Swipe Right for Grandma Pt. 01

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I’d broken up with Jill about a month before and now I was getting a lot of heat from my parents. Heat of the “You need to get out” and “Quit lying around and pitying yourself” and “Get back up on the horse” variety. It was tiring

In fact, even though I rarely left the house – – because I was between semesters at the local junior college and was trying to avoid seeing Jill or her 10,000 friends around town – – I was “getting back up on the horse.” Thanks to the internet. In the month since Jill and I had split, I’d practically become a date site junkie. Clicking like on this photo. Leaving a comment on that profile. Swiping left on this face.

This was probably all a way of telling myself that I was still in the game, even if I had little desire to get back into dating itself – – the kind where you meet actual people and do actual things.

As for my parents. Whatever. Saturday afternoon and when my dad appeared in my room for the third time to explain to me what a great, handsome, charming guy I was, I’d finally had enough. I hopped into my car and drove over to Grandma Barb’s house.

She was my dad’s mom. And, probably because my dad was such a “get back up on the horse” guy and gotten my mom pregnant when she had barely started college, grandma had just celebrated her sixtieth birthday. Grandpa had passed away five years before and, since then, grandma had been living on her own in the little house only a ten-minute drive away. When things got too nuts at home, her place was my default hideout. Once, I’d spent a whole week at her house, being fed too much home-cooked food, getting my clothes washed every day, with an endless supply of ice cream, soda pop, and whatever else I wanted. Not a bad hideout, eh?

On this particular day, grandma greeted me at the door with a worried look and, after being served fresh-baked pie and a cup of coffee, we sat around talking about my parents, Jill, and the fate of modern love. While grandma cleaned up in the kitchen, I pulled out my smartphone and dug back into the dating game.

Grandma returned to the living room and turned on the television to watch her shows. I swiped away madly at the little block of plastic in my hands.

“Charlie,” she said finally, during a commercial break. “What are you doing?”

I sighed and explained what I was doing. Internet. Apps. Profiles. Dating. The whole nine yards. Grandma was fascinated by the profiles on my screen and gazed at my phone while I swiped and clicked.

“Good lord,” she said. “The world has really changed. Why, back when your grandfather and I met, we hardly even talked on the phone.”

I laughed. And then, the lightbulb went off.

“Gee, granny,” I said. “Gramps has been gone for a while now. Don’t you get lonely.”

She tittered nervously and waved her hand at me.

“You’re a good-looking woman,” I added. “I bet there’s tons of guys out there who’d like to hang out with you.”

Granny blushed and guffawed. Grandma was in fact a pretty fine-looking woman, I thought to myself. She exercised constantly – – at the gym every day – – and despite a little thickening here and there, she still had a good figure. I looked at her as she watched the television. I’d never really noticed it before but, despite the sweatshirt she wore, she had a really generous rack.

Now, I was feeling truly inspired.

“Where’s your cell phone?” I asked, standing up.

“Over there somewhere. On the shelf.” She gestured toward the bookshelf on the opposite wall.

I found her phone, powered it on, and downloaded “HookUp,” my favorite dating app. Since I knew her email, I signed her up and started a profile, diplomatically fudging her age by a few years.

“There you go, gran,” I said proudly, offering her the phone. “All you need to do is add a photo or two and, boom, it’s off to the dating races.”

Grandma laughed. “Just put the phone back on the shelf, you smart aleck.”

I spent the night at gran’s and returned home in the morning. My dad greeted me at the door with an apology for being too pushy and things got back to normal. I quickly forgot about gran’s smartphone and our conversation.

School started back up and, because I wanted to move on to a four-year college, I signed up for an overload of courses. Before I knew it, I was studying my ass off. Econ in the morning, sociology for lunch, lit for dinner, and math all night. A month had gone by and I hadn’t even thought about the dating stuff or all the apps on my phone.

Then, one night in late October, after midterms, I watched a movie with my dad and headed upstairs. Before I went to sleep, I checked my phone. The HookUp app had sent me a notification. Somebody was interested in me. I tapped on the app icon.

Great. Some heavy chick from upstate. I swiped right and paused for a moment before returning the phone to my nightstand. What the hell, I thought. For old times sake.

I started swiping and clicking. But, to be honest, it quickly became depressing. Good-looking women who lived escort ataşehir too far away. Not so good-looking women who looked too desperate. I tweaked my search parameters and tried again. Now it was older women who looked too desperate or like they’d just gotten back from their AA meeting. One more time, I thought as I tweaked my search filter again. I swiped. And, swiped again.

