The Benefits of Night School

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Big Tits

Fall wasn’t quite in the air yet as Rob and I sat at the backyard picnic table with our downstairs neighbors, Tim and Sharon. It was September but it was still quite warm so we were enjoying some cold cocktails after work. In the course of the conversation, Rob mentioned that he would be starting his night school class the following night. Tim and Sharon both reacted with surprise, asking him what he was taking. Rob was studying electrical design and was taking a class at the vocational school. Tim and Sharon’s faces both dropped noticeably as Tim explained that he was starting a class the next evening, too, but it was a commercial art class at the community college.

It turned out that they were taking classes at the same time on the same nights. I also thought it noteworthy that they also both liked to go out for a few drinks with their classmates after class was dismissed. I suggested to Sharon that since we would both be on our own the next night, she should come up after work and I’d make dinner. I figured there was no sense in both of us sitting alone in the same house; we might as well keep each other company. I didn’t have any ulterior motives at that point, seeing as Sharon and Tim were cohabiting, but I liked Sharon and saw an opportunity to get to know her a little better. Plus, she wasn’t too hard on the eyes; she was small and blonde with a nice round butt and pretty good sized tits.

The next evening after work, I was stir-frying some shrimp and vegetables when I heard a knock on the door, followed by the sound of it squeaking open. Sharon called up the stairs and I yelled back for her to come on up. She was saying that my dinner smelled good as I looked over at her walking into the kitchen. She was wearing a denim miniskirt and a blue ladies golf shirt that hugged her boobs very nicely. She was also carrying a bottle of wine and said she hoped that I liked chardonnay. I told her that I thought chardonnay would go very well with the shrimp dish I was preparing. I directed her toward wine glasses and a corkscrew and by the time I was done cooking, she had poured a glass for each of us. I served up our meal and we sat at the kitchen table to eat.

We talked about a lot of different stuff as we ate and drank, but never really flirted or anything until I joked about drilling holes in our floor so that we could look down into her shower. I also asked if she’d help me figure out exactly where to drill a hole that would look right down on her bed. She laughed while telling me not to bother because there wasn’t anything to see there. I must have looked at her funny because she went on to explain that with Tim both working and going to school, he didn’t have much energy left for anything else. I suggested that I’d at least be able to watch her take care of her own needs but she claimed that she wasn’t even doing that. I just stopped and stared for a minute while she sort of shrugged and took a sip of her wine.

“Wow,” I finally said, “you must be really pent up.” Sharon nodded, looking sad, and let out a sigh. Before I knew what I was saying, I asked her if there was anything I could do to help. I was already moving to my knees in front of her by the time she asked “Like what?” I think it was pretty obvious what I had in mind as I pushed the hem of her skirt up toward her waist. As I reached for her panties, she raised herself up off the seat to pull her skirt completely up as I slipped her blue panties down. Once her panties were free from her ankles and I’d set them up on the table, she spread her legs wide and slid down so that her ass was on the edge of the chair.

I could smell her arousal as I lowered my head between her thighs toward her dark blonde bush. Darting my tongue out, I ran it up between her lips, tasting the copious juices she was producing. Sharon moaned loudly and grabbed my hair in both hands. With a hand on each of her smooth thighs, I was running my tongue up her slit over and over, slurping up her juices before finally focusing my licking on her clit. I slipped a finger up into her slippery pussy and, as I pumped it in and out, I licked and sucked her clit. Sharon moaned louder and pulled my head against her pussy while squeezing her thighs around my ears.

Her pussy was so wet and slippery that I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would feel to slip my cock into her. I thought the odds of it happening were looking even better than they had half-an-hour earlier. My cock was throbbing in my jeans and I knew I’d even be happy with a blowjob or a tit-fuck between her luscious globes. I was enjoying where I was at the time, though; her dark blonde bush was tickling my nose as I sucked her clit while pumping my finger in and out. She had relaxed the grip of her legs on my ears and had started rocking her hips against my face, but had not stopped moaning the entire time I was going down on her. As she moved her hips faster and her moaning got louder and more insistent, I knew that we were both approaching our goal of a long overdue orgasm.

