The Ball Game

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Saturday was finally here. This ball game was gone to be special. It was the Yankees against the Red Sox and it was the final game of the playoffs. The beer was being iced, the pizza ordered, and I had taken the phone off the hook so not to be disturbed.

I was pumped. My mom was picking up the pizza when she went out and would deliver it later. She wasn’t going out just to pick up the pizza, she would have if I had asked, but she was going shopping and it was on her way. She had insisted it was the least she could do and she wanted to visit for a minute. I got the peanuts out, the chips, and I grabbed a beer. Since this game was special I even bought the good amber colored beer in the bottle instead of the piss they serve in the cans. I did not have to go out again till the game was over. This was going to be my time.

The first inning was not very exciting and after it was over, the score was still 0, 0. At the top of the second, the Red Sox’s got a hit and eventually got a man on base before the Yankee’s retired the side. The Yankees were batting when I heard a knock on the door signaling Mom’s arrival with the pizza. Mom wasn’t very tall and stood only 5’6″ in her stocking feet. She was relatively average in weight, a brunette, but she was pretty by my standards, but definitely not a supermodel by any means.

“Hey Mom, thanks for delivering the pizza, want to stay and have a slice?”

“No, I really need to go shopping. So how is the game?” She asked as she surveyed the room eyeing my big screen TV that took up a lot of wall space in my meek apartment.

“The game is still 0, 0, but the Yankees will soon show the Red Sox what they are made of. You got a favorite team?”

“Well I do not follow baseball to much, but I think I like the Red Sox. Aren’t they that team from Atlanta?”

“No Mom, gees, women and sports. The Red Sox are from Boston and the Braves are from Atlanta. You know, Georgia, that state below South Carolina.”

“Don’t make fun of your mother when she is delivering your dinner. O.K. OK, so I don’t know where the team is from and what is wrong with women and sports?”

“Nothing Mom, I just thought you were more knowledgeable in the sport. Want a beer?”

“I shouldn’t, not now. I do not need to drink and drive. I can’t afford to get a DUI.”

“Mom, you’re not going to get a DUI from one beer, well I am going to have a slice of pizza before it gets cold, sure you don’t want some? Why don’t you sit down and have some, I can’t eat the entire thing by myself.”

“I can stay only for a minute as she settled on the couch directly in front of the TV. So where are your friends?”

“Bob and Pete both called today to tell me they could not make it, and Margie didn’t want to come. So it is just me, and you, if you stay.”

“How are things going with Margie? I know you haven’t been seeing much of her lately.”

“I don’t know, she is on again, off again. Maybe I am not handling her right, or maybe she has another boyfriend she is seeing when she isn’t with me. Sometimes I just don’t understand her.”

“Mmmm, I am sorry. Maybe we ought to talk about this. I mean I am a woman and I can possibly give you some insight. On second thought,” like she just realized she was hungry, “I think I will have a piece of pizza.”

She got up and grabbed a slice and put it on one of the paper plates I had on the counter. “Want something to wash it down with Mom, a soda, water, or beer?”

“How about I split a beer with you ok? I really don’t need a full one.”

“Sure Mom” I poured her some from my bottle into a glass I had brought over to use that was on the coffee table. As we took our first tastes of the pizza, we sat almost in silence as our eyes both wandered to the TV and watched the game.

“So Mark, when was the last time you and Margie went out?”

“Ahhhh, lets see, a couple of weekends ago, we went to a movie.”

“Did she spend the night?”

“Mom, that’s personal, but if you must know, no. I wanted her too, but she left right after the movie.”

“Well honey, maybe you will need to find another woman, I really don’t know at this point. So why is that guy walking to the base? He didn’t hit the ball, and can’t they throw him out, or tag him?”

“Mom, it is called a “Walk” and that is because that Red Sox pitcher doesn’t pitch so well. He threw the Yankee batter 4 pitches that were outside of the strike zone. So the batter can walk down to the base, and it counts as if he had hit the ball.”

