The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 08

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The overriding theme of all my stories is exhibitionism and voyeurism. Please be aware though, that I will touch a lot of other bases as well as this story runs its course. If you are offended by explicit, overt sex, sex between family members, bi or lesbian sex, then maybe it’s best you move on. Lastly, there are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. I say this to avoid having each the characters declare his or her age in the dialogue. I really had fun writing this story because it incorporates so many of my favourite reading topics and I really hope you enjoy it. I want to thank barefootgirl69 for her careful edit of this chapter.


My sleepover at Magda’s didn’t quite go as I had hoped. After mind-blowing sex at night and then again in the morning, something had happened to turn Magda cold. I was upset and I prayed it wasn’t just because of our age difference. The whole thing was driving me crazy when I went to bed that night.

When Sunday morning came, I was lying in bed listening to muffled voices that emanated from my sister Jan’s room. Her sleepover was still going strong. As I stared at the ceiling I began to realize that something had changed in me. I no longer felt sorry for myself and somehow my self-pity had morphed into resentment. I was now really pissed at Magda.

What the hell did I do but love her, I thought to myself. I’ve always done whatever she wanted me to. I didn’t deserve to be treated this way and I deserved to know what the hell was going on.

I got dressed and skipped breakfast to run over to her house. I wanted to confront her. How could she have done this to me? Did my feelings mean nothing to her? These words and more shrieked in my mind as I let myself in and headed boldly to her room.

“Magda!” I called out loud, “we have to talk.”

As I reached the doorway to her room, what I saw made me freeze at the threshold. She wasn’t alone. Mona was there with her under the covers. Magda wasn’t smiling at me but her look was very loving as she lifted the covers and revealed a space between them. She motioned me forward and I stripped in lightning speed. I crawled up in the middle as she dropped the blanket back over us and looked me in the eye.

“Good morning Rick, you were saying?”

“Oh, you’re not getting off that easy Magda,” I started up again but then Mona rolled over and hooked a leg over me. A lazy hand reached down and took hold of my cock softly and tenderly.

“Oh, shush up Rick,” Mona said, “some apologies don’t come with a lot of words.”

Magda rolled over as well and now both women had a leg up on me as Magda ran her hand around my chest and pinched my nipples.

“Kiss me,” Mona demanded.

I complied and tasted her sweet mouth while still maintaining a sense of righteous indignation. She asked again in a much sexier voice. “Now kiss me the way you want to kiss her.”

I kissed her again but this time with mixed feelings. My love for Magda was clear and present but there was also my newfound affection for Mona. I hadn’t fully realized how important Mona was becoming to me.

“That was better, much better, now do it to her,” she ordered.

When my lips touched Magda’s our emotions burst and took over. I took the back of her head with one hand as I pressed my lips to hers and our tongues locked in battle. Magda’s hand slipped down and caringly massaged my balls while Mona continued to pump my cock slowly.

It’s hard to express how I was feeling right then. Lust, love, excitement, they all converged into one driving force in me. Mona kissed my neck and nibbled at my ear while I kissed Magda lovingly. Our desire seemed to renew and increase with every embrace as we all sensed each other’s passion. The mood in the bed became more and more intense and demanding as we all kissed, licked and clawed at each other.

Our bodies were sweat-covered and slippery now as Magda crawled up toward my head and then swung her hips over me. At the same time, Mona took my cock in her mouth and slathered it all over with her saliva. She then straddled my waist and lowered her moist warm pussy over my hungry cock.

I looked up as Magda’s luscious pussy descended over my face. She slid forward and nestled herself over my mouth then sat lightly on me. I licked her juices and her clit but my range of motion was limited. With my head pinned beneath her, she began to serve up all the best parts to my waiting mouth. She expertly lined up everything that needed my attention as she maneuvered her hips on top of me. I felt a little trapped but I was delighted at how well this was all working.

Mona felt wonderful as she rode my cock up and down. Her hip gyrations were so flexible, I thanked the gods for young horny athletes. Both women kissed and fondled each other as they sat on top of me. Reaching out I found Mona’s clit with my right hand and rubbed it with my index and forefinger. With the other hand I caressed Magda’s clit with my thumb and index finger.

