The Birthday Gift

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I am a divorced woman in my thirties living alone in the house I got in the settlement. I am not into dating and certainly not interested in getting into the fighting and squabbling of married life again.

I have satisfied my sexual needs with a very convenient arrangement. About six months ago I needed some work done in the house, electrical and carpentry that was beyond my abilities. I found a handyman jack-of-all-trades on the internet, and he was perfect. He did all the jobs I asked him to do for reasonable fees.

He is tall, strong and muscular. OK, maybe not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but polite and easy to deal with. I called him by his first name, John, but he insisted on calling me Mrs. Anderson. One day I corrected him, and said “If I can call you John, you can certainly call me Susan.”

From that day on, he did address me as Susan, and we became more and more comfortable with each other.

I am sure you can see this coming, but I didn’t. One day we brushed up against each other in the hallway, and he put his arms around me. I wasn’t sure how to react, but he was sexually attractive to me. He tentatively touched my breasts and I didn’t object. OK, I thought, if you can fondle me, I can fondle you. I reached down and touched the bulge in his pants, and realized it was the longest penis I have ever felt.

“My, what a big penis you have.” I murmured.

“All the better to fuck you with.” he answered.

“Am I going to have to pay you for this service, too?”

“Well, I have thought about charging by the inch, but that would be very expensive. So I will just include it as part of my normal fee.”

The light-hearted banter set the tone for our sexual relationship, which seemed to be perfect for him as well as for me.

We fucked like zoo animals that night, and now we have a regular twice a week session which is exactly what I need. No dinner and a movie, no dating games, he just fucks me.

My next door neighbor is also a divorced woman, a little older than me. I don’t have much to do with her; we just wave when we see each other. She has a daughter in her early twenties, still living at home. Her name is Lucy, and we became friends in spite of the age difference.

On nights when I am not getting fucked into a coma by John, I like to sit on my patio. I frequently saw her doing the same thing at her house. One evening I called over to her “Come on over and have a glass of wine with me.”

She did, and we talked into the night. This became a regular thing, when John was not visiting me. I could go on and on about the many nights we sat and talked, but I want to get to the point of this story, which I am sure you will find more interesting than our girl-talk. We talked about every subject, from politics to sports. Naturally, eventually we got to sex.

I was not ready to discuss my arrangement with John, but I did tell her about my marital difficulties. She opened up too, and talked about her unsatisfactory sexual experiences. She is taking courses at the community college, and also working full time, so she does not have a lot of free time.

I asked her about her sex life, and she responded “I have had exactly three dates that culminated in sex. I was a little embarrassed and ashamed of myself for doing it. It was quick and not very exciting.”

“Didn’t they do anything that turned you on?”

“No, not really. And I was too shy to do anything except lie there.”

“Why don’t you just ask for whatever you want?”

“Oh, God no! I don’t want some guy to think I am a slut or something!”

After she went home that evening, I sat up for a while thinking about her. She will put up with anything, even not being sexually satisfied, to keep up her All-American girl next door image. I chuckled at the thought, because she really is the girl next door!

A week later we were having our wine and conversation when she mentioned that it was her birthday in two days.

“That’s great. I hope you have plans to celebrate.”

“No, I will just come home as usual. No big deal.”

“Isn’t your Mother doing something for you?”

“No. She will probably get me a card like she always does.”

I thought that was awful. Why doesn’t her ignorant mother arrange a party? Or at least do something to acknowledge the day.

Late that night I came up with my own plan. I wanted to give her a present, and I want to sexually liberate her as well. If she was as open about sex as I am, I think she would be happier.

My plan of course involved John, and I discussed it with him during his visit the next day. I explained how uptight she was, and so unfulfilled. My idea was to arrange a completely anonymous encounter with John, where she would not be too modest to get whatever she wants. I thought about the Gloryhole scenes I have watched on the internet, where a woman gets to do anything she wants with a stiff dick that appears through a hole in the wall. The woman is totally liberated because there is no one to judge her, but I am not about to cut a hole in one of my walls.

My solution was to blindfold bedava bahis her, and for John to do anything she asked without any conversation or social interaction.

John said “I suppose she is so ugly that this is the only way she can get laid. Why should I do this?”

