The Beach House Ch. 03

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Ch. 03 (Meet the neighbors)

I walked out into the warm, sunny courtyard, opening the envelope from Heather as I exited the spa. The sudden blast of sunlight made it hard to see for a moment, but once I could see, I looked down to read the enclosed card. It read “Dinner is at 6 in the main dining room. If you hurry on up to the room, I may still have a surprise waiting for you. Kisses, Heather”.

“Well Heather” I thought to myself, “I’ve had an awful lot of surprises today already. I’m not sure if I’ll survive another”.

I looked down at my watch, it was a little after 4. I wasn’t sure if that was still early enough for her surprise, but knowing Heather, we might need most of the time available just for her to get prepared for an attendance at a big public dinner.

Putting the card into my pocket, I looked at the house map that Heather had so thoughtfully included. We were in suite 207 – the map showed how to get there from the swimming pool in the middle of the courtyard we had come in through. From what I could gather, there were about 18 guest suites in this place, all of them in a long row along one side of the second floor. I remembered the pool that was shown, it was where we had come across Janet as she was getting a sun tan with “extras”.

Looking out into the sunlit courtyard, I could easily make out the swimming pool, with its surrounding population of naked and half-naked people still laying out in the lounges worshiping the sun. On one of the lounges to my left, I saw a man that who recognized from the night of the wedding.

He was kneeling down at the foot of a lounge, his upper body resting on its bottom half. Lying on the lounge, with her legs on the bricks to either side was a brunette woman, and the man (Chris, I thought to myself) was calmly licking her pussy. From her reactions, he apparently was quite good at it, as she was showing anything but calmness. I recalled that he was the guy who had licked all of my cum that had been spilling out from Janet’s cunt that first fateful night, even though my cock had still been deeply buried inside it.

Come to think of it, he had also done much the same thing to Heather and the man (Rick, Nick, something like that) who had just finished pounding away into her. Apparently, this man liked to eat his pussy.

The woman was rubbing her generous (and obviously enhanced) breasts, occasionally pinching her nipples, and trying with some difficulty to keep quiet in the chair while Chris continued to munch away. Both were seemingly oblivious to anyone that was around them, but more surprisingly, no-one else but me seemed to be paying any attention at all to them. His hands were softly caressing the cheeks of her ass as he licked her apparently very sensitive hole, rubbing and squeezing those well-rounded globes while she rubbed her own breasts, and he tried to reach every spot she had available with his tongue. I could hear her high-pitched, squealing panting breath continue behind me as I walked down the path indicated by the map.

After climbing a wide set of stairs to the second floor, I turned down a hallway toward our room. I could see many more decorations similar to the ones that had been at the spa, paintings and statuary that all seemed to celebrate the naked human body and sex in its many varied forms and positions. Arriving at mine and Heather’s room, I used the key that had been left to me and opened the door, quietly letting myself in. I could see that our luggage had been delivered as promised, set neatly against the wall to my left.

The wall ahead faced the ocean and was all of glass, even the door in front of me. That door opened onto a deck that apparently went along the entire front of the house, offering a great view of the beach and the ocean beyond. I could even see some small islands on the horizon. On the deck, and a little to my right, I could just make out the edges of a large hot tub. A door set into the wall on my right must have been a bathroom, as I didn’t see any other place for one to be.

Heather was nowhere to be found, although I could tell that she had been here, the huge bed had been hopelessly rumpled, with the pillows and covers tossed in every direction. This bed was too big to call a king-size, it would probably qualify more for the name “emperor”. Various pieces of clothing were strewn about the room as well, certainly too much for just Heather to have been wearing. I remembered Janet telling Heather that someone had been looking for her earlier, I imagined now what had been the purpose, and what my surprise would probably be.

I could hear a shower going and a female voice giggling, from behind the third door, so I figured that Heather must be in there. I had of course already showered (if you could call it that) in the spa, but I decided that there was no such thing as being too clean. Undressing as I walked toward the bathroom door, I was yet again completely naked by the time I entered the bathroom.

