The Anniversary Continues

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A massive thanks to texancowgirl for editing

This follows on from an earlier story The Anniversary Weekend so it makes more sense if you read it first but I think it could be read independently.

I heard the door slam shut just as I got out of the bathroom still struggling to get my dress on. I went to the bed got my shoes and made a bee line to follow Dave out the door. James was standing in the doorway holding my handbag and phone, still nude his big black cock now limp between his legs.

“Come and have a shower with me, he just needs some time to cool off,” he said.

“No way! You’ve had your fun,” I barked at him.

“Come on baby, I bet you have never had sex like that. Your pussy is made for my big dick.” He said a sleazy grin spreading across his face.

“You may be well endowed but Dave is worth one hundred of you so get out of my way,” I spat.

I shouldn’t have been taking it out on him as it takes two to tango but right now I feared what I had done had doomed my marriage. James stepped aside and handed me my stuff.

“Can I call you? He asked.

“No!” I replied, thinking that was a strange request for someone flying out to the US this afternoon.

I hustled out the door to the lift. I tried to run through different scenarios that could play out in the confrontation to come. Do I throw myself at his mercy and beg forgiveness, do I go on the attack blame him for not stopping it, or do I tell the truth?

You see, there was some misguided logic to my sleeping with a strange black man on our wedding anniversary in front of my husband. It goes back to last year when I bought Dave an iPad for Christmas, he complained that he didn’t need one and would never use it, but it soon became an extension of his arms. I was a little curious as to what he did on it, so I cracked his pass code, it wasn’t hard, the first four digits of his birthday, and checked what he had been browsing. Wow was I in for a shock, apart from the newspapers and weather sites, typical farmer; he spent the entire time reading and watching porn. By back spacing a few letters of the address bar I got to see what he looked at on the sites, his reading was predominately interracial love and loving wives, and his porn watching was mostly interracial anal and cumshots.

Watching porn didn’t interest me but I soon got hooked on the stories, I would see which ones he got past the first page of and read them. It really fired my imagination and I thought I had an insight into what really turned Dave on. It was also an education for me, as I had been brought up in a conservative family. Until Dave came along I had little knowledge and no experience of sex.

So then came the anniversary trip and the day spa. It had been all my idea to get the pussy wax, it’s in all the stories and I had had to specially request it. The lingerie that Dave bought made me feel really slutty, then taking my panties off in the restaurant and meeting an exotic black man it was just like one of the cliched stories. In my tipsy state I thought I sleep with the black man, Dave either masturbates or joins in, and we go back to our room never seeing the stranger again. Dave thanks me for making his fantasy come true and making his anniversary special and we all live happily ever after.

Well the first bit was right I slept with the stranger but I got a bit carried away. James was right about that, I had never had sex like that. I had three orgasms the first time on the bed and had been on the verge of something even bigger when he pulled out. Then when he came into the bathroom his dick still half hard I just had to see if I could get back to that feeling only I wanted to take it all the way this time.

My problem was Dave had just sat there, illegal bahis no sign of him fishing out his erection and joining the action, no reaction at all. However when James had cum in me I saw the hostility in his eyes.

I made it to the lift just as the doors were closing, putting my arm between them they opened again Dave was standing in the corner.

“Come on then let’s go to bed,” I said trying to lighten things up.

“Yes you must be exhausted,” Dave replied the bitterness barely contained.

I let that slide I decided that truth and a plea for mercy were my only options.

“Look Dave I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for getting carried away tonight.”

“It’s not the carried away I’m upset about; it’s who you got carried away with. Wasn’t it supposed to be me?” Dave interrupted.

“Please let me finish I will hear you out after I have said my piece. I wish now I had never cracked the code on your iPad.” Dave started to talk again but I put my finger to his lips.

“I read some of the stories you read about sex and stuff and I thought what happened tonight was your fantasy. I guess the alcohol clouded my judgment but my intentions were good however misguided.”

I stopped there studying his face looking for clues as to his reaction.

“Can I speak now!” Dave said, I nodded, he took a deep breath and let it out slowly then began.

