The Airplane Ride Home Ch. 04

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Jamie lay quietly in bed. Her husband Henry snored loudly next to her. With the affection borne of 20 years of marriage, she reached over and lightly stroked his arm. Theirs was a good marriage. Early on they had struggled, working hard to build their import/export business and to get to know each other.

The business was doing very well. Their marriage was sound. Their sex life was adequate.

They had sex at least once per week. She smiled as she added a mental caveat: more if they were drinking. Last month on the family trip to the lake they fucked two of the four days they were there. They even had sex while Sam, their son, was driving them to the lake in their RV.

Jamie realized that her pussy moistened as she thought about Sam. A wave of lust tinged with guilt washed over her as she thought about Sam. They had fucked twice also on that same trip. She realized that she was stroking Henry’s arm while her other hand rubbed her pussy through her gown.

Jamie’s grin broaden as she thought of her 48 year old pussy taking two cocks and four loads of come in four days. She pulled her gown up to allow her fingers access to her now dripping pussy.

She had always loved the squishy feeling of a come filled pussy. She used to go to the office with Henry with her pussy full of his seed. Her breath grew ragged as she fingered her pussy. Those were the days!!

Jamie let her thumb roll over her clit. Her body bucked with the intense pleasure that caused. Now she had a new memory to cherish. It had happened the second day at the lake.

Sam had pitched a tent in the skeletal framework of the unfinished lake cabin. The joke was he would be the first family member to sleep in the cabin.

Jamie and Henry had shared some hard cider he picked up in town. They had shared the cider along with the idle chat that long married couples have. They had discussed the plans for finishing the cabin, the sound financial condition of the family business, gossip about their friends and, ultimately, Sam leaving for college next week.

Jamie recalled the intense feeling of lost she had felt. Her baby was leaving the nest. He would be living away from home for the first time ever. She felt the odd mixture of dread and happiness of a mother watching her baby take that first tentative step.

She had also felt the longing that one feels when you lose a lover. The emptiness seemed to fill not only her heart but her soul. Her stomach turned reacting to her feeling of lost. Fucking her son was wrong. It was immoral and illegal. It was also the most intense mental and physical connection she had every felt for any human being.

This issue of her womb, that miracle of life created in her and brought forth squalling into the world, had created an indelible maternal bond. Their incestuous coupling added an indescribable dimension to that maternal bond.

Ultimately, she and Henry were drunk. They had retired to the bedroom in the rear of the RV. They had never been much on foreplay. They undressed hurriedly. They lay facing in each other in bed kissing. Jamie had felt her wetness grow as Henry dutifully fingered her eager pussy. Henry’s cock had grown to its semi rigid fullness from her much practiced stroking.

From the forbidden recesses of her mind she had flashed back to her and Sam lying head to toe, his mouth and tongue pleasuring every crevice of her gushing pussy. She had groaned loudly as her husband cock entered her wet pussy and she had recalled her son’s cock throbbing hotly in her mouth.

She had wrapped her legs around her husband’s back and thrust up hard to meet Henry’s urgent pounding. As they embraced and kissed while coupling with the familiarity of a long married couple, her pussy gushed with wetness recalling Sam forcing her orgasm with his mouth while he pumped his seed into his mom’s mouth.

As Henry’s thrusting had grown more urgent, bringing them both to their mutual orgasm, she had screamed in passion remembering that day on the kitchen floor. She had been on her knees being fucked doggie style, terrified that Henry would catch them, but more aroused then she had ever been as her son, her much loved only child, the focus of her adult life, had smacked her ass, urging her on.

When Henry had collapsed on top of her, spent and exhausted, she lovingly rubbed his back. She could feel that deliciously wicked feeling she always had when her pussy was full of sperm. They had kissed and he rolled off her. Shortly she heard his even breathing followed by his loud snoring.

Jamie had stood and walked naked the short distance to the RV bathroom to clean up. She had paused with her hand on the knob. Without further hesitation, she had covered the short distance to door. She opened it. As she padded nude across the grassy expanse to pendik escort the unfinished cabin, she had felt the heat rising in her pussy as Henry’s seed leaked from her pussy and ran down her thigh.