“I think that pitcher is doing just fine, look at that number 93MPH, and he is sure is cute.”

“Mom, it may be canlı bahis fast, but it is not accurate, and that is what counts. Cute does not make him a good pitcher.”

“Well I bet you the next one he throws will be accurate. It will be a strike,”

“Ok, when the next batter gets up if he throws a strike I owe you, I do not know what I will owe you, but you win. OK?” I said boldly.

“That sounds good, and if it is not a strike then I owe. So what should we bet?”

“How about chugging a beer?”

“No, that is not lady like, how about a shot, got any Tequila?”

“I think I have some.” I went to fetch the bottle. I put a shot glass on the table and then proceeded to fill it up. “Ok, on the next pitch, if it is a strike, I will drink it, and if it isn’t then you, OK?”

“Sure, I can always do my shopping after the game.”

When the ball crossed home plate it was a strike. “Well I guess it is mine. You win” I said. She watched contently as I consumed the clear beverage that stung all the way down. “Want to go again?” I asked.

“Sure son, I think this is fun as long as I am winning.”

The second pitch that crossed the plate was another strike. I drank the shot again.

The third pitch was much like the second and it was still my turn.

“Boy I like this, I haven’t lost yet.” Mom retorted, “And it looks like you’re on your way to getting soused.”

“Want to go again?” I said.

“You think you ought to, you have had 3 so far on top of the beer. How about if you lose instead of drinking you rub my feet?”

“What ever you say, but you will have to drink a shot if you lose.”

“Surely, I will not mind at all.”

When the next batter came up, it was a foul ball. “Mom, I guess technically that is a strike. Give me your foot.”

Mom removed her shoes and put both of her feet in my lap. She had stocking feet, and I proceeded to massage them for a minute. I am not really into feet but she had nice feet. Her legs were gorgeous though. Tanned slender legs, perfect in my book, all the way up to her womanhood, a delight to look at, but better to touch. She had a skirt on so I while I was doing her foot massage her calves were exposed all the way to the knees. I had never massaged my girlfriends’ feet before, maybe I should have. I was enjoying this.

She put her feet down on the floor before the next pitch. The next pitch was ruled “ball.” Finally, she lost. I picked up the full shot glass and handed it to her. She took it, stared at its content, “Well, here’s to you.” She said and in one foul swoop she downed the Tequila. “Boy, that will put hair on your chest, is that where you got yours?” As she looked at the hairs sticking out of the unbuttoned polo shirt I was wearing.

“I don’t think so. Ok here is the next pitch.”

After the pitch, Mom lifted her legs back up to my lap so that I could massage them again before I could even tell her if she won or not. She was catching on. I really thought the Red Sox where a worse team then the Yanks, but they were actually playing pretty good ball so far. On the next pitch she downed another shot. “I can’t do that again. I do not drink a lot. We will have to bet for something else.”

“Money?” I asked.

“I cannot take my son’s money.”

“Who says I will lose?”

“Well so far you haven’t done so well. How about if you lose I will get a hug instead?”

“Mom, I hug you all the time, that wouldn’t be giving you anything you don’t normally have.”

“Well, you don’t kiss me all the time so we can play for a kiss. A regular kiss, on the lips, like you use to do when you were 3, and if I win I can massage your feet, or something you want.”

“OK”, I said with thoughts of her legs still sketched on my mind.

The next pitch got me a foot massage. I took off my sandals and placed my legs on her lap. She turned a little so she was angled facing me, and started massaging my foot. During it I notice her stop for just a minute. “Mom, are you alright? Why did you stop?”

“Huh, huh, just I hadn’t really noticed how muscular your legs were until now.”

“You sure that is why you stopped Mom?” as my manhood started getting that tingly feeling.

“Sure, now watch the game.” She rubbed my feet once more before she pushed them from her lap. When I swung my legs back into sitting position, I noticed my shorts had ridden up a few inches. Maybe she was staring at my balls or even my cock I thought to myself.

