Taming the Brat

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Big Ass

This was just a small story as I felt I had been doing heavier ones lately. However after this I will be finishing up Halloween Seduction and continuing two past stories, Wishing for a Domme and Becoming a Pet.


Tamsin entered her home and threw her keys down on the table. She took off her coat and poured herself a glass of wine. She drank about half of it, refilled it and headed to the living room where she hoped her girlfriend Verona would be waiting, ready to give her a massage and possibly be up for sex. Just before entering the room she sipped the wine and called out.

“Hey, Verona you there? I hope you’re up to a massage. Today has been long and frustrating.” She might have said more, but what she saw made her stop, both moving and speaking. Her shock was so great that she nearly dropped her glass. Before her, sitting in an easy chair was Verona, naked, but it wasn’t her girlfriend’s nudity that had her attention. The sight that had her complete focus was the naked young woman who was kneeling with her head between Verona’s legs. As she stared she began to think she might recognize the young woman. However she shook herself and quickly downed half of her glass. It was at this point that Verona looked up smiling. However it was Tamsin who spoke.

“Verona, what the hell is this? And who is she?” The young woman abruptly turned her head and Tamsin received an even bigger shock, it was her daughter, Thora. “Thora? Verona, how dare you? She’s my daughter.” Verona sighed.

“She came home unexpectedly. She was being truly disrespectful. She kept referring to me as ‘mommy’s whore’ and ‘mom’s bitch’. I got tired of it. You can see the results.” Tamsin was staring and quickly finished her wine. She continued to stare silently. Verona softly patted Thora, who glanced wide-eyed at her mother before returning to her place between Verona’s legs. “Come on Tamsin. Sit down and I’ll explain.”

Verona had been sitting in the living room working on the proposal that she hoped would propel her consulting firm into new areas. Suddenly the door slammed and she heard someone call out.

“Mom! I’m here. Is there anything to eat?” While it was obvious who it was, Verona had not actually met Thora. She sighed as she set her work aside knowing she would have to deal with this situation as Tamsin was at work. The shouting continued. “Where you at mom? Can I have some…?” Thora trailed as she saw Verona instead of her mother in the living room.

“Hello, you must be Thora. I’m Verona.” Thora sighed.

“Yeah, mom mentioned you. So your mommy’s whore. At least she has some taste.” Verona inhaled slowly, held it and let it out with equal slowness.

“Young lady, I will thank you to be more respectful in the future.” Thora continued, seeming not to have heard.

“Look I don’t care. I’m her daughter, you’re just mom’s bitch. Just a slut she’s hooking up with because she thinks dating a man would be so wrong after the divorce. Now where is she?” Verona rose to her feet and Thora took a step back as she saw that the older woman was about six feet tall.

“Actually your mother and I are rather serious. However at the moment what matters is that you will respect me.” Thora rose to her full five foot eight height as she seemed to gather herself.

“Respect you? I won’t even remember your name in a week. Mother will have found someone else to scratch that itch.” Verona sighed.

“Your mother is at work, and for her sake I am being very patient with you. However you are really pushing it.” Thora groaned.

“Great. I guess we got a couple of hours to kill. I’ll be in my room, unless you want to help me, after all you must be good.” Although she suspected what Thora was getting at, she decided to remember this was Tamsin’s daughter.

“What are you talking about?” Thora’s tone in her response suggested that she believed she was talking to someone who was very slow.

“I want you to service me the way you do my mother. So, does she pay you or is this about her letting you stay here?” Verona decided enough was enough and slapped Thora. Thora dropped to the floor and Verona was worried that she had hit her too hard. However she soon realized that Thora had fallen to the floor more due to surprise than injury and it soon became clear that her cheek was only a bit reddened, unlikely to even bruise. Thora looked up, too shocked initially to speak.

“Now, I think it would be nice if you mother came home to a well-behaved and respectful daughter.” Thora practically hissed her response.

“Fuck you, bitch.” Verona sighed. In a moment she had removed her panties and stuffed them into Thora’s mouth. Before Thora could spit them out Verona had removed the younger woman’s socks and used them to keep the panties in place.