The longer I licked and sucked her clit while fingering beşiktaş escort her, the more frenetic her movements became. When she finally raised her ass up off the chair to force it against my face, I knew she was about to cum. I kept going as she completely tensed up, even holding her breath, then let out a moan and collapsed back onto the chair. She convulsed through a long and intense orgasm, flooding me with even more juices, which I eagerly lapped up. Once she finally recovered, she pushed me backward until I was lying on my back on the kitchen floor. She immediately began to open my jeans and fished out my rigid cock, stroking it briefly before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them down to the base.

I worked my jeans down a little further as she sucked my cock, allowing her to fondle my balls with one hand while jacking my cock with the other. The linoleum was not very comfortable, but I didn’t care as I watched her head bob up and down, her lips sliding up and down my throbbing tool. Her mouth was so hot and so wet that I was fully prepared to release a load into it in short order. Sharon had other plans, however. After sucking my cock for a few long and pleasure-filled minutes, she straightened up and quickly straddled me. Holding her skirt up in the front, she guided my cock into her pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as my girth completely filled her. I had been correct about her wet, slippery pussy being heavenly to slip into.

She started slowly riding up and down as she leaned forward, her hands on either side of my head. I fondled her big breasts through her shirt and bra as she rode me before pushing her shirt up. I toyed with her hard nipples through the thin material of her bra, then reached behind her and unfastened it. Pushing her bra up over her tits, I felt their smooth flesh in my hands and ran my palms over her hard nipples. She was gradually riding me harder and faster, her succulent pussy slipping up and down my shaft. Raising my head slightly, I ran my tongue around her large, pink aureoles before alternately sucking each of her hard nipples between my lips. I continued to fondle her breasts while sucking and licking her nipples for a little while before sliding my hands around to her ass.

I kneaded and squeezed her fleshy cheeks while pulling her down on my cock as I pushed up into her. I was quickly building up to an orgasm, not having cum yet, and could tell that she was on her way to her second. I dropped my head back to the hard floor and watched her titties bounce as she rode me harder and faster, her breathing becoming heavier. Amazingly, her pussy began to feel even hotter and more slippery, drawing my orgasm out that much faster. I wanted to fuck her longer, but my body and her sweet pussy just wouldn’t allow it. I pushed as deeply into her as I could while pulling her down on me with my hands on her ass. Finally, with a grunt, I started to spew.

Sharon pushed down on me as I started to cum and, before I was quite finished filling her with my goo, she started cumming again herself. She shuddered above me as my cock expended itself and began to soften. She collapsed on top of me as she finished cumming, then pressed her lips against mine and snaked her soft tongue into my mouth. We lay on the floor making out as my cock continued to soften and slipped out of her. When we finally broke apart, she let out a long sigh.

“That was just what I needed,” she said, “and I hope you realize that as long as Tim is in school, I’m going to keep needing it.” I smiled and assured her that as long as she required my assistance, I’d be more than happy to provide it. I then suggested that once I’d cleaned up our dinner mess, we should retire to my bedroom. She got up and straightened her miniskirt, then pulled her shirt down without bothering to refasten her bra. I tucked my cock away and pulled my jeans back up before loading our dishes in the dishwasher. Sharon helped me and we were soon heading down the hall to my bedroom.

At my bedside, I immediately began to raise Sharon’s shirt over her head. As I tossed it aside, she let her bra slide down her arms and drop to the floor. I took her breasts in my hands and fondled them as she started working my shirt up. I released her tits as she pulled my shirt over my head, but lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples as soon as it popped free of my collar. My hands were on her curvy hips and were soon unbuttoning and unzipping the front of her denim miniskirt. I worked it slowly over her hips until gravity took over, carrying it to the floor. She stood there naked as my hands roamed over her bare ass and my tongue caressed her nipples.

Taking my face in her hands, she brought it up to hers and we were quickly making out, my hands back on her tits. She dropped her hands to my waist and unfastened my jeans for the second time that night. She worked them and my briefs over my hips and let them drop to my ankles. I stepped out of them and kicked them aside as she took my recovering beşyol escort organ in her soft hand and began to stroke it. I lifted Sharon up and crawled onto my bed, lowering her onto her back in the middle of it. She spread her legs wide and guided my cock between them as I lowered myself on top of her. I was hard enough at that point that it wasn’t difficult to slide into her juicy pussy and I was soon fully embedded in her, supporting myself on my elbows above her.

