Ten Items or Less

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Big Dick

I was at the grocery store in the “10 items or less line”, getting a few last minute items to take to my elderly folks house when I ran into her. I was just back in my home town for the day to get some errands and chores done at their house and then it would be back to the big city for me. But something about this tall, blonde lady at the check out counter looked very familiar to me.

“Did you find everything you needed today?” she asked, looking up at me from the conveyor belt. It didn’t take long for her to grab the loaf of bread, 12 pack of beer and two cans of baked beans and run them past the scanner.

“Yes, I did, thanks,” I said, grabbing a glance at her name tag. I always had second thoughts about looking at a female employees name tag. It was always nice because you could also check out her chest and see what size tits she had. But it could also be embarrassing if you were caught gazing too long. The name tag said “Nancy.”

“Do you have a Super Value Card?” she asked.

“Yes, I do. Here.” My mother had given hers to me to make sure I save a few cents on the sale items. Personally, I don’t like the idea of anyone tracking what I buy but anything that saves money for the folks on their fixed income was a good idea. Plus, it gave me a chance to take a longer look at Nancy. She looked familiar but nothing was clicking yet.

Nancy was about 5′ 8″ tall, a shapely figure but one that showed she was no longer 20 years old, probably something closer to 40, my age. Her hair was a cute, shoulder length curly blonde but her other features indicated it was probably too blonde not to be died. It didn’t matter really, it was a good color for her. She also had these pretty brown eyes that seemed to close up when she smiled and she did have a pretty smile.

“Simpson! Paul Simpson! I thought that was you!” she said as she handed my change back. Finally it hit me.

“Nancy? My goodness I haven’t seen you in ages!” We both moved around the counter to give each other that friendly “nice to see you” hug that friends do. No lower body contact, just a light hug.

“Nancy” was Nancy Colgate when we were in high school together but who knows what her last name might be now. After 20 years, it was likely that she was either married or had been at least once so I wasn’t going there. She still had that adorable smile and cute figure. She was one grade ahead of me so we didn’t socialize much in school. She had a sister in my grade that was a bit on the wild side. Cheryl had a great body and terrific tits at an early age that all the boys enjoyed staring at. But she was a party girl and needed excitement. Definitely not the kind of action nerdy types like me supplied.

Nancy and I had gone on a date once when I came home for a visit from college but nothing materialized out of it. I’m not sure if she wasn’t interested in me or I just tried to get into her pants too fast. For whatever reason, it was a one-date relationship.

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you in town in forever!” she said. She was flashing that contagious smile again. Granted, she wasn’t the skinny teenage girl that wore low rise jeans years ago but she still had a great figure.

“Well, I don’t get into town often and normally I don’t run into anyone I recognize anymore. But it’s great to see you!”

Nancy finished bagging my items and handed them to me.

“Where are you working now?” she asked.

“I’m still surviving in the software industry, though I’m trying not to travel as much. Right now I’m with Enterprise Systems. They’re out of Denver but I get to work out of my house in Phoenix.”

“You know something about computers? What are you doing in 15 minutes?” She asked, somewhat excitedly and smiling ear to ear. I knew she had something up her sleeve just by her reaction.

“Nothing after I deliver these to my folks. Why?” I asked.

“I really need some help with my computer at home. I just got it and desperately need to get it set up to access the internet but have no clue how to do it and don’t want to pay someone a hundred bucks to come to the house and do it for me. I’m off in 15 minutes. Can I bribe you into coming by to take a look at it? I promise it won’t take long! I promise!” she said.

Much as I hated working on a day off, I really couldn’t resist her. Plus it would be fun to catch up on things with someone I actually liked while I was living in this small town. What the hell?

“Not a problem,” I said. “Let me drop off these items and I’ll meet you out front. Then I can follow you and see if we can get you up and running.”

“Great,” Nancy said. “Meet you out front in 15 minutes. And thanks.”

“Thank me after we get your computer fixed. I’m not even sure I can help you yet,” I said.

