Taming the Rich Kid

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A few years ago, Femi, a fresh graduate from Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), decided to start up a small business. He had conceived of this idea during one of the lengthy ASUU strikes. He had put it on the back burner when school resumed and now that he had finally graduated, and having a lot of time on his hands while waiting for his callup letter to arrive from NYSC, he decided to remain in Lagos doing something that could put some small change in his pockets rather than go home and twiddle his thumbs doing nothing. He figured doing handyman jobs – landscape work, cleaning pools, etc.- would be a good use of his time and energy. He started out and after a week or two, began working on a couple of family’s estates within Lekki doing odd jobs around the grounds and the pool areas. It was fun, paid quite reasonably and kept him outdoors and busy. Most of the families were generally pleased with his work and some of them requested he return regularly. Others referred him to other families, and it was one of these referrals that brought him to the home of the Fagbeyes.

The Fagbeye’s house was located in Victoria Garden City in the Ajah area of Lekki. It was more of a mansion than a house, and the first time Femi stepped within the confines of the compound, he was totally impressed, if not slightly intimidated. The house alone stood on grounds much bigger than his father’s entire compound in Oshogbo. He noticed at least three other smaller structures within the premises. He counted at least five different kinds of luxury vehicles parked under the car port and glimmering in the afternoon sun.

He later found out that the patron and owner, Otunba Adebayo James Fagbeye, was a multi-billionaire and one of the top names, if not the top name, in real estate in the country. His brand adorned buildings from Lagos to Abuja to Kano to Port Harcourt, as well as in countries in Europe and Asia. This was but one of his numerous mansions. Little wonder they say life no balance. This was pure luxury. He pushed his awe to the back of his mind. He was there to work and not gape at all the opulence on display.

After his work that day, Otunba and his wife agreed to have him come every week. Apart from the gateman and housegirl, he was going to be the third person to be employed. The last person who had the job of cleaning the compound was fired on the spot when he was caught stealing. He assured them he did not have such swift fingers and was there to just work. They agreed to pay him a tidy sum at the end of each month, which was even more than what he received from other families combined.

The next time he visited the mansion for his weekly duties, he ran into one of the kids. One of the tasks he planned for that day was to clean out the pool, and as he walked to the pool house to drop his bag, he noticed a figure lounging in one of the pool chairs. He greeted her as he approached. The young lady looked up from the magazine she was reading.

“Who are you?” she asked without acknowledging his greeting.

“I’m Femi…I work here.”

“Oh, you are that boy mummy said cleans the compound,” she responded, and Femi cringed. Boy? He had about three to four years on this snobbish cunt, give or take.

“Just make sure you clean the pool very well, it is very dirty,” she continued with a wave of her well-manicured hand, “oh, and sweep all the leaves around here too.”

Femi swallowed his injured pride. Imagine this small girl talking to him the way she did. Sadly, there was nothing he could do. They were his employers.

Over his next few visits to the estate, he figured out what kind of children the Fagbeye kids were. Typical of their class, they were quite snobby and conceited. Bola, the girl he met by the pool in particular was quite condescending and always assumed everyone was there to serve her. Her name befitted her status as a child born of wealthy Yoruba parents — Omobolanle — “a child born into wealth”. She was the oldest among the three children and as he later found out, in her early twenties. The other two kids — Tunji and Tosin, were still in secondary school, but were overpampered and acted like they were more than what they were. They all exuded the typical “richman pikin” aura typical among the wealthy. Though much older than the three, he had to accept they were way out of his league.

The only person who showed any semblance of respect and kindness to him was Binta, the housemaid. She was quite pretty in her own way — high cheekbones, round oval face, and a caramel brown complexion and nose he correctly deduced came from her Fulani heritage. She had come to Lagos from the far north with her mother and younger sister when she was twelve, when she decided the nomadic life did not suit her. The first few years were a bit rough for them as they had to adjust quickly to the rigors and hard life of Lagos. Through sheer sweat and determination, her mother was able to erect a small canteen somewhere in Oshodi, where she attended to hungry patrons all kağıthane escort day. Binta had also decided to find a source of income to supplement the little they had, and she usually sent her mother money from her reasonable wages as the maid of the Fagbeyes to supplement whatever her mother had for their upkeep and her younger sister’s education. She had been with the Fagbeyes for almost three years now.

