The Best Week of My Life

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Double Penetration

I’m Steven Mills, an average type of guy recently turned thirty and though I say so myself not in too bad shape. Physically that is, for mentally I’m no longer sure. I was fine until the events of the past week turned a normal healthy young man into some kind of sexual deviant. As for being the best week of my life…you be the judge.

It all started with the Tranter family and the unfortunate incident with their careless young daughter…

* * *

Looking back, it’s hard to believe just how badly the week started. Cycling home merrily from football practice, the Kaiser Chiefs on the iPod, I failed to predict that the black BMW at the junction would just pull out. But it did, and right on top of me too, no chance to brake or swerve, literally nowhere to go. The front wheel of the bike buckled immediately upon impact sending the back one and my butt into orbit, arcing through the air seemingly in slow motion.

Fortuitously – or surely I’d not be here now to tell the tale – on the downward descent a part of my anatomy glanced off a part of the car. That upended my body so that the knee took the brunt of the impact upon touchdown. That’s not to say it wasn’t still the most painful thing I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness, especially when combined with the shock. However, my howling was surpassed by the banshee wail of the strawberry blonde teenaged driver in corduroys and padded jacket that jumped theatrically from the vehicle, hand on mouth. “Oh God, oh God, oh God, what have I done?” she repeated mantra-like.

Clutching a bloodstained and busted knee I looked up, cursing through clenched teeth. My mobile phone and iPod shattered in pieces on the ground, I urged her to call an ambulance. Through the haze of pain, I heard her mumble about the batteries in hers being dead. The road as desolate as a post-apocalyptic scene, after gaining a semblance of composure the young girl reached down to help me up. A hand resting on her shoulder I hopped forward, every step like a hammer blow to the kneecap. With an exhalation I fell onto the back seat curled in the foetal position. “Mum’s a nurse, she’ll know what to do,” the girl mouthed breathlessly. “Just hang on sir and we’ll be home in no time.”

Her words offered a crumb of comfort through the fog of pain and I observed in the rear view mirror that she was a pretty, albeit scared, young thing. Hands shaking uncontrollably on the wheel, her eyes were puffy from weeping. I could have been forgiven for thinking she was the victim rather than the perpetrator. “We’ll be there soon,” she promised, as if I were at death’s door. “What’s your name, sir?”

“Steven,” I groaned.

“I-I-I-I’m Ally.”

Little time for pleasantries, I did my best not to bleed all over the seat of the nice new car, holding a rapidly reddening handkerchief to the torn and gaping wound. A relatively short journey seemed to take forever.

Easing into a driveway Ally alighted with a vow to come straight back with help. Keeping her word she returned with an older woman. In my pained state I assessed they were late teens and mid thirties respectively. The older woman’s hair was a redder hue than her daughter’s, stroking at her shoulders as she bent to survey the grumbling patient.

Between the pair they hobbled me inside the house and onto a warm soft sofa. Seeing my ripped and bloodstained jeans for the first time in a proper light, immediately the girl burst into tears, fleeing the room as her mother assumed control of the situation. Locating a pair of scissors she started to snip away at the denim. As my leg jerked, the pain was unbearable and I hissed and spat.

At the same time, however, I could not help but peer down the front of the woman’s blouse as she bent forward. Unbuttoned at the neck, the tops of a pair of smooth, rotund and lightly freckled breasts were clearly visible down the front, clad cosily in a lacy cream half-cup bra. A welcome sight, in contrast an unwelcome tightening grasped my groin. “I’m Ally’s mum,” she said, surprising me as our eyes locked for a second, “Bonnie.”

“Steven,” I replied, grimacing.

I caught a half-smile, a brief acknowledgement on her pretty face and in those piercing green eyes. Leaving the delectable rack on view, Bonnie continued her snipping, careful not to inflict further pain on the smashed knee. Working around the site of the wound, up my thigh and finally cutting the waist, she eased aside the flaps of ruined denim to reveal a garish wound. “Ouch,” she mouthed, “that looks nasty. We’ll need to get you along to the hospital, Steven.”

“Anything you can give me till then,” I appealed, forcing a pained expression.

She smiled knowingly. “I’ll dress it for you and fetch some painkiller.”

I thanked her, grimacing as she departed, barely daring to look, but unable to stop myself. The flesh on the kneecap was shredded, a horrendous sight. Leaning back I let out a huge yelp, before my attention was drawn elsewhere. Cocking my ear, I could hear raised voices in the next door room. Glancing around the well kept room, the women were visible izmir escort to me in a big mirror that was tilted at just the right angle. I could see everything from this position on the sofa. “Daddy is going to be so mad, he’s going to kill me,” cried Ally, her eyes rings of red.

