The Bathroom Break

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This is my first Literotica submission and I would love any and all feedback, negative, positive, hurtful, whatever you have to say I want to hear it. I would like to thank the beautiful young woman who inspired this story, without you this would not have been possible. Thanks are also due to the wonderful LadyFalcon who edited my story, who also made this possible.


It was raining outside. It’s always raining around here. What light poured in through the two story high windows was no match to the misery the weather wrought outside. The protection of the glass did not shield from the dreary mood. It was a slow day, and few customers had come to the counter to make the over expensive purchase of a movie ticket. I saw little reason to be at work. Even the pitiful paycheck I knew was coming next week wasn’t enough incentive to stifle theunprofessionalyawn I knew was also coming. Lucky no managers were around.

The lobby in front of me was nearly empty, save for the two teenagers with skateboards by the pay phone on the far side opposite me. They had obviously skipped school to come see a movie. Unfortunately, an usher had ruined the miscreant’s day by catching them before they managed to enter the theater, and asked to see their tickets. Now it appeared they were deciding whether to face their parent’s wrath for skipping school or walk home in the rain. I hadn’t yet decided whether I was sorry for them or not.

I drowsily made my way over to the office area of the box office, and sat in one of the very comfortable desk chairs provided usually only for managers and supervisors. It wasn’t uncommon for a grunt to take up a seat once in a while. I was not too concerned over a reprimand, especially considering the amount of business so far that day. Leaning forward, I squinted at the computer screen. Fifteen tickets sold. Of the sixteen auditoriums, only three had people in them. I sighed to myself, rubbing my eyes and leaning back in the chair. The day was already half way over, I told myself. I could last another few hours.

The metal door to the box office gave its signature clang as someone came in from the lobby. I shot to my feet immediately with an unexpected burst of energy. It was not that I would have been in trouble for sitting down, but I probably could and should have been cleaning something instead. Not that it mattered though, around the hallway corner came Karmen, one of the more casual supervisors. She gave me a smile and I smiled back, returning to my seat. She silently took the seat next to me and started typing at one of the three workstations, apparently putting in an order for more Junior Mints or something to that extent.

Most… no, I take it back. All of the men at the theater were attracted to Karmen. Not the gay ones perhaps, but even they would admit that she was very attractive. I say attractive because I don’t want to confuse it with beautiful, gorgeous or sexy. This was my own opinion and was not the majority, but I do need to make the distinction of my own attraction. This may be confusing for some, so let me start by describing her for you. At least, what she looked like on this day.

She was of mixed Pacific Islander and Caucasian descent, and had died her hair sharp brown with platinum streaks. She was shorter than most girls, standing around five feet one – maybe two inches, and could not have weighed more than a hundred pounds. Karmen was very pretty, and she wore a lot of make-up to accent this. Too much, I thought sometimes. She did not have much in the way of breasts or hips. This, for me, was her downfall. She was just beyond that ‘too skinny’ point for me. She looked as if she could have been younger than me, and yet I knew she had at least a year on me.

Karmen still looked like a little girl to me. She did not have the womanly curves I covet so much. Sure, she was tan, pretty, wore make-up to accentuate her features. She also knew how to dress in that alluring way outside of work… and I probably would have gone to bed with her if given the chance, but she just did not hold that sway over me that other women did.

She caught me staring at her. I must not have had that lecherous look that most men do when they look at her because she gave me a slightly puzzled smile. I returned her smile and we held each other’s gaze for a moment. I indulged myself during that moment; I thought about what having sex with her would be like. I knew right away that she would be a great lay. I imagined sliding into her and feeling her warm, soft body writhe under me in pleasure. I knew she would do more than just lay there like some of the women I hear about. She would want to please me just as much as I wanted to please her.

“You want to go on break?” I was torn from my fantasy by cold words. Karmen had not meant for them to be cold, in fact just the opposite. She seemed to have missed the heat in my gaze and only picked up on the friendliness. Her words had been a thank you, I could tell. Thank you for not undressing me with your eyes all the time like everyone else.

