Tales of Lustville Scene 07

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Scene Seven

Lois, Timmy & Tommy

Lois was going through her wardrobe, weeding out clothes she didn’t wear anymore. There was a big pile on the floor outside the closet that she wanted to take to the consignment shop next week, and another smaller pile on the bed that she was planning to alter, and see if she could make them sexier.

She was looking at a grey plaid skirt that she had cut very short, and had just finished the hem on. She was about to try it on when the doorbell rang. Sitting the skirt to the side, she hopped up and walked down the hall to the living room, and opened the front door.

She was surprised to see the Wilson twins standing on her porch. They were wearing identical white shirts, thin black ties, grey slacks, and their shoes were shined to a glossy luster.

She knew their mother vaguely, they used to talk at PTA meetings, and waved at each other at the market, but that was about all. Lois thought Susan was a very attractive woman, but she really wasn’t someone she felt comfortable letting herself get friendly with.

Then, as she looked at the boys, she remembered one reason she didn’t have more to do with her. She’d named her sons Timmy and Tommy. That’s what it said on their birth certificates. Not Timothy, or Thomas like a normal person would have named their child.

Smiling at the boys, she looked them up and down, liking what she saw. They were both a head taller than she was, with broad shoulders that tapered down to slim waists and hips, well muscled arms showing under their short sleeved shirts, and slim, powerful looking legs. She remembered that they were swimmers in high school, and had gotten scholarships to a major college back east.

Her eyes settled on their crotches, and she had to suppress a gasp when she saw the enormous bulges they sported. Looking back up at their faces, she decided that they were pleasant enough to look at, but not nearly as handsome as Kyle or Phil.

“Hi boys,” she said, standing in the open doorway. “You’re Susan Wilson’s sons, Tim and Tom, right? What can I do for you today?”

“Yes Ma’am,” the one on the left said, putting his hand on his chest. “I’m Timmy, and this is my brother, Tommy.”

“Okay Tim, was there something special you needed?”

“Well, Mrs. Parker, we’d like a few minutes of your time so we can give you our testimony.” he said brightly, bringing a bible out from behind his back. His brother revealed a stack of literature from behind his back as well.

Lois’s heart sank, and she almost closed the door in their faces. Then she thought better of it. Maybe it was still possible to salvage these two strapping young men from their path to a stuffy, pious life.

“Why, thank you boys!” she said, stepping back and waving them into the house. “I’d be happy to listen to your testimony. And if you’d let me, I’d like to share mine with you!”

“We’d like that, ma’am,” one of them said, she’d already forgotten which was which. “People usually don’t want to hear us spread the word, and the ones that do, rarely want to share with us.”

“I know, isn’t it terrible?” she said, leading them into the living room. “I mean, I have so much that I’d like to share with you today. And there are other things besides the word I want to spread for you. Can you stay for a while? Your mother won’t mind?”

She glanced at their crotches again, and noticed that they dressed on opposite sides, and as she led them to the couch, she made sure they were positioned so their cocks would be on the inside leg when they were seated. She planned on sitting between them, and wanted easy access to tease them.

They got settled sitting side by side. And she moved to sit between them, then stopped, shaking her head.

“Where are my manners today? I’m sorry, boys. Would you like some punch? I was going to make some anyway, and it will only take a minute!”

“Thank you, ma’am. That would be nice.” they said in unison.

“Goodie! I’ll be right back!”

She went into the kitchen, and got out her big party pitcher, then dug around under the counter for the margarita mix and tequila. She filled the pitcher about halfway with ice, then emptied the tequila bottle into it. Adding the margarita mix slowly, stirring it the whole time. Tasting it occasionally, she quit adding the mix when she could barely taste the tequila. She filled the rest of the pitcher up with ice.

She grabbed a cup from the cabinet, she filled it half full with sugar, then squeezed out four or five long squirts of lime juice into it. She added warm water, and stirred it till the sugar melted, and dumped it in the pitcher, stirring it to mix everything up, she tasted it again.

Perfect! She thought. They’ll be drunk off they’re asses, and putty in my hands in no time! And I’ll work that putty into rock hard boners before they even know what hit them!

