Taking Care of Santa

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I’ve been so excited for Christmas all year. And finally it was Christmas eve.

I just couldn’t wait to see what Santa would be getting me for Christmas. I always sleep in the living room on Christmas eve, right by the tree, so I can get a glimpse of Santa. However, I always fall asleep and when I wake up later in the evening the presents are already under the tree. Not this year though! This year I was going to stay awake!

I know what you’re thinking. What kind of 19 year old young lady still believes in Santa? Well, this kind I suppose. You may think I’m just a silly girl, but I know Santa is real. He must be! No one but Santa could know what I write in my letter to Santa each year and who else could leave me special presents in my bedroom in addition to those left under the tree.

So there I am, cuddled under my blankets on the sofa near the tree, waiting for Santa to come deliver my presents. I’m fighting so hard to stay awake. I’m just drifting off to sleep when I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. He’s here! He’s here!

Santa comes into the living room, in the perfect Santa suit I’d imagined, with a big red sack of gifts over his shoulder. Santa sees me laying on the sofa in the soft glow of the tree lights and can tell that I’m awake.

“Ho Ho Ho, and what are you doing awake little girl?”

I’m smiling brightly. “I try every year to stay awake so I can see you Santa but you always come so late. This year I tried extra hard!”

“Did you? You know, I may have to bring all of these presents back to the north pole with me now. Good little girls are supposed to be bursa escort sleeping when Santa arrives. It is very naughty of you to still be awake so late. Are you a naughty little girl?”

I sit up, my blanket falling to my lap showing the semi-sheer white nightgown I am wearing. “No Santa. I’m a good girl, a very good girl.”

“A very good girl, you say?”

“Oh yes. You can ask my daddy. I’ve been such a good girl for daddy this year. I’ve taken very good care of daddy, making sure to do all the things he likes.”

Santa considers me through his glasses. “Are you sure? You seem like much too young to take care of your daddy like you say.”

“Daddy says that his little girl is just perfect.”

“Hmm… In that case I think you need to show Santa just how good of a little girl you’ve been for your daddy. If you can prove you’re a good little girl for Santa, maybe I don’t need to bring all your presents back to the north pole and tell Mrs. Claus what a naughty girl you turned out to be.”

“Please don’t tell Mrs. Claus I’m a naughty girl. I’ll show Santa just how good I am.”

I push the blanket off me completely. My see-through night gown teases and my small white thong panties appear to change color in the twinkling colored lights. I climb off the sofa and crawl over to Santa as he stands by the tree. He puts his sack of presents down beside him. When I reach him I rub my little hands up over the velvety pants, reaching the waistband and pulling it down. Santa watches eagerly as I pull his cock free from his pants and wrap my little hand around it, pumping his already hard cock. “That’s bursa escort bayan a good girl.” Santa encourages.

I give the tip of Santa’s cock a kiss and a few licks before I open my mouth and suck on his big cock, just as Daddy has taught me. Santa watches, his one hand tangled in the back of my hair. “Oh yes, that’s it sweetie. That’s a good girl. Suck Santa’s cock little girl.” He holds my head still as Santa begins to fuck my face, pumping faster and further into my throat. “Fuck. Yes show Santa what a good girl you are. Suck that fat cock baby girl. Santa’s gonna cum baby. That’s it, drink all of Santa’s cum. Ho Ho Ho! Take it!”

My mouth is full of cum as more and more shoots into my mouth. I swallow hard, making sure to swallow every drop like a good girl. Santa doesn’t stop fucking my mouth though. He keeps going until he is rock hard again.

“Santa still needs to see just how good of a little girl you are.” He says as he backs away from my used mouth. “Here, let’s take this off. See-through nightgowns are for teases and teases are naughty little girls. You don’t want to be a naughty girl, do you?”

“No Santa.” He pulls my nightgown over my head, displaying my body for him. Santa sits down on daddy’s chair, his hard cock still standing in his lap.

“Come over here and sit on Santa’s lap. Show Santa how you’re a good girl for your daddy.”

I crawl to the chair and climb up on Santa’s lap. I pull my little panties to the side as I lower myself on Santa’s hard waiting cock. Santa puts his head back in the chair and lets out a moan as I start to bounce up and down escort bursa on Santa’s lap. “You’re daddy is right. You’re smooth tight pussy is just perfect!” I bounce on Santa’s lap harder and harder. Eventually Santa grabs me by the waist, lifting and lowering me on Santa’s lap, using me like a fuck toy. “Yes, I can see how you’ve been a good girl for your daddy. You have a lucky daddy, getting to have this sweet smooth pussy anytime he likes. You still have something else you need to let Santa do to prove you’re a good little girl, though.”

“What Santa?”

Santa snickers. “Ho Ho Ho, let me show you little girl.” Santa lifts me off of his cock and twists me around in mid-air so that now I am facing away from Santa. He spits onto his fingers and rubs it on my tight little asshole. Santa lowers my tight little butt down onto his cock, splitting me open. “Fuck that’s one tight little ass. What a good girl, not a single complaint while I fill you’re little ass.” Santa keeps pumping into my ass, he’s moaning louder now and I know he won’t last long inside my tight little ass, Daddy never does. “Here it comes, little girl. Ho ho ho!!”

Still sitting on Santa’s lap, his cock still inside my ass, Santa pats my hair and kisses me softly on the head. “You are definitely a good girl, the best girl Santa has visited all night. For being such a good girl, Santa is going to hide some extra presents in your bedroom closet for you. I know they’ll make your daddy VERY happy. Just be careful not to let your mommy see.”

“I won’t Santa. I promise!”

“That’s a good girl.”

Santa picks me up off of his lap and gently puts my nightgown back on before helping me back to my make-shift bed on the sofa. He kisses me lightly on the forehead. “Now be a good little girl and go to sleep so Santa can leave you lots of presents.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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