Tequila Sunrise

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This is a true story. I was driving from Colorado to Maryland for a new job. It was December. There was a snow storm that was west of Denver when I left. I was hoping to make it to Maryland before it got too bad. I drove most of the way through Kansas without a flake. And then it started to flurry and then a little heavier and then all hell broke loose. I was in West Virginia, which is mountainous, not like the Rockies, but still lots of up and down. It was really coming down and starting to get dark. I made the decision to stop at a motel off the highway.

Of course, it is a tiny, tiny, town with 2 motels and one bar and a restaurant. Only one motel had the vacancy sign on and I pull up. I go in and miraculously, get the last room!

As I am walking out, in walks a woman in her 20’s. In most stories she would be beautiful, but in reality, she was better than average, with a fabulous body. I can see she is thin, B to a C cup and a small ass even with the short winter coat. She is definitely fuckable. She walks to the desk and asks for a room. The clerk apologizes to her and explains that he just rented the last room to me.

I said, “Look I don’t mind sharing if you don’t.”

She gives me the once over. “Thanks. “

We find out where the room is and bring our stuff in. We exchange names, Deb and Jack, and the short version of our story, and then take an inventory of food and drink. She has nothing but some cookies and a soda. I have pretzels and Tequila.

We needed to get some dinner and decided to drive down Main St . We got in my car and drove by the closed restaurant and realized the only lights on in town were from the bar and grill and the gas station. We pulled up to the bar and started for the door. The owner appeared right as we were about to enter and informed us he was closing. We begged him to cook some carry out food for us. He told us he needed to get home or he may not be able to with the storm. We then went to the machines in the gas station and got some cookies and crackers and candy.

As we laughed about our dinner on the way back to the motel we made the vital decision to make Tequila the main course. We found some cups in her car. I called my family and she called hers telling them we were holed up in West Virginia.

I said “I need to take a shower from driving all day.”

She asked “Do you mind if I get into my pajamas? I’ll take a shower after you.”

I was thinking ,are you kidding , but being the gentleman I am ,said “no not at all.” I finished the shower and got into my pjs which happen to be gym shorts and a sweatshirt.

She was sitting on the bed in a very short t-shirt, which barely covered her panties, and no bra. I knew I was in for a good night. She took a shower and came out in the same “pajamas.”

I turned the TV on, which was mostly static (before cable) and sat on the end of the bed with the gourmet food on the dresser next to us. She filled both cups half way.

We held the cups up. I said to a “fun night.”

She replied, “I am pretty sure we are going to have fun.” We both took a healthy sip of Tequila. She leaned over and gave me a gentle, passionate kiss. I returned the favor.

We both knew where this was going. So when she broke the kiss, I said “How about I let you eat the cookies and I eat you?”

“How about we save the cookies for breakfast? ” As she took her t-shirt off and I grabbed a handful of her perfectly shaped B cup tits and leaned in for another kiss. She leaned harder on me and pushed me on my back and crawled on top of me. We kissed and I fondled her tits for a good few minutes.

I rolled her over and took her panties off. I kissed her sweet pussy and started to lick her.

“Not fair, I am naked and you are still dressed.”

I got off her and started to take the sweatshirt off. She was up in a flash. “I want to do that.”

I’m standing at the end of the bed and she is sitting on the edge and she pulls my shorts down. She softly kisses my dick, just once, and then takes me into her mouth. I am naked in seconds. After a few minutes of her blow job I am starting to have some difficulty standing and move closer to her.

I say, “Where was I? I almost forgot. I was eating your pussy.”

I turn so we are in a 69 position. I am licking her pussy and snatching her clit between my lips and giving it a good tongue lashing. She really reacts to that. In the meantime, I am getting quite the blow job. She then takes one of my balls into her mouth! This brings me close to cumming after about 15 seconds of that. I pull my dick away from her.

“Didn’t you like that?”

“Hell yes, I just didn’t want to cum yet. ” We went back to work. I had her bucking her hips and I was having a hard time holding on to her clit. She suddenly sucked both balls into her mouth. I came in seconds all over her tits, just as she came on my mouth.

We laid there enjoying the unexpected ecstasy that the snow storm brought. After a couple of minutes she got up and handed me escort ataşehir the rest of my drink.

