The Alum Pt. 02

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As Xavier was led down the hallway by three beautiful and naked women he tried to make sense of how he ended up here like this. He didn’t resist as the redhead unbuttoned his shirt. The brunette unbuttoned his belt and pants letting them fall to the floor. The silver haired one slipping her hands into his boxers and sliding them to the ground. He stood there almost completely naked as one woman explored his ass with her tongue. A second swallowed his cock. And the third kissed him passionately on the mouth. His night had started off innocently enough. Giving a lecture to a room of a few hundred at a university. These three who were now ravishing him had sat front row and teased him. But how did they get here? They said Salome had sent them. Salome, the alum he was asked to meet with who was a former student and who he just had sex with in her limo not 10 minutes ago. She had sent them? His mind was spinning trying to get answers but the mouth on his cock and the tongue rimming his ass made it impossible to think logically. So he gave in to his basest nature and to them.

“I taste Ms. Salome on his lips!” The redhead exclaimed briefly pulling away from kissing Xavier.

“Me too!!” Exclaimed the brunette releasing his cock from her mouth with a loud pop before diving back down to swallow him whole. The silver haired girl mumbled something incoherent into his ass but never released her tongue from the wonderful job it was doing.

Xavier just stood and let them have him. He grabbed the head of the girl sucking his cock and started to fuck her throat. He could feel his cock sliding deep down her throat and could hear her gagging. He wondered if it was too much but then she grabbed his balls with both hands and massaged them allowing him to fuck her face. He pulled away from the redhead so he could lower his face to her enormous milky white freckled tits. She had the largest nipples he had ever seen and he wanted them in his mouth. She gave in to him and he began to suck on them hard.

“Oh Mr. Xavier you naughty boy you!! Suck my tits hard! Yes!” The redhead pleaded.

Xavier backed off on the throat fucking and let the brunette resume control. Which she did by sliding her mouth to just hold the head of his cock in her mouth and with one hand stroked his dick and the other rubbing his nuts. The girl behind him was determined to find her way to China through his ass with her tongue. It was putting Xavier over the edge. He started to grunt and moan. His hips started to buck. The tell tale sign he was about to cum.

“I think he’s about to blow ladies!!” The redhead exclaimed as she dropped to her knees. The one licking his ass left her post to kneel alongside her two friends. The one on his cock never stopping her work on his dick.

“Hey! Don’t keep it all to yourself Natalia!! We want some of that cum!” The silver haired girl exclaimed.

Just when Xavier thought he was going to release his load down the back of her throat she released her mouth but kept stroking his shaft and squeezing his balls.

“Oh Fuck!! Shit yeah!! I’m cumming!!”

And with that Xavier unleashed a stream of hot cum on Natalia’s face and lips. She then directed his spurting cock left and then right as he continued to cum onto the faces of the other two girls. Xavier looked down on their cum covered faces as they began to lick and slurp the last drops of cum from his cock and then from each other’s faces. When he finally got his breath back he said,

“I certainly hope you ladies will allow me to return the favor.” He said just above a whisper but with such a husky tone the three young women suddenly realized they were no longer in charge. Yet they were pleased with the change of power. And with that they stood up and walked over to the bed. Got on all fours and pointed their perfect naked asses towards him. His only concern. Which ass was he going to eat first?

“Seems only proper that I know canlı bahis a lady’s name before I slide my tongue inside her ass”.

“Natalia.” The brunette.

“Iris.” The silver haired.

“Riley.” The redhead.

“Well now that that’s settled shall we proceed?”

And with that Xavier began eating Natalia’s ass. His tongue rimming the edges of her puckered hole causing her to squeal in delight. Not wanting Iris and Riley to feel left out Xavier quickly dipped two fingers from each hand into their respective cunts for lubrication and then proceeded to finger their assholes. The moans of pleasure from all three let Xavier know he was satisfying their needs. He licked Natalia from the top of her asshole all the way down, making sure to circle her hole with his tongue, on his way to her pussy and back up again until he was back at her winking butt. He plunged his tongue as deep as he could into her ass. Her butt hole clenching around his tongue. Natalia helped him by reaching back with both hands to grab each ass cheek to spread them as wide as she could.

“Oh fuck yes Xavier!! Fuck my ass with your tongue!!” Moaned Natalia.

“Deeper!! Deeper…Deeper!! Groaned Iris.

“More fingers!!” pleaded Riley

Xavier slid a third finger into Riley’s expanding ass while his thumb rubbed her clit.

“Fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes…” Riley squealed.