Magda güvenilir bahis was the first to come as her juices came down on me like rain. She moved off me then dropped down to kiss and lick my face all over. She slid over on her side propping herself on my chest as she leaned her head in toward Mona’s pussy.

Mona leaned back as far as she could as she continued to slide up and down my cock. Magda tickled her exposed clit with her tongue and in no time Mona too was screaming through a delicious orgasm.

Now both women set their attention to me as Magda sucked on my cock and Mona dug-in between my legs and sucked and licked my balls. The feeling of multiple tongues bathing and caressing my privates was indescribable and I felt so completely loved at that moment. The added sensations were far more than I could stand and I came very quickly.

Magda raised herself from my cock and grabbed Mona by the hair. She pulled her over my cock as I spewed cum all over her face and hair. They both screamed and laughed as Mona tried to get out of the way but Magda held her solidly in place. When I let up, Magda let go as Mona recoiled backwards from my cock.

“You bitch,” she laughed, “I like his cum but, shit, it’s coming out my nose. You’d better watch your back. I’m going to get you, Magda.”

“Oh, I’m counting on it sweetie,” Magda answered.

We all piled into the shower and got cleaned up before we made for the kitchen and some breakfast. I hadn’t eaten for almost twenty-four hours now and I was starving.

Magda studied me as we ate. “No questions?” She asked.

“Well, after that incredible sex I’ve got a feeling we’re OK again. But just the same, I still don’t know how much trouble I was in or why.”

“I’m ashamed to admit it was about our differences,” Magda admitted, “and I got cold feet without ever giving you a fair chance.”

“Magda,” said, “I know I still have an awful lot to learn about relationships and especially about the things you need in this one. There is one thing that I do know for sure, though. I have to be the luckiest guy on the planet to be sitting here with the two of you this morning.”

Magda looked over to Mona with wide eyes.

“I told you,” Mona whispered into her cup of coffee.

When breakfast was over, Magda had a lot of things to follow up on so Mona and I left her to her business. We dressed and all said our good byes as Mona and I left together.

“That was a wonderful wakeup call this morning,” Mona said to me as I walked her to the bus stop. “I hope we do a lot more things like that in the future now.”

“You know, sex with two women has always been a fantasy for me,” I told her, “but I guess that’s true for most guys.”

“That’s right, it is but I don’t think you realize what a small club you’ve just joined. I’ve only done that once before and it wasn’t nearly as much fun.”

“Frankly, I never thought I’d be able to satisfy two women, especially you two but now I see it’s really more about sharing than performing. I can’t wait until we do it again, I’ve got so many more things I’d like to try.”

“Shit, you fucking amaze me, you know that?” she blurted out, “and what’s even more amazing is just how much I’m starting to care for you.”

I hugged her and gave her a tender kiss on the lips. “I have those same feelings for you but please understand, Mona, they don’t make me love Magda any less.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Rick, I know exactly what you mean and I truely love Magda as well. The thing is, our threesomes can be so much more now that our feelings are out in the open. I’m really looking forward to that.”

Her bus arrived and she gave me a peck on the lips before climbing on board. She turned and gave me a little wave as the doors closed.

I was feeling terrific as I headed for home. All the planets were in alignment and my future was now looking pretty good. I stripped after entering and went immediately upstairs, completely forgetting about Jan’s sleepover. As I reached for my door handle, Jan’s door flew open and all three girls marched out giggling as they carried their overnight bags. Everyone froze for a few seconds as I turned to face them all and give them get a good eyeful.

“Oh, Jan, sorry. I thought your friends had left already,” I said.

The girls were clearly unaccustomed to nudity and the sexual tension in the hall was palpable. The feeling of exposing myself in this fun little way was powerful and erotic as my cock hardened quickly. I contracted the muscles and made it bounce a couple of times. Then I simply smiled and entered my room.

I felt exhilarated at exposing myself to Jan’s friends. There was a flurry of laughter and speed talking out in the hall as they all hurried past my door then down the stairs and out through the front. Later, Jan knocked and stuck her head in the door.

“That was really funny, Rick,” she said. “Did you plan for that to happen?”

“No, not at all. I thought you had already gone. I’ve türkçe bahis go to admit, though, that I really enjoyed doing it. Maybe we’ll plan for some more accidents like that the next time. You should try doing it yourself, I think you’d really like it as well.”