“No you idiot, you are mistaken. She is a young, slender, beautiful woman. She could be a model. After you do this you are going to owe me big time!”

“What about if she wants to do something really kinky? Like chew on my balls or something.”

“Look, John. I sincerely doubt there is anything that you haven’t done. She is a tiny little thing, and if she gets too wild and crazy you can protect yourself.”

He was skeptical, but he agreed. We set it up for the next evening, the night of her birthday.

That evening I knocked on her door, because I was not sure she would appear on her patio.

“Come over for some wine and enjoy your birthday with me. Don’t just sit here alone.”

She smiled and agreed, and we walked together to my house.

After a perfunctory glass of wine, I proceeded with my plan. I had John hiding in my bedroom, and I told him to strip down. I had instructed him to comply with Lucy’ desires but to keep his mouth shut.

“I have a gift for you, and it is a big surprise!”

She giggled, and said “I like surprises, but you don’t need to give me anything.”

“Yes I do. And to make sure it is a surprise, I am going to blindfold you.”

She was amused, but a little reluctant.

“Hold still. Let me put this on you. Trust me!”

I blindfolded her with a silk scarf, being careful to make sure she couldn’t see anything.

When she was comfortable with it, I said “OK, Let’s go.”

I led Lucy into my bedroom carefully. I didn’t want her to trip or stub her toe since the blindfold made her helpless. John was standing by the bed, completely naked with a raging hard-on.

As we approached John, I took Lucy’s hand and placed it on John’s hard shaft.

I said “Here is your surprise Birthday gift!”

Lucy was indeed surprised and just stood there grasping John’s cock. She finally said in her best little-girls voice “Oh! Is this for me?” We both giggled at that, but John followed my instructions and remained silent.

I said “Yes, Lucy. This is your Birthday gift from me. This will be totally anonymous; you will never be formally introduced to the man. There is no need for modesty, embarrassment, shame or guilt. You can do anything or have anything you want.”

She was quiet for a minute or two while she investigated his cock. She felt the head, tracing around it with her fingertips. She explored the length of it, all the way to his balls which she caressed. Then she began to stroke it expertly, with the classic jack-off stroke.

She knelt down in front of John, and tentatively touched the head of his cock with her tongue. Then she got serious and took as much of it in her mouth as she could. She slid it in and out or her mouth while she stroked the rest of it with her thumb and forefinger in a circle.

Just as I had expected, the blindfold helped free her of any inhibitions, and apparently what she wanted was to make him cum in her mouth. She was doing a good job of getting him there. She couldn’t see what she was doing, but she certainly knew how to handle a cock.

“How do you like your present?” I asked.

She pulled it out of her mouth and said “It’s beautiful. It’s so long! And so hard! Did you mean it when you said I could have anything I want?”

“Of course I did. It’s your Birthday. Enjoy yourself.”

She paused, holding on to John’s cock. I have never measured John, but I am sure he has nine inches or more, about average in thickness but much longer than average. Lucy’s small hand with her slender feminine fingers wrapped around the meaty shaft made it look even bigger.

There was an awkward silence as I waited for her to say or do what she wanted. She seemed deep in thought for a moment, and then whispered “I want to be cornholed.”

I blurted out “WHAT?”

She must have thought that I didn’t understand her, which of course I did. I was just surprised by what she asked for, and how she asked for it. That is not a word that proper young ladies like her uses.

She tried to explain, and in a voice so low I could barely hear her, she whispered “I want it up my ass. I have fantasized about it for years.”

John’s eyes were wide open with glee, and he looked like someone had just told him he won the lottery. He maintained his composure and did not say a word.

I said “OK. Lucy. If that is what you want.”

She started to strip off her shorts and halter top, and kicked off her flip-flops. I raced to the bathroom and looked for anything that might be helpful. I finally found a jar of Vaseline. Old school, but it will work. I came back into the bedroom just as Lucy pulled off her panties and climbed onto the bed.

I took a gob of Vaseline and put it on John’s rock-hard cock. I put most of it on the helmet-head, and then put the rest of it on bedava bonus the shaft. Just to make sure, I stroked it from the head to his balls. I was afraid he would shoot his load so I stopped, and motioned for him to climb on the bed.

