Tanya’s Journal

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Hello ladies, my name is Tanya Sanchez. You may know me as the local reporter from Channel 5. I’ve done a lot of things in my time… covered the O.J. Simpson trial, President Obama’s election, and the war in Iraq. But there is one thing that I’ve never tried before and that’s anal sex.

It’s not that I don’t have the body for it, mind you. My parent’s Hispanic heritage, coupled with a daily regime of exercise, has given me a nice, big, firm ass. I secretly smile every time I catch co-workers, bosses, and even guys on the street staring at it. And needless to say, I’ve never had a shortage of guys who want to stick things up there. No, the problem is that I’ve always been a little too scared to try anal.

My latest boyfriend Mike has kept trying to talk me into letting him do anal with me, and since it’s his birthday today, I’ve decided I’m finally going to cave in and let him have his wish. But I’m also going to make him work for it! After going through my closet this morning, literally picking over everything in my wardrobe, I finally settle on a business suit that is cut in all the right places. It is anything but professional looking, with a close, form-fitting trim, a very short skirt, and a plunging neckline that is sure to show off every bit of my ample cleavage.

I put on my make-up, dark colored lipstick and do up my hair while I’m waiting for him. When he finally arrives, I buzz him up into my apartment where I’m waiting for him, lazily sprawled out on my couch. I make sure that Mike gets a nice, tantalizing view of my legs, and tease him with the possibility that he might get a peek up my skirt before we go out to dinner. I can tell by the bulge in his pants that my feminine wiles are working perfectly. Of course, ladies, I don’t take it too far because we’ve still got a dinner reservation in half an hour! We’ll have plenty of time for sex later in the night.

He takes me out to a nice little Italian restaurant güvenilir bahis downtown. It isn’t too bad, and he is a perfect gentleman and pays for the bill himself. Over a plate of vermicelli, we discuss how the day went, making small talk about our jobs. You see, Mike is a journalist too. He works as a camera man over at a rival news station. After exchanging a few jokes about our colleagues and co-workers, the waiter comes over and Mike orders a round of wine for us. Naturally, he went for a rich red wine. It’s absolutely delicious.

Slightly inebriated, we take a cab and make our way back to my apartment. Now comes the moment of truth. We are both drunk, horny, and Mike knows that I promised him anal sex tonight. There is no way I can back out of it now. I sit down on the bed as I take off my jacket. After all, I don’t want it to get wrinkled or anything. Mike sits down beside me, putting his muscular arm around my slender waist. He moves in closer to me and slowly starts to kiss my neck.

I giggle playfully as he starts to unbutton my blouse, slowly feeling up my perky, firm tits. Perhaps it’s the excitement, but they seem extra sensitive tonight. I return the favor and wrap my arms around Mike, which quickly leads to us kissing and making out. Somehow, he manages to slip out of his shirt, and I can feel his muscular frame pressed up against my naked breasts. His chest hair tickles my nipples ever so slightly.

“Tanya,” he whispers in my ear, “Are you going to do it? Are you really going to let me fuck you up the ass tonight?”

I move away. Unable to say anything, I nervously bite my lip and just nod my head.

“Good,” he says as he stands up from the bed and drops his pants down around his ankles.

Now is the moment I’ve been anticipating all day. I reach over into my nightstand and pull out a small container of lubricant that I’ve bought specifically for this occasion. To be honest, I’m still türkçe bahis afraid, terrified, but I also want to go through with this. Am I crazy for feeling that way? I slip out of the miniskirt that barely covered anything anyway. Much to Mike’s surprise, I wasn’t wearing any panties tonight. I notice that his cock seemed to get even harder when he saw that.

From what I’ve read, anal sex is easier if you get down on your hands and knees. It seems like as good a position to try as any. As I present my luscious ass to my boyfriend, he is still coating up his dick with a messy handful of lubricant. It almost looks as though he was masturbating or something.

“You ready for this big boy,” I say playfully.

Hey, don’t blame me. I suck at foreplay.

Mike doesn’t seem to mind though. I shiver as he grabs hold of my full butt cheeks, spreading them open so he can get a good view of my ass. I feel the bed shake a little underneath me as he moves into position. Mike is pretty well hung, so I’m afraid of how bad it’ll hurt when he plunges in the first time. At least I feel confident in the knowledge that it’ll get better as he goes along. But I’m still not completely prepared for the sensation of the tip of his cock pressing up against the tiny little entrance to my anus.

I close my eyes, clench my teeth, even breath like a woman going into labor as Mike slowly tries to shove the entire thing up my butt. I doesn’t work. Soon I just scream out, “Holy FUCK!” It must have been loud enough to wake the neighbors because Mike stops for a moment.

“You okay,” he says.

“I’m fine,” I say as I turn around to look him in the eyes, “Just go ahead and finish it.”

“You sure,” he asks.

“Positive,” I reply and then turn back over.

Mike starts up again, lining the head of his prick up with my asshole. This time I manage not to say anything as he pushes it into the tight opening. There isn’t a lot of space güvenilir bahis siteleri in there, and it hurts like hell, but soon Mike manages to get an inch, and then two, into my ass. My sphincter is still clenching tightly around his cock… God, Mike must be loving this sensation, but it’s hell for me.

“Go on,” I scream out, “More!”

Mike obliges my command, carefully pushing the rest of his dick up into me. He squeezes my hips tightly for support as he does so. I’m crying out obscenities still, but he’s soon all the way up to the hilt. I can feel his balls pressing against me as he goes in.

Unfortunately, I also know what comes next. It’s almost a relief when Mike finally pulls back, but only for a moment. He’s lubed up, so it gives him a little traction as he starts to pump in and out of my fine, shapely ass. Surprisingly, I find myself getting into it. I’m literally being thrown back and forth as he fucks my but I don’t care anymore.

“Come on,” I scream out, “Fuck me you bastard! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Mike continues to throttle me, grabbing hold of my long auburn hair as I bounce back and forth beneath him. I arch my back, trying to accommodate as much of his dick into my butt as I can. This is wild, but I can’t believe that I’m loving it! Why didn’t I try anal sex before! Mike is yelling out obscenities with me, the two of us coated in a sticky sheen of sweat.

I know what’s happening, but it’s still far too soon when Mike finally shoots his load deep up into my bowels. I’d just gotten used to anal, but having his hot seed inside of my burns in a new way. I jump a little as it enters my bowel. Mike, now exhausted, slowly pulls out of my. A few drops of his jizz leak out of my ass and onto the bed.

“So,” he says, trying to catch his breath, “You like that?”

“Oh yes,” I say, turning over to face him.

“Sweet,” is all he can manage.

As he goes into my bathroom to wash up, my mind begins racing thinking of all the other sex acts that I haven’t yet tried. I lean back onto my bed, my muscles still tense from that exhilarating experience, and I begin to finger my juicy cunt. It was going to be a long, long night…

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