Steam billowed throughout the room, I could see barely two feet in pendik escort front of me. I could tell that the bathroom was huge though, at least as large as our bedroom. The giggling continued as I walked towards the sound of the shower. “Heather?” I called out as I approached the obscure glass shower doors. “Damn!” I thought, “That shower is big enough for six people!”

The laughter immediately stopped, then it started up again, only this time sounding more like quiet snickers and whispering voices. The shower door opened up on one side, and Heather’s blonde head stuck out. “Hi honey!” she said, just before she started giggling again.

The door on the other side opened up, and a second woman’s head, this time with short, jet-black hair stuck out. “Hi honey!” this second woman exclaimed as well, bursting into a laughing fit as she said it.

She looked out at my naked body, giving me a once over, then said “Oooo! Me likey! Hey! You’d better watch out where you put those fingers mister!” Then both heads were pulled suddenly back into the shower, both screaming and laughing, as they disappeared into the steam.

“Hi honey!” said a male voice from somewhere within the steam. “You’d better get in here quick, I’ve been out-numbered all afternoon, and could really use a little help!”

This last statement was followed by still more squeals from the two women, then the man’s voice saying “Watch it you two! I’ve got a bar of soap, and I know how to use it!” By this point in the day, nothing seemed to surprise me anymore. I rolled my eyes, then opened the shower door and stepped into the bedlam.

The shower wasn’t big enough for six people, it was big enough for eight. But right now there were only four, counting me. Heather was to my left, holding a hand-held shower head and spraying it into the face of the man that I had apparently heard. The second woman was on my right, trying to hold him back from Heather, as she also aimed a steady stream of water straight at him. I didn’t recognize either of the extra people in the shower with my girlfriend, but of course all four of us were completely naked. Breaking loose from her hold on him, the man quickly reached up and found yet a third hand-held shower head. Just how many of those things were there in here?

The couple appeared to be older than Heather and I, as he had a bit of grey mixed into his hair. The woman’s hair was jet black however, and a quick check of her bush revealed that black was either her natural color, or she dyed all of her hair. She was very pleasant to look at, but definitely not one of the perfect Barbie doll types that seemed to be displaying their wares out by the pool.

Her body as a whole made a pleasant enough package though, with large, hanging breasts, wide hips, and a small roll across her middle. I was amazed to see that her areola were at least five inches across, I’m not certain that I had ever seen any quite so large.

Holding her shower head, she scooted around and behind me, using me as a human shield in order to protect herself. Once behind me, she adjusted the spray to put out as much water as possible, held it next to my ear, then aimed it directly at the man’s head. He returned her fire, but of course mostly hit me instead of her. These volleys continued, she aiming her water at either Heather or the man from over my shoulder, around my back, even from between my legs. Each time, I received answering sprays from whomever she was shooting at.

Finally I got smart. I could be a shield, but that didn’t mean I needed to get hit with a face full of water – so I simply turned around, facing her. She had been crouching down when I did this, and the result of this move was that I ended up putting my cock right into her face. This startled her at first, as she had not expected it.

Pulling her head back a bit though, she examined me up close for a couple of seconds, then looked up at me and smiled. I looked down at her, once again able to see the front of her body, from those intriguing tits down to her full black bush, which hid the assets beneath quite well.

She reached up to my cock and ran her hand up and down its length, causing it to start to harden. Once it had reached an apparently suitable hardness, she tightened her grip and pulled herself up to a crouching position with her breasts pressed into my waist, aiming her next spray at Heather from around my hip. The volleys continued on, but now she only had one hand to shoot with, as she did not let go of my cock from then on. It seemed to allow her to lean around in some interesting poses, and I stood there enjoying the view and not minding the contact one bit.

As we continued this game, I was able to receive other bodily contact with her as well, as I would occasionally put my arms around her back, or across her bottom in order to stabilize her, sometimes these movements would cause me to brush up against her low-hanging breasts or her thick black bush.

At one point, she reached over and turned her faucet to full cold, then maltepe escort aimed her blast at the man from over my shoulder, earning a roaring shout from him. He responded by also turning his faucet to full cold and shooting back at her. Since she was already behind me she pulled her body in as close to me as possible to avoid the spray, and I took the cold blast directly on the back of my head. Shuddering from the sudden freezing water, I reached down and grabbed her by her bottom with both of my hands, then lifted her completely off of the floor and turned around so that she took the cold spray on her back instead of me.

