Teasing You

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It starts with dinner. Teasing and food are such delicious companions, and there’s something about being in public that adds an element of eroticism to covert seduction. Each bite that we offer across to each other holds some secret unspoken message of desire, each touch some hint of what we’d really like to be doing. We both know each circle delicately traced by my thumb on your wrist is meant for another location entirely. I watch you carefully for hints of the effects that you are struggling so desperately to conceal from the other diners. The flush of your cheek, the hardening of a nipple, the changes in your breathing.

And I’m not playing fair. On the table in front of me is a small black silk bag, something that the other diners might think was a gift. But it is only part of the gift. The other part you already possess. You have it on you now… a small remote vibrator, held in place by whatever wicked undergarment you’ve selected to tempt me later, but for now an accomplice in my attempt to drive you absolutely crazy.

My hand caresses the small black bag on the table that holds the remote. I hold your eyes and smile at the fear and anticipation warring in your expression. We make it almost through the appetizer before my thumb traces across it, triggering something hidden within and sending a low hum against your clit. A mere second, and my thumb turns it off again. My smile takes on an air of satisfaction at the widening of your eyes and the ataşehir escort bayan way you hand paused on its way to your mouth. It is completely worth the daggers that follow, and I can see that they are as much to cover your anticipation for more as anything. But one of the key aspects of teasing is restraint. As much as I’d love to leave my little toy humming away, watching its effect on you, I love even more giving you just a taste every now and then… varying the intensity and leaving you completely uncertain what to expect.

I love watching you stealing glances at my hand out of the corner of your eye every time it draws near the black shimmering cloth, and I luxuriate in taking my time, moving my fingers with purpose over it, feinting once, twice, then triggering it. After a bit of this cat and mouse, I pocket the remote, leaving you unable to tell when the next burst of stimulation will come. When dessert comes, as the first bite of sweet delight slips between your lips, the pleasure on your tongue is echoed with a delicious hum below. I suspect you knew that was coming, but you seem to savor the moment nonetheless.

By the time we make it back to your place, you’ve made vague threats of revenge, and while I would love to let you turn the tables on me, I’m not nearly finished with you. Silencing you with kisses, I maneuver you back to your bedroom, gradually removing clothing along the way. I lay you down on the bed and remove escort kadıöy the last item and the vibrator nestled within. I tell you to lie still, and holding your gaze, I crawl up between your thighs, nudging them gently apart. With a single finger, I trace a circle around your navel and downward, lazily moving back and forth, taking my time. You are extremely wet and my finger is soon slick with your desire. I bring it to my lips and slip it in, savoring the taste of you. I remove my finger from my lips and let it slip between yours, twirling and circling first over your clit and then slowly around and around the entrance to your pussy, each time slipping further in.

Slowly, gently, I tease you… gradually introducing layer upon layer of stimulation. My tongue on your clit, my wet fingers slipping up to slide over, pinch and pluck your nipples, my mouth closing over your pussy with long low moans and growls sending waves of vibrations into you. I watch you losing your composure moment by moment, gasping each time I draw your attention one way and then send shocks through your body somewhere else. Soft gentle strokes interspersed with random spikes of deep, passionate sensation. It’s a game of advance and retreat, bringing you closer to the edge and then letting up only to resume with even more intensity.

All the while, the hands of the clock advance, though you scarcely can tell whether it’s been minutes or hours. And as once again maltepe escort I bring you close to the edge, I climb up your body, kissing my way up your stomach to your breasts, further to your neck, and back down again as I maneuver my way between your thighs, letting you feel the full velvety tip, swollen with need, pressing against you. Pausing a moment there, pulling away to watch you as I hold myself there, and slowly push myself into you, once… twice… and again… so slowly… so deep. My eyes locked on your face, searching your eyes, your lips, the flare of your nostrils, for every indication of the pleasure you are feeling. My satisfaction betraying itself in my smile at every hint that I perceive. Your face is a mural of desire and I am lost in it as I draw out your pleasure until I can bear it no longer.

And then, as my lips come down to cover yours, I let go, allowing the growing ferocity to unleash itself into you as all of the teasing and all of the waiting comes to an end, and I lose all restraint. I give you everything I’ve wanted to all night long, driving hard and fast into you. My eyes are wild as I lock eyes with you again, and you can see my raw hunger. I want you to come, to come hard, to come NOW. I startle myself with the ferocity of this singular need.

And as I feel you clench around me in your climax, gripping me tight as the length of me slides hard and fast in and out of you, I feel my own release burst from deep within. Our bodies crash recklessly into each other as we lose ourselves completely. And then, breathless, soaked with sweat, we collapse, spent… my cock still embedded deep inside you, throb ebbing in time with your own pulsing. And we bask in the sweet stillness that follows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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