It had been easy to find Sam’s lighted tent. She unzipped the opening and crawled in.

Sam had greeted her warmly. He too was naked. His 18 year old dick was rigid and erect. They had kissed with the urgency only clandestine lovers can know. She had wantonly stroked his cock. He murmured thanks as his fingers entered her come filled pussy.

For the second time in less than thirty minutes, her pussy had been penetrated by an eager man meat. For the second time that night she had wrapped her fat thighs around a lover and accepted his seed into her birth canal. Jamie again felt the salacious wickedness of a come filled pussy.

But for the first time that night, she had laid head to toe with her lover affectionately licking each other clean. And, again for the first time that night, their mutual cleaning led to an earth shaking orgasm. She had drenched Sam with her juices while she choked trying to swallow every spurt of his copious ejaculation.

They had lain next to each other in the humid tent. They stroked each other as they whispered the sweet nothings all lovers whisper after sex, even when those lovers were mother and son.

Jamie rose and walked across the carpeted floor to the shower. She stripped off her cotton gown. The steaming hot water felt good on her skin. She used her nylon scrongy to work up a good lather. Jamie thought about the coming day as she scrubbed each of her large breasts. She knew the next few days would be hectic.

They had an eight hour drive to State College to drop Sam off. For the umpty umpth time she felt the mixture of anxiety and lost at the thought. She placed one leg on the teak stool as she scrubbed her thighs and pussy.

As she washed her hair, she idly planned the last family breakfast for a while. She knew it needed to be hearty for her men. She smiled to herself…”her men”! She did have two men in her life. She loved them both mightily and differently.

She let the hot water rinse the remaining shampoo from her hair and body. She stepped from the shower and grabbed a big fluffy towel. Vigorously she dried her hair and body. She lingered briefly on her clit. The soft roughness was almost like Sam’s tongue. She mentally shook herself. Behave, she thought laughing!

Jamie reached for her worn Terry cloth robe. She hesitated. Then she rummaged through her closet. She found the pink satin robe she was looking for. It was part of a role play outfit Henry had given her many Valentine’s Days ago. It included an impossibly tiny thong and a shelf bra.

She found the thong and slipped into it. The tiny triangle of cloth disappeared into her labia. Well, she thought I HAVE gained a few pounds! She slipped out of it, realizing the thong and bra were now too small. The robe fit her snugly. Where once it had dropped to just above her knees, it now hit her mid-thigh.

She pirouetted in front of the full length mirror. In back the robe covered her ample ass and dropped a few inches below it. The front tied covered her 38D…barely! She giggled as she moved down the hall. Her guys would be bug eyed taking her in. She paused briefly at Sam’s bedroom door. She sighed. She moved pass his room and on down to the kitchen.

Jamie didn’t think of this way but she was like an addict taking a cure. She needed to go cold turkey from the addiction of her son’s cock or she would never kick the monkey off her back.

Upstairs the men in Jamie’s life were awakening

Henry rolled over, wiped the sleep from his eyes and grabbed his Blackberry. A quick perusal of text, email and the other forms of electronic business management showed him that Worldwide Export/import had survived the night. He fired off a text to his General Manager reminding him that he, Henry, would be travelling with his family taking his son to college. He then headed for the shower.

Sam was in the dream state that lies between sleep and being awake. His hand firmly gripped his morning wood as the woman’s face sucking his cock in this dream state slowly resolved into his mother’s. A smile spread across his face as he climbed to full wakefulness. Two thoughts fought for prominence: he was leaving for college today. The other was how much he was going to miss his parents, especially his mom.

The aroma of frying bacon invaded his nostrils. Suddenly he was ravenous. He slipped on some jean shorts and walked hurriedly downstairs.

His mouth dropped open at what he saw in kitchen. His mom had her back to the stairs. A pink satin robe barely covered her amazing ass. Aware that his father would soon be down, he crept up behind maltepe escort and wrapped his arms around her waist. As he hugged her, he gently squeezed her tits.

Jamie jumped as she felt herself being enveloped in a pair of strong tanned arms. She had no doubt who it was. She felt Sam’s big cock grind into her all too willing ass as he kissed her neck and massaged her breasts.