As I started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her succulent pussy, I lowered my head and we started making out again. She was raising her hips with each of my incoming thrusts, allowing me to slip fully into her each time. I was again astounded by how amazing her pussy felt as I slid my cock in and out of her; Tim had to be a complete idiot not to be fucking her every night. I knew that after tonight, I planned to fuck her at least twice a week and any other time the opportunity presented itself. Although we’d started out fucking slowly, the longer we went at it, the harder and faster I was slamming my cock into her hot pussy.

She was totally in synch with me, raising her hips up and accepting my full length over and over. We were starting to work up a sweat as our bodies slid against each other and Sharon was starting to get noisier. She pulled her knees up toward her tits, almost as though trying to open herself up even wider to accept more of me inside her. My hips slapped against the backs of her thighs with each thrust. As it had in the kitchen, her pussy started to feel wetter and hotter as she approached another well-deserved orgasm. I could feel my cock beginning to swell again and knew that I’d be cumming again soon after she did.

Sharon let out a cry as her orgasm washed over her, pulling me against her as I continued to fuck her. Her pussy was flooded with even more juices as she came, making it feel even more amazing as my cock slid in and out of it. I was intending to fill her with my goo once again, but after Sharon had caught her breath, she looked into my eyes and told me that she wanted my cock in her mouth. I was literally on the verge of cumming when she had me stop fucking her and crawl up to straddle her, so I knew it wouldn’t take much before she was swallowing my load.

Holding onto the headboard, I pumped my hips as Sharon wrapped her lips around my swollen and throbbing cock. Seeming to have no issue with tasting her own juices, Sharon took my cock fully into her hot mouth while massaging my balls with one hand and my ass with the other. I fucked her mouth slowly, enjoying the gradual rebuilding of my orgasm and the feel of her hand on my balls. The closer my orgasm came, the faster I pushed my hips against her face and my cock into her mouth. When I finally felt that I was ready to explode from the sheer pleasure, I started spewing into her mouth with a cry of relief. She swallowed my load while continuing to milk my cock between her lips, stopping only when I moved away, pulling my cock free.

I moved back down to lay beside her, but couldn’t keep my hands off of her body even while we recovered. Her tits were so perfectly sized, on the large side but not too large, and her bush was dark blonde, just slightly in need of a little maintenance. Of course, I’m sure that when she’d come upstairs earlier that evening, she hadn’t been expecting anyone to be seeing, much less getting intimately close to, her bush. Her ass was plush; nice round, full cheeks that you never wanted to let go of. I wondered how she felt about getting intimate in that area, but decided that I’d wait before exploring that.

We didn’t make love again that night, both of us feeling completely satisfied and knowing we’d have another opportunity in less than 48 hours. We agreed that she would cook on Thursdays and we would eat downstairs in her apartment. We spent Wednesday night outside as Tim and Rob talked about their classes and Sharon and I made up some bullshit story about eating dinner, talking and watching TV.

After what seemed like a long Thursday, I finally made it home and slipped into something more comfortable before heading downstairs to see Sharon. I didn’t even bother keeping my underwear on, just pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, grabbed a bottle of wine and went down to knock on her door. We agreed that after that night, knocking would no longer be necessary. Her cooking smelled great and she looked delectable herself in another miniskirt and snug top. After locking the door, she led me to one of the kitchen chairs, saying that dinner wasn’t quite ready but that she had an idea of how to kill the time while we were waiting. She worked my jeans open, smiling when she realized that I had nothing on under them, and got them down to my knees before having me sit in the chair. My cock stood straight up from my lap as I watched her raise her skirt, realizing that she had nothing on underneath, either.

She had clearly groomed her pussy since Tuesday; her dark blonde bush was trimmed beykent escort and shaped. She straddled me on the chair as I guided my cock toward her pussy, then lowered herself onto my stiff member. She had obviously been anticipating this moment, because she was dripping wet and I slid easily into her. She sat on my lap with my cock embedded in her for a minute or so before she started moving slowly up and down. Holding onto the back of the chair, she raised and lowered herself while I held her by the hips and assisted. She lowered her head and pressed her lips against mine, her tongue slipping quickly into my mouth.