“Alright young lady merter escort that gag will stay in place until I say otherwise. Remove your clothes.” Thora shook her head and attempted to remove the gag. Verona grabbed the girl and expertly removed button up blouse, bra and panties, deciding to leave the skirt on. Thora continued to struggle, but was no match for the strength of her mother’s paramour.

She soon found herself bent over the coffee. Verona held the younger woman’s arms behind her back with one hand, while she brought the other down on the exposed rear. Thora squirmed and cried out into the gag. Verona continued unheeded, smack after smack until she was satisfied with the redness of the cheeks. She returned to the chair. Thora remained bent over the table for a short time before slowly turning around on her knees. Verona spoke before the younger woman could reach the gag.

“Crawl in a circle, like a dog and wiggle your rear like you were wagging a tail.” Thora shook her head and tried again to remove the gag. Verona moved quickly to smack Thora’s ass, three times in quick succession. Thora moaned into the gag.

“Are you going to be a good pet?” Thora glared at her, but when Verona raised a hand for further spanking Thora lowered her eyes and nodded. Soon she was crawling in a circle, wagging her hips, like a dog eagerly wagging its tail. She made several circles before Verona stood to remove the rest of her clothes. Thora did not immediately notice, but continued to move in circles until she was brought up short by Verona stroking her pussy. Thora moaned and tried to grind her hips back into Verona’s hand. However Verona pulled her hand back to keep the stroking a mere tease. Thora groaned and whimpered.

“Horny little thing aren’t you, is that why you’ve be so disagreeable? Too pent up?” Thora made further attempts to get Verona to do more than tease her, however when this proved fruitless she reached back to stroke herself. Verona smacked her hand away and removed the gag. Thora turned her head to speak.

“Please, stop teasing me.” Verona made no move to comply.

“I think you can do better that.” Thora groaned, but when she spoke it was with every effort to be polite and sincere.

“Please, Verona stop teasing me and stroke me till I cum.” Verona shook her head.

“No, that might have worked before, but after you were so rude I think a bit more is required.” Thora glared more and opened her mouth to speak, but a finger pressed to her lips stopped her. “Think carefully before you speak.” Thora whimpered, but once again lowered her eyes.

“Please, mistress finish me off.” Verona grinned.

“That’s much better, but I want an apology for your earlier rudeness. Come on, pet think about how you can really apologize.” She patted Thora’s head affectionately for a short time before sitting down. Thora stared blankly, but understanding dawned when Verona spread her legs. She shook her head.

“No, I’m not going to lick you. I want to get off.” Verona sat back and waited. Thora whimpered and pouted, momentarily reaching for her drenched pussy, but at a look from Verona she returned to all fours. Finally she lowered her head and crawled over to Verona. In moments she had lowered her head and began licking. She began vibrating her tongue against Verona’s clit. Verona moaned and pulled Thora’s head in tighter.

Thora began sucking on the clit and thrusting between the lips. Verona moaned softly and ground her hips even harder. The volume of her moaning didn’t rise much as she came on Thora’s face. She sat in the chair for several moments looking down at Thora, whose eyes were lowered and she remained quiet. Finally Verona spoke.

“You did a very good job my pet. How many have you licked in the past?” Thora slowly looked up into Verona’s smiling face. Thora briefly hesitated, but soon responded.

“I’ve lost track, a few, but there was a party. No boys, so I licked a lot of pussies, I don’t know if it was more or less than the number who licked me.” Verona patted Thora’s head and scratched behind her ears as if she were a dog. Thora pushed her head into Verona’s hand and seemed to be purring.

“Well, I want to hear more about this party, but later. Now go down on me again, but don’t be in a hurry to make me cum. You may rub yourself, but don’t cum.”

“And that was more or less when you walked in.” Tamsin nodded as she slowly sat down in a chair opposite Verona. Tamsin at last spoke, although with clear reluctance.

“That explains what happened, but not why? Or at least how you could do this to my daughter.” Verona nodded.

“Be honest, how does she usually treat you?” Tamsin made several attempts to speak before sighing.

“Ever since the divorce our relationship mutlukent escort has been increasingly strained. In the past year she had taken to only speaking to me when she wanted something and she was usually rude to me.” Verona nodded.