“Mmmmmmm that feels good, baby!”

“Good morning, mom.” Sam breathed into his mom’s ear.

“Stop it, Honey! Your dad will be down shortly.”

Reluctantly, Sam released his mother and sat down at the kitchen table. His gaze wandered hungrily over her barely clad body.

“Good god, Jamie! You are dam near naked!” Henry intoned angrily from the bottom of the stairs.

“Henry, shut up and sit down!” Jamie barked back. “All the vital parts are covered!”

“Sweet jezuz, darling, at least wait until Sam is gone!”

Like a spectator at a tennis match, Sam’s head moved back and forth following the exchange.

Henry sat at the kitchen table facing Sam, his back to Jamie at the stove. She walked up behind him and kissed his bald head.

“Stop fussing and eat your breakfast. We have a long drive today.”


As roomy as the cab over RV was, Sam’s clothes, stereo, 50″ flat screen TV and sundry other items filled the interior. They had elected to use the rear and over cab beds as storage. That left just the near queen size convertible kitchen bench seat/bed for sleeping. Sam and Henry would share the driving; Jamie was uncomfortable driving this truck like vehicle.

She sat on the bench seat watching the backs of her two men as they discussed road conditions. Was it only three months since that plane ride that had opened her eyes to new vistas of sexuality? Three months since Sam had taken her on that life changing airplane flight? She hardly recognized the person she had become.

For three months she had two cocks servicing her. With each mile that passed she was coming closer to being a one cock woman. She giggled at her characterization of herself. There would always be the holidays and the summers.

Her reverie was broken by Henry coming to the rear of the cabin. He plopped down wearily across from her.

“Babe, we are not going to make State College today. This rain has slowed us to a crawl.”

Almost since leaving their driveway they had been crawling through a downpour. They were barely making 20 mph.

“The GPS says there is a rest area about a mile down the road. We are going to pull in and wait for the storm to pass.”


Jamie lay wide awake next to her husband. The constant drumming of the late summer rain on the metal roof of their RV combined with the frequent lightning and thunder were keeping her awake. The tight sleeping conditions didn’t help. The convertible kitchen bed was barely queen size. She and Henry were crammed into its tight confines.

She glanced at the curtain that separated the driving cab from the rear. Sam had grabbed a sleeping bag and sacked out between the captain’s chairs. Henry had been unusually tired. She sighed. They were both overweight. Henry’s doctor had warned him to lose weight and reduce the stress in his life.

Jamie sat up on the side of the bed. She was restless, concerned about her and Henry’s health, and incredibly horny! Again she glanced at the curtain. Sam was just the other side of that flimsy divide. She had watched him strip to just his boxers. She knew he had a partial hard on. He always did!

Unconsciously she licked her lips. She and her husband had never been much on oral sex. It just hadn’t been their thing. The era they came from was more conservative sexually. Hell, she thought, doggy style had been considered kinky!

But Sam had opened the world of oral sex to her. She smiled to herself. Her 18 year old son had expanded her sexual universe.

Jamie was wet with arousal as she recalled 69ing with her son. Her heart rate increased and a light sheen of sweat appeared on her forehead. She shivered as the thought of the sheer intimacy of that act. Your lover’s cock pulsing in your mouth while his tongue invaded your nether regions, the oral sharing of those intimate bodily fluids could not be more erotic. That was followed by the swelling as you felt his seed engorge his penis, then to have him fill your mouth and belly with his sperm was just incredible.

She was addicted to oral sex now. She craved it. She would wake at night with her mouth making a suckling motion. A few weeks back she had woke Henry up sucking his cock. He had been irritated and it seemed to Jamie, a little disgusted.

Her pussy ached with need. Her ears roared with sound of blood rushing through her veins. Hungrily she stared at the curtain. kartal escort He was just a few feet away. If they were very quiet…..!

Jamie mentally shook herself. Stop it, she thought angrily, stop it! You are getting yourself wrought up for nothing. You cannot suck Sam’s cock with Henry sleeping less than six feet away! That would be crazy!