After the next batter got up he took a pitch. We had never mentioned an intentional strike but this is what just happened. “Ok, honey, give your Mom a kiss.” I looked bahis siteleri at her and put one of my hands on her shoulder and pulled her closer. I leaned over and with my eyes closed I gave her a kiss, right on her lips. Her lipstick tasted sweet and I really enjoyed that kiss. It wasn’t like my girlfriend had kissed me, but it was sweet. I really thought I would be repulsed, not repulsed, but you know, feel funny about this. Actually the peck on her lips felt natural. “That was very nice.”

The next pitch was a ball. “Mmmmm, let me see, how about you do the same?” I told her.

“I would be delighted sweetie.” We met in the middle and our lips met for the second time. This kiss was a little more intense. I felt her lips quiver under mine, and when we ended it, we both hesitated.

The next pitch gave me the next request, but before I could make my request, “Again?” she said. And without hesitation or waiting for an answer she leaned in again. Our mouths met, lips pressing on each other, and forgetting myself, my tongue started to press her for an opening. Her hand reached over and touched my thigh as my tongue found passage and met hers. Electricity flew between them, and I really didn’t want to stop the kiss, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last.

She won the next pitch and I started to lean toward her for our next kiss, only to be told. “No honey. Instead, can I look at your chest? You are so well developed and I haven’t seen a man in shape in a long time. When you get to be my age, they all have beer bellies.”

“OK Mom, if you insist.” I was delighted to take my shirt off. I stood up and moved to the end of the coffee table. I grabbed the bottom of my polo shirt and pulled it over my head. I held it in my hand as I turned around slowly so she could see every angle. I started to put it back on when I saw her shake her head in disapproval.

I won the next one by default. We didn’t even look at the TV. I sat down next to her and leaned towards her. “I won this one. I want another kiss.” She leaned towards me with mouth parted. I gave her a very passionate kiss while I sat back next to her. Her hand pressed against my chest, for an instant I thought it was so I could not get any closer to her, but when she started feeling my muscles and my small nipples I knew better, I did not mind. When the kiss broke, I noticed the batter hit the ball. “Mom I think I won again.”

“You did? So what do you want me to do?”

“Will you let me massage your legs like I did your feet?”

“Sure, that’s like a win for me.” She leaned back and I rubbed her feet and then went up her calve. I traced her legs with my fingers until I reached her hemline and then back down. I put my hands around them and felt the stocking clad appendages. Feelings were starting to become visible in my shorts as I rubbed up and down those nice legs. Her legs, along with the kisses we had completed earlier were turning me on, and I enjoyed the feeling immensely. I massaged from her feet to her hemline, over and over. “That feels wonderful, but I guess I have had my turn. OK, well one more time,” as soon as I approached her hemline this time I notice her pull her skirt up a few inches. I felt all that was visible. “Wonderful,” she said as she lowered her legs.

“I want you to have something special so here goes.” She took another shot of Tequila in her mouth and leaned over to me. She kissed me and as she did she opened her lips to let the Tequila trickle in my mouth. Then our tongues touched in the pool of liquor. As this was happening she took one of my hands and placed it on her breast, she entwined her fingers with mine and pressed firmly. I felt the nipple stiffen to my touch. I took every opportunity to squeeze the breast that once nursed me. The blouse she wore was pressed cotton, and through it, I could feel the silkiness of her lace bra. This was a thrill beyond belief.

“Mom, that feels so good to me.”

“Did you enjoy that? Wait till I lose again.” The Tequila was taking some effect on her.

I didn’t have to wait long before that happened. She stood up and undid the button that held her skirt. She then lowered the zipper on the side so her skirt would fall to the floor. She then unbuttoned each one of the little pearl buttons that held her blouse together. I may be prejudice, or the tequila talking, but she was the prettiest 55 year old woman I had seen. She sat back down and turned her back to me, “unhook my bra please.” I did not have to be asked twice. My fingers fumbled with the clasp but soon her bare back was in my view.

