provide him with vital nutrients. Now they were stimulating to him. As they stepped out of the water at the same time, her legs had become just as visible.

“You’re becoming a man,” she said as they held hands. “You have the desires of a man. Your eyes are looking at me differently.”

Thomas looked away. “Sorry. You normally wear a bathing suit.”

Breaking the tension, Leah pulled at her son’s arm and tried to laugh off the situation. Suddenly, the revelation hit her. It was immediate and jarring. But she knew in her heart of hearts that it was true.

“It was my nipples that you saw,” she said, alluding to their earlier discussion. “It was my breasts. Wasn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“The first time you saw a woman’s bare flesh, it was mine. You seemed coy, as if you knew I’d be upset. Well, be honest with me. This lake is a place where we can tell the truth with each other.”

“It was,” he reluctantly admitted. “Are you mad? It was an accident a long time ago by this very lake.”

Immediately, Leah knew the moment her son was talking about. It made all the sense in the world and she was surprised she hadn’t realized it earlier.

“Last year, when everyone came home. I changed into a swimsuit behind that large tree. I heard footsteps when I finished and you came to ask me about something. I assumed you didn’t see anything.”

He pursed his lips. “Are you mad?”

“Not unless you tell me what you saw.”

“It was only a glimpse, but I kind of saw your butt when you were putting on your swimsuit.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “And?”

“The side of your boob. Your nipple.”

“Did you like seeing it?” she asked.

He nodded. “It was better than any of the magazines that my friends secretly brought to school.”

Leah felt a clenching feeling inside of her vagina. She was aroused, even though she shouldn’t have been. This was wrong, but it felt intoxicating. Being desired this way made her feel alive. It made her feel young again in some strange way.

“I’m not mad,” she said. “You’re a man now. Let’s get ourselves dry.”

Holding her son’s bahis siteleri hand tightly, she led the path out of the lake. She noticed her son was reluctant, presumably because of an erection. Fair is fair, though. If Thomas got to see her breasts, she realized that she should also be able to see her son’s bulge.

Sure enough, she peeked at the hardness between her son’s legs, with his wet clothes clinging onto the shape. She noticed her son trying to be brave about it. It was a nice try.


The next morning. For better or worse, Leah wore the same outfit. The purity of the white color was perfect for a religious ceremony. As they made their way to the lake again, she had told her son that they wouldn’t be swimming again in these clothes. It wasn’t appropriate at all.

“Are you ready to be baptized?” he asked while they were walking.

“Yes, but I never thought it would happen this way, with you doing it for me. It feels like everything has come full circle in our relationship. You’re a man now. And soon I’ll be an old woman. It’s the circle of life.”

“There’s more we can do,” he said hesitantly. “To make the cycle complete. Would you be interested?”

She gave a skeptical look. “What would that be?”

“We can take our shirts off. It’s so uncomfortable being submerged in the water with this on. You’ll thank me, I think.”

It was amusing seeing her son be so mischievous. Thomas had always been the naughty one of the family, and now, coming of age had only made him bolder, Leah thought.

“You’re so much like your father,” she sighed.

He blushed. “In a good way, I hope.”

Without answering, Leah pulled her white shirt overhead and let it fall to the dirt. She was topless. The entirety of her chest was on display and her brown nipples immediately turned hard. She watched Thomas soak in the sight of her womanly curves.

Going further, she did the same with her pants after stepping out of her shoes. Her toes dug into the dirt as she removed her bottom. It had been a while since she had trimmed her pubic hairs, so there was a dark patch covering her most intimate area. It gave her some sense of comfort that at the very least, her labia was covered by her hairs.

She hadn’t seen Thomas so overwhelmed since news that the war had ended. Her son looked speechless and frozen, while she stood there without a hint of clothing on. This wasn’t planned. Unlike most of her life’s choices, this was a spur the moment decision and she didn’t know why she did it.

“I’m naked for my baptism,” she said frankly. “You want natural? Here it is. Me in my purest form.”

The color almost drained from Thomas’s face. Leah was strangely proud to be the first naked woman her son had ever seen. It made her wet between the legs.

“Can we wait a few minutes before doing the baptism?” he asked.


His hands covered his crotch. “There’s an issue here. I don’t want to go in the water while I have this.”

“I’ve raised you with such good manners,” she proudly noted. “Most men your age would jump at the chance to be closer to a naked woman, mom or not.”

“What can I say? You taught me well.”

Leah took a different approach. “Thomas, you have my permission, and I won’t be mad. Take off your pants. I want to see you. It’s only fair.”

“To be clear,” he said with a deep gulp. “I’m fully… you know… hard.”

“I know, Thomas. I can always tell. And I want to see it. This may surprise you, but I’ve wondered about it all night.”

“Really? Why?”

“The same reason you like looking at my breasts along with the rest of me. God created men and women to enjoy each other’s bodies.”

With a deep gulp, Thomas pulled off his shirt, then reluctantly pulled his pants down and his erection sprang free. It was everything Leah hoped for in her young man. The pubic hairs were neatly trimmed and the cock looked beautiful in Leah’s eyes. Strong, yet so smooth.