He did so, and moved into position over Lucy, who was lying face down, totally submissive. I don’t know if she read this in Cosmo or what, but she knew to reach back with both hands and spread her butt. She revealed her moist pussy-lips, and her tiny pink asshole.

What a scene this made. Lucy’s beautiful, slender young body waiting patiently to be impaled by John’s stiff cock. He placed the tip up against her asshole, and it completely covered and concealed it. The head was glistening with Vaseline and some seminal fluid that had seeped out.

He started to push, but it would not go in. His muscular glutes tightened up as he applied more pressure, and suddenly the head disappeared. Luck exhaled sharply with a grunt. Her anus was stretched and forced open, but she did not give any indication she wanted him to stop. Her asshole was stretched around the shaft as tight as a rubber band.

He had no intention of stopping, and he pushed again and a couple more inches slid in. Lucy whimpered, but she continued to cooperate by spreading her butt-cheeks for him. She let go of one cheek, and touched his cock. She felt it from his balls to where it disappeared up her asshole. I guess she just wanted to know how much more there was for her to take. There was a lot.

John was concentrating like a man on a mission. Lucy resumed her welcoming pose by spreading her butt as far open as she could. John methodically pushed into her, little by little. I kept thinking that was all she could take, but each time I was wrong as it slid in deeper.

This was the most exciting, erotic scene you can imagine, and I had a front row seat. The best porn video does not compare to being up close and personal with two naked people having anal sex. Unfortunately I could not see Lucy’s eyes due to the blindfold, but the expression on her face was calm, peaceful acceptance of John’s stiff cock sliding up her asshole. The fantasy that she had been imagining for some time was now really happening.

John was so aroused I was surprised that smoke wasn’t coming out of his ears. His eyes were focused on the spot where about half of his cock disappeared into Lucy’s butthole. Lucy was spreading her girlish butt to help him but it seemed impossible for the rest of it to go up her tiny hole. Where there is a will there is a way, and John kept working it in, easing it into her a fraction of an inch at a time.

He wiggled it from side to side, searching for the path of least resistance, and then he gained another quarter inch. Each time she received a little more cock, she made a whimpering sound. It was such an erotic scene that I had to get involved. I thought about trying to lick his balls or finger his asshole, anything to participate. It would have been too clumsy and awkward, so I decided against it.

I was very aroused as I watched the process of penetration. I tried to imagine what it felt like to Lucy, with the smooth pink head of his cock exploring deeper and deeper into her GI tract. I wondered if it felt like this when she imagined it during her fantasy.

There is no hair or dark skin around Lucy’s asshole like there probably is around mine. It is nestled in the crack of her smooth, silky white butt cheeks. All that I could see is the pink ring of her anus gripping his cock. John pushed a little more in, but it seemed to hit something inside her that obstructed it. I expected that to be uncomfortable for her, but she was not to be denied and she whispered “Push harder.”

He did, and miraculously it went all the way in. John’s big hairy nut-sack pressed up against her pretty butt. I tried to visualize how far up in her stomach the head must be, and as I dwelled on that image I pulled my jeans and panties down. I did not expect this to turn me on this much, but it did, and I began to masturbate.

Now that John finally accomplished full penetration he could start to fuck her. Her tight asshole prevented any fast moves, so he gently and I might even say lovingly pulled out a few inches, and pushed back in. He kept up a steady rhythm as I finger-fucked myself, and Lucy quietly accepted his poking and prodding. She was breathing heavily through her mouth, but still gave no indication she wanted him to stop.

I stroked and rubbed my clit, Lucy kept perfectly still, and John pushed, prodded and slid the entire length of his cock into her while he hovered over her. This continued for several minutes, with the only sound being the squeaking and creaking of the bed frame as he humped away.

Suddenly a change came over him, as he tensed up and held his breath. I knew what was coming (ha ha) but I don’t know if Lucy did. Some men just dribble and ooze, some spurt a little, but John was like one of those super-soaker squirt guns the kids like. He pushed up against her butt so hard his ball-sack flattened out. That must be uncomfortable, deneme bonusu but it didn’t faze him. He bellowed like a barnyard Bull and blew his load.