It was at this moment that I realized some things, such as her heaving breasts lying heavily against my chest, her warm tunnel that was beginning to slide smoothly around the tip of my cock, it was in fact on the verge of being deeply penetrated by my length, but most of all her gorgeous brown eyes looking directly into mine. We stood together like that for at least ten seconds, staring into each other’s eyes. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I recognized something familiar about those eyes, but I couldn’t quite figure out just what right then. The cold spray had stopped, as Heather had taken the chance to go on the offensive against this unknown man in our shower, and he turned away to defend himself.

As I was just about to lean in and take what was directly in front of me, I suddenly came to my senses, lowering this warm and desirable woman back down to the floor.

“Um”, I said shakily, “Heather, if we’re going to get to dinner by 6, we should probably start getting ready for that. I know how long it takes for you to get ready.”

“What?” Heather said, not noticing my sudden change in mood. “Oh, yeah, I suppose we should quit fooling around then. Oh, Jack, by the way, meet Curt and Shelley. They are our suite mates!” She said all of this with a bubbly, giggling voice.

Curt came over and reached for my hand, shaking it firmly as if doing so while naked in a shower was completely natural. “Nice to meet you Jack, and I see that you’ve already made good friends with Shelley! Come on, hon! We need to go get ready for dinner too!”

I looked down at the naked woman standing in front of me, then put out my hand as well, brushing across one of her nipples as I did so. “Oh, ah, nice to meet you Shelley” I mumbled as if in a daze, looking directly into those deep brown eyes.

“Uh, yes,” she said, “um, nice to meet you too, Jack”. It looked as if she were about to burst into tears. Then she quickly turned around and walked out of the shower, followed closely by her shrugging husband.

As it turned out, “suite mate” meant that we were sharing the bathroom with this couple, which was apparently why there was so much room in there. We each had our own private area by our entry door, but the shower area on one side of the room and the sink/mirror area on the other were to be shared. Being a man, I didn’t really use the mirror too much getting ready for dinner, which was good, because I was trying to avoid an awkward meet up in there.

The women certainly put it to good use though. I could hear them in talking to each other from in there as I was putting my clothes away, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. By the tone of her voice, Shelley seemed to be upset about something, and Heather was just trying to be calm and quiet in her answers.

It finally became necessary for me to make my way into the shared room, although I waited until no-one else was there. As I was looking in the mirror and straightening myself, I heard what sounded like crying coming from their room. I moved close to that side, and I could just make out what was being said between sobs.

“He doesn’t like me!” Shelley was saying “He thinks I’m an old woman with ugly, saggy tits and a beer gut, and two kids, who’s probably old enough to be his mother!”

“Just look at what he has now. Heather is beautiful, and skinny, and blonde, and perky! Why would he want an old hag like meeee?” This last word erupted into more sobs, then she said “I don’t want to be here, not with all of these Barbie-dolls around. Who’s going to want me, with so many younger women like that to choose from?”

I realized that I had creeped farther and farther toward their room, and that I was now standing in their open doorway, watching the two of them.

I tapped lightly on the doorway, which she did not notice, but her husband did. He looked up at me pleadingly, motioning me into their room with one hand. I entered, then looked at his wife, who was sitting on the edge of their bed with a box of Kleenex beside her.

She was stunning, in a pair of thin white shorts and a loose-armed, gauzy button-up shirt, the shorts showing off her well-toned legs nicely. She had finished her casual look off with a pair of flat sandals. I couldn’t imagine why she would think herself not desirable. I looked at Curt again, he repeated the hand motion, so I crossed over to the side of the bed in kartal escort front of her, and kneeled down on the floor, trying to catch her deep brown eyes with mine.

“Shelley?” I said, then again “Shelley?” She looked up at me, then back down again at her lap.