“Exactly. Now why don’t you undress and relax?” Tamsin sat staring at Verona, unmoving. However as reluctant as she was to be naked in front of her daughter, experience had taught her two things. First that she could trust Verona, the other was that she would have to be quite firm, otherwise Verona would get her own way, which she usually did. Tamsin slowly stood and after a moment’s hesitation removed her clothes. She stood looking from Thora to Verona before sitting again.

“Alright, Thora I think you can go to your room now.” Thora looked up at Verona, clearly seeking approval. Verona shook her head.

“I have a better idea. Thora show you mother what an amazing tongue you have. After all she needs an apology as well.” Tamsin stared unable to form words as her daughter, after a moment’s hesitation crawled over to her head lowered to begin licking. Tamsin knew she should object, but soon found herself overwhelmed by the obvious skill of her daughter’s tongue. Tamsin continued to attempt to form words, but all that came out was a loud moan.

Thora made a series of licks up her mother’s pussy, moving the tongue over somewhat with each upward lick. Tamsin put her hands on Thora’s head and moaned louder as all thought of objecting went out of her head. Thora began thrusting her tongue between the lips. Tamsin moaned louder as Thora began sucking on her mother’s clit. Thora continued to lick and began rubbing her mother’s anus, eliciting a near shrieking moan. Thora started sucking harder and switched to probing her mother’s ass. Tamsin called out her orgasm and pulled her daughter’s head tightly into her pussy.

She held on for several moments before releasing her and relaxing back into the chair. Thora relaxed into a kneeling position and waited patiently. She was a bit surprised when she felt hands on her rear. She turned her head to see Verona, wearing a strapon. The strapon was easily thrust inside her in one motion. Verona laughed softly.

“You are so wet my pet. Don’t worry, after doing such a good job I’ll make sure you are satisfied.” With this statement she began thrusting with increasing speed. Thora’s face rested on the floor and she moaned loudly. Tamsin was startled as she now took in the sight of her daughter, on her knees and receiving what was likely the pounding of her life. Tamsin was mesmerized at the sight of her daughter being so thoroughly fucked by her lover. Thora’s moaning only became louder as Verona’s thrusts became more determined and in her excitement interspersed by occasional smacks on the younger woman’s rear.

Tamsin watched amazed as her daughter began thrusting back against Verona, her own eagerness for release at its peak. So focused was Tamsin on the sight before her that she had failed to notice how turned on she was, even when she began slowly rubbing her wet pussy. Thora cried out and stopped her own thrusting even as Verona’s continued, and her orgasm hit with great force. Thora collapsed and curled up on the floor, seemingly asleep. Verona pulled out and looked up grinning.

“I guess you enjoyed that. So, should we retire to the bedroom so I can help?” She shook her hips, causing the dildo to move up and down slightly for emphasis.

“Or would you like to keep playing with this adorable girl?” For emphasis she squeezed Thora’s rear with one hand. Tamsin stared and only now realized that her hand was between her legs. She stopped and stared at her pussy before turning back to Verona.

“But she’s my daughter.” Tamsin knew she didn’t sound too convincing as Verona responded.

“Were you forced to allow her to use her tongue on you? More importantly did you enjoy it?” Tamsin slowly nodded.

“We both know I did enjoy it. But, and I can’t believe I’m thinking this way, how long do you think we’ll have to wait?” Verona shrugged as she scooped up Thora and slowly stood.

“Well I’ll carry her to the bed. We can start without her. She can join when she recovers.” Tamsin slowly nodded as she stood to follow Verona to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Thora was laid down on the bed and Tamsin lay next to her daughter. Verona found no resistance as she inserted the dildo in Tamsin. Tamsin moaned as the dildo filled her. Verona did not wait long after she was fully inside before beginning to thrust in and out.

Tamsin’s moaning roused her daughter, who turned to her mother and Tamsin on impulse pressed her lips to her daughter’s. Thora did not resist as the kiss deepened and Verona continued to thrust away. otele gelen escort Tamsin moaned into her daughter’s mouth and she felt her orgasm approaching, but Verona suddenly stopped and pulled out. Tamsin broke the kiss and looked up a Verona.

