Teaching Daughter Self Esteem Ch. 13

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A few weeks later my boss called me into his office. At first, I was afraid that I had fucked up on some account, but the moment I walked in I could see by the expression on his face that it was something else.

“I’m worried about you,” he said.


“Come on,” he said. “Don’t lie. You’ve used up two years’ worth of sick leave in the last five weeks. You call in sick on Tuesday, then you’re back at work Wednesday, then ‘sick’ again Thursday. What does your doctor say?”

“Doctor? I’m not seeing a doctor.”

“Well then maybe you ought to. You look like shit, man. Like you’re not getting any sleep.”

Boy, that wasn’t the half of it. With three horny women in the house and me migrating from bed to bed at least twice every night, it was a wonder I was getting any sleep at all. But I wasn’t about to tell my boss that.

“Look,” he continued. “We’ve got a generous health plan. If you can’t afford to see a doctor, I’m sure we can arrange something. Hell, I’ll lend you the money right now.” He started to bend forward to pull his wallet out of his back pocket, but then I waved him back into his seat. He had a genuinely concerned expression on his face when he continued, “Work with me. I want to help you.”

“It’s not that,” I said. “It’s . . . .” Jesus, I thought to myself, I’d better come up with something quick. Why hadn’t it occurred to me when I was taking almost half of every week off to spend the day fucking my daughter, that someone at work might start asking questions? “It’s . . . it’s my uncle. He died.”

“Your uncle?” my boss asked. He looked mystified.

“We were, uh, we were very close.” My brain started going into gear, spinning out lies like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t even have an uncle. “He practically raised me. I keep thinking that I can go back to work, but then the grief – it just hits me.”

“I understand,” my boss said. “I was like that when my grandmother died last year.” His eyes started to tear up, obviously recalling something about his dear grandma. Jesus, if there was anything worse than lying your head off to get sympathy, it was succeeding so well that you brought your target to the point of tears. I felt like a goddamned heel.

“Look,” said my boss, “I know that our personnel handbook doesn’t allow for bereavement leave in cases other than a sibling or parent, but I’m sure I can sweet talk the guy over at Human Resources. Do you need more time off to go to the funeral?”

Oh, fuck. I felt like shit, taking advantage of my boss like this. “No, uh, it’s okay. The family isn’t holding a memorial service or anything like that. He didn’t want it that way.”

“I understand. Your uncle must have loved Life too much to believe in mourning.” Aw fuck – he was tearing up again. My boss was such a nice guy. Instead of being a corporate executive, he should have been a grief counselor. Why was I lying to him like this?

Well actually, I knew exactly why I was lying to him like this. It was to cover up the fact that I was a horny asshole who was not only fucking his 18 year old busty daughter right in front of his wife. I was also fucking my daughter’s petite bisexual Asian lover, often at the same time. My boss might have been incredibly sympathetic to a guy who mourned his favorite uncle, but I felt fairly certain he wouldn’t feel quite so sympathetic if he knew the real reason I was calling in sick every other day.

“Listen,” said my boss. “Don’t worry about the sick leave. You take all the time you need. You want to take a week off, I’ll square it with Personnel. Or if you want to keep taking an occasional day off every now and then, do it. Take long walks. Spend time with your family.”

“I will,” I said. “I’ll spend a lot of time with my family. A whole lot.”

A whole fucking fucking fucking lot.

That night when I came home my wife and daughter met me at the door. Both wore matching denim short-shorts that were so tiny they showed not only their ass cheeks but also rode up their cracks almost like thongs. They wore bra-less, crop-top t-shirts that had been cut with scissors just above halfway up their torsos, leaving the undersides of their big boobs exposed. Their outfits – mother and daughter together – were designed to be open to my groping.

Elaine was on one side of me and Katie was on the other, rubbing up against me and pressing their incredible tit flesh against my chest. “Daddy, what took you so long?” Katie asked as she and her mother cooperated in unzipping my fly, then unbuttoning my trousers and pulling them down to the ground. Meanwhile, I was cupping my daughter’s and my wife’s ass cheeks and pulling their curvy bodies even closer to me, my dick getting harder and harder even as my two women struggled to free it from my pants.

Once my pants were around my ankles, I kicked off my shoes while mother and daughter cooperated in stroking my long hard cock. “Oh, Daddy,” Katie cooed, “every day I miss you so much. Why bursa escort do you ever have to leave us?” She gave me a long, soulful kiss.