I took my groceries and headed for the exit to the grocery store. After taking 5 steps, I took a second to glance back and take another look at Nancy. Granted, grocery store outfits are not the most gebze escort sexy things in the world but they let her wear black jeans and a blue polo shirt with tennis shoes. They weren’t tight but they did let some of her figure show.

Coincidentally, I noticed she was checking me out at the same time as I was taking my second look. Being my weekend time, polo shirts and baggy shorts were the name of the game today. Nothing much to show off but I still sported some muscular legs. The good news is the baggy shorts were hiding my progressively growing hard on.

Doesn’t matter. It was just kind of exciting to know we were each checking each other out. Maybe this would lead to dinner sometime? My social life could certainly use the jump start.

I was just returning to the grocery story parking lot after dropping the groceries when she came bouncing out of the store. Nancy was still in uniform and, seeing me, waved at me to follow her toward her car. She jumped in and rolled her window down to give me directions.

“I only live about a mile from here. Do you just want to follow me?” she asked, smiling.

“Sounds great,” I said, thinking the simpler the better. It didn’t matter that I grew up in this town, I still didn’t remember many of the street names.

Nancy lived in what can best be described as an upscale mobile home park. The homes were relatively new and there was lots of vegetation around to give each unit that homey feel. For this town, this was a nice place to live. She pulled into the driveway and I left my truck out front of her unit.

As we headed up the short steps to her front door, I made sure I took advantage of the opportunity to check her ass out. Nancy had just enough ass to give it a rounded look that you just wanted to grab with both hands. Of course, I checked to see if I could make out the outline of her panties underneath the jeans but couldn’t. I had to wonder what that ass looked like covered by a little thong or if she wore he plain white cottons to work. Oh, well, it’s just something us perverted guys do for fun.

“I really appreciate you coming by and helping me out, Paul,” she said as she opened the door. “What can I get you to drink–pop, beer, wine?”

Nancy set her purse down on the counter and headed into the kitchen. The place was comfortable. The furnishings matched her lifestyle and the house smelled good, like Opium perfume or some kind of incense. I figured it was the perfume she put on before leaving for work in the morning. That was always the best part of coming to a girls place—it always smelled so good and, well, female!

“Pop is good, I still have to drive back home later,” I said.

“Pop it is,” she said. “Goodness knows we don’t want you getting out of control before fixing my computer. You don’t mind if I have a beer do you? I don’t have anywhere to go for a while.”

She came back into the living room with my pop in one hand and her beer in her other. There was also that contagious smile on her face again and this time I was able to notice a nice bounce to her chest as she walked. I was going to look for some kind of obvious nipple action under her shirt but I figured there would be no way her employer would outfit her in a shirt that would allow that kind of view in public. Another thing us perverted guys do for fun.

“Hey, help yourself,” I said responding to her obvious casual humor. “If it was me that just got off work, I’d certainly unwind with a beer—right after I got out of my work duds. I have this habit of changing my clothes first thing when I walk in the door at night–even before grabbing a cool one.”

“That’s a great idea!” Nancy said. “Would you be mad if I showed you the computer so you could get started while I change clothes? I kinda smell like onions from working half the day in the produce section. I doubt if you want to work next to an onion while you fix things? I promise I’ll be right in as soon as I change to help.”

“Not a problem. Show me the computer room and I’ll get busy. Take your time changing and unwind. I’m sure it’s been a long day on your feet.”

Nancy smiled, took a sip of her beer and started down the hall, stopping at the last bedroom before the master bedroom and went in. The room was small, as most rooms in a mobile home can be, but it was nicely decorated. She showed me the computer on a table just under the window and where the phone jack was. Then she handed me the disk from the software company.

“They tell me if I have all these pieces, I’m set but I’m not sure how to make them all work together. Anyway,” she said, “have a seat and do whatever you want to the beast. I’m going to change and be right back. I’m so glad to see you and really appreciate you coming over to help!”