Xavier began to do the same to Iris who began pressing her ass back against him so his fingers were completely submerged in her ass. Xavier began to spend more time licking and sucking Natalia’s clit. His goal now to make all three of these ladies cum in his mouth and all over his hands. His hands and tongue went into overdrive. He would not back off until they had all cum. A few minutes later his diligent work started to pay off.

“Fuck yeah just like that! Don’t stop!! Natalia groaned as the first orgasm wave hit her deep in her groin and radiated down her thighs and through her ass and pussy. She filled Xavier’s mouth with her sweet nectar and then collapsed on the bed onto her stomach. Her body shaking.

“Yes yes yes!! I’m cumming!!” Iris squealed as a gush of cum squirted out of her pussy drenching Xavier’s hand and the bed.

“Oh fuck goddamn!! Yes!!” Riley growled deeply with a deep moan and then collapsed.

Xavier didn’t wait to ask. He raised himself off his knees and crawled onto the bed and mounted Natalia. Plunging his cock in one motion all the way to the hilt into her still quivering and drenched pussy.

“Oh my fucking god!! I love that sweet black dick!! Fuck me hard motherfucker!! Give me all of that beautiful rock hard black cock!!” Natalia pleaded.

Xavier obliged her. Pounding his cock deeper, faster and harder into her pussy while reaching under her to rub her clit. Xavier wanted her to cum all over his cock while he fucked her. Iris and Riley wanting a better view of the show each rolled over onto their backs and spread their legs. Each with one leg resting on Natalia’s back. They watched Xavier fuck her into bliss while they furiously rubbed their own pussies to cum again.

“Oh fucking shit!! I’m cumming!!” Natalia yelled while releasing a fountain of cum spraying Xavier all over his stomach. He did not let that stop him.

“Yes!!” was all Iris got out as she came and sprayed all over the bed.

“Fuck me!!” Riley squealed. Her orgasm just as wet as the others.

Xavier overwhelmed by all of their orgasms began to feel his balls tighten and a tingling sensation growing just behind his ball sack. He gripped Natalia’s hips firmly and turned his cock into a piston until his cock exploded with stream after stream of hot cum. He pulled out before he was spent and several spurts glazed Natalia’s ass and back. Iris and Riley immediately began to lick it all up. Xavier collapsed on the bed with the young women who wrapped themselves around him.

“I expect bahis siteleri that same kind of fucking but in my ass as soon as that cock of yours is ready again!” Riley demanded as she lay her head on his chest.

‘Me too!” chimed in Iris as she settled in on his other side. Natalia laying down on top of him. He was completely covered in naked, soft beautiful flesh. Xavier drifted off to sleep.

Xavier was awakened by the sweet sensation of a pussy wrapped around his cock. He wasn’t sure how long he had been asleep but it was still dark. As he opened his eyes and looked up he saw Iris on top of him riding his cock. Her eyes were still closed. Biting her lip. Her hands pressed on his chest for support. Her dangling tits begging to be played with. He reached up with both hands and grabbed each nipple and squeezed. Opening her eyes she looked down at him and smiled. Never stopping her fucking.

“I’ve been fucking you for ten minutes sleepy head. Time to slide that cock into my ass beautiful!” She lifted herself off his cock and reached around to position his dick to her waiting asshole. With his cock sufficiently lubricated from her pussy Xavier slid right in. Her winking hole opening up like a flower to allow him entry. Then sealing him in as it closed around the base of his dick. Iris slid down his cock until her ass rested on him. She stayed there not moving wanting to feel his cock filling her up. His cock made her feel full. Complete. Xavier looked to his left and right. Riley and Natalia were still asleep. Looking back up at Iris she held a finger to her lips as if to tell him to be quiet. And then she began to fuck him like he was a wild horse that needed to be broken. Little chance either of them were going to be quiet.

“Your cock is so fucking delicious in my ass.” She said.

“You are delicious yourself.” He whispered. Enjoying the vice like grip her ass had on his dick.

Up and down she rode him. Both trying to be quiet. Not because they cared about waking the other two but because they wanted to hear the sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her ass and to hear each others breathing. Xavier reached down to rub her clit as she fucked him. Her smile letting him know that was exactly what she wanted and needed. Iris closed her eyes again wanting to enjoy every sensation she was feeling. Xavier stared up at her. The moonlight reflecting off of her silvery hair. A moon goddess she was indeed. Her whimpering and increased pace let Xavier know she was close. He rubbed her clit more diligently. She groaned failing in her attempt to muffle it with her hand. Xavier felt her climax through her ass. The vibrations sending tingles down the length of his cock. Her convulsing pussy caused her ass to contract even more on his cock. It was all Xavier could take. It sent him over the edge.