I said, “You may not want to give me too much as I have on occasion not been able to get it up when I was drunk.

“Don’t worry, I have never had any problem getting a man hard.”

“I bet not.” We were both sitting against the headboard. I finished my drink first and bent down and took her tit in my mouth. She gulped the rest of her drink down. I continued to lather her nipples as she started to jerk me off. In no time I was hard as a rock and ready to try her pussy.

I kissed her on the lips and laid her down. While still kissing I mounted her in the missionary position. She was still soaking wet. I just slid right in. I just stayed right where I was, just enjoying the warmth and being enveloped in her tight wet pussy. She started to move and I couldn’t stop her, nor did I want to.

She rolled us over and got on top. She took complete control and started to really fuck me. Harder and harder she slammed her cunt down. She got up for a second and turned around and grabbed my dick and hurriedly put it in her pussy. I could tell we were both enjoying this because we both had been quiet up to this point.

Not more than five minutes of this I said “This is probably a good time to ask, can I cum in your pussy?”

“No, let me know when you are going to cum, I am not on birth control.”

“I am going to cum.”

She got off my dick and scooted back so she could watch me cum. This night was getting better and better.

She knelt between my legs and started to lick me clean trying to get me hard again. I loved it because i am so sensitive after cumming. “How about we have another glass of our dinner?”

She got our glasses and filled them up again and handed me mine. I asked “How come you aren’t taking any birth control?”

“I broke up with my boyfriend several months ago and haven’t had any reason to continue taking it. I am sort of a homebody and not very outgoing.”

“Your body is fine with me.”

“How about you? Any girlfriends or wives?”

“No an ex-girlfriend in Colorado, who can’t decide if she is coming to Maryland or not. I doubt she will.”

We are really getting buzzed now. The Tequila is abut 2/3 finished. She starts playing with my dick and I’m reacting. I lay her on her back and start eating pussy again. I go right for her clit. Within minutes, she gets on her hands and knees and say “fuck me.”

“Gladly milady.” I get behind and again slowly enter her, but she is not having any of that! She drives back on me and takes me all the way in. I start to pound her. I already came twice and this is probably it for me, especially after all the Tequila. We fuck, and I mean really fuck like this for minutes. I tell her to get up and lean on the dresser. When she is bent over I put my dick in her hard. She cums within a minute of this. I am still humping away, not giving her time to recover. She cums again and asks me to slow up.

I pull her back on the bed without leaving her pussy. She is now in control and can go at her pace. She slowly starts to pick up the pace. Taking my balls in her hand I am ready to cum. “Deb, I am going to cum.”

She hops off and takes me in her mouth. I shoot my third load of the night. She looks up at me and swallows.

“Why the hell did your boyfriend ever break up with you?”

“I broke up with him. He’s an asshole and he didn’t appreciate me, in or out of bed. At one point I wanted him to fuck me up the ass and he wouldn’t. Can you believe that?”

“Uh, no,” I said.

I was about to ask her if she wanted me to fuck her in the ass when she said, “If I asked you to fuck my ass, you would, wouldn’t you?”

“Deb, in a New York second.”

“I have never done it before, have you?”


“Did you like it?” Did she like it. It was a she, right?”

“it was definitely a she. She said it hurt, but got better as we got further along. I don’t think we warmed her up enough and certainly did not use enough lubricant. I also came too fast because her ass was so tight.”

Deb, abruptly got up and said she had to pee. I was wondering if she was really curious about being fucked in the ass or whether I scared her. In any case, she was in the bathroom for a while, and I was exhausted, so I laid down and closed my eyes. I didn’t realize it, but I fell asleep waiting for her to take a leak. I awakened to Deb sucking my dick. What a wonderful sensation. She was sucking my soft dick, but I was so turned on by this heavenly being , that I became hard for the fourth time that night.

“Get your butt up here, I want to eat your pussy some more.”

She turned around so I could take my licks. She smelled different, and I wasn’t sure what it was, but didn’t give a shit because I was busy eating pussy. I couldn’t get her clit as good as i would like, so I spun on top of her to get her clit better. She loved it. She soon pushed my ass forward so we could fuck kadıköy escort again.