That third swipe was the one. A profile picture appeared on my phone screen. A woman in a shiny red corset, her big tits pushed up to magnify her ample cleavage. She was definitely older, although her profile only indicated that she was 50 plus. There was something intriguing about her: an older women with such a sexy style. To find out more, I’d have to swipe right. I lay there on the bed and thought about it.

What the hell. It’s only the internet, I told myself as I pushed my finger across the phone’s surface.

I exited the app and powered the phone down. A new Econ unit tomorrow, I remembered. Might was well bank some sleep now.

Around lunch the next day, I checked my phone for email. HookUp had sent me a notification. Because I only had junk mail and I was only halfway through my salami sandwich, I opened up the dating app for a little diversion.

“Oh shit,” I whispered to myself.

SilverSexy had responded to my swipe. I tapped on her gallery and almost choked on my salami sandwich. There were six photos. In all them, SilverSexy wore the hottest outifts I’d ever seen. Black nylons and heels. That red corset and a pearl choker. My trouser snake started uncoiling down my pants leg when I saw the final photo. SilverSexy with her back to the camera, dressed in the corset and a pair of lacy panties, arms raised above her head.

I stared at that photo and then stared some more. Wide, juicy ass peeking out from beneath the corset and those full, meaty thighs. That’s when I realized – – I’d only dated girls. Girls who thought they were being sexy when they wore yoga pants and a push-up bra. This was a real woman. A woman who knew how to dress for a man.

And, there was a message in my inbox.

“You look hot.” It read. “And delicious. Stay sexy, SilverSexy.”

My pocket python was now fully aroused. A woman who knew how to dress for a man and who was unabashed about her desire. My head spun and I felt hot and prickly. I took a deep breath and typed into my phone.

“You make me hard,” I typed. “So sexy.”

I went to class. Driving home, my phone pinged. I pulled into a Starbucks drive-through and grabbed my phone while I waited in line. Another message from SilverSexy.

“Thanks.” My hand was trembling. “Show me what you look like hard, loverboy.”

Jesus. I gulped and stashed my phone in my backpack. I ordered some kind of coffee when I got to the window but I never touched it as I sped home.

I ran upstairs and dug my phone out of my backpack. I shut and locked the door and flicked HookUp open. I gazed down at the pictures of SilverSexy and my cock sprang to life instantly.

This is weird, I thought to myself. Maybe too weird. But, nobody knew who anybody really was on the internet, unless you wanted them to.

I pushed my pants down and out sprang my dick, swollen and fat. I snapped one picture and then, wrapping my hand around it, another one. I hesitated, visualized SilverSexy’s big ass, and hit the send button.

I was so antsy at dinner that night that my parents asked me twice if school was going okay. I reassured them and, as soon as the dinner dishes were off the table, raced back up to my room. Nothing from my online Mrs. Robinson. Swearing, I pulled my Econ book out of my backpack and settled in for a late night of price indicators and market signals.

A little before eleven o’clock, my phone pinged. Palms sweating, I picked it up and tapped HookUp.

“I want it,” the message from SilverSexy said. Attached to the message was a picture of her lacy black panties stretched thin across her big, wide ass. I practically moaned.

“Whenever you’re ready,” I messaged back and settled back onto my bed.

There was nothing more from SilverSexy that night but in the morning I had another message and a photo of her bare legs in high heels. “Damn,” I said to myself as my fingers slid around my already stiff cock. Ten minutes later, and feeling ten times more relieved, I answered her message and left for school.

This went on for several days. The messages getting racier and racier. The photos getting hotter and hotter. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Late Wednesday night, my phone pinged again. Another message from my HookUp tormentor. No sexy photo with this one. Only text. “I’m 59 y.o. How do you feel about that?”

I paused. Was this her getaway plan, part of some kind of flake-out? That’s the way internet dating worked a lot of the time, at least in my experience. Lots of flirting. Sexy photos. Then, when push came to shove and it came to arranging a meet-up . . . the hasty retreat.

I flipped back through kadıköy escort bayan the photos SilverSexy had sent me and my blood raced.

“I’m 21,” I texted back. “Old enough to do anything I want.”

I waited.

SilverSexy’s message arrived a few minutes later: “Are you sure you know what you want?”