“What the hell, Verona? You get me all riled and then you stop, just when I’m about to cum.” Verona leaned down and kissed Tamsin before turning to kiss Thora as well. She sat back up and spoke to Thora.

“Climb on top of your mother, I want you to lick each other while I use the strapon.” Thora nodded and eagerly climbed on top of her mother, who considered objecting, but didn’t. Thora lowered her pussy on to her mother’s face and then lowered her own face to her mother’s pussy.

The two were licking away with abandon when Verona inserted the dildo into Thora’s pussy. Thora momentarily pulled off her mother in her surprise, but quickly returned to licking as Verona soon got up to speed. The other two moaned into each other’s pussies and struggled to keep licking as they approached orgasm. Thora moaned and felt herself about to cum when Verona pulled out. Thora whimpered and was about to object when there was a quick smack on her rear.

“Now, now none of that my pet. We’re far from done.” Verona quickly moved to begin thrusting into Tamsin, who struggled to keep her mouth on her daughter’s pussy. Verona stopped suddenly and this time it was Tamsin’s turn to whimper her disappointment. Verona returned to fucking Thora and continued to move back and forth between them until she determined that they were on the very edge and thrust into Thora, who suddenly moaned loudly as her head shot up.

Verona continued thrusting until Thora was finished. Thora lay still for several moments before returning to licking her mother. Verona once again returned to fucking Tamsin, who soon cried out in her own orgasm and writhed under her daughter. Verona slowed to stop and pulled out to thrust into Thora’s mouth who readily sucked it in. Once she was satisfied that the dildo was clean Verona pulled out. She removed the harness and sat with her legs spread, leaning against the headboard.

“Now my love, my pet, how about the two of you see to me?” They both grinned and after a bit of awkwardness positioned themselves so they could go down on her together. Tamsin thrust her tongue between Verona’s lips, remembering her sensitive points, while Thora clamped her lips onto Verona’s clit and began sucking. Verona moaned as she put a hand on each head going down on her.

The thought that she was being licked and sucked by mother and daughter was turning her on even more. They continued their efforts and Verona lay her head back, becoming louder as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Verona lightly tugged on her nipples as she reached the edge. A thought struck Tamsin and she began rubbing Verona’s anus as Thora had done to her earlier.

The response was for Verona to begin writhing and thrusting her hips into their mouths. Tamsin rubbed around Verona’s pussy until her finger was wet and she began probing Verona’s ass. Verona moaned and gripped them tighter. When Tamsin’s finger entered Verona’s ass the moaned reached a higher pitch and she ground harder against them. At last she settled and the other two rose to kneeling positions. In time she opened her eyes to smile at them.

“Well, you were both amazing. So how about we get some dinner and then come straight back here?” Tamsin briefly glared at her, but smiled after a time.

“I’m hungry, but I’m still not sure about this new arrangement.” Thora turned to her, sounding almost pleading.

“Oh please, mommy. I like being her pet and yours.” Tamsin sighed as the three stood and headed downstairs.

“Fine. But over dinner I want to hear more. Like how long have you been seeing women, and is it a commitment, or do you just like sex?” They warmed up some leftovers and sat at the table, where in between bites Thora laid out some of her college experiences.

“So, I was curious about it and one day I seduced my roommate. I discovered I liked girls. I had only seduced a couple when a girl approached me. She was apparently seeing one of them, but instead of being mad she invited me to a party. I was surprised to see no boys at the party. After a few drinks, clothes started disappearing and we began making out. By the end of the night I don’t know how many pussies I licked or how many licked mine, but both numbers were high and close.” Tamsin stared for a moment before both returned to eating. Verona was the first to finish and she spoke.

“So how about we continue this until Thora has to go back to school and then whenever she’s on break?” Tamsin looked from one to the other before slowly smiling.

“Alright. You win Verona, I want to keep going.” They both turned to Thora, who grinned and nodded.

“Yes mistresses.” They both grinned at her.

“Good. Well, now I’m ready for some sleep. But after we wake I have some ideas for what we can do next. So, Tamsin you up for some adventure?” This time there was no hesitation as Tamsin nodded.

“Lead on, Verona.”

The End

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