Tasting Max

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(This story was originally written in March of 2000 under my pseudonym, SexeChickie. For personal reasons, I renamed the male character and changed the story from the first person.)

Jenna had been lusting after Max for months. He was one of those tall and cuddly guys. He had sandy colored hair and these wonderful blue eyes. He always had a smile on his face and was overly modest about himself. When girls came up to him to tell him he was cute, he would blush. A guy who can blush is very sexy. He always dressed in a Levi’s 501 blue jeans that cut on his ass perfect. A lot can be said for a guy with a great ass. It just made Jenna want to run her hands across it and give it a good squeeze.

They both worked at the local video store. One night, they were the only ones closing the store. Right before closing, business pretty much dies down to nothing. Jenna was reading one of those trashy love novels that have the covers with busty women with ripped bodices with a half-naked man, usually a pirate or rogue of some sort, holding her. In these kinds of books, the used words like manhood and rod for a penis being very careful not to call it a dick.

Max had been teasing Jenna all night about reading smut while working. He came over and took the book from her fingers and ran down one of the aisle of videos. She chased him down, zigzagging through the various racks of tapes, and jumped onto his back. She was trying very hard to get the book when a thought hit her. If he is ticklish, she can get him to drop the book. Jenna tried tickling his sides but Max just laughed at her.

“I am not ticklish,” he said. “You are going to have to do better than that.”

“You bastard!” she cried at him.

Max dropped to the ground and they wrestled around on the floor. Jenna was trying to be determined to win but küçükçekmece escort the pressure of his body against hers was turning her on. Max rolled Jenna over so she was on her back. He then began to tickle her without mercy. Jenna started to squirm away trying to get away from his fingers. He pinned his body over hers to stop her from getting away and continued his tickle torture. Jenna could not stop squirming and realized she was really enjoying the helplessness of not be able to stop him from tickling her.

Jenna and Max both suddenly stopped and looked in each other’s eyes. When their lips met, it was electric. Jenna’s heart was pounding so loudly she could hear it echoing in her head. She felt his lips trail down her neck causing her body to shiver. Jenna brought his mouth back to hers and could feel his soft tongue touch hers. Somehow they managed to lock the store but neither recalls how. After locking the door, they ran to Max’s white Ford Taurus and got into the back seat.

Jenna could feel his hands all over her body. His hands were under her shirt and Max quickly managed to remove her bra. His thumb grazed across her left nipple. Jenna felt a fire burning within her body. Max lowered his mouth to the nipple and grazed his teeth gently across it. Jenna arched her back to meet his mouth, pressing her breast into his face. He took the hint and suckled hard on the nipple that had now turned into a hard nub. He moved his head to her other nipple and repeated the same wonderful attention.

Jenna is not sure at what point she lost control of her own actions and allowed lust to take over but she found her fingers unbuttoning all the buttons on his button-fly jeans. She pulled the jeans down around his thighs. Jenna was surprised şişli escort to see that Max was a boxer man. The only other men she had been with were all brief-men. Jenna was slightly amused how his hard penis gutted out of the slit in the boxers through the smiling mouth of Joe Boxer. She pulled down the boxers, being careful not to catch his penis on the elastic. Now, she was ready to show Max she was worth playing with.

(Jenna has an expert tongue. She learned how to give great blowjobs while dating a marine. Marines are into all sorts of kinky sex but it usually always involves some form of oral satisfaction or a good amount of anal sex. She used to be rather amused that marines enjoyed anal sex. It still made her wonder what really went on during basic training. She learned a lot from him.)

Jenna kneeled between Max’s legs and looked at his penis, pulsing and hard. She looked up at him to make sure he was watching. Slowly, she reached out her tongue and trailed it along the tip of his penis. She could taste a bit of the precum that had glistened out of the small hole on the head. She rolled her tongue around the head. She moistened her lips with her tongue and wrapped them around the head. Jenna pushed her tongue up against the head and flicked her tongue across the small hole. She pulled her head away and Max protested by grabbing her hair. Jenna reached her tongue out and trailed it down the length of his penis to the base. Her tongue circled the base before trailing back up to the tip.

Jenna stopped and looked up into his eyes.

“Are we really doing this?” She asked to make sure she was not dreaming about giving her lust man a blowjob.

He looked a bit desperate as he answered, “Oh, yes.”

“You sure?” Jenna teased him.

“Please, şirinevler escort oh please.”

Jenna moistened her lips once more and pressed them against her teeth. She reached her tongue out and flicked the head of his dick. Her lips followed her tongue and she wrapped them around the head once more. This time she plunged her moist mouth down the entire length of his penis until she felt it hit the back of her throat.

Max moaned loudly and began massaging her hair. His fingers were softly separating the strands of Jenna’s hair and then slightly pulling on them. She found pleasure in the soft pulling on her scalp.

Jenna began to massage his balls with her hand as she sucked on his penis. She slid her lips up and down his length, pressing and relaxing her lips. She wanted to taste his cum. She wanted to know that she was able to give Max this kind of pleasure. She moved her head up and down faster, pressing her tongue against his penis. Her fingers softly massaged his balls and occasionally gave it a squeeze.

“Oh, God, I need… I need… God,” he rasped out in gasping breaths.

Max lost control and began to fuck her mouth. Jenna could feel him at the back of her throat causing her to gag slightly. She kept up his rhythm as he pumped and pumped into her moist mouth. She wanted so much for him to cum, to know that she had given him so much pleasure. Jenna figured this was her one chance to prove to her lust man that she was well worth the time.

Jenna felt his body tense up and she knew Max was about to cum. She tightly pressed her lips against his penis to make sure she did not let any cum slip out. His penis pulsed and she felt the hot moist cum spurt into her mouth. She pressed her lips tighter, holding the cum in her mouth until he stopped coming. His body stopped moving and Jenna slid her lips off of his penis, careful not to drop any of the cum. She swallowed the cum in her mouth and then licked the few remaining droplets off the tip of his penis.

Jenna leaned back and looked up at Max. His face was relaxed and his eyes were closed. He slowly let out a breath and sighed.

“How was that?” she asked.

“My God!”

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