Putting the pitcher and three glasses on a tray, she headed back to the living room. The boys were talking quietly when she came in, and they drew apart as bostancı escort bayan she came around the end of the couch. She slipped between the couch and the coffee table, bending over to sit the tray on the coffee table. She made a point of sticking her ass right in their faces, glad that she was wearing a thigh length skirt so her panties didn’t show. Not yet at least.

Standing up straight, she stepped back, brushing her skirt under her legs and started to sit down. The boys had to slide over to make room for her, and she noticed that they were both trying not to look at her legs as she got settled. Good, she thought, there’s hope for them yet!

“Who’d like to do the honors boys?” she asked, waving at the pitcher. “And before we get started, which one of you is Tim, and which one is Tom? I think it’s rude to call people by the wrong name.”

“I’m Timmy,” the one on her left said. “You can tell, because I have green eyes. Tommy’s eyes are blue!”

He leaned forward, brushing his brother’s hand away from the pitcher, and started to pour a glass of her punch.

“That’s nice to know! It will make it easier to tell you apart!” she said.

“So tell me, Tom.” she said, turning to look at him. “What do you have to offer me today.”

Her hand dropped casually onto his leg, high up on his thigh, her fingers brushing the thick tube of his soft cock. She left her hand in place as she looked at him.

“Tommy, ma’am.” he said, his hand coming down on hers and easing it a little further down his leg. “Our mother doesn’t like us to use nicknames.”

His face was flushed, and she was sure she felt his cock twitch and start to stiffen under her fingers.

“Mrs. Parker?” his brother said, holdout a glass toward her.

“Oh, thank you, Tim!” she said, making a point of using the short version of their names. “Here Tom. Tim can pour me another one.”

She watched as he took a big gulp from it, then turned back to Tim, holding her hand out as he poured another glass. He handed the next one to her, then poured one for himself, and put the pitcher back on the tray. He was just starting to sit back, when his brother spoke up.

“Timmy, can I have another?” he said hold out his glass. “This is really good punch! I started feeling warm as soon as I drank it!”

“I know,” Lois said taking his glass and reaching for the pitcher. “I put a secret ingredient in it. Why don’t you try it Tim?”

Tim took a long sip of his drink, and grinned broadly. He took another big swallow, draining his glass, and held it out for more.

“Tommy’s right, Mrs. Parker! That’s delicious! As hot as it is outside, that really hits the spot!”

He took the glass from her as she handed it back to him, nodding his thanks. Lois took a small sip from hers, and sat it on the tray, then leaned back between them, bringing her hands down to rest on their thighs, closer to the knees this time.

“You were going to give me your testimony, unless you’d like to talk a little first.” she said lightly. “I don’t see you boys very often anymore, and I miss getting to see you at your swim meets, I used to come see you all the time!”

“Really?” Tom said, leaning forward to sit his half empty glass on the coffee table. “Not many people like to watch swimming. Do you have a favorite event?”

“Oh, the butterfly is my favorite! It’s amazing that you can move through the water like that!” She leaned forward and filled his glass for him, turning and lifting the pitcher toward Tim. He held his glass out, and she held his hand to steady it as she poured. “And the way your shoulders move, the way muscles flex as you throw your arms up like that! Well, I don’t need to go into that!”

She sat the pitcher back on the table and returned her hands to their legs, moving her hands a little higher this time. Neither of them objected, and she turned to look at them as she leaned back between them. Both their faces were flushed, and they were sweating lightly.

“You boys do look warm,” she said, putting a concerned look on her face. “Would you like me to turn up the air conditioning? Maybe if you loosen those ties, you’d be more comfortable too. I promise I won’t tell.” she added in a conspiratorial whisper.

Turning to Tim, she loosened his tie, and opened the top two buttons on his shirt, shaking the collar and holding it open, then blowing softly onto his chest. She turned to Tom and did the same thing, then picked up their glasses and handed them to the boys.

“Have some more punch,” she said. “That will help you cool down. Go on, drink up…that’s my good boys!”

“Thang you, Mishush Parger,” Tim slurred, then drained his glass and handed it too her.

“Tom, do you need a refill too?” she asked, turning to his brother.

He stared at her bleary eyed. “Yesh mama, I mean, ma’am.” He giggled at his mistake, and held his glass out to her. “Mother makes us call her Mother…I like mama better.”

Lois took the glass, but wrapped her arms around him, pulling his face against ümraniye escort her small firm breasts. She stroked his hair softly as she moved his face in her cleavage. “That’s fine, honey. You can call me mama all you want. I like it.”