Femi got to know through her that Bolanle was home for her six-month SIWES training which she took up in one of her father’s companies. This meant that rather going to “work”, she lounged about at home or went out with friends. Who was to complain? She was oga’s pikin and no one dared confront her. She preferred the easy life, and exuded class. Binta was always at her beck and call.

Whenever he found himself around the pool area, he frequently stole quick glances at her if she was there, which was regularly. Her skin was super-smooth and youthful looking. She had very shapely legs, a lovely round butt and very generous boobs. She either had on a bathing suit or something simple as a t-shirt over a pair of bum shorts, and most of the time ignored him. She once caught him checking her out and accosted him.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Do I look like one of your girlfriends?”

Femi quickly averted his eyes and continued to attend to the task he was doing.

“Am I not talking to you? Are you deaf that you cannot answer a question when you are asked?”

Femi flinched. “I’m sorry, I did not mean to stare,” he said over his shoulder.

“When you want to talk to me, you have to turn and face me. You lack simple morals and respect.”

Femi’s face burned at the insult. He turned to face her. “You do not need to insult me. I said I was sorry.”

“And who are you to tell me not to insult you? A common cleaner like you. Abeg.”

“I may be a common cleaner, but I’m proud of my work,” Femi shot back, now beginning to get angry.

“Do I look like I care? Who are you to talk to me like that? You stare at me like a pervert, and you now have the audacity to talk to me anyhow? Are you out of your senses?”

There was no use arguing, Femi thought as the rage boiled in him. He looked at her very angry face and calmed himself down.

“I’m sorry,” he replied, trying to defuse the situation, “I didn’t mean to stare. It will not happen again.”

“You better be. I’m not one of your cheap girlfriends you can gawk at. I’m way hotter than them.” she replied, before turning back to the magazine she had dropped on the floor beside her. Femi muttered a few words under his breath before returning to his duties.

Early one Monday morning, about a month or two after he had started doing business with the Fagbeyes, Femi received a call from Binta at her bosses’ request to report to the house immediately. When he arrived around nine-thirty, he groaned. From Binta’s narrative, he learnt they had hosted a big party with a lot of business and social friends the previous weekend. The guests had left the compound a huge mess — plastic cups, empty drink cans, booze bottles, plates, and other trash littered the environment. Everyone had gone out and no one else apart from Binta and the gateman were home.

Femi had immediately dived into the job and a few hours later, things were looking back to normal. It was particularly hot that day and by the time the sun was overhead, he was already sweating. He had pulled off his shirt earlier and was working bare chested. Binta had come to offer him a drink of chilled apple juice a couple of hours earlier and he could detect a glint of curiosity in her eyes as she surveyed his slim build. Every now and then, he thought he detected a slight movement in the window directly above the pool area but thought nothing much about it.

A few hours later, he finished. He checked the time and saw it was almost two o’clock. He walked to the pool house to freshen up and pick his bag before leaving. As he walked by the pool, he looked down and wondered if it would be a good idea to take a quick dip before he left. No one apart from the housemaid was around and the prying eyes of Bolanle and her younger ones were not there to scrutinize him today. He had often seen her observing him closely anytime he walked by or worked while she lounged by the pool, but he usually just ignored her and went about his business. Today she was not around to give him those annoying looks she threw his way. He called Binta to ask if he could use the pool for a few minutes. She said it was okay but warned him not stay too long. He promised he wouldn’t stay more than ten minutes and promised to tip her something before he left, which she happily agreed to. He stripped to his boxers and laid his clothes on one of the pool chairs.

Just before he jumped in, an idea crossed his mind. Why not? Looking around quickly, he stripped off his boxers and dove naked into the pool. The cool water sarıyer escort felt good on his body and he swam slowly across a couple of times. It felt so refreshing, he totally lost track of the time. He wasn’t aware that a pair of eyes were watching him from above, and that someone else had stepped into the pool area and was standing astonished, looking down at him in the crystal blue water.