Lucy gave a series of exclamations “Oh! . . . Oh! . . . Oh! . . . Oh!” I was sure each sound was a reaction to a warm spurt of semen squirting forcefully into her. I knew from experience what John’s ejaculations were like, and I bet this was even more than the usual amount. He pressed tightly against her while he finished.

This was more than I could take, and I had an explosive orgasm myself. Then all was quiet again, until John began to stir. He had been lying on top of her, resting and recovering. Now he lifted up on his elbows and knees again. He started to slide it and out of her, with the help of the lubrication from his cum.

Unbelievably, he was fucking her again! There were some wet, squishy sounds because of the huge load of cum in her asshole, and he fucked her hard and fast. I was awestruck.

In just a few minutes he slammed up against her butt again and blew another load. In a matter of three or four minutes he injected her twice with his love-juice. This has to be the best Birthday present she had ever received.

I guess he was finally satisfied, because he withdrew slowly. When the head came out, her asshole was still open, and probably permanently stretched out. A little trickle of cum ran out and over her pussy lips. He got to his feet, and I walked with him to the front room as he carried his clothes. I helped him get dressed and walked with him to the door.

I said “OK, now I owe you big-time! You did it just like I asked you too, and kept your mouth shut. Come over tomorrow night so I can pay you back. Wash that thing good and clean, because I want to suck you off tomorrow.”

“I will, but I really want to do to you what I did to her. I just found out how good it feels to put it up a woman’s ass.”

A thrill went though me like an electric shock. So he wanted to fuck me up the ass with his cock-monster. At my age, that was the only thing left that I hadn’t already done. Well, I thought, if it didn’t kill little Lucy, I guess I can take it.

He let himself out quietly and was gone. I went back into the bedroom, and found Lucy sitting on the edge of the bed with the blindfold off. I sat down beside her, and gave her a hug.

I said “Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope you liked my gift.”

“I have never felt anything like that before. I will never be the same.”

Well, your asshole will never be the same, but I didn’t say that out loud.

She must have read my mind, because she reached down and first put one finger, and then two fingers up her asshole. When she pulled her fingers out, they were creamy white with cum.

“I guess I am open for business now.” she said with a giggle.

“I didn’t know it would go into me so far. And I didn’t know he would pump so much stuff into me. Do men usually do it twice like that?”

“No, that was a rare event. You now have a lot of him still inside you. His protein and DNA and living microscopic sperm, swimming around like tiny tadpoles.”

She was still naked, and obviously still aroused. As she pondered what I had just told her, she started to play with her pussy. The thought of all of his living jism up in her stomach was turning her on (and me too!). All modesty was now gone, as she masturbated right in front of me.

I said “Let me help you” and moved to my knees in front of her. I have never had a lesbian experience of any kind, but I had a strong urge now to eat her pussy. I put my hands on her knees and spread them apart. I moved toward her, and the fragrance wafting from her pussy was like a bouquet of flowers.

She protested “No. Wait, I don’t know. Stop.”

As soon as my tongue touched her pink pussy lips she stopped protesting. I ate her pussy like it was the best dessert in the finest restaurant in Paris. I was intrigued by how anally erotic she was, so I slid my middle finger up her wet and wide open asshole. I explored her cunt and tasted her juices, and then I started to flick her clit as hard as I could with the tip of my tongue, finger-fucking her asshole as I did it.

She had a convulsive orgasm, with her legs flying and her arms flailing as she pressed her cunt up against my mouth. I thought she might suffocate me but she finally collapsed back on the bed.

I climbed back on the bed beside her, and we embraced. She murmured “That makes two things I have never done before.”

“Well that was a first for me, too. I wanted you to get off like I did watching that long cock slide in and out of you.”

“Thank you. I feel better now. I have never had that done by a woman. You knew just what to do”

Changing the subject, I asked “Where did you ever hear the expression ‘cornholed’ used for anal sex?”

She replied “I’m sorry, now I am embarrassed. Did I make a fool of myself?”

“I will explain. As soon as I was through with High School and ready to go to College, my Mother started to lecture me about having sex. She said she didn’t want any accidental grandchildren to take care of. She used that word, and she said if I was going to have sex, I should tell the guy to ‘cornhole’ me. At first I didn’t understand, so she explained it very graphically. I was shocked and mortified, but she said that was what I should do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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