“So, do you boys do everything together? I mean, do you really like to do things together? Do you ever do anything like, go on dates together?”

“Oh, Mo…Mama doesn’t like us to date girls.” Tom said into her breasts. He had wrapped his arms around her, and was smiling as her nuzzled her tits. “She says she wants to find nice girls for us to marry.”

“Now, that’s just a shame! Big, strong, handsome boys like you! I’ll bet the girls are just throwing themselves all over you! That must be hard on you!”

“It’s hard all right,” she heard Tim mutter behind her.

“What was that Tim?” she asked, reaching down and peeling Tom’s arms from around her waist.

“I said, it can be dif…difficult some times. There’s so much temptation in the world. Mother says we have to be pure if we want to get into heaven.”

You ain’t seen temptation yet, you young stud! she thought. And in just a few minutes, I’m gonna take you to a heaven your mama probably never dreamed of!

She let go of Tom, and picked up her glass from the table, bringing it to her lips. Instead of taking a drink, she poured her drink down the front of her shirt.

“Oh, dear lord!” she said as she leapt to her feet. “Look what I’ve done now!”

She turned around so she was facing them, brushing at the front of her shirt. She was soaked to the skin, and her lacy bra was clearly visible through her shirt. They could see her nipples poking up stiffly thought both garments.

“I am so sorry, boys! I’m just such a klutz sometimes!” She shimmied out from behind the coffee table, making a show of it. “I better go change. Do you boys mind waiting?”

“No ma’am, we can wait.” they both said eagerly.

She snuck a glance at their crotches, and was glad to see that they both had good sized hard-ons stretching down the legs of their slacks now. She turned and walked toward the hall, stopping and picking up the remote from the end table. As she got to the entry to the hall. she turned and looked back at them. The boys were in an animated conversation, obviously about her.

It was time to turn up the heat a little bit more. She turned on the TV, and pressed play on the DVD player. Kyle had burned her a montage of cuts from their fourway cluster fuck last night before they’d left. It was a selection of shots from all four cameras, and she’d thought it was hot when she’d watched it. She hoped the twins liked it too.

Taking the remote with her, she went into her bedroom, tearing off her clothes as she went. Dashing into her closet, she started looking for the pink plaid skirt from last night, then stopped, a wicked grin crossing her face. She went back into the bedroom and picked up the grey skirt she’d shortened. Picking it up, she looking at it critically, then slipped it on quickly, not bothering to zip it up, then stepped over in front of the mirror.

Fuckin-A! she thought. This is perfect, and I know just what to add for that special look!

She went back into the closet and took down a starched white blouse, pulled a pair of black thigh high stockings with a seam up the back out of a drawer, and found her black four inch heels in their box. She went back into the bedroom and tossed everything on the bed.

She stuck her head out into the hall, and called out to the boys.

“Are you okay in there, boys? I’ll only be a couple more minutes, I want to rinse the punch out of my bra, it’s my favorite!”

Not waiting for an answer, she went into the bathroom and wet a washcloth under the tap, running it over her chest and tummy to clean off the margarita mix before it got sticky. She slipped her fingers between her legs, running them through the slit of her pussy. She was soaking wet already! She decided to leave her pussy like it was, and dried her upper body quickly. She spritzed her hair heavily, raking a brush through it, pulling it back to give herself a more severe look. Back in the bedroom, she got her reading glasses off the nightstand, then started dressing.

Slipping the blouse on, she buttoned the bottom three, leaving the rest open. Then she tucked the blouse into the short skirt, pulled up the zipper, and closed the clasp. Next came the stockings, then the shoes. She looked over at the mirror and saw exactly what she’d hoped for. The nympho librarian from hell! The only change she made was to turn up the cuffs twice so they were on her forearms, instead of at her wrists.

Moving over in front of the mirror, she looked at herself, tugging and adjusting her clothes. In the front, the skirt came down about two inches below her shaved pussylips. She turned side on, and could see that the back barely covered the bottom curve of her ass. Turning back around, she spread her feet shoulder width apart, and noticed that her hairless pussylips were just barely escort kartal concealed. Perching the glasses on the end of her nose, she folded her arms under her breasts, smiling at her reflection.