Bolanle alighted from the back seat of the car that dropped her in front of the gate. She had gone to “work” today, but still being a bit hung over from the party her parents hosted the weekend before, and just staring at her phone in her well-furnished office since she got there, she decided she had had enough of the drab environment. One of the drivers had taken her home. Nothing else appealed to her than to relax by the pool.

She walked into the large mansion to the astonishment of the housegirl, who hadn’t expected her to be back so soon in the day. She ordered Binta to make her special drink and bring it to her by the pool when she was ready before heading to her room to change. She pulled off her clothes and donned a lovely two-piece bikini and wore a bath robe over it. Walking down the grand stairs and through the house to the back, she stepped outside to the pool area, the bright rays from the sun almost blinded her. She grimaced and quickly put on the dark shades she had remembered to bring along. As her eyes adjusted, she became aware of someone in the water a couple of feet away.

Squinting, she saw it was Femi. She at first thought the sun was playing tricks on her but as she approached, she realized to her shock that he was naked. She could clearly see the outline of his dick in the water as he floated on his back and she smiled. For the past couple of weeks, she had been studying him. He wasn’t a bad-looking dude, and she sometimes imagined how he would look without his clothes on. She felt her initial growing anger dissipate as she thought of several ways to handle this. So far, he wasn’t aware she was gawking at him as he floated by. She noticed his clothes where he had laid them out and smiled slyly. Moving quietly, she removed the robe she was wearing. She packed his clothes and pushed them out of sight, before positioning herself on the pool chair so that she could watch him.

Femi suddenly felt he wasn’t alone when he saw a silhouette. He initially thought it was one of the chairs and was just stepping out of the pool when he froze halfway out. Bolanle lay in one of the lounge chairs staring at him through a pair of dark sunglasses. His heart stopped beating, and suddenly began to race a mile a minute. “Oh shit,” he swore under his breath.

“G…good afternoon, B-Bola,” he greeted. his mind raced for solutions on how to get out of this mess.

“Good afternoon,” she responded with a frown.

She lay on her back, propped up by her elbows. Her flowery bikini barely covered her body and her boobs stood proudly on her chest. He stared at this hot girl lounging not quite five feet away from him, the rays of sun glinting off her smooth, shiny skin. His dick began to respond to what his eyes were feeding his brain, growing longer and nodding as it filled with blood. If he could have seen her eyes, he would have noticed they were now glued to his hardness. Bolanle watched transfixed as he began to grow right in front of him. She had on occasion secretly wondered about the size of his sausage, and as she watched it grow and fill with blood, she was not disappointed. She suddenly began to feel hot and aroused from the sudden excitement building in her. She fanned herself with her hand and tried to control her breathing.

Femi realized he was giving her a literal view of his dick and he sank back into the pool. He looked frantically around for an escape route. His clothes were nowhere in sight and the pool house was several feet away. There was no way he was getting out of the pool without her seeing him naked.

“I told you, you are indeed a pervert,” she finally said, “who would have thought you had the guts not only to use the pool without permission, but to swim naked.”

“Bola, please, I’m sorry, I just thought I could use the pool for a few minutes…”

Bolanle laughed, clearly enjoyed his discomfort.

“You don’t get to call me by my name,” she remarked, “I’m Ms. Fagbeye to you.”

“I’m sorry…Ms. Fagbeye.”

At that moment, the housegirl came out carrying a tray. She stopped in disbelief as she witnessed the scene in front of her.

“Can you imagine this unfortunate individual swimming around naked in our pool,” Bolanle said as she motioned her over. Binta avoided his pleading eyes as she walked uncomfortably and set the tray down beside her.

“Aunty, please make you free him. I’m sure na mistake”

“And who are you to tell me what to do? Will you get out of here and back to the kitchen where you belong?” Bolanle yelled. Binta scampered to the safety of sefaköy escort the house. Femi watched her as she disappeared inside.

“So where were we? Ah yes, your predicament.”

Bola sat back and continued studying him. “I have every mind to report this to mum and dad. That will teach you a lesson not to go using other people’s property without permission. But I will give you a break. You are going to do as I say.”

