Teaching Daughter Self Esteem Ch. 01

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Please be patient with the slow beginning of this story. The first section concentrates on setting the stage and the characters, but have faith! It’s a multi-chapter story with more than enough action to satisfy!


It’s important for any parent to do whatever they can to boost their daughter’s self-confidence and poise in order to ready them for the world outside — even if that means fucking the shit out of them over and over, day after day, teaching them to take their Daddy’s cock in every orifice. It’s the least a father can do.

Katie had always been a shy girl. From the day she was born, she was the most reticent girl I ever met. Though she quickly learned to speak, as a toddler she refused to speak in front of strangers. She hated going to the grocery store for fear that the cashier might talk to her. The only friend she had in elementary, junior high and high school was Randi, a girl every bit as shy as herself. Elaine and I were grateful that the two girls had each other as company, but sometimes, when we talked privately about our daughter, we worried that the two girls’ intense shyness reinforced each other in their reluctance to put themselves forward.

There was a while there, when Katie was in junior high, when we thought maybe things were turning around. We enrolled her in a dance class. There, freed from the pressure of having to make conversation with others, she seemed to come out of her shell. She started with beginning ballet lessons, then moved to regular dance classes — waltzes, polkas, that sort of thing — and later still tried her hand at modern dance. Her performance at dance recitals was the only time I could remember when she was willing to stand up in front of other people without hiding behind her ash-blonde hair, or squirming in the discomfort of being seen by others in public.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Katie was slow to become interested in boys — she was fifteen before she reached that stage that girls hit where she started papering her bedroom walls with clean-shaven, vaguely androgynous male teenage heartthrobs. And as for dating boys at her high school, forget it. Instead, she and her equally shy friend Randi skirted the edges of their high school hallways, avoiding parties, avoiding cliques of all sorts, and generally doing their best to never get noticed by anyone. Randi and she dressed in the frumpiest clothes imaginable, virtually guaranteeing that no boy would ever give either of them a second glance.

As a father, I found myself at a loss. Nothing Elaine or I ever did managed to get little Katie to come out of her shell. There were times when Elaine cried herself to sleep in my arms, worrying about our daughter’s painful shyness. Elaine berated herself endlessly for whatever nameless thing she had done or had failed to do that had led to her daughter being such a shrinking violet. “She’s pretty. She’s smart. She’s such a joy to be around,” Elaine said to me on more than one occasion. “Why doesn’t she see herself the way we see her?”

Around her seventeenth birthday, Katie’s shyness extended to even include her dance lessons — the one outlet that had seemed immune to her social fears. She continued with the dance lessons, but now she refused to take part in any dance classes that included boys, and she refused any role, no matter how small, in the class recitals. She even forbad her mother and me from attending her classes. The dance instructor told us that Katie was one of her best students — but only when she was dancing in the relative safety of her class sessions.

Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Katie got invited — a miracle in itself! — to a group outing to the beach. It was a weekend affair hosted by one of the parents at her school that would have included boys and girls. The parents of one of the girls had a timeshare condo on the coast, and agreed to have a bunch of kids come for a three day weekend that promised to be nothing but wholesome fun. The whole weekend would be chaperoned by the parents who owned the time share.

I knew better than to argue with Katie about it, but I couldn’t resist pointing out a few things to her: there would be a group of boys and girls present, I said, so there wouldn’t be any pressure on Katie to be the life of the party or anything like that. Couldn’t she just try it out for once and see if maybe it wasn’t quite as painful as she feared?

Elaine was more forceful. For once, she refused to take no for an answer, and insisted that THIS TIME, at least, Katie would socialize with her fellow students. “They’re nice kids, I’m sure of it,” Elaine said. “Trust me. You’ll enjoy yourself.”

Katie was on the verge of tears as her mother went into her room and started pulling out light summer dresses and jeans for Katie to wear on the trip. “Oh, please, Mom!” Katie cried, on the verge of tears. “Please! Don’t make me! I just don’t want to.”

Tucked away in the back of the bottom drawer of her dresser, Elaine found a one-piece swimsuit that escort bostancı we’d bought for Katie on her birthday a couple of years earlier, a swimsuit that I had never once seen my daughter wear. “This is perfect,” Elaine said. “You can wear this on the beach.”