“There,” he said. “That’s what it looks like.”

“You’re very mature for your age.”

“I guess this makes us even.”

“It does. Now make me a woman again. Let’s step into the water.”

They were both naked and they each took a moment to admire the other. This wasn’t something Leah had planned. It was nature taking its course.

She approached her son, and when they were close, they both sinned a little bit and examined the other’s naked form even further. It went beyond curiosity. It became lust. Thomas’s cock only got harder. Leah’s big nipples and clitoris became harder as well.

They held hands and entered the lake. Their feet went into the mud, and with each step, they went deeper until the cold water covered their private parts.

Once they reached the desired depth, Thomas did the honors and summoned the presence of God and said the sacred words. Leah stood upright and still, and she was dipped backwards into the water. Her sins were wiped away.

When she emerged, the first thing she saw was her son. She was glad she was naked for this. She liked having Thomas admire bahis şirketleri her breasts and nipples, which became stiff from the cold water.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

She wiped her eyes and pulled her long hair back. “I feel anew. I feel like I’ve done my duty as a mother. You’re a fine young man, Thomas. I’m very proud of you. You’ll make a woman extremely happy someday.”

“Thank you,” he smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. Would it be inappropriate for a hug? I know we’ve hugged a thousand times before, but now our circumstances are, well, obviously different.”

With water up to her waist, and mud beneath her feet, she stepped towards her son, and Thomas did the same in her direction.

She hugged Thomas like it was all so normal, thanking him for the baptism and for being a good son. As a reward, she meshed her big breasts against her son’s chest. She made sure Thomas could feel her soft flesh and hard nipples. She savored the warmth of her son’s flesh.

But she had forgotten about his erection. She had assumed that the cold water would keep her son’s penis at bay, because that’s what tends to happen. Was her naked body that enticing to her son that cold water was impervious to his male organ?

The moment Thomas’s cock grazed her thigh, she pulled back, and he blushed. Looking at his penis was one thing, but having it accidentally touch her leg was something else.

“Sorry about that,” he said, turning his hips.

“I hope you weren’t hard while giving me the baptism.”

He winced in shame. “Is that a sin?”

“I’ve never heard a rule against it,” she politely shrugged. “It’s a natural bodily reaction, after all, which was my fault. God will understand.”

While they stood before each other in the water, she reached down and tenderly held her son’s erection. Even under the cold water she could feel the texture of a male organ. She felt Thomas breathing on her face as she stroked him and nurtured his penis. She swirled and twirled her fingers around and played with the head, pinching it, rubbing the tip of her index finger against the small opening.

“Ever feel anything like this before?” she asked, looking deeply into her son’s eyes.

“I am a virgin. You’re my first woman.”

The purity of her son took her breath away.

“This must feel like heaven for you,” she said, pinching the head again and rubbing the shaft.

“It does.”

“What else do you want?”

“Are you offering?” Thomas inquired.

“Maybe I am.”


Leah gathered her thoughts. “Because I love you. Because we have a special bond. Sometimes it’s difficult for a mother to articulate and express feelings. This is one way that I can do it, by sharing my body, because I know you like it.”

She watched her son absorb this admission. Thomas handled it graciously, like an adult. She even felt his penis swelling in her hand.

“Will you be mad?” he asked. “I have something in mind, but it goes against what I’ve been taught.”

“We’re both pure in this water. I’ll do whatever you want here.”

Thomas gulped. “I want to be sucked… you know… down there. My friends have talked about how good that feels. I can only imagine it.”

“Yes, you’re just like your father at this age,” she smiled. “After we had gotten married, I think I sucked him everyday. During the summer, we were naked a lot. We swam naked together too.”

“Do you think father would be mad if he knew about this?”

“No,” she replied. “I had already told him last night that I want to make you a strong man. He understands and he agreed. This will only help you. This will feel good, and someday soon, you’ll make a woman very happy with your newfound experience.”

Leah took a deep breath and gracefully dipped her head underwater. Instead of another baptism, she submerged for her son’s penis. It was dark and she needed a moment for her eyes to adjust, but she found it. Her son stood in place and his penis was still erect, pointing forward.

She took it inside of her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it and gave it a tender suck. When Thomas’s body jerked, she held onto his hips and bobbed her head back and forth. She wanted to make this underwater stimulation special for her young man. She wanted this to be unforgettable. And judging by the squirms of her son’s body, it was working. Leah could only imagine what her son’s facial expressions looked like.

Air was running out and her heart rate picked up. She held the penis in her hand like an ice cream cone and stuck her tongue out, flickering and swirling her tongue around the sensitive tip. Going out for ice cream had long been their favorite family activity, now she was using those same techniques to service her son’s erection.

Letting go, she made her way up and breathed, wiping water away from her face and pulling her long hair back. It took a moment to regain her vision and she kept wiping her eyes. She filled her lungs with fresh air. Then she saw her son smiling. Oh yes, Thomas had enjoyed the oral stimulation.

“Your first sucking,” she said in between deep breaths.

He blushed. “That was heaven.”

“Not quite. Heaven on Earth isn’t inside of a woman’s mouth. It’s a bit lower, in between a woman’s legs.”

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