“Sure, I’m kinda hungry.” Ashamed, I shrugged bahçeşehir escort and pushed the chair back, standing up. Trying to hide the effect of my arousing thoughts as I turned red; I ducked my head as I signed out on the break log and left the box office quickly. My shame was made all the worse by the clang of the metal box office door. It aggravated the embarrassment that I was just like everyone else passing through that door. Just like everyone else passing his or her gaze over Karmen.

As I made my way up to the employee break room on the second level, I hoped Karmen hadn’t seen how red I had turned. As I walked across the lobby, I was not even able to glance over towards the box office, in fear that our eyes would meet again and she would know the truth. If she had seen how red I was, I hope she had mistaken it for something else. Shyness, perhaps, at the gaze we had shared only moments before. Hopefully one she had only considered friendly.

I am even more ashamed to admit that my redness wasn’t the only embarrassing element of my appearance as I crossed the lobby. Reaching the second floor I realized I had a semi-hard-on. I had been so caught up in my shame I hadn’t even noticed. How long have I had it? Is it a new thing, just this moment, or has it been withering since my leave from the box office? Had it in fact been much harder as I crossed the lobby? In my erection’s current state it was already painfully obvious through the light slacks demanded by strict uniform policies, and it was only halfway erect! I almost panicked.

Somehow I managed to calm down by the time I reached the break room. My breath had come back to me (where I lost it I do not recall) and my face felt less like the surface of the sun. My hand extended toward the doorknob of the break room, I realized that despite everything else about me having calmed down, my erection was still somewhat there. Retracting my hand, I turned one hundred eighty degrees and headed straight for the employee bathroom. If there was anyone in the break room, no one needed to know of my erection. Besides, I had to use the rest room anyway.

Opening the door to the employee restroom I froze mid stride. There was Karmen’s opposite. She had dirty blonde hair, almost light brown hair. Soft facial features. She hardly wore make up but was holding some kind of eyeliner brush in her hand as if about to apply some. Full, pouty lips that were a light pink even without lip-gloss. White, pearly teeth. But her figure… oh her figure was to die for. She was wearing a tight white tank top over a white bra. She was facing the mirror of the bathroom and I had a full side profile look at her. Her breasts were easily a C cup, and from her tight jeans I was able to make out her hips and butt which seemed to balance that perfect hourglass figure. From her smooth arms and relatively flat tummy I could tell she was athletic, but not to the point that she had lost any of her femininity. Her name was Sarah. I hadn’t given her much thought because I hadn’t seen her out of the stale uniform that we all had to wear. But in her street clothes she was a goddess.

She seemed just as startled as I and we both stood there looking at each other mid-action. Her eyes dropped for only an instant, and I wasn’t sure at the time if she could tell about my erection. Now I know.

She recovered in no time it seemed, and waved me in. “Come on in, and lock the door.” She turned back to applying her eyeliner and I hesitated only a moment.

If my mind had been a frozen void of shock a moment before, it was a hot swirling mass of chaos as I closed the door and locked it behind me. My heart pounded and I started to breath out of my mouth. I was unsure what to do. Do I walk over to the toilet and urinate as planned? Should I stand with my back to her or give her a side profile so she could see me through the mirror? Do I walk over to the sink and mirror and start a conversation? What do I say? What do you think of the tiling pattern?

I walked over next to the sink counter and leaned against the wall that the mirror was on. She continued to apply her make up. “What’s up?”

“Shh don’t talk so loud,” she whispered, “don’t want anyone to hear us in here together.”

She had a point. If two employees were found occupying the employee bathroom at the same time… well they wouldn’t be employees for much longer, now would they. I felt a bit of a dofus.

“Sorry,” I said much softer, “Why are you putting make-up on? You know you don’t need it.”

She smiled and blushed slightly – or was that the blush she had put on already? She put the brush down and picked up another one that looked exactly the same. My heart was acting like my chest cavity was hell and the only way out was to smash my ribs open.

“You’re too sweet,” she glanced at me and gave me a bit of a wink, “I have a date tonight; this guy from high school. No big deal, just thought I’d look nice.”

My heart sank a little. Of course she has a date. What chance could a guy like me have with bakırköy escort her? I stomped my self-esteem issues into the ground.

“Whatever. I think you look better with out all that colored whale fat.”