Now Katie was crying for real. “It doesn’t even fit, Mom,” she said. “Please don’t make me wear it.”

“Nonsense,” said Elaine. “Try it on, and we’ll see whether it looks good on you. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll buy you a new one for the trip.”

Katie took the swimsuit reluctantly from her mother and went into the bathroom to change. A few minutes later, she came out, red faced both from crying and from embarrassment.

Looking at my daughter in the one piece suit, I saw immediately that she was right, and I also saw at least a part of why Katie’s social embarrassment had so drastically increased over the last year or so.

Her tits were huge! Constrained by the tight one-piece, Katie’s breasts were bulging out in all directions, stretching the fabric to the point that the material was noticeably more sheer where it stretched between two humongous breasts. At the top, her tits nearly overflowed the top, providing the most incredible cleavage that I had ever seen outside of a men’s magazine.

Somewhere along the line, adolescence had hit my daughter with a vengeance. I immediately thought back over the last year and a half, remembering when Katie’s frumpy clothes had become drastically even more frumpy and shapeless. At the time, I had thought that it was merely her natural shyness becoming more pronounced, but now I saw that it was an intense embarrassment over her budding womanhood, driving her to become even more self conscious, even more withdrawn.

Katie’s huge tits were only a part of the package. She had always had a slight build — perfect for a dancer — and now her humongous tits seemed to overwhelm what was otherwise a tight little body with a small waist and flaring hips. The result was a mouth-watering hourglass figure so stunning that I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. Looking at her tits spilling out of all sides of the tight swimsuit, I couldn’t help but think how fantastic it would be to grope her huge, soft tits, to lift her little body up onto my lap facing me so that I could lick her big tits while fucking her.

Katie squirmed under my gaze, interpreting, I think, my open-mouthed stare as criticism. She started crying even more. “You see why I can’t wear this?” she said, turning to her mother. “It makes me look like a freak. I hate my body! I’m a freak! If I go on this trip, everyone will stare at me!” Her delicious tits, nearly bursting out of a swimsuit that would have looked demure on anyone else, shook with her sobs so much that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. With each gasp, Katie’s tits jiggled wildly. When had my daughter become a sex bomb?

Elaine, sitting beside me on the couch, held out her arms and Katie threw herself onto the ground with her head in her mother’s lap, sobbing. “You see why I won’t let you go clothes shopping with me, why I won’t even let you wash my laundry anymore. I didn’t want you to see what my body has become. I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Please don’t make me go on this trip!”

Despite my concern for Katie’s emotional welfare, I found myself wishing that it was my lap that she was burying her face into rather than her mother’s. My cock was hardening more with every movement of her amazing body.

The revelation of Katie’s budding teenage body and her incredible rack was obviously as much a surprise to her mother as it was to me. With Katie’s face buried in her mother’s lap, Elaine looked at me in shock and inquiry. She mouthed a message to me: “What do we do now?” But aloud, she said soothingly, “Katie, sweetheart, you’re not a freak, you’re a lovely girl. Isn’t she, Daddy?”

“Of course you’re not a freak, sweetie,” I said. “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. You’re very beautiful. Any young man would find you attractive. We’ll get you a new swimsuit that fits better, and you’ll have lovely time this weekend.”

Katie lifted her head and looked at me. “No! I won’t go! I can’t go! I can’t have people looking at me!”

Elaine and I talked some more, but there was no budging her, and given the revelation of Katie’s incredible body and her even more incredible tits, I have to admit that the wind had been knocked out of me. Eventually, Elaine and I gave in and Elaine called the other parent to say that Katie wouldn’t be coming after all. To be honest, given how few friends Katie had, I doubt that the other kid’s family was very worked up about her failure to attend. It was a wonder that she’d been invited in the first place.

The next day I came home from work to find Elaine in the living room, surrounded by bags from clothing stores. “What’s the deal?” I asked.

“Shopping therapy,” Elaine answered. “What the hell — we’ve tried everything else. Dance lessons, counseling, self-help books. Nothing has worked. I figure if part ümraniye escort of Katie’s problem is a poor self-image, then maybe a makeover would help.”

I reached into a bag and pulled out a short skirt and a skimpy tube top. “You think you can get her to wear this?”