With that she put her arms around my neck and gave me a hug. Only this time, it was a real hug, not the acceptable, in the public hug. She göztepe escort made sure she pressed her breasts up against me and that our crotches came into contact. Once I noticed this new level of friendliness, I put my arms completely around her waist and pulled her even closer. I knew that she could tell I was half hard and getting harder, as my cock was pressing into her crotch. But she didn’t back away until we had hugged a good 15 seconds. The she backed up slightly, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and headed for her bedroom.

“You’re right, you do smell light onions,” I said jokingly.

“Told you,” she said, smiling back over her shoulder. “Back in a minute.”

I turned her computer on and started to assess her problems. They were really minor actually. She had the phone line plugged into the wrong jack in the modem and didn’t complete loading the internet software the first time. The first attempt was incomplete causing her to get errors so I simply started reloading it from the beginning.

As the software was loading, Nancy came back into the room. As I continued to stare at the computer screen, she came up to my side, leaned over and asked how things were going.

As I slowly turned to look at her and reply, my jaw almost dropped to the floor. Nancy had changed into a sleeveless sun dress that had spaghetti straps across the shoulders and was very short and loose fitting. The legs were naked and so were the feet. The dress was so loose that I could see completely down the front and see her breasts in all their glory. Much as I wanted to take in the whole view being offered, I tried to be as nonchalant about it as possible. Sometimes people give off signals unintentionally and since I had not seen Nancy in a while, I wasn’t sure how to read the situation yet. Obviously the hug set a sexual tone but this was much more obvious. Slow was the speed to go.

As I explained to Nancy what I had done and was doing, I slowly turned to face her directly. She, of course, was pretending to be interested in the computer screen knowing full well she was giving me the opportunity to check her out. It was obvious that she had taken a moment to freshen up as her makeup and perfume were perfect. No onion smell anymore, that was for sure!

As my explanation continued, she didn’t take her eyes off the screen, but continued to smile and now had placed her left hand on my shoulder so she could lean in further and steady herself. She now even placed her thigh against me.

That was it for me. I threw caution to the wind and looked directly at her tits which were now just inches from my face. They were about as perfect as I could ask for. Large and round, very white as I’m sure she didn’t have much chance to tan after work let alone a private place to do so where she lived and dangling freely from her chest. Her nipples were erect and getting more erect as she enjoyed my gaze but still had more of a soft swell to them than eraser-like head. And just at the point where her breasts came together in the middle of her chest, a light sprinkling of freckles.

As she changed positions to point at something on the screen, I watched as her tits gently swayed in their fullness from side to side, showing they were all natural. I’m not much for trying to guess numbers but right now I was thinking 36D or that neighborhood.

At that moment Nancy turned to look at me and asked, “So when this is done doing this loading thing I can get on the internet?” She was smiling at me as she knew damn well I was checking out her tits. “Like my casual clothes?”

“The outfit is nice but the view is better,” I told her. It was time to see how far this was going to go and what really Nancy had in mind.

“I just had to get out of those confining work clothes and get a little freedom,” she said, straightening up and taking another sip of her beer. “Plus I don’t smell like onions anymore, do I?”

“No you smell much better than onions now,” I said.
Nancy continued, “This computer really puts off a lot of heat, doesn’t it? Why didn’t you turn the ceiling fan on?” She turned and reached for the cord hanging down from the fan and pulled it to turn the fan on. It escaped from her hand.

“Oh, shit,” she said laughingly, partially losing her balance. “Must be the beer.”

At that point, I turned around in the chair, away from the computer to see what was going on. This time I got the full view. Nancy not only had great tits but this little sun dress barely covered her ass and her long legs had plenty of opportunity to show themselves off. I couldn’t help now but to gaze at her ass and wonder if she had any panties on at all. I was so focused on her tits before I never thought to keep looking down and see what else was under there. Her hips were much wider than I remembered them from high school, and actually, more appealing now. This was definitely no longer a teenage haramidere escort girl but a woman in front of me.

Nancy reached for the cord again. As I watched I could see the sun dress ride up her body. More and more leg was revealed. Then the roundness of her ass. Geez, my cock was getting hard! The dress kept going up eventually revealing almost her entire ass but no panties in site, not even a thong.