“Definitely.” My fingers flew across the phone’s screen. “I want you.”

I tapped a pencil on on the cover of my Econ book as I waited for her reply.

The phone beeped and vibrated.

“I’m old enough to be your mother.”

True, I thought to myself. And then I stopped for a moment to think. Why would she complicate things with that idea? She knew it wouldn’t brush me off. It was pretty clear how horny I was. And, equally clear how much she enjoyed teasing me. Actually, the more I thought about her latest message, the hornier I got.

I took a deep breath even as my cock ballooned against my thigh.

“My mother doesn’t have an ass like yours,” I typed. “If she did, I’d be in real trouble.”

A tiny, smiling emoticon popped into the chat window, followed by another message.

“She’d be a lucky mother.”

I smiled and rubbed my cock through my sweatpants.

“I want you so bad,” I typed. To demonstrate how much I wanted SilverVixen, I whipped my sweats down, clicked a picture of my hard dick, and attached it to the message.

It took less than a minute for SilverVixen to respond and when she did, my whole body jolted and my jaw dropped. Her message was a street address. But, an address I knew well. Very well.

Time froze and I stared at the phone.

Another message popped onto the screen: “NOW!”

My stomach swirled and my head spun. I felt disgusted but also, weirdly, thrilled. Adrenaline coursed through my body. I gulped and texted back: “OK.”

Stashing my phone, I stood on wobbly legs. My cock tented the front of my sweats. One way or the other, I thought as I grabbed my car keys, I have to resolve things.

I raced downstairs and dashed through the living room. Dad was sleeping in his Lazy-Boy and mom’s eyes were glued to the TV set.

“Be back in a bit,” I shouted as I put my hand on the front door. “Need to get some printer paper.”

Mom raised her head, her eyes wide with surprise, as I scuttled out of the house and jumped into my car. I drove fast through the dark streets, still unsure if I was doing the right thing. I could just not reply to SilverSexy. Delete my HookUp account. Pretend nothing had ever happened. Yet, something I couldn’t or didn’t want to name drove me onward. My hands gripped the steering wheel harder, my stomach twitching.

I pulled up in front of the address SilverSexy had given me and switched off the ignition. Taking a deep breath, I left the car and plodded to the front door. It felt like I was spinning into a dark, deep hole as I pressed the doorbell.

The overhead light flicked on and I pushed my hands into my pockets. The door opened slowly. Grandma stood on the other side of the screen wrapped in a bathrobe. For a few moments, we stared at each other in silence.

“Charlie,” grandma finally said, tightening her bathrobe sash. “What are you doing here?”

My jaws moved but I couldn’t talk.

I shifted my feet and stammered. “Can you let me in, grandma?”

Her face twisted in confusion. She undid the latch and pushed the door open. I stumbled past her into the front hallway where a single candle glowed on a table next to the door. Grandma pulled the front door shut and locked it.

“What are you doing here?”

I turned at the sound of her voice. Her silver hair glowed in the candlelight and she stood with her hands on her hips. I dropped my eyes and gulped when I saw her thick, shapely legs encased in black nylons. She wore matching high heels.

“I . . . I . . .I . . . ” My lips were moving. “I had to let you know.”

Grandma arched her eyebrows and wrapped her arms around her waist, just below her massive bust.

Groaning, I raised my eyes to hers. “I’m StudPup.”

Grandma gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. She shook her head slowly back and forth.

“No . . . no,” she muttered, squeezing her eyes shut. “Oh my god.”

I nodded slowly. “I’m sorry grams. I’m so sorry.”

Grandma flashed her eyes at me and raised her other hand, palm facing me.

“But . . . ” She choked something back. “I’m . . . confused.”

“It’s okay, gram,” I whispered.

She looked so defeated and so vulnerable that I couldn’t help myself. I rushed up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist to hug her. She leaned into me and quaked with a sob.

“Oh lord,” she mumbled. “Oh my lord.”

We stood there together until her body stopped trembling and I felt her hands on my chest.

“Oh lord,” she said without raising her head. “I must have gotten confused. I thought you were somebody else.” She paused, as if calculating something. “Sometimes that phone confuses me.”

I nodded and patted her escort bostancı back gently.

“It’s ok, grandma,” I whispered. “It’s ok.”