She turned around on her knees so I could fuck her doggy style. She then went to her elbows, then dropped her hips. Of course, I went with her. She was laying on the bed with her legs spread and me in between pumping away. She rolled to one side and then the other, moving her legs inside mine. It was tight! We fucked like that for awhile, when Deb then started playing with her ass. I quietly put some spit on my fingers and dropped the spit just above her finger and ass. She felt it right away. I reached around her and played with her clit while she was trying to put a finger in her ass. I withdrew my hand from her pussy and put a load of spit on my fingers again. With more lube, Deb was able to get a finger in in her ass. i went back to her clit. She came within a minute, and boy did she cum. I gave her time to recover, just gently going back and forth on her clit.

She turned her head and said, “I need your cum in my mouth.”

“Who am I to argue?”

“Fuck me some more, just make sure you cum in my mouth.”

I stayed where I was and started to fuck her. This time it was my finger on her asshole and her hand on her clit. I spit on my fingers again and put one in her ass. I could only get up to the first knuckle. I just went in small circles while trying to go deeper. A little more spit, a little more fucking, a little more pressure. I had most of my finger in when she came again She told be to lay down.

She got up and went to her bags and pulled out some kind of cream. Spread some on her ass paying special attention to her asshole. “Skin cream” she said. She mounted me and told me, “put your finger in my ass again.”

“Yes ma’am. Your wish is my desire.” I couldn’t reach very well with her facing me, so I asked her to turn around and lean forward.

“Much better.” I now had my finger all the way in with room to spare, as she fucked me. I placed a second finger on her hole and wiggled it in, but just a little. She was very quiet, but still fucking me like a demon. I told her I was about to cum.

She got off my dick, holding my fingers in her ass as she scooted back in a 69 position. As she took me in her mouth, I exploded and it was like the Red Sea parting, as her ass opened up to take my second finger., all the way. I kept it there while she licked me like a kitten.

She climbed off and lay next to me. We were both exhausted. This time I filled the glasses, which just left about a 1/2 inch of Tequila in the bottle. I sat next to her and just looked at her.

“What” she asked.

“It looked like you enjoyed having some fingers in your ass. Did you?”

“What do you think? It was a real unusual feeling. And it did hurt at first, like you said, but then it felt good. I am not sure I could take a dick up there though. Did you have 2 fingers in me?”

“I did at the end when I came. It seemed like your ass relaxed a little and my finger went right in.” We both took a sip. She seemed like she was taking that in. I kissed her and said “I have to pee now.”

In the bathroom, I noticed one of the towels was soaking wet on the edge. I then realized Deb must of cleaned her ass when she went to “pee.”

I cam back to bed and looked at my watch. It was almost midnight and I wanted to get an early start with all the snow. I asked “what time do you want to leave?”

“I would like to leave early because I was supposed to be there today. “

” I was thinking the same thing.”

“Do you have one more in you?”

“I don’t know, but I can sure try. Are we going for a record?”

She grabbed my dick and unbelievably I started to get hard. This lady was right, she didn’t have any problem getting men hard. She kissed me softly which just made me harder. Once i was hard, she got on top and started to fuck me. She got on her hands and knees and I took the hint and got behind her and started to fuck her. I pulled away for a minute and she turned to look at me as I was reaching for the night table with the “skin cream” on it. She smiled.

I put my dick back in her pussy and spread the cream on her beautiful ass. This time one finger went in easily. I worked the finger in and out while still fucking her pussy. She was real quiet. After a little time, I rested my second finger on her ass. It was a little work, but it too went in. Now, she wasn’t very quiet. I had two fingers in her ass and my dick in her pussy. Fortunately for Deb, my dick is a little larger than 3 of my fingers.

“Deb, what do you want now?”

She didn’t answer. I was starting to work my fingers in her ass a little more, trying to get her hotter for my dick in her ass. I figured it was time for a third finger. I just rested it there on her entrance. She felt it but didn’t say anything. I decided rubbing her clit might help make up her mind. Two fingers in her ass, a dick in her pussy and a hand rubbing her clit, and she still didn’t say anything. My heart sank maltepe escort bayan because I figured that is as far as i am getting.

I started to rub her asshole with the third finger. She started purring. I kept rubbing and occasionally trying to enter her. I stopped rubbing her clit and grabbed the “skin cream.” I put a load on her ass and my fingers. The third finger started it’s descent. Within 10 seconds it was in! I started on her clit again.