“I will do whatever you want me to do.” Femi said hopefully, still half-submerged in the pool. The water was getting a bit cold now.

“Good. Get out of the pool.”

He warily got out, trying his best to hide his hard on as he stepped out of the water.

“Remove your hands! I didn’t tell you to cover yourself, did I?”

Humiliated beyond belief, Femi hesitantly removed his hands. His dick flopped out for her to see. It was semi-rigid and by the look on her face, she was very pleased.

“Come over here. I want to have a closer look.”

He walked over and stood beside her. Bolanle leaned forward and peered closely.

“Your dick is huge, I must say,” she remarked. She playfully gave it a flick with a finger. That sent an electric charge through him, and to her mild surprise, he started getting hard. Femi silently pleaded with his dick, but it seemed to have a mind of its own. In a couple of moments, he was rock hard and nodding in her face.

“Wow, that’s…that’s pretty impressive,” she exclaimed. She sat up and gripped his shaft with both hands. Her touch was electric, and Femi’s legs jerked a little.

“Bola…Ms. Fagbeye…stop…” he tried to pull away, but her grip tightened.

“Did I tell you to move?” she hissed. Femi stopped, and looked down pleadingly at her as she cupped his heavy balls with one hand and gave them a gentle but firm squeeze.

“You do not move an inch unless I tell you to, okay?”


She began to toy with his dick, stroking back and forth with both hands. Femi moaned quietly. She marbled both balls in her hands, before returning and focusing on the head, sending another jolt of pleasure to his brain.

“Oh God,” he groaned. He watched helplessly as she jacked her hands up and down. On the upstroke her hand went all the way up and over the sensitive head. His knees buckled; he didn’t know how long he would last. He felt one of her hands move down under his ass and pull him closer. Her finger penetrated his arsehole and he tensed.

“You better relax if you don’t want any trouble.” She warned.

Femi had no choice than to comply, so he nervously relaxed his pucker hole. Bolanle pushed her finger deeper and wiggled it around as she continued to slowly whack him off with her other hand. Suddenly she hit a spot that sent a more powerful shock through his body.

“Unnnh! Oh, God, oh…” Femi’s entire body was tensing as she pressed against what he would later learn was his prostate. He suddenly felt his dick tingle and throb powerfully and the force of his ejaculate begin to surge from his balls.

“I’m going to come! Please…Argh!!” he tried to warn her, but the warning came late. His hips thrust forward and the first spurt of cum caught her unawares – she yelled as it splattered right between her breasts. She let go of him and the second creased along her bicep, followed by another stream landing on her smooth lap. Femi managed to pull away and he shot the rest of his cum harmlessly on the ground.

“Jeez, why didn’t you warn me you were about to cum??” she shrieked at him. He disregarded the noise and insults she threw his way and tried to regain some composure. When the ringing in his ears finally stopped, he eyes cleared to see her trying to wipe the mess he had made on her body with some of the napkins on the tray as she muttered curses at him.

Before she realized what was happening, Bolanle found herself being pushed back on the chair and her hands pinned above her head.

“What the fuck are you doing!!” she exclaimed at him in alarm.

“You made me cum…I think it is only proper for me to return the favor,” he hissed at her. His fingers found their way into her bikini bottoms and made contact with her vulva. Bolanle gasped.

“Wha…what do you think you are doing?!!” she protested, trying to wriggle out of his tight grip. She felt his fingers slink between her lips. Paying special attention to her clitoris, Femi swirled around the head before sinking into her wetness. Bolanle tried to object, but what came out of her mouth was a loud moan, which surprised her. She involuntarily raised her hips, and Femi brushed over her clit with his fingers, eliciting a sharp cry out of her. He let out a deep breath and twisted one finger in her. She moaned and thrust upwards, sending the probing finger deeper. His thumb stroked her clit, and she gripped the top of the chair above her head where his hand held them captive. Her mouth opened, but she only made little, halted moans. Her muscles clamped onto his finger.

His fingers are going deeper and faster now…

He finds her G-spot and runs his finger over its rough surface…

She bites her lip and purrs…that’s her spot…

His other hand has released their grip on her arms and have pulled her bikini top down and are now squeezing and caressing her breasts…

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