The Beginning of Lust

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This is a prelude to the Annual Christmas Party.

It all started the day I saw my Mom naked and it changed my life forever. It was pretty innocent how it started. I had to pee really bad. So I didn’t even think about somebody being in the bathroom due to it not being locked. So I barged in, unzipped, and pulled out my little penis and I looked over and there was my Mom bent over naked. She was rubbing lotion on her legs. I saw her in all her glory, except for her hair which was wrapped in a towel. She had the most amazing ass and a shaved pussy from what I could see. Her breasts were perfect. If you were to ask what famous person she looks most like, I would say Sharon Stone. She has the same face and body but a little darker hair.

That was the first time I ever saw a naked woman. She turned and looked at me and yelled.

“Jack, get out of here!”

I didn’t even get the chance to pee. I ran to our other bathroom upstairs and couldn’t get that picture of my naked mom out of my mind. My dick started to get hard and I heard about masturbating from my friends but never did it. I jerked for the first time thinking about my moms sweet ass and pussy. Well lets talk about the rest of the family. I have 2 younger sisters, Julie who is 4 years younger then me and Alicia who is 12 years younger then me. Today my Mom is 49, Julie is 25 and Alicia is 18. I hope that all adds up… My Dad died when I was 12. He died in a Car accident. He was never really around when I was growing up. Maybe that explains the gaps in ages between me and my siblings.

I remember my Mom being very sad for a couple of months. I never got to know my Dad and hardly remember him. My Mom never dated any men that I knew of when she raised us three kids. We were pretty set because my Dad had one hell of an life insurance policy. Enough of this, lets get back to the story.

So I now lusted for my Mother. To me she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She has dirty blond hair and ample breast. I would say more then a handful. She has a nice big ass that seems to defy gravity and a face that makes you want to just hold it and kiss it forever. Like I said she looks like Sharon Stone but with darker hair and a thicker bigger ass but not fat.

I was jerking off everyday thinking about my Mom and lust was taking control. canlı bahis I started to take things further.

I started to go through the dirty laundry to try and find her soiled panties. I would smell them at first and then jerk off thinking about my moms body. I cam on every single panty she owned for the next 5 years. I would get extremely excited when I found a new pair. I just couldn’t believe she never said anything to me about it.

It would get me so excited I would instantly get hard every time my Mom took a shower.

You want to know why?

I started cumming in her Shampoo and conditioner bottle! Just the thought of her running my cum in her hair and it slowly dripping off her breasts down here ass coating her skin made me unbelievably horny.

What did you think I did next whenever my mom was in the shower?

I would wait till she was done so I could go get her freshly worn panties. I would lick and smell her scent. I started to pretend I was licking my moms ass and pussy by closing my eyes and visualizing my moms ass and pussy by the mental picture I had and the smell and taste. I would have such an intense orgasm and I would spurt my cum in her underwear but most of it would just go everywhere.

I was always so embarrassed around my mom because of all the dirty things I was doing and I thought maybe she knew.

So I got my first computer and my mom got us AOL accounts for Christmas. I would go onto the internet and find stories about taboo and pictures of mature women who looked like my sexy mom.

So I figured I should start dating. To help with my lust I would try to find girls at school who had similar features to my mom. I would go on dates many but never really wanted to be with any of them. I was just using them for my lust for my mother.

I dated a girl named Sarah. At the time she was 18, like me, and she had the face and but had small breasts and a little butt that didn’t compare to my Moms beautiful breasts and gorgeous ass. I dated her for about a year. She used to give me Blow jobs and I would call her mommy. She got weirded out and eventually left me.

I guess she figured it out and the last thing she said to me was “Go fuck your mother!”

I moved out when I was 19. I got a studio apartment across town. My Mom and sisters helped me move. bahis siteleri My mom was quite emotional about it all.

I remember that day.

She was like, “My baby’s a man now”, and she wanted to come by at least once a week and call her too.

The whole time I was staring at my Moms big breasts and her ass. She was wearing a skin tight Yoga outfit. My sister Julie would keep nudging me everytime she noticed me starring at our mom.

Guess what I did as soon as they left?

I pulled out a pair of my Moms panties that I took before we left to move everything earlier that day. I put them to my nose and imagined it was my moms pussy and ass and licked it while jerking until I exploded onto that panty.

I started my Saturday morning ritual from their on. I would wake up and take a shower around 10 and dry up with the towel and walk towards my PC boot it up and go online. I would either go on or try to find videos of hot mature women who look like my mom fucking.

Five years later and I’m doing the same thing. I guess that’s the definition of insanity except, today was different. I find this video of this hot mom who looks so close it could be her sister. I like to make it last so I try to make it through the whole video and cum at the end when the guy is usually cumming all over the hot mom.

I really get into it and I was watching a part of this video and the porn star who looks like my mom is sucking this younger guys dick.

“Yeah mom suck my cock, you love your sons cock!”

That’s when I heard.

“Oh my god, you big perv!”

It was my sister Julie. I gave her the key to my place about a month ago and told her to only use if for emergencies.

I yelled “You can’t come barging into my apartment”

I was so shocked. I tried to cover what I could with the towel from my shower but She came over and said

“I know you said that, but I was in the neighborhood, I saw your car, and thought I visit my big bro. I also know all about you wanting to fuck mom, Jack!”

“When you lived at home I used to sneak into your room and I found moms panties all filled with your cum. I also went through your computer and saw all the sites you visited”

Then I said “Julie, get the fuck out of my apartment now!”

“I don’t think so. If you don’t bahis şirketleri let me see you and touch you then I’m going to tell mom everything.” “Besides I always wanted to see that beautiful cock of yours up close.” That’s when she took her top off and wasn’t even wearing a bra.

I was in my computer chair with the towel draped over my semi-erect cock. She knelt down before me removed the towel grabbed my cock and said.

“We can pretend I’m mom while I play with your cock.”

“Son, would you like mommy to suck your cock.”

At that point she had me. I can’t believe I never noticed how much my sister Julie looked just like a younger just as beautiful version of mom. My cock became extremely hard.

“Do you want mommy to suck your balls before I suck that big cock of yours son?” My sister replied as we looked into each other with lust filled eyes.

“Mommy, I wanted you to suck my cock for the last 11 years” My voice cracked and I almost became teary eyed.

She was jerking my cock and started to lick almost from almost to my ass to my sack. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. It was so sexually charged. It felt like my fantasy was about to come true. Even though it was my 19 year old sister, Julie.

Julie moved to the base of my cock and started spitting and licking while jerking the head of my cock.

“Oh mom that feels so good” I said.

“Just wait till its in mommy’s mouth, I’m going to make you cum all over my face” Julie said building up the suspenseful climax.

Then Julie went to town. She was deep throating me in seconds. I was amazed at how she knew how to get me off. The next thing she did threw me over the edge. She stuck a finger up my ass.

“Oh Mommy I’m cummmmmiinnnnnng!” I screamed

My first shot hit her right in the nose. It was the biggest cum shot in my life. The next blast mostly went in her mouth and she swallowed it. I had one more big one cumming and it just totally plastered her face. I have never seen so much cum. It was dripping from her face down to nice young ample tits.

“Shit I got to get to work.” Julie said, with cum dripping off her face as she grabbed the towel rushed for her top and ran to my bathroom.

Right before she walked out the door said “I’ll call you later and we’ll talk. Bye Jack, I love you.”

“I love you too Julie.” Was all I could say.

I was so drained and I just couldn’t believe this happened. I really didn’t expect it, but I didn’t feel like it was wrong.

To be continued…

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