Mother and daughter then led me by my cock to the couch, walking backward the whole way while they pulled on my dick. Their faces were beaming with the joy of sexual anticipation. “Cum, Daddy! Cum with us!” Elaine urged as she jacked my cock and led me to the couch.

A few moments later, I was seated in the middle of the couch with my big-busted blonde daughter beside me, her legs tucked under her like a little girl while she began unbuttoning my shirt. Elaine, meanwhile, knelt on the ground before me and began to slurp on my hard dick.

Randi then appeared in the kitchen doorway, already stripped of her clothes. Her horny expression, eyes fixed on my crotch, showed that she was ready for me. “Welcome home, Mister J,” she said. She moved behind where Katie was sitting and, grasping her lover’s torn t-shirt at the bottom hems, quickly pulled it over Katie’s head. Katie’s huge bra-less tits bounced sexily before my eyes.

Randi then cupped Katie’s big tits from behind and smiled so hard that her eyes squinted down to little slits. The combination of nude two girls, a huge-titted blonde and behind her a grinning little Asian pixie with long black hair, looked fantastic.

“Aren’t your daughter’s tits incredible?” Randi asked. “I love ’em too!!” She began giggling as she bounced Katie’s huge F-cup breasts up and down in her little hands. Katie tilted her head and smiled benignly at me, giving in to pleasure as her girlfriend lewdly mashed her tits for my viewing benefit. One of Katie’s hands drifted down to my crotch and began jacking my cock into her mother’s hungry mouth. While her hand bounced up and down my pole, she continued to smile dreamily.

Randi giggled hornily: “Hee hee hee! Big blonde tits! Big teenage blonde tits!! Hee hee hee!” Her tiny hands were dwarfed by the effort of holding her girlfriend’s big tits, tit flesh overflowing around her fingers. Katie blissfully leaned her head back against Randi’s shoulder, her eyes half-lidded with lust while she continued to jack my cock. Each time Randi pinched one of Katie’s hardened nipples, my daughter shivered and jerked in mini-orgasmic ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Elaine had progressed from loudly slurping the sides of my cock to giving me a straight-up blowjob, her red lips plunging up and down on my fat cock. The sound of her gagging and slurping filled the room.

Randi stood and moved to the couch, sitting on the other side of me. Now both my teenage girls were cuddling up to me, giggling girlishly while Katie’s mother, my wife, knelt before me servicing my hard tool. I went back and forth, kissing one, then the other, each kiss more passionate and longer than the last. My teen girls pressed against me anxiously, each eager for the opportunity to outdo her girlfriend, competing to see who could please Daddy more. Mom, meanwhile, was on her knees in her own world of slavish cock sucking.

It seemed like a strange role reversal of where we had been only a few weeks ago. Then, my wife had been the adult role model to these two girls. Then she became the one to start the sex play that had led us to where we were now. Now here she was, kneeling before me with my dick in her mouth, nodding her head up and down rhythmically as if she were assenting to everything that was going on. With my arms draped over the shoulders of my two teenage nymphets, my wife was taking a subservient role as my cock servant.

“Suck me!” I gasped. “Serve my cock!”

“Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!” she gurgled. Her eyes were riveted on mine as her head bobbed up and down in assent.

Both girls started laughing. “Daddy cock!” Katie squealed. “Daddy cock is in control!” My painfully shy, busty daughter had, in the last several weeks, become so devoted to me that she seemed determined to turn her entire voluptuous body into a tool for my pleasure. She was curled up so close to me that it was as if her body were molded to mine. Her soft boobs were like huge pillows against my chest.

I pulled my arms back from draping around my teenage girls and instead brought my hands to rest on my wife’s head, directing her to suck me deeper and faster. Katie and Randi, for their part, each took one of my wife’s hands, intertwining their fingers with Elaine’s.

Elaine had lost all control. My daughter and her little bisexual Japanese girlfriend shifted from holding Elaine’s hands lovingly to holding her wrists down against my thigh. Elaine’s hands fluttered helplessly, almost spasmodically, against the teenagers’ grip. They were preventing her from moving. My own hands directed my wife’s head faster and faster as her mouth plunged up and down on my dick. Elaine still stared into my eyes as she sucked, but now her eyes widened and her eyebrows shot up in surprise and wonderment that she had so lost control over the situation. I was making her gag over and over, bursa escort bayan fucking her face. My teenage lovers were holding her hands in place, and she had no say in the matter.