As she started for the door, she had a nagging feeling that she was forgetting something, or that there was a vital element missing. She was slapping her hand against her leg when it hit her, making her grin wickedly. Opening the bottom drawer of her desk, she lifted some papers and saw what she was looking for. Her eighteen inch wooden ruler.

Stopping in front of the mirror one last time, her hip cocked to one side, she smacked the ruler into her palm. She felt her pussy flutter as she looked at her reflection. God, I hope they don’t cum in their pants when they see me, she thought.

Striding out the door, she scooped up the remote and headed down the hall. She stopped behind the couch, watching the boys from behind. She could see that they weren’t obviously jerking off, so she doubted if they had their cocks out. But from the way they were breathing, she could tell that they were at least touching themselves.

They were talking quietly, pointing at the screen every so often. They were so enraptured by the action on the screen, it never occurred to them to look and see if she was coming out of her bedroom.

“Oh my god!” She shrieked. “What are you boys watching? Where did you find that? Oh dear, this is unacceptable! Do you hear me? Un…acceptable!”

She stormed into the living room, picking up the phone as she went over and stood in front of the TV. Holding the remote behind her back, she pressed the volume button, raising it till the sounds of horny gasps and moans filled the room. She let the remote fall to the floor behind her, then held up the phone, holding it out as she looked at them.

“I can’t have this boys,” She said, glaring at them as she started pushing buttons on the phone. “I’m going to have to call your mother! And believe you me, she is going to tan your hides when I tell her what you’ve done!”

“No! Please, Mrs. Parker!” Timmy said as he leapt to his feet. “We didn’t do it, honest. The TV just came on, and we didn’t know how to turn it off!”

She put the phone to her ear, her other hand rested on her hip as she tapped her foot impatiently, pretending she was waiting for someone to answer.

“She’s not answering.” Lois said as she tossed the phone over onto a chair. “Get up, both of you! I’m going to march you home right now and tell her what you’ve been up to! And I’m going to give her a piece of my mind for…”

“No!” Tommy yelled. “Uh…she’s not home! She had to go to the doctor today. She has um…she had to go to her lady doctor today. She won’t be home till late!”

“She did, did she.” Lois said slowly, turning and picking up the wooden ruler she’d laid on the TV. Smacking it against her leg slowly, she looked down her nose at them.

“Then I’m just going to have to take matters into my own hands.” She said. “Come over here and kneel on the floor. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to be punished for this. I can’t allow you to come into my house and watch this kind of filth on my television!”

She stepped to one side and turned toward the TV as the boys came over and stood in front of her. They stared wide eyed at the action on the screen until she stepped back in front of them.

“That small woman actually looks a little like me, doesn’t she?” She asked, then gasped, holding her hand over her mouth. “Dear lord! You didn’t think that was me did you?” She glanced at their crotches, and barely stifled a gasp when she saw how far their hard cocks stretched down the legs of their slacks.

“I can’t believe you little perverts! You’re actually standing in front of me, a good Christian woman, with your nasty penis’s sticking out like…like, I don’t now what!” She ranted, pacing back in forth in front of them. “You aren’t giving me any choice boys. I have to punish you! Now, drop your pants, underwear too, I’m going to have to spank you!”

“But, Mrs. Par…” Timmy whined.

Lois stepped closer and slapped him across the face, her hand leaving a bright red mark on his cheek. “Be quiet! And do as you’re told young man. You’re already in trouble, don’t make it worse for yourself!”

Tommy was tearing at his pants frantically, opening the belt, then forcing the zipper down. He pushed his pants and underwear down at the same time, and his cock sprang up, twitching and throbbing in front of him. Timmy quickly followed suit, and in seconds, there were both standing in front of her, their huge cocks angling up toward the ceiling.

“Th…that’s disgusting!” Lois panted as she stared at the thick columns of meat jutting from their crotches. “Make those things go down this instant! How dare you! What kind of nasty thoughts are running around inside those heads of yours?”

She smacked Timmy’s cock with her ruler, then moved over to Tommy, giving him a whack for good measure. “Make…(SMACK)…them…(SMACK)…go…(SMACK)…down…(SMACK, SMACK, SMACK)…right now!”

Both cocks jerked and throbbed as she moved the ruler back and forth between them. Tommy had his eyes closed, and was clenching his fists at his sides, while Timmy had his hands behind his back, making his hips arch out toward her.

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