She broke out laughing and I broke out with a huge smile on my face. For some reason making a pretty girl laugh always makes me smile. She gave my shoulder a playful shove. When Sarah wasn’t able to get my shoulder to move as much as she planned, she let her hand linger on me. The contact drove my hard-on wild. I could feel it straining against my pants. Her hand began to pull away but as it did it traveled lightly done my chest a few inches.

By the look on her face I could tell she had liked what she felt under my uniform. Staying in shape has been one of my priorities for the past few years and I’m modestly athletic. She looked me up and down again, her eyes stopping only briefly at my groin.

Sarah had a look of hesitation on her face before asking, “I need your opinion on what shirt I should wear.” She lifted her tank top, revealing her almost naked chest and stomach.

My erection throbbed in my pants as I openly stared at her perky cleavage. Sarah’s skin was soft and white, as if she had only seen the sun on those rare summer trips to Hawaii with her parents. Her breasts met together in the center of her chest and created that seductive line made possible by push-up bras.

Probably aware of my gaze, she leaned over into her gym bag, and searched through it. Leaning over as she was brought her face no more than half a foot from my crotch. Tempted as I was, I did not unzip my pants right then and there. Looking over her back as she was bent over, I noticed that her pink thong had ridden up and her pants had ridden down, giving me a delicious view of the top of her butt. Looking back I pride myself on my self-control.

She straightened very slowly, watching me as I watched her. In her hands were two shirts. One white and lacey looking that buttoned up the middle, the other a tight blue v-neck teenybopper shirt. She put the blue shirt on first, and damn did it look good on her. It hugged her in all the right places. The v-neck that showed off her cleavage seemed to have a built-in white undershirt that preserved some modesty. But the top line of her cleavage was still visible.

“What do you think,” she asked, her voice softer, huskier than before, and “do I look good?”

I pretended to inspect it, bringing my hand up to my chin as if in deep thought. Really it just gave me an excuse to inspect her. I knew that she knew what I was doing. After she had turned for me a couple times and I had gotten a good look at her front and back, I said, “Very sexy. I’m slightly jealous.”

She laughed. “Oh don’t be, he’s not getting the pre-show!” She pulled the top off, placing it on the counter and grabbing the second shirt. This one required more time to put on; she had to button it up the middle. She buttoned it all the way up to her neck. Her look suggesting that she need not ask how she looked again. She expected an answer without offering the question. Again with my hand on my chin I thought about it.

It was a frilly shirt, with lots of lacework and puffiness in the sleeves and around the buttons. It really did look like something out of the 1800’s aristocracy. An undershirt a nobleman might have worn, perhaps.

I shook my head, and as I opened my mouth I made a last minute decision. “Unbutton the top buttons a little,” I said, without a hint of the nervousness I felt. She looked surprised but did as I asked, her hands reaching up and unbuttoning the top two buttons, leaving her neck slight exposed.

I pretended to think again, and again I asked her to unbutton her shirt some more. She complied, and was left with the top four buttons unbuttoned, and the top of her chest exposed. Now I really worked hard at thinking about it. Again I shook my head and told her to continue to unbutton the shirt. At last she slowly unbuttoned the last two so her cleavage was revealed. I smiled slightly and I know that she saw it.

This whole time I had been catching her with her eyes downward, toward my now painful erection. Finally I shook my head one last time. “No I like the blue one better.”

She cocked her head to the side with a sly look on her face. “Oh yeah? Just because it shows off my tits better?”

It was my turn to cock my head with a sly look. I tried to exude as much confidence as I could as I said, “Well, you do have lovely tits.” This seemed to strike her as odd. I feared I had come off as creepy, because a confused, almost shy look came over her face and all she did was nod and begin to unbutton her shirt again. I felt like something had been building up inside the both of us and with that one comment I had just popped it like a needle to a balloon. Feeling slightly dejected, yet still trying to appear confident and slick, I motioned towards the toilet. “If you don’t mind…”

She glanced behind her and shrugged slightly, as if it was totally commonplace başakşehir escort for coworkers to share the bathroom together, watch each other change together and be present as the other uses the facility. I was more than a little confused to be honest. I stood up from leaning against the wall and began to make my way towards the other side of the bathroom.