“Suck me!” I ordered. “Nod your head ‘Yes’!” I pushed her head up and down. She “Glugg-ed!” and “Mmph-ed!” in response, maybe agreeing, maybe not. I didn’t care. The girls and I laughed more.

“You love to eat cock, don’t you?” I growled.

“Mmph! Mmph!” Her head nodded up and down on my dick as I forced her to agree.

“You belong on your knees sucking my dick, don’t you?”

“Gugg! Gugg!” she gagged as I forced her face up and down. Her eyes still wide open in shock, they were almost pleading with me while I gripped her hair and face fucked her. Elaine’s fingers, held down against my thighs by Katie and Randi, began clutching spasmodically – maybe grabbing for a nonexistent lifeline, or maybe in some sort of automatic response to my raping her mouth.

“My dick belongs in your mouth – my cum belongs in your throat! Don’t you agree? Nod ‘Yes’!”

I laughed in sexual triumph – flanked by my pregnant sex toy on one side and my impossibly buxom daughter on the other, both urging me on while they held my wife down. Again I forced Elaine’s head up and down in “agreement”. Her fingernails dug into my thighs, tracing long red marks in my skin as she succumbed to the taste of cock meat. Her head began to shiver as I thrust my rod in and out relentlessly.

Randi started laughing as she chanted in time with my thrusts, “Yes! (thrust) Yes! (thrust) Yes! (thrust) See Daddy? She loves it!” One of Randi’s hands joined mine on the back of Elaine’s head and she began helping me push my wife’s head up and down even faster. “It’s your turn, Mommy!” Randi cried. “We all have to submit to Daddy! Gag on his cock and drink his cum! Suck Daddydick and drink Daddycum! It’s your duty to serve Daddy!”

“Suck me!” I bellowed. “Swallow my cum! Take it, you slut!”

Being called a slut seemed to push Elaine over the edge. Her eyes had been wide open with her eyebrows alternately shocked and querulous and pleading. But now her eyes rolled back in their sockets and she seemed to go into another place, a place of orgasmic submission where she was barely conscious of anything but the cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. Her gag reflex disappeared entirely and I fucked her mouth deeper than ever. Her mouth, her beautiful face, had become my cock socket.

And when I came, my cum went straight down her throat and her gullet, into her hungry tummy. Barely conscious, Elaine whimpered and then shivered in a shattering orgasm.

The girls and I released her and Elaine fell backward onto the carpet, her mouth gaping open. Cum pooled on her lolling tongue and dribbled from her mouth. Her lips were smeared with white cream and a small stream of cum led from the corner of her mouth along her cheek.

“Now swallow,” I ordered softly.

Elaine dutifully closed her mouth and gulped down a mouthful of sperm, then sighed contentedly. Sleepily, she licked her lips and smiled at the taste of her husband’s – now her Master’s – cum.

I turned to Randi. “Clean my cock,” I ordered.

“Yes, Mr. J.” My little sex servant Randi began dutifully licking the combined spittle and sperm off of my rod. Then I turned to Katie and, while my wife lay prostrate at our feet, I began kissing my beautiful blonde daughter.

I was in heaven. With my cum-spattered wife lying at my feet, I hugged both my teenage harem members. My dark haired little Asian fuckdoll licked the sperm off my dick, and while my gorgeous, devoted blonde daughter kissed me lovingly, my hands roamed all over her huge tits.

We rested after dinner for a few hours. Katie and Randi did their homework while Elaine and I cuddled on the couch.

“You called me a slut,” she said quietly.

I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure where this was going.

“I’m NOT a slut, you know,” she pointed out. “I only fuck you. I will only EVER fuck you.”

“Did I upset you?” I asked.

“No,” she said. She began rubbing my cock through my pants. It was a sort of absent-minded fondling – I think sometimes it calmed her to touch my penis at times when she was feeling upset or, as now, thoughtful. She paused, then added, “To tell you the truth, it turned me on. I don’t know why.” She unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock.

“When this whole thing started,” she mused, “I pictured myself in charge. You were going to tease Katie, you were going to fuck the shit out of little Randi – Jesus! Shy little Randi! Barely five feet tall and a hundred pounds when she’s sopping wet! Who knew she had all that in her? You know I’ve taught her to lick my clit for more than an hour at a time?” She stretched out on the couch on her stomach with her head on my lap and began leisurely licking up and down my cock like a popsicle while she spoke. I responded by sliding my hand up her skirt escort bursa and caressing the perfect globes of her ass.