“I know I would,” Jan said, “I’m getting wet just thinking about it. Well, I know my friends loved your show. They can’t wait to come back for another sleepover now.”

“Say, can we play a bit?” She asked as she came in and began to strip.

“Spending all that time with my horny girlfriends really got me wound up. I tried to get them into girl/girl sex but they were too nervous to go all the way. That just left me even more desperate.”

“Sure,” I smiled, “lie down on the bed, I’d just love to eat your sweet, little pussy.”

She lay down with her legs open and bent over the edge of the bed. I knelt in between them and placed one hand on her left thigh while I teased her thin pubic hair with my fingers and traced her labia with my thumb. A slight shiver went through her body as I did. Her pussy lips moistened as I continued and it made my mouth water.

“Have you ever seen girls who shave their pussy?” I asked.

“Ew! Why, is that something you like? Mom still has some hair there although she trims it really fancy now. Is that because of you?”

I nodded as I continued to speak, “I do like the smooth feel and the clear view of the pussy lips is really sexy as well. But I think it’s also a lot about you. All this hair gets in the way of skin to skin contact and much more feeling for both of us.”

“You know, I’ve never seen any friends or other girls in gym class who do it. Frankly, I’ve never thought about it at all. Just the same though, I’m up for anything that gives me more feeling and pleasure. Let’s try it.” She sat up and smiled.

“What? You mean right now, with me?” I said, slightly surprised at the suggestion. “I’ve never done it before, hell, I hardly shave myself!”

“Well I do shave, my legs and underarms that is,” she giggled, “I’ll go get my stuff and be back in a minute.”

A few minutes later she came skipping back in with a basin, towels, a razor and some shaving cream. She handed it all to me then spread out a towel on the edge of the bed. She lay back down on the towel and propped herself up on her elbows.

“Well it looks like I’ve got no choice but don’t think this will be my job from now on though.” Secretly, the thought of playing with her sweet pussy with all that slippery cream, was finding a very pleasant space in my thoughts.

I leaned in and gave her clit a little kiss before lathering her up. As I got her all soapy, I made sure to give her a little extra stimulation as I went. She squirmed to my touch as I spread out the slippery foam and rubbed into all her sacred recesses. I began to shave off the thin silky pubic hairs using short strokes with the razor and rinsing often. In no time her pelvic mound was all done and I began the more onerous task of cleaning between her legs and her labia.

My thumbs and fingers probed everywhere, pulling skin back, rubbing for stubble, cleaning off excess cream. All of which meant Jan was getting a whole lot of stimulation while I worked. She had long since relaxed as she laid back on the bed to fully experience the process. She rubbed her breasts, pinched her erect nipples and moaned all the while. Finally when I was done, I gave her a final rinse before patting her new baldness with a dry towel.

“Wow, that was so great, Rick, I must have had five little orgasms while you did that. Even the towel felt nice.”

“How about I take it for a spin?” I asked.

She flopped back and pushed out her pussy towards me. “If you must,” she giggled.

I began by licking and kissing all over her nice smooth pelvic mound for at least ten minutes. Jan wiggled her hips under me as I left nothing un-licked.

“That feels so very nice now. It’s amazing how much more I can feel. Your tongue feels so soft and smooth, I love it.”

Then I continued down below as I took a thigh in each hand and raised her legs then spread them wide apart. Her pussy lips were fully engorged and open as her juices drooled down into the crack of her ass. Once again I took my time and licked everywhere making sure she got her money’s worth.

“I keep having these amazing little orgasms, they just won’t stop,” she moaned. “But I want a big one now Rick, make me scream.”

“I will,” I promised, “but just don’t scream out loud. Dad is downstairs and I don’t want him to come in and catch us.”

I slid a finger into her crack and tickled her rosebud as I rubbed her clit hood gently with the thumb of my other hand. Then I began to lick her lips all over again. The added stimulation brought her up a notch as she became more vocal and she pushed her pussy against my mouth. I slid a finger into her super tight pussy and gently massaged her G-spot as her actions and moans became more and more violent. I covered her güvenilir bahis siteleri clit with my mouth and sucked as my tongued washed over and played with it.