We clutched each other in the dim light of the hallway, grandma’s curvy body tight against mine. Her big breasts pressed against my chest and I suddenly became aware of thick, sweet perfume flooding my nose. I gulped and shifted my hips but this only seemed to push my swollen cock against her other thigh. My fingers rested on top of her soft, silky robe.

Grandma sniffled and tapped her hands on my shoulders. She shifted and her body seemed to press closer against mine. I blinked and, without thinking, squeezed her shoulders gently. Grandma made an odd noise – – half sob and half something else – – and placed her small, soft hands against my neck. My arms back to her waist tentatively and she responded by circling her arms around my neck.

I looked down at her thick, lustrous silver hair. I remember thinking clearly to myself that I was stepping off the edge. But, my body obeyed its own will now. I pulled grandma tight against me and she looked up at me with her big brown eyes. They gleamed in the candlelight. As I leaned my face down to hers, she tightened her arms around my neck and pulled my lips toward hers. The second before we kissed, I caught a smile bending across her lips.

At first our mouths only pressed together. But grandma sank her fingers into my hair and our lips parted. Her tongue slid into my mouth and everything exploded. With a hungry groan, I shoved my tongue into her mouth and dropped my hands to her big luscious ass, manhandling her tight against me. Grandma dug her fingers deeper into my hair and mashed her mouth hard against mine. Our lips and tongues lashed together furiously until, with a deep sigh, Grandma pulled her face away from mine.

We were both panting and my bloated cock twitched in my sweats. Grandma pulled her hands from my hair and pushed herself away from me.

“I . . . .I . . . .” I stuttered.

Grandma raised a finger to her lips and I caught my breath. She stepped away from me on her high heels, her eyes locked onto mine. Her chest heaved up and down with excitement. Never moving her eyes from mine, she reached down and untied her robe with trembling fingers. The robe opened and slid to the floor

I gasped.

Grandma’s full, buxom body was wrapped in a shiny red corset that pushed her big tits up into two mountains of soft, pale flesh. The corset cinched in at her waist to emphasize her broad, womanly hips. Below, she wore a garter belt over a pair of lacy black panties. Sheer black nylons were attached to the garter belt. They stretched tight across her thick, curving thighs.

My eyes traveled back up her body and she greeted them with a big, toothy smile. She turned slowly and began strutting away from me down the hall, her plump ass rolling from side to side. Turning the corner of the hallway, she disappeared into shadows. I stumbled after her.

I stepped out of the hallway into her candle-lit bedroom. The soft yellow light glinted off black satin sheets and she stood waiting for me at the foot of the bed. She raised her arms and I fell into her embrace. Our lips met and she pulled me backwards onto the bed. Her legs spread as we dropped onto the sheets. My hands scrabbled at the hem of my sweats until I managed to tug them down over my thighs. A soft hand snaked down to grab my cock and grandma gurgled with pleasure.

She pulled her knees up and used her other hand to pull her panties aside. I jabbed my hips forward and the tip of my cock parted her pussy lips. She yanked her face to the side and moaned. I plunged my cock deep into her and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Yessssssss . . . .” she hissed, her face still turned away from me.

My cock pulsed as I began to pump in and out of her. Grandma’s hand clawed at the sheets and she writhed below me. I squeezed my eyes shut and rode her bucking hips.

We fucked like animals until my cock hardened like concrete and exploded in pleasure. Grandma moaned and I kept pumping away madly until my cock was empty. My body shivered and I collapsed onto the bed, my dick still stuffed inside her.

When I woke, the candles still glowed but Grandma’s bed was empty. I lay there with my cheek against the satin sheets until I heard the soft pad of feet in the hallway. I rolled onto my back and grandma entered the room, carrying a tray with two glasses on it. She placed the tray on a nightstand next to the bed and gazed at me with a smile. I smiled back.

“I don’t know . . . ” I started to say.

Grandma shook her head and tugged the top sheet down. I raised my body and she neatly flipped the sheet over me.

“There, there, Charlie,” she purred as she sat on the edge of the bed. “Just rest.”

Her massive bust loomed over me.

“You’ve been such a good boy,” she continued, stroking my hair. “You’ve been so good to your granny.”

Her swelling breasts wagged back and forth just above my nose and my cock stirred. Grandma continued brushing her fingers across my hair. My hips flinched.

“Oh my.” She leaned down, whispering into my ear. Her other hand slid down my chest to my groin and she wrapped her fingers around my cock. “What have we here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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