“And so he might,” replied Bonnie, stern-faced.

Ally’s legs fell from beneath her and she curled up, whimpering at her mother’s feet. I actually began to feel guilty for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bonnie returned to me with a bowl of warm water and a little green first aid box bearing a white cross on the side. Using cotton wool and surgical spirit to clean the wound and disperse the congealed mass of almost black blood, she offered words of comfort as I sucked hard at the air. Padding and sealing the wound, she took me by surprise by stroking my upper thigh, congratulating my bravery and how big and strong I was.

I smiled a little uncomfortably, saying it was nothing really. Oh but it was, she gushed and I was very big and very strong she repeated, lips parting ever so slightly, seductively. Her soothing palms massaged higher, causing me to exhale then blush a deep scarlet. Mesmerised as those lovely tits jiggled seductively inside the blouse, the nipples inflated to press at the light material.

Her hands felt good there, real good, causing my cock to up a notch. Concealed by a baggy pair of boxer shorts, I thought for a moment she might just slide a hand inside the hem. Instead Bonnie issued a lustful little sigh before handing over the glass of cold water and painkillers and lightly touching my brow. “You’ll live, Steven,” she whispered, standing to pirouette.

Her arse damn near perfect too, not too big, not too small, was showcased nicely in a pair of skin tight jeans. The sight as she skipped away very nearly made me forget the pain, my groin tingling.

No time to reflect further, however, the front door burst open and, in the mirror’s reflection, young Ally jumped to her feet with a squeal. In breezed a huge red-bearded man who looked like an angry grizzly. Acting swiftly, Bonnie jumped in between the pair. “No, Ray,” she appealed as this man-monster snarled at their cowering daughter.

“What the hell’s happened my car? How many times have I told you?” he bellowed, causing Ally’s pretty face to contort and the tears to flow readily once more.

I actually began to feel sorry for the girl, almost willing to accept responsibility if it got her off the hook. But I was beached on the sofa, able only to look on with a muted voice. The girl’s show of contrition cut little ice with her stern-faced father who continued the tirade, brushing aside his wife with an easy backhand before bearing down on the frightened looking girl. “No, daddy, no,” she begged.

What happened next, reflected back in its full glory from the mirror, shocked me a hundred times more than the moment I hit the ground earlier. My mouth fell agape as suddenly Ray reached out to Ally’s slender wrists, pulling her to him. A whimper met the onslaught, combined with a token yet fruitless struggle but, powerless to resist Ally was hauled across her father’s firm knee as he sat back.

My eyes bulged as her corduroys were tugged down to expose a soft pair of thighs and bum. Ally kicked her feet and scratched but it was a futile show of resistance against the powerful assailant. Hooking his thumbs through the side strings of the black thong, Ray eased the skimpy black garment to his daughter’s knees, the poor girl wriggling like an eel. “No, daddy, please daddy,” she begged as Bonnie looked on impassively.

My eyes weren’t the only things to bulge, a rock hard cock prodding at my boxers as the scene unfolded in reflected view. Shaking my head I couldn’t quite believe what I was witnessing, surely the delirium of the accident having induced some kind of weird hallucination. But no, it was happening, an act was as equally shocking in modern day society as it was erotic. One final plea for clemency falling upon deaf ears, Ally clenched in readiness as the big man raised his paw shoulder high.

I looked on aghast as it cut through the air, impacting on the girl’s soft butt with a loud crack. Her body jerked and a screech punctuated the still. This was quickly followed by a volley of spanks, each increasing in intensity and each counted out breathlessly from one to ten by the petite strawberry blonde.

My incredulity matched only by a burgeoning desire, it was hard not to reach for my pulsing cock. They might or might not have realised it, but I could see everything that was going on. Above Ray’s heightened breathing, Ally implored: “No more, daddy, pleeeeeeeeease no more daddy.”

It came as a disappointment when he acceded, allowing the tearful girl to climb off. Almost subconsciously, I found I was drawing the foreskin of my cock back and forth over the bulging purple head, my breath racing. Taking her husband aside, Bonnie stepped up on tiptoe to whisper in his ear. I could see her pointing my way.

Ally looked on sheepishly, keçiören escort hands rubbing at her stung butt. Seeing Ray bowl my way, quickly I covered up. Shrinking into the sofa like some errant boyfriend that had gotten his daughter pregnant and was about to face the wrath, I swallowed hard. “Thank you, daddy, thank you, sir,” whispered Ally before seeking refuge within her mother’s expansive bosom.