“Yes I do read and watch porn but I also read historical war books and watch war movies it doesn’t mean I want to go to war! I read the porn stories and sometimes I even imagine us in those situations but it’s all in my head; it’s safe there,no one gets hurt!” He said,tears starting too flow.

“Well why didn’t you stop it then?” I asked softly.

“I don’t know, I guess I was curious at first, then I thought you must have wanted it. You two seemed to be in your own world.” he sniffed and wiped away some of his tears with the back of his hand.

I raised my hand cradling the side of his face.

“I thought I was doing it for you,” I whispered.

Dave moved back abruptly the hardness came back into his face.

“You have never slurped on my dick like that, drinking his spunk like it was your favorite chardonnay!” He said coldly

“Alright I admit I got carried away, it was only because I read those stupid stories your addicted to, I would have never have thought to do it otherwise!” I shouted.

It was getting out of control I didn’t want this to escalate; something might be said that couldn’t be taken back. Taking a deep breath I continued in a softer voice.

“Would you like me to do those things to you?” I asked.

“My dick’s probably not big enough for you now.” he barked.

Now I think we were at the heart of his problem, boys comparing their toys!

“I love your dick Dave! I love you! What happened before was sex, what happens between me and you is making love.”

I tried, but even I admit that sounded pretty lame.

“So you were faking those orgasms,” Dave retorted.

“OK Dave, I’m not saying it wasn’t enjoyable, but I much prefer it when we do it because we have an emotional connection, it means something beyond the grunting and groaning.”

That was better but he still wasn’t softening.

“Well you will soon have that emotional connection when you have his kid.” Dave said bitterly.

“There’s emergency contraception Dave, I’ll find a medical centre tomorrow get a couple of pills and it won’t happen.” I countered.

I sensed he was wavering so I played my only other card.

“Come on, let’s go to bed, you get your lube and you can be Captain Kirk!” I said with a grin.

“Captain Kirk? ” he said looking confused.

“You can bravely go where no man has gone before.” I said doing illegal bahis siteleri my best William Shatner.

He smiled at that and I kissed him softly on the lips, the lift stopped and we hustled to our room. Before he could open the door I was undoing the zip of my dress and stepping out of it so I walked into the room nude except for my stockings and heels. Dave looked up at me; there was a hunger there as he gazed at me while he followed me in . I climbed onto the bed on all fours wiggling my butt at him, looking over my shoulder I said.

“Come on cowboy this girl needs a ride!”

That did it he was tearing at his clothes, once he had them off he rifled through his bag producing a tube of lube and a bottle of baby oil. Climbing onto the bed behind me he opened the baby oil and proceeded to give my arse a thorough coating and then he began rubbing it in, squeezing my cheeks then pulling them apart. Then he slapped them.

” Oww! Easy baby,” I cooed.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he replied then he spanked me again. “And bad girls need to be punished!”

He kept at it alternating between firm rubbing and spanking my bum, I hadn’t been spanked since I was in primary school but now I was actually getting into it. I could feel my bum cheeks glowing from the punishment I yelped and moaned and begged him to keep going because I was a bad girl. Then he stopped and reached for the lubricant.

“What are you doing now,” I gasped in a little girl’s voice.

“You need special treatment tonight for your badness!” he said “Pull those cheeks apart!” he ordered.

I reached back feeling the heat from the spanking on my butt cheeks I gripped them pulling them open exposing my virgin hole to Dave. I was a little apprehensive but I think I owed my man this. I squealed when the cold lube was squeezed onto my arsehole then I felt his finger massage it, gradually increasing the pressure until it popped in. Dave’s finger fucked my bum, first one then two fingers while he reached around and rubbed my clit with his other hand. I was getting really hot I hadn’t expected to be looking forward to getting my butt fucked but I sure was now.

“Please fuck my bum, Dave,” I whimpered.

He moved back off the bed and stood at the end then leaning forward he grabbed my hips and guided me back until I felt his dick resting between my butt cheeks. He grabbed the lube and applied some to the head of his dick then pressed it to my little hole. Even with the preparation he still had to work hard to get the head in. I tried to relax, it was still hurting then my opening was breached as his fat head popped into my rectum. I hoped he would rest for a bit there but he gripped my hips harder and shoved forward driving half his cock into my arse.