Well, the cord escaped her hand a second time and again she got frustrated, which made both of us laugh.

“Don’t laugh at me!” She laughed. “Get your chair over here and help me get this thing going.”

I stood up out of the chair and moved it over a couple of feet to underneath the fan. Nancy set her beer down and started to place one foot on the chair, making her way to a standing position..

“Now I know this wasn’t part of the original deal, but maybe if you’re good and steady the chair so I can get this thing going, I’ll give you a special bonus for your work.” She flashed that captivating smile at me again that I simply couldn’t resist and she knew it. She was having fun teasing me and I was having fun being teased.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you,” I said jokingly, “but maybe you should give me a down payment on that bonus so I know the offer is a good one. My time is very valuable, you know.”

“A down payment huh?” With that said, Nancy took her foot off the chair and said, “how’s this for a down payment?”

With that Nancy put both arms around my neck again and started kissing me. She started with light, feathery kisses then stuck her tongue in my mouth giving me a deep French kiss. And, just to make sure I got the idea of where this was going, she took my right hand and placed it on her left breast.

The kissing turned more passionate and so did the attention I paid to her tits. I moved my left hand to her other breast and began rubbing it, doing my best to make her nipples as hard as possible and get Nancy as excited as possible. Obviously it was working. Nancy started moaning, rubbing her tits back against my hands and rubbing her hands throughout my hair. As her excitement kept building, she started rubbing her pussy up against my crotch.

Breaking our kiss, she smiled and looked back at me. “Is this enough of a down payment?”

“Absolutely,” I said, “but I would prefer you don’t stop yet.”

“I know,” she said. “I can tell you’re enjoying this. Something is getting very hard.” With that said, she continued rotating her hips against my now completely hard cock.

“If you don’t stop that, I’m going to end up with a wet spot and something soft instead.”

Nancy took my hands from her tits and put them over her shoulders. “Well we can’t have that, not just yet anyway. I have some other ideas about what to do with this, if you’re interested,” she said. She placed both of her hands on my cock and rubbed it through the fabric of my shorts.

“Very interested,” I said.

“I was hoping you would say that,” she said. She gave me another very deep French kiss. “Just relax a minute and let me take care of things.”

Nancy proceeded to look into my eyes and smile that contagious smile as I could feel her hands undoing my belt to my shorts, then the button and then the zipper. As my shorts fell to the floor, she put that fake surprised look on her face, like she didn’t know that would be the result and that it happened accidentally.

She ran both of her hands up and down my hard cock through my briefs, then around to my ass, squeezing both ass cheeks before returning to my cock. She then put both hands under the waistband of my briefs and slowly started to lower them to the floor, careful to pull them out around my cock to give it some space.

“I don’t think you need these anymore do you?” She asked, as she drifted to her knees. As she released my cock from its confinement, it sprang straight out into the air, in front of her face. Initially she ignored it, instead helping me step out of my shoes, shorts and briefs. That done, she looked up into my face, kissed the head of my cock and then got to her feet.

Nancy leaned up to my ear and whispered, “You have a nice cock,” and gave the side of my neck a soft kiss. Leaning back she said, “Now help me start this fan before we go any further. And you might as well get rid of that shirt since I don’t think you need it anymore either.”

“You’d be right about that,” I said and removed my shirt, throwing it to the floor with the rest of my clothes. Nancy had moved back to the chair and was getting ready to step back up on it but hesitated to take in the view of my now total nakedness. She looked at me, looked at my hard cock, and looked back at me smiling widely.

“OK, help me up and then hold me steady so I can get this thing going,” she said.

I grabbed her by the hand the helped lift her onto the chair, putting my other hand on her lower back at the same time for support. She didn’t let go of my hand and with her free hand reached for the cord to the fan which was now easily within reach. Despite not having to reach as far, her dress still rose nicely over her ass, revealing that she was wearing no panties. With her standing on the chair, her hips were so close that I could smell her pussy and knew she was getting excited.

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