Looking up as Ray barged in, immediately I was aware of the formidable, towering presence. With disdain he surveyed the injury to my knee, a tiny drop of blood having formed in the centre of the makeshift bandage. “Ach, it’s little more than a scratch,” he scoffed dismissively, unappreciative of the full extent of the injury. “You’ll be right as rain in the morning.”

I nodded in agreement, fearing he might get physical with ME. Yet Ray simply paced the room, scratching at his beard, as if he was rehearsing some polemic. Our eyes met and I cowered before remembering that I was the injured party in all this. Joined by mother and daughter, they stood idly in the shadow of the larger-than-life patriarchal figure. As Ally made an apologetic face my way, Ray bellowed: “What you got to say to the man?”

A hesitant Ally stepped out of the shadow, lips pursed. “Um, I’m really sorry, sir,” she mouthed, shrugging her shoulders and retracting into little-girl-in-touble mode.

All three pairs of eyes stared unerringly my way. “No…um, that’s okay, really it is,” I replied, wanting nothing more than to get away from this weird household as soon as possible. “Look, I…”

My sentenced remained unfinished as Ray scrubbed at his wiry red bristles, seemingly unsure, hesitant even. “Look, I know this is asking a lot…but ‘little miss careless driver here’ isn’t insured to drive her daddy’s car…”

Oh great, I thought. Bang goes my chance of compensation. More tears welled up in Ally’s eyes as, clinging on to her mother, she implored my assistance. Bonnie too begged with her emerald eyes, using every feminine wile in the book to appeal to my better nature.

From my prone position I couldn’t help but check out her gorgeous breasts, straining against the blouse. In the excitement, they seemed to have grown an extra cup size and the nipples had become yet more rampant, virtually sprouting through the cotton, stained by Ally’s tears. Noticing my unsubtle attention she jiggled them seductively, a tingle of pleasure spreading through my groin. Torn between naked lust and a sense of justice I prevaricated. “Hmmm, I don’t know…” I began, prompting another display of tears from Ally. “You want me to lie?” I emphasised.

As Bonnie comforted her quivering daughter, Ray scratched his whiskers, as if unsure. “I guess so.”

Despite encountering a less than receptive listener, he continued: “If we were all to agree that it was me driving, the insurance company will pay up, no questions asked. If not…”

He let the words hang, the implication heavy with menace. I shifted upright, considering the options. A man of previous good integrity, I had little regard for what more or less amounted to an act of fraud. Yet on the other hand, if it got the poor little Ally out of a tough spot and made my injury claim easier, I could work on my conscience. Ray and Bonnie sat down on the adjacent sofa, giving the concerned parents’ act, awaiting my response, whilst Ally stood in the middle of the room, sucking her thumb like a naughty schoolgirl.

My eyes darted from the frightened teenager to her expectant parents and back again. Barely eighteen, Ally looked so vulnerable, so like a frightened rabbit in the headlights – an unfortunate analogy. “Please Steven,” she begged. “I’m going to be in so much trouble…”

I nodded slowly, hating it. But a sense of common decency got the better of me. “Hmmm, okay, I’ll go along with it…”

Smiles illuminated the room, followed by an expulsion of air from Ally’s lungs. “Oh thank you, Steven,” she gushed, exchanging a glance with her father, a glance that prompted a silent nodded response.

Tossing her arms around my neck, she made to kiss my lips. Taken aback, I nudged her away. As Ally made a second sortie I was more accommodating, our lips brushing then moulding. As we embraced, I felt her mouth open. Forgetting that her parents were mere feet away, I allowed my tongue to glide inside the soft glossed lips. She moaned back into my mouth as our tongues danced. My heart pounding, I caught Ray’s eye and elected to ease back.

Ally smiled, the tears having dissolved. Unzipping, she let the cords crumple down her shapely legs. Reaching to loosen the thong from her hips, the teenager stepped out of the skimpy black triangle, kicking it aside before moving closer once more. Before I realised what was happening, she was spread across my lap, head one side, strawberry blonde hair flailing, toes brushing the carpet the other side. Careful not to press down too hard near the throbbing and painfully numb knee, she wiggled her cute little backside, gazing up and aside with a doe-eyed demetevler escort innocence that belied her latent sexuality. I fought to control the overwhelming urges that had taken me captive. “No really, this isn’t necessary,” I protested, in genuine embarrassment.

“Give her ten of the best,” commanded Ray from the other sofa.

I shrugged, unable to bring myself to. “It’s for the best,” averred Bonnie, hugging her husband and fluttering her eyelashes my way.