Jamie stood and moved stealthily toward the curtain. As she began to ease it to the side, lightning crackled loudly through the night sky, illuminating the interior. It was followed by a tremendous clap of thunder.

Henry bolted upright, shocked awake by the intensity of the lightning and thunder. In the illumination he saw Jamie step through the curtain into the cab. What the hell is she doing, he thought, the boy needs his rest. She needed to let go! Groggily he reflected that being away from his mother would be good for the boy, help him to mature, become a man!

He was dozing back off when he thought he heard a groan. Henry sat up on one elbow and tried to peer through the darkness. Lightning flashed followed by the roll of thunder. Henry saw the clear outline of Jamie kneeling over their son. What the hell was she doing?

In the darkness, he heard another distinct groan. What was that other sound? Slurping? Henry sat up on the side of the bed. The next lightning flash showed….what? Was she lying on top of Sam?

Henry didn’t know why but he rose and moved quietly the few steps to the front of the RV. He stood motionless just outside the curtain. He hesitated. A cold fear gripped his heart. Gently he opened a small slit in the curtain.

Jamie made sure the curtain was pulled behind her. She knelt over the sleeping figure of her son. She could see his cock poking invitingly through the opening in his boxers. She leaned down and lovingly kissed the head of his dick. Henry groaned.

In the next flash of lightning Sam saw his mom licking his cock. He reached up and squeezed her hanging tit. Jamie stifled a moan. She turned, pulled her gown up; offering her pussy to her son as she lustfully inhaled his youthful love pole. Sleepily Sam buried his face in the arch created by Jamie’s raised leg.

Henry was paralyzed. His mind was having trouble processing what he was seeing. Like a trip hammer, his heart pounded in his chest.

Jamie moaned softly as Sam’s tongue explored her pussy. Her anus twitched reflexively as she felt his finger press against her anal ring. Sam moaned as his mom’s head bobbed eagerly up and down on his dick.

The lightning flashed and Henry saw his son’s finger in his wife’s ass. He saw her head bobbing on Sam’s dick. Henry took a step back, releasing the hold on the curtain. His eyes were wide. He was having trouble getting his breath. The thought struggled into his mind: his wife and his son were having sex!

Rage boiled up in his chest. His wife and his son were……! Henry was an intelligent man. But the word was hard to wrap his head around. Their moaning was louder now. He leaned over and opened another small slit. Jamie was on top of Sam. Her ass was flexing and relaxing as Sam licked her pussy and fingered her ass.

Henry was prepared to burst in on this incestuous tryst. He wanted to confront his treacherous son and cheating wife. He would demand an explanation of this betrayal!

And then what, he thought? Throw them out of the RV? Drive home and file for divorce? He had grounds. How would that look in the newspapers? He visualized the headlines: Local Exec catches wife and son in incestuous tryst! The other media outlines would be no less salacious. He envisioned media trucks parked outside his office and home, microphones shoved in his face. His business would suffer!

Jamie and Sam’s moans grew louder.

The rage turned to humiliation. Maybe he could get them to agree to stop. But what if they refused?

He wasn’t enough man for Jamie and she had turned to Sam? But they had a good sex life. At least he thought they did. Was it his fault? Sam and Jamie moaned loudly. As lightning crackled in the predawn gloom, Henry saw liquid squirt from his wife’s pussy. He heard Sam groan in ecstasy as it hit him in the face. She had never done that for him!! He thought it was a myth.

Thunder shook the RV. He watched as they lay head to toe. Aside from a display of righteous indignation, his options were few.

Jamie got to her knees. Henry realized that they were finished. His gait was unsteady as he hurried back to the bed. He hastily slipped under the covers and turned his face to the wall. He heard Jamie walk softly back to the bed. She crawled in and snuggled up to him. She reeked of sweat and sex. He thought he could smell Sam’s sperm on her breath! Henry pretended to be sleep. Soon her breathing became regular.

Jezuz H Fucking Christ!! His son and his wife were engaged in an incestuous relationship!! What should he do? What should he say to them?

The storm within him and outside raged all night. At dawn the thunderstorm was over and Henry knew what he had to do!

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