She turned around and said “Please, go slow. Please.”

“Deb, what do you want me to go slow with?” I wanted her to say it.

She knew exactly what i wanted her to say and she smirked and said, “Jack, fuck my ass please.” A long pause “but slowly.”

“Deb, I am not sure I heard you.”

“Jack, just fuck my ass already will you?”

I smiled at her, she smiled back and then got this concerned look on her face. “Look Deb, just say when to slow up or if you had enough.”

“Will you quit stalling and fuck my ass?”

I took my dick out of her sopping pussy and my fingers slowly out of her ass. I added more “ass cream” and placed my dick at her entrance moving very slowly to enter her. She pushed back slowly with her hand on my leg to guide my speed. I was able to get most of the head of my dick in easily, but couldn’t get past her sphincter. She put more force on my leg to slow me up. I just stayed where I was and let her take control. She continued with a force backward, then stopped, and then started again.

It is a good thing I already came 4 times, otherwise I would have exploded right then. She pushed back some more until the head popped in her completely. She stopped, I think to relish the feeling. About a minute later she wanted more dick in her ass. I put more ass cream on me and her and started rubbing her clit. A minute later, I was completely in and she stopped again.

“Deb, you OK?”

“Yeah.” she said softly.

“Do you want to stop?”

“Hell no. I got you all the way up my ass, I am not stopping now. Now I really want you to fuck me, but slowly.”

She moved forward a little and I moved back. We started to fuck her ass, slowly. I let her keep the pace she wanted. We went slowly for several minutes, but then it picked up, and it picked up quickly. Once there was room in her ass for my dick, she wanted it hard and fast. She turned around and said, “You better cum in my ass.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I kept at her clit. She came once from the ass fucking and then I came in her ass and she came again. We were now kaput. I fell on her and we both lay there. We fell asleep like that until my ass got cold from being her blanket.

I woke her up and said “let’s get some sleep.”

She didn’t say anything, but she reached around to feel her ass and crawled under the covers. We fell asleep spooning.

I woke up before Deb and started playing with her tits. She made some appreciative noises and I moved to her pussy. I warmed things up and stuck a finger in. She opened her legs to help. She pushed her ass into my crotch making me hard again. I continued playing and she reached between her legs and grabbed my dick. She put in her wet pussy. I kept fucking her while thinking of last night. I was sort of removed from the moment. Deb must have noticed as she grabbed balls and squeezed. It got my attention.

“Deb, I was just thinking about how wonderful last night was.”

“After you fuck me again, you can reminisce. Now, fuck me and fuck me good.”

I rolled her on her stomach. I was kneeling between her spread legs. I reached for the ass cream.

“Oh no, I am too sore.”

I will just massage you, OK?”

“Let’s try and see if I am too tender.”

I squirt some on my finger and her ass. It is cold so she jumps a little but I am guessing the cold felt good. My dick is still in her pussy and we started to move again. I am rubbing her asshole gently. She is fine and starts to respond. I keep pumping her pussy and rubbing her ass. We are getting hot, quickly. I start to push on her ass and she asks me to stop. I continue to fuck her from behind and finally cum on her ass.

“Let’s take a shower” she says.

We both get out of bed and head to the bathroom. She pees and then I pee. We get in the shower and are hugging as the water runs over us. I push her away and start to soap her up paying special attention to her tits, pussy, and especially her tender ass. As I am rubbing her pussy, she says I think my pussy is clean, but your dick seems to need some cleaning. I turn around and Deb soaps my back and reaches around to my chest, goes right past my dick and soaps my legs. She then returns to my dick and gets it hard once again.

“Jack I think I want you in my ass again, but don’t know if I can. Could we try again?”

“Yes, but we need the “ass cream.”

She hops out of the shower and is rubbing it on her ass as she brings it into the shower. I turn the shower head out of the way. She puts the “ass cream” on my dick and starts to get me hard again. Just the thought of fucking her fine ass again gets me hard. She reaches behind herself and starts to warm up her ass. I see her grimace some, but she continues. I kiss her softly and pull her to me while she works her ass. I keep up the gentle frontal assault.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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