“No look, really…” I gulped.

“Punish me, Steven,” implored Ally. “I’ve been a naughty little girl and I need to be spanked.”

I swallowed hard, Ally’s eyes locking once more on mine. The teenager smiled reassuringly as if to say it was what she needed. Hand rising and wavering before me, I hesitated. For fuck’s sake, this was one hell of a bizarre set up I’d stumbled upon. And this just wasn’t me. I guessed it must be the accident warping my mind.

Ray and Bonnie looked on with bated breath, discreetly fondling one another. Ally issued a nod, at the same time raising her cute young arse. Wow it was such an alluring sight, the cheeks so damned peachy and spankable. Just visible through her clenched thighs, a wisp of hair and a hint of pink labia caught my eye. Stealing a breath, I accepted that there was no turning back.

The first smack barely grazed an arse that was already flushed from Ray’s earlier manhandling. “One,” breathed Ally, pressing her pussy into my lap.

“For fuck’s sake, harder!” boomed Ray, his lip curling as Bonnie’s fingers stroked his cock through his trousers.

By way of incentive, once more Ally wiggled those delectable spank-me-please arse cheeks. The second smack was more manful, cracking the flesh and causing Ally to suck in a lungful of air before counting two. “Harder!” commanded her sadistic father, his cock outline clearly visible as Bonnie caressed.

I exhaled with purpose, head spinning. The next eight spanks rattled down in quick succession, making the teenager’s arse jerk and back arch. Leaving an indelible handprint, each blow was counted out through gritted teeth. As Ally sighed and writhed in my lap, a throb of dull pain reverberated through my knee but it was nothing compared to the throb of pleasure in my groin. Glancing down, it became apparent that my cock had burst right through the fly of my boxers. Precum glazed the proud purple tip and I could barely comprehend how hard I was – as hard as Ally was wet. Her sticky juices coated my thigh as she rubbed rhythmically, breathing lustily and imploring more attention.

Glancing across, my spankings, it seemed, had had a similar effect on Ray and Bonnie. Shimmying out of the jeans and panties, Bonnie stretched back on the sofa, calves across Ray’s legs, thighs apart and back arched. Ray elevated her legs and, head buried, began to slurp at her pussy. I watched as his head bobbed and Bonnie bit her lower lip. Gorgeous tits in hand, Bonnie squeezed the bulging nipples through the thin blouse whilst looking alluringly my way, her pretty face shielded with lust. I could scarcely believe my eyes.

At the same time, Ally’s hand crept up to take a firm hold on my rock hard shaft. Up and down it stroked as she enthused how big I was. Well I’m pretty average but it never did a guy any harm to hear that. Pressing back into the couch, my eyes rolled as the teen lovely on my lap wanked the rock hard tool. Blind to what was happening on the other sofa, Ally implored with a pant: “What are my parents doing, sir? Please tell me.”

Drawn irrevocably into this mad charade, I hesitated before answering: “Your daddy is eating out your mummy’s pussy.”

Ally groaned, then I did too as she began to stroke my cock more purposefully, working the foreskin back and forth over the bulbous head. The eager fist pumped up and down, complemented by gushing compliments on my size. Surely this was some kind of dream from which I’d wake any second. Maybe I had been hurt far worse in the accident and was in a coma. Yet it sure seemed real enough.

Bonnie’s sighs filled the room as Ray’s tongue excavated inside, probing her swollen clit. I watched as Bonnie trembled, hands on the back of Ray’s head, guiding him towards her most receptive spots. Her whimpers of delight and the way her boobs jiggled were a pleasure to behold. Momentarily rising for air, Ray displayed a broad grin, lips and beard slick with Bonnie’s cunt juice, her scent of arousal clinging to the air beneath my nostrils.

Not entirely sure what to do next, I improvised by reaching under to locate Ally’s near nipple through her top. Her breasts a cup size below her mother’s, nonetheless they were sculpted perfectly to her slim young body. As I rolled the teat between thumb and forefinger, causing it to swell noticeably, she let out an elongated sigh, rubbing her wet pussy against my lap more vigorously.

My eyes darted from the cherubic teenaged face to her parents like a spectator at a tennis match. Shifting positions on the adjacent sofa, Bonnie tore off her blouse to finally reveal the sweetest tits imaginable. Virtually free from sag, yet 100% natural, massive areolae spread out from the perkiest erect pink nipples. As she stood, her back to her husband to allow me a full frontal, a cute thatch of trimmed ginger pubic hair was unveiled, plump pink pussy lips issuing a little kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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