Finally she couldn’t hold off any longer and she came. I could feel her contractions as they closed around my finger sucking it into her wet warmth. She covered her mouth with her hands and muffled her screams as her whole body now broke into spasms. I continued to massage her pussy as I leaned back a bit and enjoyed the fruits of my labour.

After a few more minutes she calmed down and lay there motionless. Suddenly, she sprang up and threw herself at me bowling me over to the floor with a heavy thump. She sat up on top of me as she laughed and she kissed me all around the face finishing with a deep, deep passionate kiss. This kiss was much more intense than we had ever shared before. It was becoming clear Jan had passed sisterly love and moved on to another level.

As we continued to kiss deeply, she wriggled her body and rubbed her dripping pussy along the length of my cock. A moment later, I realized what she was up to.

“NO, JAN!” I shouted as I felt her hand slip my cock into her opening. I tried to pull away but she had me pinned between her legs. She pushed her body upwards shifting all her weight to her hips. This drove my cock stright up into her slippery tight recess. Then, with a look of supreme triumph and pain, she sat up on me with my cock planted deep within her tight little pussy. I couldn’t believe how tight it actually felt around my shaft. She raised her arms up victoriously and then fell forward on me as we kissed once more.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and rolled us both over until I was on top. Then, I slid backwards and out of her.

“That wasn’t your choice to make,” I said angrily, “I told you how I felt and how important it was to me.”

“Please, don’t be so angry,” she began to sob, “I couldn’t help myself I just wanted to fuck you so bad, I still do.”

“And what if it was the other way around? What if I was the one who forced myself on you?” I shouted.

“STOP IT!!” she shrieked and now I could hear my dad calling and running up the stairs.

He burst through the door and glared at me before looking at Jan who lay sobbing on the floor. He trained his back on me once more and then down to my cock. Obvious traces of Jan’s virginal blood covered my shaft.

“YOU LITTLE…,” He raised his hand in a fist and came at me.

Jan screamed at the top of her lungs, “NO DADDY! PLEASE, NO! IT’S NOT HIS FAULT!! IT WAS ME, ALL ME! PLEASE DON’T HURT HIM!”

My mom came rushing into the room and began to cry as well, “OH, RICK, you promised.”

“WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!” Dad turned and looked and at Mom in disbelief.

“ALRIGHT THAT’S ENOUGH,” Mom screamed at the top of her lungs. “EVERYONE JUST SHUT-UP AND SIT DOWN! I can’t take another second of this. We’re all going to sit down and come clean about everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING!”

Mom was shaking as she sat down on my bed. I, too, sat on the edge of my bed and Jan sat sniffling on the floor beside me. Dad took his place in my chair and then we all stared blankly at each other for another moment.

“OK Rick, you’re the one in the middle of all this, you’re up first,” Mom ordered.

So I began to tell my story, first about how things began and had developed with Magda, then on to Jan then Mom. Jan and Mom would jump in to add details from their perspective but generally, we got everything out in the open. We even covered the little episode between Jan and Dad. I held back any details about Mona and kept details of my relationship with Magda to a minimum.

My dad was the worst hit by all the confessions of course. He kept leaning forward then falling back in the chair, holding his head then holding his arms out in frustration. When it was all over the room was quiet again, as we all contemplated what might come next.

“This is all my fault,” I finally said, “I’m the one whose done this to our family and I should leave.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Dad snapped, “nobody’s going anywhere. I’m still a little in shock here but I’ll get over it, as I’m sure we all will. Even you Ruth.” He quipped at Mom.

“OK, so as I see it there’s been a lot of pretty basic sinning going on in this house,” Dad began. “From what I’ve heard though, it all stemmed from basic but real needs with loving responses. Now, I know I’m being REALLY generous here but I’m sticking with that view, Goddamn it. Otherwise, my head would probably explode.”

“Sure these things were wrong on so many levels but the fact remains that no one was hurt. I, for one, could never be your judge because I, too, was very tempted with Jan the other morning. I took the high road then but I’m sure she could have easily worn me down. Now, you’ve all been playing each other for a while now and pretty intensely. Something just had to give.”

“I’m going to suggest that we all calm down and sleep on it tonight and we’ll look at it again with fresh eyes tomorrow. Our world hasn’t come to an end; our family is still intact. You may not feel it right now but I know we will all come through this a lot stronger and closer.”

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