“Shit!!” He groaned as Iris attempted to muffle him with her hand. Xavier spewed hot jets of cum into her welcoming ass. Iris loved the feeling of the hot cum in her ass. It matched the warmth of her own cum in her pussy making her whole region feel warm and cozy. She collapsed onto Xavier and the two drifted back to sleep with his cock still in her ass.

This next time Xavier awakened it was the feeling of a tongue and hand on his dick. Iris was no longer on top of him so he could raise his head to see who it was. Riley looked up to match his gaze without releasing her mouth from his cock. It was sunrise and the early morning sun made her red hair seem like it was on fire. She sucked and stroked him a few more times before releasing him from her mouth. She stood and reached out a hand to him. He slid down the bed from between Natalia and Iris and accepted her invitation. She led him out of the bedroom and down the hall into the bathroom. She led him by the hand into the shower and turned on the hot water letting her beautiful red locks get drenched. The water cascading off her beautiful creamy freckled bahis şirketleri tits. She pulled him to her under the water and embraced him with a deep kiss. Her hand reaching for his cock and stroking it. Turning her back to him and placing her hands on the wall she guided his cock towards her asshole.

“Time to fuck my ass my sweet black prince. And I don’t need you to be nice. This hair was meant to be pulled and this ass was meant to be fucked! Hard!” She commanded.

Xavier again obeyed. With one hand he grabbed a handful of hair and with the other her hip. Xavier didn’t start slow and easy. He went straight into power fucking mode. The heat and spray of the water. Her creamy white plump ass. He let go of all pretense and fucked her with wild abandon.

“That’s it drive that black cock deep into my sweet creamy white ass!! She urged him on.

Xavier lost all track of time. Lost in the carnal pleasure of her flesh he fucked her ass as she desired. Pulling her hair hard and thrusting deep into her drew moans of encouragement from her. Riley took the responsibility of pleasuring her own clit while her ass was fucked.

“Fuck yes! Deeper! Harder! Deeper! Harder!! Shit!! I’m cumming!” She called out like a wild banshee and pushed her ass as far down onto his cock as it would go. Xavier could take no more.

“YES!!” was all he could get out as he filled her ass with cum. He collapsed onto her back and both rested on the wall of the shower as the water continued to fall on them. It was only after a few minutes did they realize that Iris and Natalia were standing watching them rubbing their pussies to climax as Xavier and Riley fucked.

“Time to get you cleaned and ready for your meeting with Ms. Salome. You only have about 45 minutes.” Natalia said as she and Iris joined them in the shower. Iris reaching for the soap as she stepped in. Their idea of cleaning him was Iris lathering his cock up with soap and jerking him off until he came on Riley and Natalia’s faces. Then they kicked him out of the shower informing him there were clean clothes on the bed and that he’d better hurry and get dressed and head downstairs to brunch with Salome. He left them embraced with each other kissing and licking his cum off of one another. Xavier got dressed and headed downstairs. The clothes left out for him fit perfectly. A white linen shirt and fitted khaki pants. Someone clearly knew him. As he entered the hotel restaurant the hostess, a stunning blonde with the bluest eyes and biggest tits, escorted him out to the patio that looked out over the water. Salome stood to greet him. Her white slim fitting short dress accentuated every curve of her perfect frame. She took his breath away.

“I hope you enjoyed the turn down service last night.” Salome said mischievously.

“I am speechless to all of this. To you. Everything.” Xavier couldn’t even pretend to be cool about what the last twelve hours were like.

“Well I hope that means that you will accept what I am about to offer. Though to be honest your dean has already agreed to it. So you already kind of belong to me. My hope is that you are willing.”

“Still speechless.”

“Well I’ve bought out your contract with the university for the next three years along with a sizable donation to their development fund. You will travel with me as I set up my global philanthropic part of my company. It will mean extensive international travel and you would serve as my main advisor on all matters. How does that sound? Of course Iris, Natalia and Riley will be joining us as my team leads. They would report directly to you and be there to meet all your needs.”

“If you asked me to follow you into an alley to live in a cardboard box I would say yes.” Xavier replied without hesitation.

“Perfect. We leave for Spain in two hours. Time to replenish your strength. Eat.”

Xavier tried to imagine what was to come. His thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Iris, Natalia and Riley. All three wearing identical dresses to Salome but in different colors. Iris in pink. Natalia in baby blue. And Riley in black. Clearly none of these four women owned a bra.

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