My hands slid down from her waist and under her skirt to squeeze her bare ass, gradually lifting my own ass off the chair each time I lowered her onto my cock. My cock began to swell while her pussy continued to grow wetter and hotter as we both approached quick and highly anticipated orgasms. Sharon pulled her lips away from mine and buried her face against my neck, obviously on the verge of cumming. She was whimpering in my ear as she rode me harder and faster, finally letting out a cry as she started to cum. I kept fucking her, knowing my own orgasm was very close as well. Again, Sharon had other plans.

Once her orgasm had run its course, she raised her head, gave me a quick, hard kiss on the mouth and stood up, my cock popping from her pussy. In one fluid move, Sharon whipped her shirt off, revealing that she was also braless, and dropped to her knees. Leaning in close, she squeezed her tits together on either side of my stiff cock and started sliding them up and down. The feeling of the soft, smooth flesh of her tits on my throbbing cock had me quickly on the verge of cumming again. I just sat there watching my dick engulfed over and over between her luscious globes, feeling my orgasm building and my cock swelling.

Sharon was as engrossed as I was in the sight of my cock between her tits, so when I finally reached the brink and began to spew, my first spurt of jism hit her right in the face. She didn’t stop, though; on the contrary, she opened her mouth in case she received another shot. She didn’t manage to catch any of my spurts, but once I was spent, she scooped the cum off her cleavage and sucked it off her fingers. The little bit of cleaning up that I needed Sharon did with her mouth before standing and cleaning the rest of her chest with some Kleenex. She pulled her shirt back on and went to check on dinner while I pulled my jeans back up.

I opened the wine as Sharon served up dinner and we sat down to eat, having a good conversation but also eager about what the rest of the night promised. We didn’t rush through dinner, knowing we’d have plenty of time for whatever we wanted to do and letting the anticipation build. Once we’d eaten and drunk our fill, we cleaned up and got everything put away before heading to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Sharon jumped up on the bed and started to do a striptease for me. Granted, she didn’t have a lot to strip off, but I was attentive anyway. By the time she’d stopped teasing me and had whipped her shirt off again, I had my jeans down to my knees and was stroking my tool. I watched her luscious breasts bouncing as she danced around, flipping up her skirt to flash me her pussy and her ass. By the time she shimmied out of her skirt, my cock was rigid and raring to go and had definitely attracted her attention. As I approached the bed, she turned her back on me and dropped to her knees, then lowered herself onto all-fours and looked over her shoulder to make sure I was still coming.

I left my jeans and briefs behind and was pulling my shirt off as I moved up behind her on my knees. Her ass was so alluring that I had to run my hands over her smooth cheeks and bend down to nibble and kiss it. I was still hoping that I’d get the opportunity to fuck her ass at some point in the future so, as part of my plan to determine her openness to such a thing, I stuck my face between her ass cheeks to lick her pussy, then ran my tongue right up between her cheeks and over her anus. She shivered when I did, which I took as a good sign.

I straightened up and took my rigid cock in hand, guiding it to her dripping pussy and pushing into her. Grabbing her by the hips, I started to slowly piston my tool in and out of her hot, juicy pussy; I couldn’t imagine ever tiring of fucking her. I fucked her for a while just holding her by the hips and pulling her lush ass back against my incoming thrusts, but, at about the same time I noticed her hand sneak back between her legs, I slid my hands around to fondle her swinging breasts. Since I had cum already, I felt that I’d be able to hold out for a pretty good while this time; I wanted to fuck her for as long as I could manage.

I wasn’t fucking her as hard as I leaned forward over her ass to play with her titties, but I was giving her a consistent pumping. She massaged her clit while I toyed with her hard nipples and was soon moaning and pushing back against me. I reluctantly released her tits when I sensed that her orgasm was imminent and straightened up to take her by the hips again. I fucked her harder, pulling her ass back to smack against my incoming hips while feeling her pussy getting wetter and hotter, as it tended to do right before she came. I got to thinking about the abundance of juices she had flowing and thought that it would be nice to slurp them up.

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