Just as I was about to pass her, Sarah somehow knocked one of her bottles of make-up off the counter, directly in my path. I didn’t have enough time to stop as her whole upper body shot downward to catch the brown bottle. She caught it just before it hit the floor. And just as she caught it, my hard-on bumped right against her cheek for but a moment. She looked me in the eye and rose up slowly. Just as she stood up straight, her hand holding the bottle brushed my erection through my pants.

It appeared to have been an accident, but by now I didn’t care. All I knew was that I needed some kind of relief, and I really had to pee. I walked over to the toilet and quickly made the decision to give her as much of a view as possible. Standing casually to the side of the toilet, I loudly and slowly unzipped my pants for her benefit. I couldn’t tell if she was watching me through the mirror but I did know that if she wanted to, she could see everything I was doing.

I reached into my pants and carefully released my throbbing erection. It immediately stood at full attention, pointing to the upper part of the wall I was facing. Sarah made some kind of noise at this point. A cough or gasp or clearing of her throat I wasn’t sure, all I knew was that she sounded surprised and she sounded like she was encouraging me.

She had stopped getting ready for her date and seemed to be using the counter to hold herself up, her arms straight and supporting her weight with her hands gripping the end of the counter. She at some point removed the lacey shirt and only had her bra on now, but she didn’t appear to be making any efforts to put the blue shirt on.

I casually took hold of my dick and pointed it downward towards the toilet. It did not want to obey, it wanted to point upwards, but I managed to get it aimed correctly. When I had first entered the bathroom the thought of stage fright had crossed my mind, considering such a beautiful specimen of the fairer sex was standing so close to me. But I didn’t seem to have any trouble letting the stream come. I concentrated on the toilet, now in a bit of a haze, knowing that Sarah was watching me urinate. Slightly embarrassed all of sudden, I realized how loud I was and how strong the stream hitting the water in the toilet was. However, it eased quickly and literally calmed to a tinkle.

As I was about to shake I looked over at Sarah and froze. She had turned around and was staring directly at my rock hard dick. It was like the moment I entered the bathroom all over again. We both stood motionless. I had lifted my dick slightly to shake the last drops out, and it seemed awkward to be holding it like I was as she stared at me. But I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. I don’t think I even took a breath.

We could have been standing there for a thousand years for all I knew. Time seemed to pass endlessly. Next thing I knew she was coming at me. It happened so fast I couldn’t have pulled away even if I had wanted to. I was frightened, and for the first second or so I think I really did want to run away. But fear held me there. Ironic how the fear of what she was about to do only made it all the more possible for it to happen. Her hand shot out towards the toilet paper dispenser, and my mind registered confusion. Rational thinking was completely out of the question at this point. The fog cleared briefly and I understood her intention.

With a wad of toilet paper in hand she knelt before me and began to clean the tip of my dick off. The contact was ecstasy. Even though it may seem disgusting now, I was paying no attention to the purpose of her actions. All I was concerned about was that her hand was on my dick. Through the toilet paper, yes, but I let out a groan of pleasure… of released tension… of pure animal lust that I did not know a man could make. Of course I had heard a woman’s moans before, but never my own. This only seemed to arouse me even more.

Sarah tossed the used wad into the toilet and sat back on her heels for a moment. I was about to ask her why she had stopped touching me. Her touch felt so good. Why torture me so? But then I thought she was admiring me. This caused me to blush uncontrollably. I fidgeted, almost wanting to put my dick away, back into my pants. I had never had a woman look at me like she was. Sure I’d been with women intimately before, but never had they paid so much attention to me like this. I felt like a little boy all over again.

She noticed my embarrassment immediately and softly, ever so gently wrapped her right hand around my throbbing manhood; as if knowing my instinctual intentions and wanting to prevent me from going anywhere. I leaned my head back and opened my mouth to moan. But for reasons unknown no sound escaped my lips other than a sharp exhale of breath. When I returned my gaze downward she had lifted her eyes and was now staring at me. Her eyes held a kind of lustful power I had never seen before and have rarely seen since. They held a promise, of what I did not know, a guarantee of some delightfully sinful pleasure out of this world. And I was powerless to stop it.

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