“Anyway, I thought I was in charge. Would always be in charge. I set up that stupid boundary that you could do anything with Katie short of fucking her – as if that was going to hold!”

She licked my cock some more, then began kissing it lovingly. “Oh God, honey, your cock! Your long, thick cock was too much for me. Too much for Randi and me combined. Your cock had to have a third woman – your sexy little daughter!”

She plunged her mouth onto my cock and deepthroated me so that tears came into her eyes, but I suspected that the tears were mostly from what she was saying and feeling rather than from the sensation of gagging herself on my rod. When she lifted her head off my dick, she looked up into my face, her eyes moistened with tears. “I’m not in control, honey. You fuck me, you fuck our daughter, you knock up our daughter’s best friend and have her move in with us as your own little pregnant sex toy. And I’m not in control of any of it!”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” I said. “This whole thing got out of ha. . .”

“Don’t be!! Don’t be sorry. And don’t stop! Tonight when you came home and fucked my face, you told me what my place was: on my knees, sucking your cock and drinking your sperm and accepting it.”

She kissed the mushroom head of my dick lovingly, and with the head of my dick still in her mouth, she mumbled, “Ur gock owe eee” (“Your cock owns me!”) “Ah gove ur gock – Ah ave oo uck oo!” (“I love your cock – I have to suck you!”) then she took my dick out of her mouth, but kept the head right next to her lips – itself a fantastic sight that burned itself in my mind – as she looked me in the eyes and said, “You called me your slut and I came so much I practically had an out-of-body experience.”

I slipped a finger into her asshole and thrust in and out gently. Her body jolted and she shivered all over. I asked her, “So ARE you my slut?”

“Yes! Oh God, yes!! I’m your slut. Your own personal slut. A slut who gives her daughter to you. A slut who gave you a whole party of teenage dance students to fuck all night. A slut who handed you a little Japanese pixie to sit on your dick all through dinner. I was worried that if you fucked our daughter you wouldn’t have any dick left for me. But she energizes you! You fuck me more than ever! Three horny women are barely enough for you! You fuck us all so well!!”

“In that case, suck my cock – you little slut.”

She chuckled. “Yes, Daddy.” She began licking my cock while I leaned back on the couch.

“My harem wife,” I whispered to her. She began slurping more eagerly. “My slut. My personal slut wife. One member of my harem.”

She lifted her head off of my crotch for just a moment and smiled up at me. “Fuck yeah,” she said, and then went back to her slut duties.

An hour later I left my wife and told her not to wait up in bed – I needed to tuck in the girls.

Ever since she moved into our house after being kicked out by her parents, Randi had shared a bed with my beautiful daughter. When I entered their bedroom, I saw them intertwined on the bed, kissing each other.

The sight of the two of them was striking. Katie was curly haired, blonde and petite – only 5’2″ and 112 pounds – but with an incredible hourglass figure and a tight little waist that highlighted her round ass and her incredible 32F rack. Randi, on the other hand, was half Japanese, half Irish, and seemed to have inherited the sexiest parts of both heritages: long, shimmering straight black hair, alabaster skin and the cutest Asian eyes, yet with 30C tits that looked incredible on her tiny 5 foot tall frame. As short as Katie was, Randi looked like a sexy little Japanese elf lying beside her.

The two of them looked up from their kissing as soon as I came toward their bed. They disentangled themselves enough for each to reach out an arm for me. “Daddy!” Katie said. “What took you so long? We’ve been waiting for you!”

I lay down between them and they began to cover my face, my neck and my chest with little feather kisses. Randi scooted down on the bed so she could begin sucking my cock. She knew it was often her job in her new family to act as fluffer for me – not that I needed any help getting hard for either of these two little sexpots. Randi mewled and cooed with pleasure as she went to work on her favorite job in the world – licking my big dick.

Between kisses, Katie shared with me that she was upset. She fed me one of her nipples and cradled my head against one of her soft tits while she spoke. “You came in Mom’s mouth tonight – not in my pussy. You know I need your seed. How else am I going to get pregnant? How else will Randi and I have babies together?”

It wasn’t as if this was the first time Katie had talked about getting pregnant. In fact, ever since our “marriage” when I started fucking her after weeks of intense teasing, she had talked almost incessantly about pregnancy. She wanted every drop of sperm I could produce to enter her pussy. Every time we made love, she urged me to cum, promising that this time she would become pregnant and become a mother.

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