“Maybe not in public. But around the house. You and I will work on it together. She’ll wear some nice clothes in the privacy of our house, and in exchange we’ll stop bugging her about joining any clubs at school. My job will be to supply attractive, sexy clothing.”

“And my job?”

“To compliment her. To make her feel pretty. Sometimes a girl needs her father to tell her that men will find her attractive. I want you to shower her with flattery about her appearance. Give her hugs and kisses to encourage her.”

We told Katie about the clothing arrangement over dinner. She was reluctant, but she agreed to meet us halfway, so long as she wouldn’t be required to forego the “Annie Hall run amok” clothing that she normally wore in public.

After the dishes were cleared, Katie went into her room to change, and a few minutes later I saw her dressed, for the first time in a couple of years, in nice clothing. It was her dance leotard coupled with a wraparound skirt.

It was an ordinary outfit, but on her it looked extraordinary. Her tits were incredible — stupendous on her slight frame — and I wondered again how she had managed to hide her growing bust from us for the last year or two.

When Katie entered the room, Elaine applauded as though a queen had graced us with her presence. Katie blushed and started to turn away, as if she were going to leave the room.

Elaine looked over at me and gave me a stern look that told me I had to do something.

“Come here, Katie,” I said. I held out my arms and she came to me, burying her face in my chest just below my shoulder. I could feel those fantastic soft tits mashed into my chest. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” I continued. “You’re a beautiful young woman. That top looks very pretty on you.” In fact, it looked fucking stunning. It took all my self control to keep from bringing up my hand to cup one of her huge tits while I comforted her. I kissed her on the top of the head as chastely as I could manage, when what I really wanted was to tilt her head up toward me and thrust my tongue in her mouth.

Standing several feet away, my wife Elaine smiled at me in approval.

Later that night, Elaine and I talked some more while we lay in bed. Elaine often liked to stroke my cock when she was tense — she said feeling my hardon soothed her. When she was really upset, she liked to curl up with her head in my crotch and suck my cock like a pacifier.

Elaine nestled up next to me and reached under the covers for her cock-pacifier. “I feel like we made progress tonight, don’t you?” she said as she stroked me up and down. “I mean, sure, she was upset at first. But after you held her and stroked her head, she calmed down. And she wore the outfit the rest of the night.”

I murmured my agreement. Elaine licked the entire length of my shaft and wrapped her hand around it.

Elaine sped up her handjob as she continued. “Can you believe that she still thinks of herself as an ugly duckling? It’s true, she went through an awkward phase in puberty, but that was years ago! And now — my god, did you see how large her breasts have gotten?”

My cock gave a lurch and bumped into Elaine’s nose as I remembered how soft they felt pressed against my chest when she hugged me. Elaine giggled. “Yeah, I guess you did see. I’ve always had large breasts myself, but I don’t think my 36DD’s come close to what she’s got. I’m thinking an E cup at least.”

“She’s turned into a very pretty girl,” I said, trying to keep my voice as neutral as I could while I envisioned my daughter’s gigantic tits and her lovely eyes looking at me. Meanwhile, my wife’s own sizeable tits pressed against my thigh as she suckled my hard cock. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face down on my dick faster and deeper.

After a minute or so my wife lifted her mouth off my dick with a loud pop and continued: “It’s up to us to teach her how pretty she is.” She sucked some more, then after a moment, she pulled her head off my cock again and added, “And by us, I mainly mean YOU. It would mean more coming from a man.” She slipped my cock back into her mouth and licked the head lovingly. Then she took it out again and stroked me up and down. I looked down at my crotch and saw her smiling at me as she held my cock upright along the side of her face. “I want you to shower her with compliments and affection,” she said, and kissed the shaft daintily. “Show her how much you love her.” Another kiss, this time on the head of my cock. “Do everything you can to teach her to be a woman.” With a happy slurp, she put my dick back in her mouth and began sucking in earnest.

This was one of those occasions when discretion seemed the better part of valor. I kept my mouth shut.

“Thank kartal escort bayan you, honey. I love you so much,” she said.

I cradled her head in my hands to guide her slurping mouth while I thought about our daughter. With every gurgle of my wife’s throat as she gagged lovingly on my cock, I imagined that it was my daughter’s mouth sucking me. I closed my eyes for several minutes, lost in the sensation of being blown, and the fantasy that it was my innocent blonde daughter doing the blowing.

