Taking A Peek Again

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About six years ago I had sex with my daughter Chloe. I heard her late one night using a vibrator on herself. We ended up having sex that night and it continued on. Chloe was just getting ready to enter college so our lovemaking was sporadic over the next four years. Once Chloe graduated she moved back to the city we lived in. All bets were off then.

I would slip over to her apartment when I could and we would fuck. Chloe seemed to be in love with my cock. I am around eight inches in length and thick. Chloe loved it when I stirred my big bone around in her tight pussy. I was quite surprised I could satisfy my daughter. She always seemed to need my dick buried in her tight passage.

Chloe had been on birth control pills up to this point. One Saturday afternoon when I had my cock submerged in between her folds Chloe told me what she wanted from me.

“Dad, I want you to make me pregnant.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Chloe went on to say she had been thinking about this for some time. She wanted a baby and as I was her lover, you get the pendik escort picture. I don’t know why but this got me more excited than usual. I pumped my dick in her the whole way and I held it there. Chloe was panting hard. I could feel her muscles gripping my rod even more firmer.

“Please Dad, I want your baby seed!”

She was going to get my cum soon enough. I think I just lost my head. I told her to get off the pill and I would seed her ripe eggs. I took hold of her ankles and pushed her legs up to her chest. Chloe’s tits were as big as her mothers. Her thighs were pressed against her hard nipples. I drove my cock into my daughter as far as it would go.

We had some intense lovemaking from there on. My big sacs were hitting hard against my daughter’s ass. I always thought that having sex with Chloe would someday end. She would find some guy and settle down with him. That wasn’t going to happen now. Chloe was mine and we were going to make a baby in the near future.

“Fuck me hard Daddy,” Chloe was crying out to me.

I nearly pulled my dick escort pendik out of her pussy. I just kept the head inside her before I slammed my thick sausage all the way in. I was now pounding her as hard as I could. Sweat was pouring off the both of us. I did let go of her ankles and I lowered my mouth to her hard nipples. I took turns and sucked and nibbled on each one. Chloe was practically screaming now. I wasn’t far from giving Chloe what she wanted.

My daughter’s pussy was gripping me like a small fist. I could feel her convulsing as I hammered her love tunnel with my erection. A few more minutes of that and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pushed in all the way and I gave Chloe all my love batter. When Chloe felt my hot cum enter her pussy she arched her back. She started to shake and we came together.

I always loved when that happened. I shot hot ropes of my sticky seed deep into her belly. Chloe’s muscles were milking everything out of my dick. We probably ended fucking for fifteen minutes more until I felt like my cock was spent. I still held my pendik escort bayan limp cock inside my daughter’s pussy and she continued to have small orgasms.

After we finished we showered together and I left to go back home. Needless to say, sex with my wife was almost nonexistent these days. The funny part was she didn’t seem to miss it. That was okay by me. I only had so much energy for sex and I was saving it for Chloe.

Chloe did go off the pill. We are waiting for the effect to wear off. I still slip over to her place a couple times a week in order to fuck my daughter. It seems since she went off the pill she has turned into a sex nympho. She just can’t get enough of me fucking her. Here as of late she has been riding my cock every time we have sex. She loves to bob up and down my rod while I get to massage her big breasts.

Chloe will beg me to give her a baby as I raise my ass up from the bed. I bring my daughter to a hot boil as I pinch her hard nipples. Chloe slams down hard on my rod until we get to the point of where we are close to exploding. I love blowing my white nectar deep into Chloe’s pussy. She always makes sure she gets every drop from me.

Frankly I can’t wait to make Chloe pregnant. I want to fuck her when she has a big belly. Chloe wants that too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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