She got up still facing in the opposite direction. She slowly turned around bahis şirketleri holding the cups of her bra against her breasts. “If you were out with the guys in some sports bar you might see something like these.” While saying this, she removed her bra from in front of her, threw it on the floor, and her bare breasts were now mine to view. Her nipples were thick and her aureoles were very dark. She stood now only in her stockings held up by garter ribbons and her lace panties.

“You’re so beautiful Mom.” I stood up and gave her another kiss, and without being prompted, seized one of her boobs. We sunk on the couch and I caressed her while she did the same to me. I grabbed at the waistband of her panties and she lifted her hips so that I could dispose of them. I was so taken with her that I knelt between her legs and using my tongue bathed her thighs. I worked myself to the folds of her vaginal lips and around the neatly trimmed bush avoiding her clit. I leaned up and sucked on her luscious nipples, so they were very hard and firm, much like my cock. I pushed her stocking clad legs up so her knees were high in the air and her feet were on the edge of the couch and began my assault on her velvet inner walls. I loved the feel of her stockings against my ears as I held her ankles. God how fantastic she was, her pussy was the best I had ever tasted. To think I came from this womb made my dick very hard. I continued plunging my tongue deep inside her and occasionally would push her legs back towards her revealing her tiny puckered star, which I licked several times to her delight.

“Oh baby, do it”

After the fourth time, I tried to stick my tongue in that very tight passageway; I felt the tremors build up inside her. “Oh god, my son, don’t stop. Lick me, and lick my ass. I am about to cum; get ready to catch my juices in your mouth. Fuck Mommy with your tongue baby.” I did as I was told and did not hesitate. My face became covered in her excretions, I licked as much as I could get. Only after her tremors subsided, I stood up. She helped me to take my shorts and briefs off over my erect cock. She took hold of my cock and her hand stroked it down to the base. Her other hand went to the head of it and by using her thumb and forefinger made the pee hole open. She took the tip of her tongue and placed it at the tip of it trying to force it in. “I wish I could do that for you sweetie. Maybe this will work. Her mouth surrounded my cock head. She stroked up with her hand meeting her mouth. Then plunged her hand, followed by her lips back down my shaft till her lips were at the base, she was deep throating my cock. Margie, or any other girlfriend I ever had sex with, never had done that before, what a sensation.

She continued this motion until I was ready to cum. “Mom, if you keep that up I am going to cum.”

“Please son, I really want you too; I haven’t tasted cum in years.” And with that said, I felt the tip of her finger slide into my virgin ass. That was all I could take.

When my cock exploded she threw her mouth down on my cock as far as she could. I believed I felt the uvula in the back of her throat which I must have painted with my sticky goo. When I finished pulsating, she licked my cock very lovingly and sucked each one of my balls.

We sat back to watch the rest of the game, but it didn’t happen. When she started playing with my cock, it responded. Half hard she knelt down to suck it till it was completely hard. Without a word she pushed me back on the couch and straddled my awaiting cock.

When she fed it into her pussy, I felt the velvety softness I had passed 19 years ago. My Mom knew what she was doing as she rode me. I watched her breasts as I held her hips pushing her forcibly down on my shaft and up again so my erection just passed through her vaginal opening and back down. I can tell you it wasn’t long before we were both having simultaneous orgasms.

“Mom, that was incredible.”

“Yes, I rather enjoyed it. It has been a long time since I had a real good looking boy for a lover, but it is even better knowing it is my son. I guess I better get out of here and go shopping.”

“Mom, do you have too?”

“Well, I should, but maybe I will stay and watch the rest of the innings. Want to bet?”

“Don’t you think you have had enough?”


All I could do was enjoy this new experience. My mom had it all over my girlfriend in every way.

I never invited the guys over to watch the game ever again. My mom and I watched games together right through the World Series that season, betting on every play. After the World Series, we started on football. Mom knows more about sports than any one of my friends. Occasionally she has hinted about inviting others to watch the games with us, but I don’t know if I want to share her with others. We will see.

More Later!!!

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