“Hey,” I said, “Shelley, sweetie?”. She looked up again. “Do you really think of yourself that way?” I asked, softly. “I don’t see how you could think that” I went on, “Because I see you as the beautiful woman that you really are”.

“You’re just saying that! Heather told you to!” sobbed Shelley.

“No, no, no” I softly went on. “I never just say anything, ask Heather yourself”. “I think I need to explain a few things to you though. Can I do that?” Shelley nodded slowly, then blew her nose.

“Before today, I didn’t know anything about what went on at PeopleCo, or at this house” I started. “None of it”.

“So you can imagine the shock that I got, finding out everything that I did today, it’s all just kind of falling onto me at once”.

“I know what the rules of this place say” I continued, “but I’ve had two women, who I don’t even know, use me today for their own pleasure without even speaking to me, and I suddenly realized that I almost did the same thing to you in there”.

She looked up at sharply me when I said that, her eyes questioning. “Oh, yes, hon. I didn’t stop in there because I didn’t want you” I said. “I stopped because I DID. I almost took you right there on the floor of that shower, in front of your husband and my girlfriend. It would have been so easy. And it would have been so wrong”.

“But I wanted you to! And I thought that I had repulsed you, and I didn’t know how!” Shelley said, bursting into tears once again.

“I didn’t even know your name” I said quietly, trying to calm her down again. “I had no idea who you were, or what kind of person you are. And I can’t be that kind of person, the kind who just uses whoever or whatever is handy at the time”.

I took her face in my hands, and lifted it up so that I could see into her eyes once more. Why were they so familiar?

“I can see that you are a very sensitive person, and I’m so sorry that I hurt you. These eyes shouldn’t be so full of tears” I continued, kissing each eyelid and gently licking trails of tear off of her cheeks. “This mouth should not be crying in anguish.” I kissed her lightly on the lips, as she shuddered in front of me.

Burying my face in her neck, beneath her ear, I could smell lilacs. “You smell very nice” I whispered into her ear. “And you look good enough to eat”.

She took a deep breath. Pulling back slightly, I looked up at Curt, raising my eyebrows in an unspoken question. He nodded slowly, hopefully understanding just what I was asking.

Dropping my hands from the sides of her face to the top button of her shirt, I looked into her eyes as I released its hold. Moving down a scant few inches, I said “You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have an amazing body, and anybody who does not see that should wonder what’s wrong with themselves.” I undid another button, then another, until her shirt was open all the way. Pulling the sides apart revealed a delicate, front-clasp, lacy bra encasing and supporting her breasts as if they were made of fine china. I took her shirt off, so that the bra was the only thing that she was wearing above the waist.

I slid my hands across her lace-covered bosom, then around her ribcage to her back, then continued down her back and back up to her lace-covered breasts again.

I squeezed these together from the sides and continued. “These are not ugly, they are very special. I have never seen any other woman with breasts quite like yours. May I see them again? Will you show them to me?”

Shelley nodded to me, and her hands shakily rose to the clasp between her mounds. She could not seem to gain enough control over her fingers to release it, so I moved my hands over her own.

“Here, let me help you” I said. I unclasped her bra, then pulled each side away and down her arms, letting her breasts fall free. They did sag somewhat, but I don’t happen to feel that higher is always better.

Taking her left breast into my right hand, I lifted its tip up to my mouth, marveling once again at the size of her areole. A small gasp escaped from her as I did this, and she leaned her head back so that she was looking well over my head.

While sucking her nipple deeply in, I flicked my tongue across its tip, also kneading and squeezing its mass in my hand. Holding a breast in each hand, feeling their heft and rubbing my thumbs across her hardening nipples, I moved over to her right breast, lightly brushing its tip with my tongue, causing its nipple to stiffen more, then stopped sucking and told her again.

“These are marvelous. I look forward to exploring them more tonight, when we have the time.”

Continuing to use tiny licking and nibbling motions on her exposed breasts, I moved my hands down the smooth skin of her sides, and down to her belly. “This is not a beer gut, and it is supposed to be here,” I said to her. “You are the mother of two children, you should wear this proudly. This holds all of your wisdom, love, and experience, and it is also a beautiful thing that is part of who you are.”

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