A few minutes later, Elaine took her mouth off my cock. As if there had been no gap of time she resumed talking about Katie.

“A lot of affection is tactile, you know,” she said, sitting up briefly. She jacked my cock for a moment. “Katie not only needs verbal encouragement from you. I’m also worried that she’s become physically distant from us at the same time that she’s become emotionally distant.” She knelt on the bed and rested her arms and head on the pillow, thrusting her ass in the air. “Put your cock in me, sweetheart,” she said, not missing a beat.

She reached behind herself and guided my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and started pushing into her. “What do you want me to do?” I asked. I could hardly believe where this was going.

“Touch her. Hug her,” she said.

I began pounding harder.

“Make her feel — Uhh! — exactly — Uhh! — how much — Uhh! — you love her! Oh yes! Like that! Give it to me! Show her your love! Push it deeper! Deep love! Oh God! Fucking deep love for your daughter! Show your big titted daughter how deep your love is! Fucking deep love! Fuck me deeper!”

By this time I was going crazy with lust. I pounded my cock into my wife harder and faster with each thrust. Looking at her heart-shaped ass in front of me, I could hardly recognize or care whether I was fucking my busty wife or my even bustier daughter. I reached forward and grabbed her big soft tits with both hands, pulling her up towards me. “Yes!” I screamed. “I’ll show her my love! I’ll show her all my fucking love!”

Elaine started giggling in orgasmic release. Her shaking in orgasm felt fantastic on my cock. “Yes, Daddy! Love me! Show me how fucking much you fucking love me! Fuck me Daddy!”

I came so hard I nearly blacked out. While my cock spurted jism, my mind was full of my fantasies of blonde daughter writhing beneath me, her huge tits bouncing with each thrust of my cock into her tight pussy.

During the next week our experiment went pretty well. When Katie came home from school each day, she dutifully shed her multiple shapeless layers of coat, sweater, scarf, vest and god knows whatever else she was wearing and put on the more form-fitting t-shirts, jeans and skirts that her mother had bought her. Each day I complimented her, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek or forehead to let her know how much I approved of the effort she was making.

While Elaine and I struggled to improve Katie’s self esteem, I noticed an unexpected change in our daughter’s behavior. Out of the blue, she started talking and acting like a girl several years younger than she really was. She started calling me Daddy (“Dad” had been her default name for me since before she turned ten). Her choices of TV shows suddenly reverted to old sitcoms, “family” rated movies and the like that she’d outgrown several years earlier. She even started listening to the sort of boy bands that usually attract younger girls.

As it happened, I’d seen that sort of thing before. Several years earlier, her friend Randi’s parents divorced, and during the breakup Randi started acting like a little kid whenever she was visiting the house.

One of my neighbors down the block, a therapist, explained it to me: “It’s called regression,” she said. “When kids go through tough times, they often seem to move backwards instead of forward for awhile — what they’re doing is they fall back on behaviors that worked for them in the past, and that their parents helped them overcome. In toddlers, you might see them forget their potty training and start using baby vocabulary. Older kids might wet the bed when they’re stressed. Even adults — say when you’re starting a new job and haven’t got your feet on the ground yet — might act like a complete newbie for the first few weeks. It’s just a phase. Ninety-nine per cent of kids outgrow it after a few weeks or months.”

So I ignored the strange shift to calling me “Daddy”. I even encouraged it a little to reassure Katie that I was there for her. I joined her on the couch a few times, letting her cuddle next to me under my outstretched arm, while she had us watch a couple of old Disney movies that she had watched when she was a little kid.

The clothing changes turned into mini fashion shows. Whenever I came home from work, Katie was already home and had changed into her outfit of the day. She twirled in front of me, letting her skirt flare up to show her toned dancer’s legs. She lifted her arms to display her whole body to me. “Do you like it, Daddy? Do I look pretty?” she asked. Then she came and hugged me, pressing her lithe little body into mine. Elaine, standing several feet away, smiled at how well her plan was working. “Tell me I’m beautiful, Daddy,” my daughter whispered while I held her voluptuous body tightly.

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