“Ouch! ” I gasped, “slow baby, slow,” I begged.

But Dave was in no mood for slow he shoved again twice more and he was fully in. He hauled it out again till only the head was still in me then drove it in again this time I one stroke. I had to bit my arm to stop from screaming it felt like he was tearing me apart back there but he kept going establishing a slow rhythm of full length strokes.

“Oh fuck, that feels good; your arse is so hot and tight!” Dave said as he continued his assault.

“It hurts baby. ” I sobbed. I could feel tears welling in my eyes.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he repeated. “And bad girls must be punished.”

“No it really hurts.” I replied.

“Rub your clit!” he ordered “I’m going to be fucking this arse a lot now so it needs to be broken in!”

I reached down and started stroking myself, it helped and I guess my muscles were starting to loosen up. Now I was able to move a little, bouncing back a bit to meet Dave’s thrusts. Noticing this he increased his tempo canlı bahis siteleri smashing his dick repeatedly into my bowels.

Rubbing my clit wasn’t enough now I had two fingers inside, jamming them in and out in time with his thrusts. I was on the verge of an orgasm, my god why hadn’t I tried this before. Dave was close; his thrusting became manic as he reached forward to grip my swinging breasts, squeezing my sensitive nipples. That put me over the edge; I gave into the wave of euphoria just as he announced his impending orgasm. I felt his hot spunk shoot inside me before he collapsed forward, pushing me flat on the bed his cock still embedded deep inside me.

We stayed there like that for some time, the tightness of my sphincter keeping Dave hard in my bum. He kissed the back of my neck then pushed himself up onto his elbows and began withdrawing from my butt. Once he was out he stood and went into the bathroom, I heard the taps in the sink turn on and I hope he was giving his dick a good wash. I still wasn’t sure about how he felt, he hadn’t just fucked me, he had pounded me. There had been a real anger to it that I hoped he had got out of his system, I would know soon enough when he came back to bed.

I slipped into the sheets and waited, the taps turned off and then the light went off. Dave climbed into bed, lying beside me but not touching. I reached for his hand and he returned my grasp then he rolled towards me his other arm going across my middle. I grabbed that hand bought it up to my mouth and kissed it before placing it back just under my breast. Dave snuggled closer kissing my shoulder he then said.

“I’m sorry; I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Oh yes, I had my man back. I reassured him that I had enjoyed it and hoped to do it again soon. He lightly squeezed my breast, moved up over me and kissed me softly on the lips. I returned his kissed then snuggled him down against my breast. He went to sleep there while I stroked his hair , his hand on one breast while the other was his pillow.

I woke the next morning to a hand gently massaging my breasts and an erection digging into my hip. Dave being a farmer was always an early riser and from the pre cum accumulating on my hip he had been up for a while. I slipped my hand down slowly stroking his erection while he continued to play with my tits. He was soon thrusting in my hand, something had really got him worked up. I made a move to climb on top but he stopped me, pushing me back down he moved his own body up and I was soon face to face with his rampant cock. Now ok last night I had slurped on a complete stranger’s cock but this morning I was sober. However I also remembered the hurt in Dave’s eyes when he saw James fill me up at my insistence. So there was only one thing to do, I opened wide and took that beautiful cock into my mouth.

Dave groaned and threw his head back; I worked my tongue around under his head bringing another groan while stroking the rest of his dick with my hand. As I had done to James the night before I lifted his shaft up and attacked his balls sucking then into my mouth. I sensed he was very close so I went back to his shaft and tried to stuff as much as I could in my mouth. I had read about girls deep throating but about half way down my gag reflex kicked in and I backed off. Three more tries and I was getting about two thirds of the way then Dave hands grabbed my head and he thrust forward grunting. His pubes hit my nose as the first splash of cum gushed into my throat; I swallowed quickly as two more jets quickly followed. Dave released my head and I backed off gasping for breath just as the last spurt landed on my chin. I lay back unsure about what had just happened, I was still horny but Dave’s dick was sinking faster than the titanic. I was about to suggest he return the favor when he slipped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Just as he closed the door there was a knock on the main door.

“Can you get that?” came his voice muffled behind the door.

Why is it a girl has to do everything?

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